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  1. Poll: Re: If you could have all fragranes from 1 house, which would it be?

    Same here. A long time ago I would've said Creed, but I became dissatisfied with their offerings a few years back after realising I'd become bored with GIT, and SMW just didn't smell nice. One thing...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    Been using TdH & M7 Fresh a lot lately, so I thought a trip to the archive was in order.

    Ended up wearing Hombre de Flores Narcissus by Fresh (three applications needed throughout the day). Wasn't...
  3. Re: You can't smell it but EVERYONE ELSE CAN! Irritating much?

    I've always had this happen with TdH. In the beginning I was smothering myself with it - cue watering eyes and the ladies saying, "Phew, it's nice, but a bit strong!"

    I tempered my application...
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    Re: most powerful edt for men

    No mention of classic 1965 Aramis yet? That blows my socks off every time, but I still love it ;)
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Over the years I've had numerous compliments regarding my SOTD; I couldn't even begin to list them all.

    However, there have been three which have consistently garnered compliments; come Winter or...
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    Re: Encre Noir Pronunciation

    I'd pronounce it "on-cray nwar" (say nwar, and you'll naturally say noo-arr, but sped up.. noo-arr itself is not correct.. if that makes sense ;) )
  7. Re: Purchased 3 colonges at a ridiculously cheap price

    I'm betting that even if they sold the juice for $1 they'd make a profit, as in all likelihood, it IS literally off the back of a truck i.e. stolen!
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    Re: Colors De Benetton Homme ?

    Hmm Colors is absolutely fantastic from a nostalgia point of view! This was one of my first edts whilst in school; I recall that it used to mix extremely well Lynx Tempest roll on deodorant. Never...
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    Re: Where can I find GIT?

    Just looked now.. The feedback info has vanished but the names remain.. it was either fragrancealley or finestfragrances (bought off both of them around the same time). Looking at what they're...
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    Re: Where can I find GIT?

    I managed to pick up a legit bottle from a US seller; he's one of the larger ones who's been trading for a number of years with a LOT of feedback.

    I'm not sure what his source is, grey market...
  11. Re: Query re. Creed 16.8oz flacons on ebay

    Oh golly yeah, I'm always dubious about ANYTHING on there ;) But as long as their mere existence is verified, then that's cool thanks :)

    Do you know if they're designed for retail or are they...
  12. Query re. Creed 16.8oz flacons on ebay

    The query being: are these for real? I've seen the 8.4oz ones many a time, but various sellers seem to be offering these ones now, and they're new to me.
  13. Re: If you had to go through life with just three fragrances...

    Terre d'Hermes,
    M7 Fresh
    Green Irish Tweed

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    Re: Does anyone know . . . ?

    Well, there's a description here:

    But no pyramid to sort it all out :(
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    Re: The best scent for this scene

    Aqua Motu.. to take you away to that Caribbean beach were you know you really should be instead ;)
  16. Re: The Longest Lasting Men's Fragrance-Help requested

    I can only go with Aramis.

    They recently dug up the skeleton of a man who died the day after its release in 1965. He was so excited about buying his bottle that he put on one spray and dropped...
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    Re: Montale pricing...

    You know what.. as I'm feeling empowered, I think I SHALL!

    Well, tomorrow, when I pluck up the courage.

    edit - and they're probably all in bed now.
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    Re: Montale pricing...

    Hey all.. I just noticed that the old site is still accessible.. does anyone know if they're still taking orders?
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    Re: Bright scent for cold seasons

    It's become a little colder here whilst remaining bright!

    I wore M7 Fresh on Monday; this takes on a whole new personality in colder weather as the woodsy drydown becomes much more prolific and...
  20. Re: Anyone else like modern scents a lot more than older ones?

    I tend not to discriminate by era.. From Aramis to M7 Fresh, if it smells good on me, then it smells good, and that's all that matters :)
  21. Re: Mugler cologne.....My thoughts !!!!!!!!!!

    I can testify to this; perhaps it's the old adage of 'if it suits you, then you can't smell it' coming into play.

    When I first started weating MC, I used about 12-15 sprays, and then about 5 more...
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    Re: Platinum Egoiste

    PE is a lovely scent, but for some reason its dryness pushes me towards having a headache.

