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  1. Re: How narrow have you gotten your collection? Or do you keep adding?

    My purchases have almost completely stopped since I reached my cabinet limit of approximately 150 fragrances. I thought about repurposing another cabinet to continue acquiring frags, but no real...
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    Re: All male office

    Are you afraid the dudes will hit on you because your fragrance makes you irresistible?
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    Re: Going out scentless.

    I have a friend that is overly sensitive to all types of scents because of an industrial mishap years ago, at least that's what his wife told mine after an evening out together. Consequently, I was...
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    Re: Why wear X when you can wear Y?

    OP, as NeoXeres pointed out your argument is fallacious. While some fragrances may have a cheaper alternative, they are rarely the same fragrance. Then it comes down to what an individual prefers.
  5. Re: What laundry detergent do you use to wash your clothes?

    Mrs. Meyers. I rotate through several: Basil, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, or Geranium. I wash with any of them regardless of time of day, or what purpose the clothes will be used for.
  6. Re: Would it be crude to give our unwanted fragrances to the homeless?

    Actually, I believe it was Jimmy Carter that started the push to close psychiatric institutions. Two broad categories for the longterm homeless. The first are substance abusers and the second are...
  7. Re: Would it be crude to give our unwanted fragrances to the homeless?

    Into the abyss we go.............
  8. Re: Creed's best compliment getters/crowdpleaser ? (Besides Aventus)

  9. Re: Guys with 10+ bottles in their collection, do dates/girlfriends/wives/friends look at you funny?

    Since I display my collection, as long as it is ascetically pleasing she is fine with it.
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    Re: Which way to form a collection?

    Buy what you like. I originally bought many from the same House as if I were being graded on my collection, and it had to somehow be "complete." Who cares what you buy, other than you? If you like...
  11. Re: If you were a woman, what men's fragrance would make you swoon?

    This makes the Panty Dropping threads seem quaint............
  12. Re: If you were a woman, what men's fragrance would make you swoon?

    What happens when a woman swoons? This thread is dangerously close to the dreaded Panty Dropper topic. Everyone that has responded is in danger of lifetime bans, and being shunned by decent folk. ...
  13. Re: Hypothetical: if your gfs parents asked you about your hobbies, would u admit to your frag obses

    When you are middle class, you are a hoarder; but, when you are affluent then you are "special."
  14. Re: If you were a woman, what men's fragrance would make you swoon?

    Femme or Butch?
  15. Re: Hypothetical: if your gfs parents asked you about your hobbies, would u admit to your frag obses

    If you're 16, no; but if you're a responsible adult, then absolutely. Wouldn't call it an "obsession" since that connotes more than it is.
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    Re: The Scent of Power.

    Lords, Lipizzan, Blenheim Bouquet, No. 88
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    Poll: Re: how do you store you scents?

    I display my frags (out of their boxes) in a bathroom cabinet. I thoroughly enjoy looking at my frags in their interesting bottles after I shower. Helps start the day.
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    Re: How much light is too much?

    I agree. The culprit from light is UV. You can tint the window to virtually eliminate UV light penetration. Then you have to address temperature, which includes temperature variation. Minimize UV...
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    Re: You know you're a basenoter when...

    When you have bathroom cabinets customized to protect the contents from UV light and temperature variations. When the Creed rep, Bond No. 9 rep, by Killian rep know you by name and tell others about...
  20. Re: Which fragrance reminds you of your favorite food?

    I've always considered brandy to be a food, so by Killian's Apple Brandy does it for me.
  21. Re: Real or Counterfeit, Roja Creation-E on ebay

    It is a wonderful fragrance. After reading this thread I will be wearing it tomorrow.
  22. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    Again, I absolutely believe that fragrance can and often does enhance ones' appearance. Very much akin to your clothing selection. Some suits are appropriate for an interview, while others...
  23. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    I see my grooming, which includes my scent, as an extension of who I am. Not presumptuous, rather self-confident.
  24. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    If you are potentially so offensive when wearing a fragrance then you should re-think your fragrance selection. On the other hand, if the interviewer is so capricious as to withdraw a job offer...
  25. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    I honestly do not understand the bulk of the responses to the posed question. If most respondents are concerned that what they wear will be potentially offensive and consequently a negative when...
  26. Re: Fragrance to Compliment or Contrast with your surroundings ?

