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    Re: Your best and worst blind buys?

    Best: B*Men

    Worst: Zino - Iím still not convinced my bottle is legit, it smells nothing like everyone says it should.
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    Re: Layerer's Lounge

    Declaration Essence with a completely over the top Vanilla or Benzoin ( in my case, Un Bois Vanille. Although Pi works too). Canít quite explain it other than the Vanilla takes the rough edge off...
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    Re: Anyone else almost NEVER receive compliments?

    I live in Britain.

    Youíd be hard pushed for someone to even acknowledge you here, let alone compliment you.

    We are a fairly repressed lot...
  4. Poll: Re: Your Favorite Guerlain L'homme Ideal? Rate the rest?

    LíIntense, definitely.

    But I agree it and the EDP are really close to one another
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    Re: Your Favorite Fragrance For A First Date.

    On my most recent first date (been with my gf 3 years now) it was Equipage.
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    Yes, probably this too.

    Ann Gottlieb is following trends with the Axe sprays.

    Dark Temptation is following the Chocolate, Patchouli, Ethyl Maltol trend, started by Angel and Animale Animale. ...
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    Re: Axe....seriously??!?!?

    Dark Temptation is an attempt to do a cheapy version of an A*Men flanker (not A*Men itself - that tar and lavender is probably too weird for Unilever...), the Chocolate Patchouli thing.

    With its...
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    Best citrus note for summer - your preference

    Lime first, Lemon as a second.

    For Lime, B no9 Nouveau Bowery, or more affordably, Guerlain Homme LíEau Boisee.

    For Lemon, Allure Homme Sport Cologne.

    But my favourite citrus frag that just...
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    Re: Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money

    My list as going to be these 4, plus Serge Lutens, Miller Harris, and Atelier Cologne.
  10. Re: Mont Blanc - Individuel - Projection & Longevity?


    Straight out of the bottle, I notice 2 things:

    - the most prominent notes of the two are Heliotropin and the Dryer Sheets musk, but the combo of accords behind these two face smacking...
  11. Re: Best cheap lavender-dominated men's fragrances

    Yeah, I have the Caron, got to be done.

    Or alternatively, Mauboussin Homme.
  12. Re: Mont Blanc - Individuel - Projection & Longevity?

    Iím not a fan of the ďdryer sheetsĒ thing either.

    Just get current formulation Joop Homme. Itís not as in your face as it used to be, which is a good thing!
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    Re: Mugler B*Men: What are our thoughts in 2019?

    Iíd still like to champion B*Men.

    Is it mediocre? Depends on your viewpoint. Verses A*Men, one of the most avant-garde mens fragrances of the last 20 years, of course itís going to be. But the...
  14. Re: Your the 'average joe' which two frags do you live with for the rest of your ...

    Five years later, I think I'd switch this to Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee and Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

    But as DiamondFlame said, that still wouldn't mark me as an "average joe". To my list of AdG,...
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    Re: Mugler B*Men: What are our thoughts in 2019?

    I think itís well named.

    Unlike all the A*Men Pure flankers, itís not ďA*Men with some tinkering around the edgesĒ.

    Itís definitely itís own take on a masculine sweet patchouli. I wouldnít...
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    Re: Green Lover by Lolita Lempicka

    Itís in a bottle thatís the same shape as Lempicka Man, so I would have thought so.
  17. Re: Your current favorite warm comforting fragrances?

    Ambre Narguile
    Pure Havane/Malt/Tonka
    TF Noir Extreme

    But they are all gourmands. My best comfort scent that isnít a gourmand is Must de Cartier Pour Homme.
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    Re: List and rate the tobacco frags you've worn

    I'll list, then have to think about the rating. Most of these I own:

    Pure Havane
    Burberry London
    Feuilles de Tabac
    Ambre Narguile
    Vie de Chateau Intense
    Varvartos Vintage
  19. Re: If NASA decide to send a fragrance out into outer space...

    Low earth orbit smells like a cross between a meaty and a metallic smell.

    So burnt steak plus welding...
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    Re: Best use of Lemon Verbena in a men's frag?

    I love this note.

    I've got YSL PH Red Cap, Boucheron Pour Homme EDP, Eau de New York, Eau du Sud, L'Eau d'Issey PH.