    If I want to enjoy it it's a case of spraying some on a sample card and sniffing that from time to time....
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    Re: Montana Parfum d'Homme (the original)

    It's very similar to Havana, but without the Bay Rum notes; everything else is arguably indistinguishable (although I'm sure a more refined nose would disagree ;) ).

    It's Montana parfum d'homme,...
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    Re: Terre d´Hermes = Freedom/Liberty ?

    I've had TdH for a couple of months now, and the feedback from it is truly astounding; I've not had reactions like it since I first started wearing Fahrenheit all those years ago.

    I think there's...
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    Shops in Atlantic City

    Feel free to delete this after an hour or so, because my friend will have left work by then!!

    Can anyone suggest some good frag stores in A.C.? She likes Terre d'Hermes in particular and would...
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    Re: What is the most long-lasting scent ?

    Err no, it's the Aramis that was first produced in 1965. I merely put the 65 in there to differentiate it from the wealth of other Aramis fragrances out there :)
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    Montana Parfum d'Homme (the original)

    Does anyone know if this little gem has been dis-discontinued?

    I managed to pick it up from the US last year at an absolute bargain price, and was really pleased that the juice was as fresh as...
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    Re: What is the most long-lasting scent ?

    65 Aramis is the one I'll always hold out as being the beast of longetivity; there needs to be a sixth star in the wardrobe rating for this one! It's so manly and in your face it's untrue, but...
  29. Re: M7 / Why is M7 the most reviewed scent?

    It's certainly an opinion divider!

    From what I can gather, it's the topnotes that put many people off. When I tried it, to run with the cliche, I found it very medicinal, and almost smelling what...
  30. Re: Fragrance suggestions for a job interview in Wales

    Da iawn with the interview boy bach ;)

    I've always found my homeland to have an air of faux-conservatism about it. Thus, I'd choose something gentlemanly, but light. Hirch has got it right - you...
  31. Re: A question for those who bid in online auctions.

    Best I got was 56ml of DK Unleaded (in those little travel spray things) for about £15 in total.
  32. Re: I smell "positively potent" wearing Mugler Cologne

    I really wish there was an edp strength version of it out there (if someone can point me in the direction I'd love you forever (platonically)). I have the same problem as some others in that MC seems...
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    Re: Patou Pour Homme - Revolting !

    Patou PH is something that never really did anything for me either. I did purchase it from a well known German company based on and off ebay and presume that the stuff is ostensibly "ok" (given the...
  34. Re: Male Body sprays.....An enemy to cologne? lol

    It never hurts to try and mix! :)

    Although I use odourless deo now, the most success I've had is with Sure for Men; it's pretty strong, but it doesn't take anything away from most scents. Other...
  35. Re: The only 2 fragrances that I have routinely & regularly got compliments from wome

    Agreed on the Rive Gauche. Three women who I know have been out to buy this for their hubby/boyfriend after smelling it on me!! I take this as one of the ultimate compliments :)

    Never liked...
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    Re: Ebay to shut down all decant sales

    I don't think we've got anything to worry about in the UK. Decants, half-used bottles etc. are not goods which you need to be licensed by the Govt to sell and neither can they be considered as...
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    Re: the most powerful sillage

    From my modest collection:

    Rive Gauche,
    Roma Uomo,
    GIT (seriously, this stuff pumps out for hours on my skin - what a blessing :) )
    (strangely) Aqua Motu.
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    Re: Hi new here.

    I'd forget about any trends and wear what makes you feel happy :)

    When all around you people seem to be drowning in Hugo Boss and Acqua di Gio, wear something that'll make you stand out and get...
  39. Re: M7 Fresh - Summer fragrances that work best in the winter

    The fruit loops comparison is most apt for M7 Fresh, but there is a hint of M7 in the drydown, except it's erm... fresher.

    I've been wearing it during our cold snap, and there's one girl at work...
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    Re: Wearing fragrances when you're sick.