    I would focus on enhancing my surroundings. Use a fragrance that compliments your environment with an added twist. A more soothing approach.........
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    Re: Aventus really does not fail.

    It plays well with the commoners.
  28. Re: Which of my niche scents should I wear to a job interview?

    I don't agree with the, "be careful not to offend by wearing a fragrance" camp. Presumably, you have good taste and it will be reflected in your fragrance selection. Also, I look at fragrance like...
  29. Re: Which scent would you break the bank for?

    Very nice fragrance. One of the many blind buys for me that resulted from spending too much time on Basenotes.
  30. Re: Which scent would you break the bank for?

    I started this hobby with a theoretical cap on any single bottle, but I've raised that number so many times that my self imposed limit is now meaningless. If I want it, I buy it with one notable...
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    Re: Am I cheap?

    I like the bottles, while you prefer saving a bit of cash. It's all good.
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    Re: What fragrance would Jesus wear?

    Not hegemony, rather tolerance.
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    Re: What fragrance would Jesus wear?

    It's nice that we can make fun of the Christian faith on a Sunday morning. Try that with Mohamed and see where it goes......
  34. Re: Do you ever feel guilty about spending so much money?

    As others have said, it is about balance. I give generously to a variety of charities, and I smell great doing it.
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    Re: When is too much, too much?

    Never looked at my entire collection with remorse. I keep what I love, and turn out the others. This strategy keeps me excited each time I open my fragrance cabinet to make a selection for the day...
  36. Re: Help Finding a warm Weather Fragrance

    Hot weather I know. I like Monsieur Balmain, Cologne Sologne, English Fern, MI, Mona di Orio Vetyver, L'Humaniste, Nio, 1861, Fiero are the ones that readily come to mind. All are suitable as a...
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    Re: How do you choose fragrances

    Read the reviews primarily on BN, then decide if the description appeals to me. If it does, then it is purchased. That was my MO until I reached my theoretical limit. Now I read, contemplate, and...
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    Re: compliments - again

    With my vast knowledge of women it is easy. Windsor has gotten more unsolicited comments than all of my other scents. It seems this forum is a bit sensitized to even discussing fragrances and how...
  39. Re: Currently, are you satisfied with your collection?

    I'm very pleased with my collection. More than I planned to acquire, but I have the variety that I wanted of fragrances that I look forward to wearing. In the last 3 years I've given away in excess...
  40. Re: How often do you add a new fragrance to your collection?

    I recently hit my self imposed limit, which in my case means to slow down, not to stop acquiring. Last few years I averaged 30-40 per year. Now I may buy one or two in 2015.
  41. Re: Creeds I need to have in my collection -

    If Creed re-releases Windsor I would pick it up in a heartbeat. I purchased the 50 ml in the Creed atomizer from Neiman's Christmas before last and it is exceptional. Meets all your criteria.
  42. Re: Is this paranoia or are my suspicions legitimate?

    This comment is dangerously close to that evil phrase referring to the dropping of garments. Tread carefully.
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    Poll: Re: If you died tomorrow...

    One of the nice things about this forum is that we can laugh at ourselves when it comes to the lengths we go to collect so much more than we will ever use.
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    Poll: Re: If you died tomorrow...

    I have a modest collection by this forum's standard, and even I consider my collection's size to be ludicrous.
  45. Re: Prada Infusion d'homme vs. Gendarme Gendarme

    I have Gendarme EdP which has very good longevity. Those with longevity issues may be referring to the EdT.
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    Re: Endymion's Penhaligon

    2 hours is my minimum that a fragrance must last, or I will not wear it. Endymion lasts at least 4 hours and along with English Fern are my two favorites from this House. Penhaligon's is what...
  47. Re: Patou pour homme v Patou pour homme Prive

    Glad you got it. I was contemplating going after it and then decided I had enough fragrances and hoped the winning bidder was a fellow BNer. Enjoy.
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    Re: Ebay transaction gone bad

    Great, now I want to eat a burger.
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    Re: Ebay transaction gone bad

    It's interesting the two perspectives on this issue. Some rally to the OP, while those with a better understanding of how an Ebay transaction is supposed to work point out the buyer's justification...
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    Re: Which is the Xerjoff I must try?

