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  1. Re: Bond No.9 - what is full bottle worth?

    Probably none in my opinion
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    Re: Micallef,Aventus, Unforgivable,afluctus, "U.S only"

    bump new items
  3. Re: Vetiver 46 smells alot like Rose 31...Do all LeLabos smell alike??

    I feel as though baie rose exclusive and rose 31 are pretty similar though... The baie rose missing those dirty notes that are injected into rose 31.
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    Re: What's the Deal

    I kinda do hate bond... Ive got no love for this house I've tried 90% of their line and not one of those would I want in my collection ...that's pretty sad!
    Also if ever one was given to me as a...
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    Re: I Love New York for All - Wow!......

    Glad I passed on this one... Mediocre frag ....better than new Harlem but I hate new Harlem with a passion it's pretty horrible!
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    Micallef,Aventus, "U.S only"

    Getting rid of a couple nice scents I don't use often to make room for a new one.
    3 free random niche samples with each bottle purchase

    Authentic CREED Aventus 4oz 90% full with cap and box...
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    Sticky: Re: Creed MI

    I'd say that it looks authentic to me.. Haven't seen this paticular batch but its from 2013 so it's a pretty new batch and I've seen authentic aventus batches with LT in the first letters. Most fakes...
  8. Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    "Silver Factory" bond no 9.... Instant headache inducing tryed scrubbing as quick as I could.... Smells like metallic pickle powder sprinkled onto a high traffic public toilet seat. You couldn't give...
  9. Re: The Scent of Peace for Him by Bond No 9?

    Just got a sample of this yesterday.. Wearing it today, initial thoughts.... Smells an awful lot like bonds "http//.bondno9" release only difference is a little more citrus on the top which makes it...
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    Sticky: Re: Is my Creed Himalaya Authentic?????

    Definitely authentic... Seen lots of fakes but never a 2.5 oz or a 1oz... Bottle might have been a tester and seller used a random spare cap to make it look more appetizing to a potential buyer. To...
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    Re: Creed Windsor - Wow

    2009 version is probably twice as good as any of the newer versions ive smelled. i was dumb to sell my flacon of it back in the day. I didnt give it enough time and ive fallen in love with the small...
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    Send me your address so I can send you some free samples and decants to show there's no hard feelings
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    "the Scent hitting the market" were talking about Aventus. Dude you you look like a dumas yourself. Your just helping prove that there are scent variation when it come to Creeds. I tryed to be kind...
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    Dont be silly monkey i bought all my creeds within a few months of the scent hitting the market they had no chance to be stored unproperly or fake come on! just look at the famous creed aventus...
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    Hey yo "puddle'oshyt" stop turning this thread into your own agenda. And no way on this planet will I ever pay full price for a creed.
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    Your just jealous cause I found a 4oz c4210e01 for 75$ with free shipping. Gillybadger
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    There are no fake Aventus yet.. dilf
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    Yeah Hednic's right I did like all 4 Aventus I've owned but that doesn't mean that they all smelled the same. I will end my though there tho.
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    I have actually owned four different batches of 2010 Aventus three 4oz bottles and one 8.4 flacon every single one a different batch no from the other my first 4oz bottle I bought in England and it...
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    Re: Creed. Please explain...

    I own three different batches of aventus as well and every single one has very noticeable differences than the other... It is no rumor... I hate it that inconsistency thing is very true, but I will...
  21. Re: How much would you be willing to pay for your favourite scent(s)?

    $299 for pure coffee. Maybe you should buy it from yourself on the bay
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    I was hoping to like this one... But nope its pretty horrible on me! Kinda like sour milk in my fruity soap pebbles.. Made me sick had to scrub quickly. Don't see the hype.
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    Re: New Harlem equals celery?

    I got a very synthetic super sweet pancake/cinnamon/burnt sugar smell.. I hated it no celery vibe to me
  24. Re: MuglerStoreUSA selling limited amount of Pure Coffee

    Guys I'm sorry to upset you but that guy making off with 8 is very possible although rest assure it wasn't I.. See you can ad 3 to your cart each order and there were two different time frames he...
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    Re: Le Labo City Exclusives - Forget It!

    I like a couple of the city exclusives and wish I could own them... But seriously in a tough economy I can get a heck of alot more for that half a freakin gold brick they charge you for their mildly...
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    Re: Recieved my By Kilian samples...

    I sampled all of the by kilian except for the oud one and I only ended up buying a full bottle of Straight to heaven and it last about a good 15 hours or so on me...that said I'm a happy camper!
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    Re: Pure coffee availability

    It's not available on eBay
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    Re: Pure malt still featured on Mugler's site = back in production ?

    I can't find a number?
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    Re: Frapin 1270 ... Amazing!

    If you like 1270...I find that by kilians Straight to heaven kinda reminds me of it but last way longer...that stuff last all day long on me. Try a sample because they aren't identicle scents but...
  30. Re: Your house is burning and you can only save one bottle of cologne...

    I'd probably grab my Windsor 09 and then i'd try to go back for my children and puppy dogs
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    Re: My Creed Himalaya a fake?

    My authentic creeds have the same problem caps slipping off and loose caps I don't think that's a good method of spotting a fake. I don't think fragrancenet would sell a fake they seem to carry...
  32. Re: Himalaya vs. Silver Mouintain Water: which should i choose as my signature fall/winter scent?