    I mentioned some time back that I'd discovered a curious medicinal property in heavy vetiver scents i.e. they seem to help to clear your chest and have a 'Vicks' like effect on your breathing!...
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    Re: DKMen Fuel

    I too was wondering this. I managed to get 8 of the 7ml sprays for £16 from ebay (the seller obviously didn't realise what she had - my gain ;) ).

    I always imagine the 'proper' DK Men to be a...
  42. Poll: Re: How much does it cost you on a daily basis?

    Going off the market values of some of the rarities I've managed to get at bargain price I'd say in excess of $1 a day, but going off the actual price paid, less than $0.50.
  43. Re: What is HE doing wearing that fragrance!?

    Walking into work the other day whilst wear GIT, there were some visitors in reception for a meeting with someone on the other floor. There was a woman who smelled quite 'familiar', and I didn't...
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    Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    In the GQ Top Ten, you probably would've had MI instead of Unforgivable; you just have to remember the market that they're appealing to - FHM is not exactly highbrow these days (although I remember...
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    Re: Floral fragrances for men

    I'll third Fresh's Hombre de Flores series, and also put forward Neutron by Ajmal. My workmate just brought some of this back for me from Dubai and it's absolutely lovely! Just imagine a musky...
  46. Re: When to put on cologne...stay with me

    Err, early morning is the best time for a bit of nookie! There are some scents which I wouldn't want to wear to work ;)
  47. Re: When to put on cologne...stay with me

    Shower ----> Dry off ----> Frag free anti-perspirant ----> Boxers and socks ----> One spray to chest ----> T-shirt & clothes ----> 10 minutes before leaving, spray appropriately according to frag...
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    Re: Problems with stains?

    Roma Uomo, as lovely as it seems so far, makes things a nice yellow as I discovered to my horror on first application today. I checked the ingredients, and sure enough, there's yellow colouring in...
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    Re: FHM Fragrance Picks

    It just looks like mass market choices for a mass market readership to me.

    "Cor mate, wearing Hugo Boss tonight?"

    "Yeah. Saw it in FHM."

    "Me too, great stuff."

    The only intriguing ones...
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    Re: SOTD Thursday 8 March

    Very Sexy for Him.. because that's how I'm feeling (well, sexy for HER, strictly speaking).
  51. Re: What wears surprisingly well in the summer?

    Rive Gauche + sweat = Awesomeness!

    Also, Fahrenheit, about two hours into the drydown, can be a surprisingly refreshing scent on a hot day :)
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    Re: Tenere. Should I do it?

    Hey, I totally forgot about that thread!

    Reading the bits I missed from your good self Eluard, you're not wrong about the Kourosy top-note - my brother was into his Kouros at the time, and at one...
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    Re: Patou Pour Homme

    Unfortunately I've now confirmed that my PPH has gone pretty much off. After rigorous multi-testing on tester strips and various materials and leaving them in different condition for various times...
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    Re: Tenere. Should I do it?

    Why not? You only live once :)
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    Re: SOTD Tuesday 6 March

    M7 Fresh - There are five of us (four ladies and myself :) ) sharing a tiny office while they're refurbishing the main office and it's quite hot in here, so I'm having to lay off the heavy scents for...
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    Re: discontinued perfume houses

    Parfums Llewelyn :( I don't believe that they were ever the most prolific of houses, but they did give Stardust to the world, something we should all be grateful for :)
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, March 4th, 2007

    Pi Fraiche ici :)
  58. Re: I found Patou Pour Homme A/S Spray

    Sure thing! It's right HERE :)

    We couldn't really come to a consensus as to whether it was personal taste or aged stock.. but it's a gentle read nonetheless ;)
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    Re: Sick and tired of sillage letdowns!

    Get yourself some '65 Aramis and apply liberally.

    I guarantee that people will notice you - they'll still be noticing you when they awake from their scent induced coma a few years later.

  60. Re: [UPDATE] Link to 10ml EDT mini of PPH (25 USD) - Patou Pour Homme A/S Spray

    If you're going to get your bottles from parfumflacons, be wary. I got 3 x 10ml from there a while back and, well, I was less than impressed by this 'great'.

