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    What happened to Vero Profumo?

    Used to be a huge a fan of Vero Profumo and was devastated to hear that Vero Kern passed away. Does anybody know what's happened to the brand?
    Are they still around or has it shut down? I'm kind of...
  2. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    THIS. Cannot second this enough.
  3. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    I second that. He is actually a really nice guy in person.
  4. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    I truly never quite understood the fascination with them. Who's got time to watch 20-30 minutes of somebody's thoughts on one bottle of Frederic Malle?!
    It also kinda grosses me out that many of...
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    Re: Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy

    Damn! I hope Neiman Marcus doesn't become the next Barney's.
    Slightly hating myself right now for ordering so much stuff online...
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    Re: A song, a drink, a perfume.

    Listening to Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley
    Drinking: Gin and Tonic with rosemary
    Wearing: Tindrer by Baruti
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    Re: Frederic Malle & Xerjoff

    Frederic Malle
    Portrait of a Lady
    French Lover
  8. TINDRER by Baruti - the most long lasting green scent ever made?!

    Ok, I needed a pick me up and finally ordered Tindrer by Baruti from their website. Discovered them a few months ago, bought one of their sample sets and got pretty hooked.
    Having smelled my way...
  9. Re: How do you think Corona and the crisis will affect the perfume industry?

    Not true.
    Small fragrance brands have the BIGGEST overheads out of all. The compounding and bottling of fragrances is extremely expensive the smaller the quantity. The same goes for packaging. All...
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    Re: Tauer not shipping to US

    I always get my Tauer from Tiger Lily Perfumery in San Francisco. They have really nice customer service, have a good range and offer great shipping rates.
  11. Re: Perfumes that transport you back to your childhood?

    Thats soo funny how everyone is mentioning Brut! I'm curious now, I don't think I've ever smelled it!
  12. Perfumes that transport you back to your childhood?

    Curious to hear which perfumes bring back childhood memories?
    Maybe it was a particular soap that your family used? Or a perfume you mum wore?

    For me it's Paloma Picasso Perfume - my mum wore it...
  13. Re: LVMH to make hand sanitiser for French hospitals at Christian Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy factor

    Anything for some PR!
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