    I own both and I find them dissimilar enough to enjoy both. The 22 is a crisper, fresher citrus, while the Nio is a smoother more elegant fragrance. If I described Xerjoff fragrances with one word,...
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    Re: Ebay transaction gone bad

    OP, I don't question your honesty, but the points made by the Ebay purchaser were reasonable. If the bottle was as he described his concerns were valid, and your apparent mistake in the listing with...
  52. Re: I'm taking some scents to sample to the strip club...

    When I want an opinion from someone I can trust, my first thought is always a stripper. Whether it's retirement planning, career decisions, or the appropriate fragrance to wear, look no further than...
  53. Re: Which Jacques Bogart to start this house with?

    I enjoy Force Majeure. While it is discontinued, it can easily be obtained.
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    Re: Santa Maria novella

    Perfect for a cold blustery day. Like today.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Why would humidity be an issue with respect to fragrances?
  56. Re: Am I the only one who thinks that Tobacco Vanille smells like Spicebomb?

    I had both and I gave Spicebomb away. TV is far better in its' simplicity.
  57. Re: Favorite Discontinued and Limited Edition CREEDs that you love and like?

    Green Valley
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    Re: Best boozy/spirit type frag?

    Juniper Sling.
  59. Re: The Oud hype, do you think it's temporarily?

    Been around a very long time. Here to stay.
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    Re: so big promotion pays off!

    If you want to sell like a Sultan, buy the Amouage, but if you want to smell like a Bush (George W.) then get the Creed.
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    Re: Mona Di Orio

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    Re: My New Love...Lavender.

    Creed's Scottish Lavender is quite enjoyable. While it is a vaulted fragrance, many have still been able to secure a bottle. Also, I like Villoresi's Uomo.
  63. Re: What will be your first purchase of 2015?

    My plan is to acquire few if any in 2015. We'll see how that goes..........
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    Re: Most worn December 2015

    I never wear the same fragrance twice in the same month. Way too many frags, and not nearly enough time to wear them.
  65. Re: Had a very bad scare - Please read!

    From the title I thought you lost my wife, or at least your dog; then, I realized you had a cold. This doesn't even qualify as a first world problem.
  66. Re: Where to Buy Ormonde Jayne = Ormonde Man

    Very nice winter fragrance with a nice immortelle note.
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    Re: Am I the only one that does this?

    While you can do it, you shouldn't. The reason internet sites are cheaper is obvious. You are abusing Sephora, and if more people share your philosophy they will fold. Then you'll be annoyed that...
  68. Re: Inappropriate times to wear fragrance (excluding gym and funerals)

    I find it appropriate to wear a fragrance with very few exceptions. My rule is, be considerate of those around you. When in close proximity to others, use a light fragrance with no more than 3...
  69. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    This thread is not about the term "old", but rather the personal perceptions by the respondents. I like being old or "vintage". I have many "old" cherished items and I intend to keep them (this...
  70. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    If you are old, you are deteriorating. "Old man" or "old lady" scents are not necessarily bad, it all depends on the statement that you want to make. I am old and I like many scents, some of which...
  71. Re: Tobacco Vanille or Guerlain blind buys?

    I own and enjoy TV and am considering adding SDV or TI to my collection. All three are great fragrances. TV is the most masculine of the three, and SDV is a great vanilla scent, but leans a bit...
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    Re: Roja Dove appreciation thread

    You make a valid point. When I smell a fragrance my first thought is, do I like it? If the answer is yes, then I determine if the cost for the fragrance is worth it to me. I can enjoy a fragrance...
  73. Re: How important is it to keep the original boxes of your fragrances?

    I keep my boxes in a cool, dark place, and my fragrances are stored in a cabinet in my bathroom.
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    Re: How many 'users' do you have?