    There was another thread about this...
  61. Re: The One Scent You Don't Own But Would If You Could

    A nice fresh bottle of (original) Aqua Admirabilis. However, given the unlikelihood of this, I'd settle for a bottle of King Kong by Kenzo, just to see if it really does smell of bananas ;)
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    Re: Crazy Customers

    Thought I'd revive this thread after today's experience!

    I was in Boots in the Nottingham Broadmash Centre checking out YSL Homme, Gucci Envy, PRXS & Opium earlier on and was having a nice chat...
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    Re: Had your new scent 'stolen' from you?

    Absolutely! I was being a little tongue-in-cheek ;) When all's said and done, having friends that like you for -who- you are is the most important thing, but I just think that it's nice to have...
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    Re: Your experience needed....

    Put on a very small layer of Fahrenheit three hours before you meet her, and then one standard about an hour and a half before. In my experience, it's the drydown that women love with this stuff, and...
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    Re: Had your new scent 'stolen' from you?

    I have a strict rule of not telling ANY male acquaintances what I'm wearing, unless it's something that's difficult to get in this country or where I know the price would put them off copying me.
  66. Re: Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    Thanks for the info, there's definitely hope that it might resurface one day.. but perhaps it will be called... Darstust!

    If he is offering the formula for sale, I'm surprised that none of the...
  67. Stardust and the impending journey of woe

    I was lucky enough to get a decent quantity of Stardust a few weeks ago, and I've completely fallen in love with it - the longevity of the lime is the most surprising thing, and it's such a soft lime...
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    Re: Im about to order is this ok?

    Wtf Mr Attitude? ^^^

    Welcome to the site Doctornads; it's easy to make a mistake in differentiating between and EDT and EDP when it's not made clear - most of the sellers will make the mistake for...
  69. Re: Your favourite and least favourite fragrance caps

    Favourite - Trophee Lancome of course! :D

    Least favourite - Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret - great scent, but ridiculously large cap, it's totally unnecessary.
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    Re: Need help identifying this frag

    Blue Stratos isn't it?

    "When-a ma man puts on Blue Stratos... it can take awaaaaay the bluuuuees"

    Although the bird looks more like an albatross or seagull..
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    Re: Can you help me name the scent?


    And the heavens did open up and thus the choir of angels sang Latch35's name!

    It was noted 3000 years later that the worldwide Latcherianism which had ensured the peace and...
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    Re: Can you help me name the scent?

    That looks really nice from the pyramid! Unfortunately it's not it :( Given that the minis usually resemble the biggies, the bottle was transparent, clear and square (but not a cube, it had about 5:1...
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    Re: Can you help me name the scent?

    No, sorry. Googled it, and the bottle doesn't match - The directory says that Bobby Jones was a 2000 release too :/
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    Can you help me name the scent?

    A plea to all Basenoters:

    Long long ago, a miniature was passed to me, and it was a lovely juice - very fresh, long lasting, and with a curious hint of Jazz about it, but not quite (if that makes...
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    Re: My quick Green Irish Tweed review

    Same here Michael! After a rest of a few years and a strict diet of Fahrenheit and Colors by Benetton, GIT reawoke my senses once more!

    One funny thing about GIT is that I find the topnotes rather...
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    Re: Best Summer Fragrance

    M7 Fresh - Yves Saint Laurent
    Aqua Motu - Comptoir sud Pacifique
    Green Irish Tweed - Creed
    He - Emporio Armani
    Pi Fraiche - Givenchy
    Hombre de Flores Jasminum - Fresh

    & (amazingly)

  77. Re: SOTD wednesday 14 February Valentine's Day

    Valentino Vendetta is appropriate for today :o
  78. Re: A Cologne Worthy of Purchasing Blindly?

    Out of my collection, 26 were ordered blind, and only two of them have let me down. Just do it! It's so exciting when the parcel arrives :)

    edit - 25 I mean, I forgot about the Adidas, the poor...
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    Re: cologne to get the -young- ladies?

    Fahrenheit; you'll be fighting them off! There's something about it that just seems to drive the ladies crazy :)
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    Re: Dior Homme - By the Liter!

    I doe not want to see anymore of this nonsense.. the buck stops here! ;)
  81. Re: What fragrance would Vicky Pollard wear?