    I've even got Fragonard Verveine, which a lot of people don't like because...
  21. Poll: Looking for a Distinct Great Citrus for Spring and Summer + Poll

    Iíve mentioned a few times in the last couple of years that the ďmainstream/designerĒ Citrus frags on the market have been decimated recently.

    There used to be plenty of Grapefruit options, but...
  22. Re: Fragrances that you LOVE and others donít see t care for

    Most people here think Dark Obsession is really mediocre, but I really like it.
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    Re: TF Grey Vetiver - carroty note?

    I've always got a carrot note from Grey Vetiver.

    The combo of a certain rooty Vetiver note plus Iris (or more likely Orris Root) is going to give a sweet root veg vibe
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    Re: What will be your go to summer fragrance?

    If I had a magic, bottomless bottle, it would be Citron Citron from what I have, or Mandarine Glaciale from what I donít.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Replacement/Reformulation

    A replacement to try is Annick Goutal Eau du Sud
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    Re: Recent cheapie purchases?

    I've recently got Ferrari Radiant Bergamont. Amazing for the price.
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    Mugler's Ultra Zest Currently Selling at $165

    When I tried Kryptomint, it smelt so much like UZ with added mint that I didnít get it.

    And UZ to me is, itself, very similar to Pure Malt.

    Kinda redundant to have more than one of these three....
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    Re: What is your favorite fragrance of all time

    The fragrance that blew me away when I first smelt it, and left an impression on me that hasnít been equalled or exceeded since, is Aomassai.
  29. Re: Your favorite gentlemanís (smells like a gentleman should) fragrances?

    Equipage or Boucheron Pour Homme would be what I'd reach for (and Equipage Geranium would be a very good suggestion too).

    I also think Aramis Havana, Burberry London and Varvartos Vintage would...
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    Re: Do You Have a "Secret Weapon" Fragrance?

    B*Men needs a re-release. Probably not with the same name though. It needs an Ultra Zest / Kryptomint style name.

    A*Men Supreme Forest, maybe?
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    Re: A coconut/sunlotion cheapie please.

    Ferrari Silver Essence, maybe?
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    Re: Today I bought March 2019

    Yes I already had post #22 of this thread, and there is now a second blowout incoming!
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    Re: Do You Have a "Secret Weapon" Fragrance?

    Nothing I've got that's all killer and no filler is really secret - I stole the scent-fu from the rest of you lot!

    The closest is probably B*Men. You guys will have heard of it, but no-one else...
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    Re: Schooling Sales Associates at the counter

    I've never jumped in on a pitch to another customer.

    But when I am the customer and they come out with some BS, I do put them right.

    I did it once at Heathrow Duty Free. Dior Homme Intense had...
  35. Re: recommend me FRESH (spring/summer) scents from NICOLAI! (read 1st comment!)

    I don't think Vie de Chateau Intense is all that fresh.

    L'Eau de Sport is my favourite freshy from PdN
  36. Re: Does price generally equal quality in your nostrils?

    And how exactly did these inexpensive scent manage to not smell cheap but be close clones of SMW? When SMW smells like Windolene ?

    As for Roja, he's operating using the Emperors New Clothes...
  37. Re: Is there one single fragrance that you would recommend without even having to think about it?

    Not that universal. I dislike all three of these!
  38. Re: Chose ONE best/must have Fragrance (New, Classic, etc.) UNDER fifty dollars.

    OK, so this is buying online, but I could buy Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee, in the current 100ml Habit Rouge design of bottle, for £40. Which works out as $52 after sales tax. Well under $50 before...
  39. Re: What is the most unique fragrance in your collection?

    Another by Uncle Serge, Vitriol d'Oeillet. I've really got nothing else like it. I tend to layer it when using it anyway as it's a bit much on it's own.

    Mechant Loup. Yes I have other Liquorice...
  40. Re: Is there one single fragrance that you would recommend without even having to think about it?

    Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee.

    Very well made, but not a bit avant garde or challenging. So it seems very widely liked.