    Well I've owned both and while I enjoyed both I still prefer SMW because it's more unique and I haven't smelled anything that smells like it but I have smelled things that resemble himalaya "Geir...
  33. Re: Penhalgon's Hammam Bouquet and Creed's Windsor

    (Correction) I haven't tried hamman I got that one confused with blenheims bad
  34. Re: Penhalgon's Hammam Bouquet and Creed's Windsor

    I too am a fan of Windsor 1 and 2 and have owned Hamman but I found that the hamman was kinda cloying and made me a bit nautious not to mention gave me a headache.. I bought it blindly and sold it...
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    Millesime imperial perfect batch

    I apologize for another MI "creed" thread but im close to making a big flacon purchase of MI and I want to buy a batch that has the perfect combination of topnotes middle and base.. I've owned a 99...
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    Re: Fake Creed Aventus

    I really doubt fake aventus exist already and if so it would be much easier to spot than say a silver mountain water bottle. Once you've owned enough genuine creeds Well...fakes get super easy to...
  37. Re: To me Creed Silver Mountain Water smells like a very metallic mixture of wine and tea - where wo

    I love silver mountain water... But maybe you should try Aventus
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    Re: Aventus vs. Riverside Drive

    Well I've owned both. I sold my riverside drive after two weeks it just got really boring to me not much variation of scent changes what you sprayed is what it stayed for the most part. Now saying...
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    Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water

    I have purchased two fakes over the period of a year or so the most obvious diffrences with fakes would be the product that comes out of the atomizer, the creed logo on top of the sprayer I have...
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    Re: Post your 3 favorite Frederic Malle's

    Carnal Flower
    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Bois d'Orage

    I also have a 1.7 oz bottle of musc ravageur oil with dropper and sprayer for sale great price pm if interested
  41. Re: ScentMatchers claims to match any scent for $60

    Guys I have experience with scent matchers. I ordered a discontinued old favourite of mine and actually received a bottle 9 weeks later to find out it was a horrible match very much a simple soapy...
  42. Armani diamonds niche alternative for my sister

    I'm looking for a Armani diamonds high end alternative for my sister who loves that scent and hasn't been introduced to any expensive more natural smelling perfumes. Thanks for your input
  43. Re: Young man looking for new scents genres" Vetiver, Tea, Rose/Floral, Clean fresh, marshmallow

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the suggestions! You can continue to voice your input if you'd like
  44. Re: Young man looking for new scents genres" Vetiver, Tea, Rose/Floral, Clean fresh, marshmallow

    To let people know I'm not into powdery scents SMW is as powdery as I go. Thanks
  45. Young man looking for new scents genres" Vetiver, Tea, Rose/Floral, Clean fresh, marshmallow

    I'm looking for ideas in these categories "vetiver, tea, clean fresh, Leather , Rose ,marshmallow" to expand my wardrobe a bit. Any suggestions are appreciated. Keep in mind I'm in my early twenties...
  46. Re: Are there any pricey/niche alternatives to sunset heat by escada

    I just can't believe that those are my only two choices. Theirs billions of scents out there. Thanks Bond
  47. Re: Are there any pricey/niche alternatives to sunset heat by escada

    Thanks mr bond I already own it
  48. Are there any pricey/niche alternatives to sunset heat by escada

    I'm looking for a scent much like sunset heat for men, but one that will smell better made and less thrown together. Are there any niche colognes that resemble the fruity lemony oceanic vibe like...
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    Re: Fresh, Light, Watery, Green, Unisex

    Try the regular clean for men despite harsh reviews it's actually quite nice mildly sweet shower smell. I have two bottles. Also try un jardin la mousson much better then sur le nil because it last...
  50. Re: "VIW" Blind buys are like a slot machine in Vegas

    Well it didn't help my case recently blind buying four other creeds such as imperial, erolfa, GIT, and silver mountian water and I though they were all wonderful with imperial being number one. I...
  51. Re: "VIW" Blind buys are like a slot machine in Vegas

    It's just overwhelmingly Girly in my opinion totally not unisex. I guess I just really expected something I could pull off. An I can't pull this off
  52. "VIW" Blind buys are like a slot machine in Vegas

    I am by no means wealthy ,but always find the desire to buy big fragrance purchases blindly. mostly by other people reviews and also by looking at the individual notes. I've recently come to the...
  53. Re: Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    Hello again guy and girls. So I bought her a small bottle of the miss Dior Cherie because it sounded like a winner but unfortunately she hated it as well as me. it smells way to powdery and granny...
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    Re: Kenneth Cole reaction alternatives?

    Yeah your right about creeds imperial it does smell alot like reaction. I just got some creed samples in the mail today. Do you know of any other fruity ,sweet, light musky fragrances I might like. I...
  55. Re: Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    All good sugestions and silver mountian water I actually wear that one and I can't wear the same scent as my wife... Well I guess I could. I'm open to any other sugestions? Thanks
  56. Re: Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    My wife is twenty four she doesn't like powdery and she can only handle light floraly but she likes sweet Fruity but not too sweet like paris hiltons or jesssica simpsons stuff I'm looking for unique...
  57. Re: Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    Thanks for the input I'm gonna order a trial of the miss Dior Cherie which seems closer to what I'm looking for then most the others which may be to florally. Any other suggestions?
  58. Help me find a few more fragrances for my wife

    My wifes current collection "I love love" "ck2inu" Hard candy" by urban decay and a couple fruity escada's she likes sweet fruity but not powdery fragrances. I would like her to have more to select...
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    Kenneth Cole reaction alternatives?

    I really like the way reaction smells for about the ten minutes that it last for. Is there any other cologne that resembles this paticular scent that will last longer ? With the apple and melon...
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