    Rightly or wrongly I associate Exclamation with such young, erm.. types. This probably has something to do with the fact that it was ubiquitious with girls of 'loose morals' in my hometown when I was...
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    Re: What a scentsational day!

    Lol, you need to get yourself to a hospital old bean ;) Those nurses are so gentle and caring!

    /carrying images of young nurses all cooing about his scent... oh Lordie!
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    What a scentsational day!

    I had to go to the QMC in Nottingham this morning (hospital in Nottingham) to get my ear cleaned out as I picked up an ear infection somewhere :( Thankfully, they've told me it's absolutely fine and...
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    Re: Which edp would you like to see?

    Sécrétions Magnifiques; for when you don't want to smell merely dirty, but REALLY DIRTY ;)
  85. Re: What cologne would you buy for your son as his first?

    Colours by Benetton.. very sweet and fruity :)
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    Re: Safe to buy Green Irish Tweed?

    I got mine from fragrancealley (he's based in the US) on ebay, and having tested it against a sample from les Senteurs, it's totally legit. One to add to the list! :)
  87. Re: Pay day has arrived! I will be buying....

    I have some Stardust en route from the New World (not the overpriced ones - managed to find a cheap standard auction sale on ebay wahey!), I'm probably going to get some Mugler Cologne and Bois du...
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    Re: Where to buy M7 Fresh

    I can third escentual as I got my first ever bottle from there last summer when it was still £35 for 100ml, as opposed to £45 now!!

    Ebay is also a good place to keep an eye out. I managed to get 1...
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    Re: Patou Pour Homme

    I picked 30ml from the same place, and I couldn't have described it better. When I first tried it, I thought it'd gone off, and regarded it as being extremely nausea-inducing. However, having tried...
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    Re: Ténéré by Paco Rabanne (1988)

    Wowee zowee! Seeing this name has brought a whole host of memories flooding back!

    I think I must've been about 14 when someone brought me back a 50ml bottle of this (probably my Mum or cousin;...
  91. Re: Creed, really that good or just marketing hype.

    I don't think Creed is over-hyped in the strictest sense of the word; it's not as if you see Creed adverts on the telly and hoardings everywhere and Jnr/Snr making numerous appearances on chat shows....
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    Re: THIS frag should be better known.

    Hombres de Flores Jasminum by Fresh; I picked up some not so long ago and absolutely cannot wait until Spring heats up and then Summer kicks in as it's a beautiful fresh floral scent which doesn't go...
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    Re: Fragrances for a teenager

    Fahrenheit! Go forth and conquer!

    Or alternatively, M7 Fresh.
  94. Re: An estimate on the retail value of your wardrobe...

    I must've spent in the region of £450-475 on my wardrobe, but I'm a bugger for getting bargains, so I think the retail value is going to be £700+ or so; it's hard to say really!

    It's all priceless...
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    Re: Discontinued Frags worth hunting down

    Without doubt! What's sauce for the goose isn't always so for the gander ;)

    I have the same feeling about Patou pour Homme - it makes me feel sick, literally :(
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    Re: Discontinued Frags worth hunting down

    I've managed to get four good ones in the last month=

    DK Unleaded - Very nice - soft leather and suede with a lovely fresh topnote, but just a little too subtle after not too long. Sillage is...
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    Re: The scent of a sot :)

    Lol.. I went for that combo a few weeks ago! How quickly I am to judge ;) Mind you, it was a more recent shirt so I might just get away with it ;)

    I love the Jovan Musk, but can raise you one...
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    The scent of a sot :)

    You know the guy - he's there propping up the bar every day.. late 40s-mid 50s, you can tell he was quite handsome at one point, but now the gut has taken over and the receding gray hairline is...
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    That's lovely, it smells of sherbert!

    Tonight - works do - yours truly nipping off to the gents for a reapplication of the old M7 Fresh.. this was the reaction that I had!

    Originally I was going to wear Mr Dior's Fahrenheit, however,...
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    Re: Most frag changes in a day

    Twice is my absolute max, purely on the basis that (having learned from testing) if I try any more I'm probably going to get a headache or simple scent fatigue. Also, I think when you can plan a...
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