    I almost said Mugler Cologne, but I know people who think it's too floral...
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    Re: Today I bought March 2019

    Yeah, these four were on my wish list, and All Beauty had a special where you got £15 off their already very reasonable prices if you spent £125. This little lot came to £129 before the discount.
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    Re: Today I bought March 2019


    To be fair, I ordered these last month but this minor haul turned up today. I wish Forte came in 50ml!
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    Re: Sweet with Patchouli Base

    I donít know if this one is still made, but Cannabis Santal by Fresh is another niche take on the Angel / A*Men idea. Itís like Angel Unisex. But last time I tried it I thought it was too close to a...
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    How is bond no 9 eau de new york?

    I have Eau de New York on one wrist, Mugler Cologne on the other.

    EdNY is strong, very strong, compared to Mugler Cologne which is subtle.

    MC starts as an equal balance of citrus zest, floral...
  45. Re: Alternatives for A*Men Pure Havane / Pure Malt

    Lanvin Avant Garde
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    Re: Best Citrus Fragrances in my opinion

    I've said in a few other threads that if you want a good, straight citrus, so not something that's more of a chypre, or something orange blossom/neroli dominated, a straight citrus like what Parfum...
  47. Re: Diptyque - L'Ombre Dans L'Eau.....EDT or EDP?? Differences? Which one?

    This is my experience too. So I prefer the EDT.

    I was given the EDP as a present by my wife. She lived by the mantra of "more is more". Couldn't bring myself to tell her....
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    Re: Favorite Atelier Cologne fragrance

    Mandarine Glaciale

    Because I'm a mad fan for all the Citrus + Ginger frags that were around about 6-8 years ago.

    Only one of which - Givenchy Play Sport - is still around. And it's so weak and...
  49. Fragrances that were suppose to be the NEXT big thing and Failed

    The Aramis Gentlemans Collection reissue of Havana.

    Held up with the liked of Patou PH and Gucci Envy beforehand, now no-one gives a rats *** about it.
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    Poll: Re: CHANEL Pour Monsieur VS Armani eau pour homme

    The Armani. The Clove/Carnation note is what makes it more interesting than the Chanel.
  51. Re: Perfumes that you've actually finished whole bottles of?

    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme (two bottles finished)
    Paul Smith for Men (got through several bottles of this, but then it's weak as ****, I spray loads on and it's cheap)
  52. Re: What do you think of Chanel Allure Homme Sport COLOGNE?

    Iím not one to buy a lot of niche stuff. For pretty much every fragrance family, you can find lots of very good examples as mainstream fragrances.

    Except for what I call ďModern CitrusĒ, a Citrus ...
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    Re: favorite Christmas fragrances?

    And wouldn't you just know it, All Beauty has it back on sale today!
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    Help with boyfriendís Christmas?!

    Both Basenotes and “the other website” have lists on each fragrances pages - “People who liked this fragrance also liked...”

    We can all list all the fragrances in our collections, and these lists...
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    favorite Christmas fragrances?

    Ambre Narguile

    Must de Cartier pour Homme

    B*Men is a good shout

    Un Bois Vanille will probably get a use or two.

    I recently tried to buy a bottle of Burberry London for Men from All...
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    Re: Please recommend me some spicy frags

    Comme des GarÁons EDP (the original CdG frag). Forget Viktor and Rolf, this baby is the real spice bomb
  57. Re: Better wood scent: Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisee or Terre D'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche?

    I own both of these and neither is all that woody. GHLB is my preferred of the two.

    For something that starts a lot like Eau Tres Fraiche but ends up way more woody, you want Declaration L'Eau...
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    Re: Your best consistent fragrance house

    I have more Cartier than anything else, 6 at last count. So it has to be them, for me.
  59. Re: Talking Cartier Declaration...your favourite release/flanker ???

    I don't like the original.

    I own the Cologne, L'Eau and Essence flankers.

    I'm really not happy that they discontinued Cologne.
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    Re: Looking for a semi-signature scent

    Kinda surprised no one have suggested Hermes Bel Ami or Bel Ami Vetiver.
  61. Thread: Fig?

    by andym72

    Re: Fig?

    I own and really like AdP Fico di Amalfi. But it is fig fruit, not fig leaf. If you want something very green, stick with the Diptyque.
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    Re: If I love Habit Rouge...

    Like I said, cheeky, because worded like that it makes it sound like such a thing didn't already exist.

