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  1. Re: Are we at the end of the "house" fan boy phenomenon?

    Exactly. There will always be fanboys.

    However, I do think that among the more level-headed aficionados, devotion to singular houses is in decline. As more and more brands are throwing their...
  2. Re: Is there a better masterpiece out there contemporary than this? In designer

    I actually find the whole debate on the term "masterpiece" encouraging. It makes me cringe every time I read someone commenting "omg I luv this new frag so much its a masterpiece 10/10!!!". The fact...
  3. Re: What is the main reason why you buy this or that fragrance?

    First, I have to like the smell - at least to some degree. However, smelling nice alone is not enough. Smelling nice alone is boring. For me, a fragrance has to offer more than that. I got into...
  4. Perfume shopping in Vienna: A comprehensive guide

    I figured I'd make my first post here something useful and do a more comprehensive write-up of Vienna's many perfumeries, since the information so far has been a bit scattershot and incomplete. I've...
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