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  1. Re: Voluspa Baltic Amber Aroma Room and Body Spray

    Hello! Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just bought the Baltic Amber and it says "aroma room and body spray" in little embossed letters on the box. I guess it's formulated to be safe for the...
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    Re: "So New York" by Bond No 9

    Sorry for bringing this thread back up from a month ago, but I wore So New York the other day and found it very pleasant for a guy. It seemed maybe to lean feminine but I (think I) wear all my...
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    Re: Got my first compliment today!!!

    Nice. People in my office are starting to catch on to my love of fragrances and I think I'm even starting to get 1 or 2 people interested, but yesterday I got a little compliment as well. I was...
  4. Re: Spicebomb: has anyone entered the "secret code" on the box?

    1. First post in the forums! Woo!

    2. I picked up a bottle of this over the weekend and have been enjoying it all day. I think I may write my first review on this, even though I've been working on...
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