    When it has existed since 1965. About as long as Tom has himself :lolk:
  63. Re: Want a change from JPG Le Male BUT not niche! Want great longevity + projectiSuggestions please?

    If you took Le Male and swapped the mint for musk... you wouldn't be too far away from the smell of 212 Sexy Men.

    So if you want a break from Le Male but still want something with a similar feel,...
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    Armani Si... but less sweet.

    I bought Armani Si for my girlfriend as a gift a while ago, she's getting near the end of the bottle and I have asked her if she would like another.

    And what she's said is yeah she still likes it...
  65. Thread: Creamy Coffee

    by andym72

    Re: Creamy Coffee

    Pure Coffee smells more like black coffee to me.

    Pure Tonka is closer to creamy coffee (and closer to New Haarlem / Rochas Man / MJ Legend), but I still wouldn't say it is "creamy", it has the...
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    Re: If I love Habit Rouge...

    Yes, I prefer the EDP of this one but either is similar to Habit Rouge. I think Tom Form was being seriously cheeky with this one, it is borderline between homage and ripoff. But not Noir Extreme,...
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    Re: Your favorite Gourmand Fragrance?

    Any Gourmand? Then Aomassai.

    But your two picks were mainstream so letís stick to that shall we.

    Thierry Mugler Pure Havane, Pure Tonka, Pure Malt
    Tom Ford Noir Extreme
    Lanvin Avant Garde
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    Re: Joop homme or jean paul gaultier le male?

    If you buy a brand new bottle today, none of this nonsense of a vintage bottle off eBay.... then Le Male will be stronger. But there isnít much in it and current Joop! Homme is still plenty strong to...
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    Good apple scent???

    Canít beat Ambre Narguile for that sweet Apple Pie smell.

    Boss Bottled will always get a mention. Iíd only recommend Boss Bottled Intense.

    I think my favourite mainstream scent with an Apple...
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    Re: Your cheap, wonderful Autumn paradise

    I have a bunch of inexpensive scents in my wishlist that would all be good for Autumn.

    Burberry London for Men
    Zegna Forte
    PR Black XS Potion
    Hanae Mori HiM
    Givenchy Pi
    Molinard Patchouli...
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    Re: Bought a new bottle of Givenchy Pi and...

    I donít believe a word of this.

    I am highly sensitive to certain synthetic musks, and unless my sense of smell has changed enough in the last 3 years that I no longer find certain musks...
  72. Re: Which current formulation of classic fragrances still worth purchasing?

    What does everyone think of the current Armani Eau Pour Homme in the new shape bottle?

    When the new bottle first came out, it was clear it was a new formulation too. I heard some people comment at...
  73. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    I am not a fan of Autonomous Cars, at least not Autonomous Cars the way the tech industry is going about it.

    Iíve always thought the only safe way to do it is with new dedicated Autonomous Car...
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    Re: Top 10 Favorite Men's Scents

    If I ignore the requirement for "Mens" scents and just choose favourites of this man, then:

    Vie de Chateau Intense
    Armani Eau pour Homme
    Ambre Narguile
    Pure Havane
    LLAM Eau...
  75. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    Who is responsible, indeed who is LIABLE, for a bad outcome that came from a decision made by an AI, is something society is going to have to work out before we start using these systems everywhere. ...
  76. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    Yeah, having Sales Numbers as the arbiter of taste does seem to be a bit dangerous to me. The size of a marketing campaign budget could easily skew that.

    Although it don't care how much Johnny...
  77. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    Well fine. You just stick with your notion that there's a single star programmer in the world who could make something like this work, and anybody else hasn't got a hope in hell.

    But I'm telling...
  78. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    As an example of bad data... Amazon recently built, and then junked, an AI system that would do an initial screening of candidate employee CVs.

    What they found was it was screening out CVs from...
  79. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser (Welcome to Machine)

    Well I actually work at IBM, and I've known that this was coming for 4 and half years and couldn't say anything because it was confidential!

    Back in Spring 2014 IBM Research launched a Proof of...
  80. Re: If you could remix any scent what would it be and how?

    Someone has already done it.

    Take a fragrance from 1998 that I cannot stand, and then replace the synthetics that were providing the Apple note, the Spicy notes, and the Woody notes, with more...
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    Re: Recent decent oakmoss fragrances?