    I use it, or lose it. No point in retaining fragrances that I don't use. My friends have been the beneficiaries of "mistakes".
  75. Re: Clive christian 1872 vs Creed Imperial

    1872 better than Imperial? How unfortunate......
  76. Re: Creed Spice and Wood vs Malle French Lover

    Until this thread I never thought of the similarities between these two fragrances. I own and enjoy both.
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    Re: Smelling good or Standing out?

    First and foremost the scent has to appeal to me. After that, I want my fragrance selection not to be commonly worn by others. Not sure how that fits into your categories, but that is my selection...
  78. Re: What fragrance houses do you enjoy and collect bottles from?

    Creed, Tom Ford Private Line, Guerlain, Penhaligan's, Amouage, by Killian, Annick Goutal. I never intended to collect bottles from the aforementioned Houses, it just happened over time. I actively...
  79. Re: By Kilian Straight to Heaven is a masterpiece!

    I wore it last night and it is great. The combination of a boozy, cedar scent is great. 14 hours later it has become a skin scent on me.
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    Re: Are you keeping a secret?

    I don't know enough to keep fragrance secrets.
  81. Re: What is the best time of the year/occasion to wear the magnificent Clive Christian X for Men?

    As others have said, cooler weather with lower humidity.
  82. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    It seems everyone is missing the obvious. The bottom of the box says, "Imperial". Obviously, Creed does not use the Imperial box for GIT, but these counterfeiters are sloppy. What has happened to...
  83. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    If you paid with PayPal you should be fine. It may take a few weeks, but your money will be returned to you. I would contact the seller first, and they may just give you a refund. That's what...
  84. Re: is this creed green irish tweed fake? not opened sealed box yet...

    Buying Creed on ebay is a bad idea. Did you notice the writing on the bottom of the box said, "Imperial", not "Green Irish Tweed"? Go to a reputable retailer for Creed or spend your time dealing...
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    Re: Do you prefer buying or owning?

    I am finishing the "acquisition" phase and happily moving into the "enjoyment" phase. Very content for the foreseeable future.
  86. Re: Do you explain to people if you are wearing a "clone"?

    Why wouldn't you tell them what you're wearing?
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    Re: When is it enough?

    TLS, you've made fair points. No stress on my part, it's just how I process the world around me.
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    Re: When is it enough?

    While reading the responses to this thread, I had a thought. Is possessing the fragrance an end unto itself, or is it about wearing the fragrance? While I like many of my bottles, it's what's in...
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    Re: Very strange level of service

    With time and intense counseling your wife will one day be able to shop again. Remain strong for her.
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    Re: How much is your collection worth?

    North of $30,000. In the world of collections, nothing special.
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    Sticky: Re: How much do you earn?

    There's a question that most (including myself) will never answer.
  92. Re: Huge Collection of Everything OR Small Collection of Gems?

    No more than 50-100 gems. Need to put this in practice.
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    Re: Other addictions

    Wine, Cuban cigars, Wet shaving, and other nice stuff
  94. Re: My early Christmas present - WOO HOO !!

    Earlier this year I was filling the vintage hole in my collection and this was one of my purchases. Very nice fragrance, congrats.
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    Re: People Defending SAs

    OP, while I agree with the general premise of your post, you can find knowledgeable fragrance people to help you. I have several people that I deal with exclusively that know far more than me and...
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    Re: When is it enough?

    Pollux's post struck a chord. If I could start over with my fragrance acquisitions, I would be far more selective on the front end. I currently have at least 30 that were not my best decisions, and...
  97. Replies

    Re: When is it enough?

    Thanks to everyone that has responded. It's nice to know that others have had the same thought.
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    When is it enough?

    I've dramatically curtailed my acquisitions because I have more than enough. I attempted to do a rational review of my collection by types of frags, quantities, and space available. I am not...
  99. Re: Enjoying my collection more since moving it!

    I like looking at all of my fragrances at once. If nicely arranged, it is a pleasant way to start the day. I also find that having them out allows me to ponder what I'll wear since I...
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    Re: Most worn November 2014

    This thread is why I've slowed down on my fragrance acquisitions. I wear the same fragrance 2 or 3 times a year. Simply ridiculous. And I give away frags that are less than optimal to me.
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