    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree aka EDP and vintage Tiffany for Men are cousins.

    Same year. Same Perfumer. And a suspiciously similar note breakdown.

    You do hear of stories where one of the...
  82. Re: What are in your opinion the best designer fragrances made in the last 10 years?

    Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisee and Grey Vetiver - these two were both inspired by TdH in my opinion, with that Vetiver+IES base. But they have Vetiver notes that highlight different facets. Grey Vetiver...
  83. Re: What do you expect from these new releases?

    Spicebomb Minus Minus
    Soapy Musk
    Yet More Soapy Musk
    Unharmonious Clash

    I know, pissing on everyones campfire again...
  84. Replies

    Re: Boucheron Pour Homme EDP

    I think the consensus is the EDP improves on the EDT. Others have mentioned that the EDP is sharp at the beginning but I find the EDT sharper, the word I used in the past was Astringent. Too much of...
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    Re: Designer Winter Scents

    Raid the A*Men Flanker hordes. Apart from Ice Men, Sunessence, Pure Energy and maybe Pure Wood, you cannot go wrong.

    Also have a look at Annick Menardos back catalogue. Of which I own many.
  86. Re: What is your favorite and less favorite bottle in your collection

    My favourite three?



    Then this:

  87. Re: If any of you guys are hoping to snare a Cougar...

    The title was intentionally ambiguous [emoji13]
  88. If any of you guys are hoping to snare a Cougar...

    The story takes a dark turn at the bottom though....
  89. Re: Your top ten wishlist of discontinued fragrances

    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Eau de Parfum Intense/Eau de Minuit (they are similar)
    Dior Midnight Poison
    Gucci Envy
    Gucci Pour Homme II
    Must de Cartier Pour Homme
    Cartier Declaration Cologne...
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    Re: CK One but less floral?

    Hmm, I'm not sure about Quercus being less floral. I gave my bottle away to a female friend who loved the Jasmine scent in it.

    Both CK One and Quercus have a big old dose of Hedione, the widely...
  91. Re: Best fragrances with a prominent sandalwood note?

    My Creamy Sandalwood Cheapy recommendation I always mention in these threads (and I'm sure they don't want to be thought of as a cheapy, but I can find it on the Internet at very reasonable prices)...
  92. Re: Basenoters' Fall/Winter Favourites circa 2010-2015

    The Body Kouros hype bubble would have just been deflating around 2010.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell like ice cream

    Un Bois Vanille is a very strong, very sweet Vanilla Gourmand. I think it be a bit of a stretch to say it smells like Ice Cream, but you will definitely get that dessert vibe.
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    Re: MontBlanc Individuel

    I have had my bottle of Individuel for some years now.

    The Dryer Sheet accord always bothered me.

    Last year, I also got a bottle of Joop Homme (it was not just cheap as it always is in most...
  95. Re: You hit the lottery! YAY YOU! ...what's your fragrance splurge?

    Not Millions you say? So not the kind of money you need to go into Roja Doves boutique in Harrods and clear them out?

    Then the initial knee jerk fragrance splurge would be Mandarine Glaciale by...
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    Re: Movie prop fragrance

    Unless the producers do want to do product placement, I would expect more than one bottle, two or three which is what my brother has on his bathroom shelf. And theyíd be frags that have been out for...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    My favourites of what Iíve got are

    Vie de Chateau Intense
    Ambre Narguile
    Citron Citron (a new entry!)
    Pure Havane

    If weíre including stuff I donít have, swap PH out and put in...
  98. Re: Tom Ford just one fragrance, which would you own?

    This is going to be an unpopular opinion.

    None of the Private Blends Iíve tried have really grabbed me. Especially not for their cost.

    Out of the Signature collection, I like pretty much all of...
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    Re: What Fragrance smells like Early 2002 ?

    Chanel Allure pour Homme was really big around then, just about all my male friends had it as the only bottle of fragrance they had.
  100. Replies

    Re: Winter Fragrance and Compliments

    My most complimented winter fragrance is Tom Ford Noir Extreme. As you can see, Iím not the only person getting complemented on it.

    How about a Tonka dominant fragrance? My favourite designer ones...
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