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    Re: are you the "cologne guy" ?

    Plus 100. I almost get ths sense that a few posters really enjoy pissing other people off with over application; what rebels!!
  2. Re: Lots of Niche and Some Designer for Swap!

  3. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/17/14) Round 2: Bleu de Chanel vs Black Aoud

    If you care about popularity, you are measuring your variables incorrectly.In your pole, you are really opperationalizing "enjoyment." Popularity would be measured by sales or ownership, so your data...
  4. Re: the ugliest, tackiest, naffiest (i know, i know) design of perfume bottles and boxes

    Frankly, the 1million bottle is just horrible to me.
  5. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/17/14) Round 2: Bleu de Chanel vs Black Aoud

    I would be very curious to understand the why people participate in these particular poles? Not a flame, its a real question.
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    Re: Nobile 1942 fragrances

    Ambra Luna is one I have and really like. It an amber with a deep Tonka base, and a citrus opening. It is far less powdery than some ambers, and a bit on the dry side. I would say it has a classy...
  7. Poll: Re: Which is a better plus for an excellent smelling fragrance?

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    Re: One summer frag...what should I get?

    As much as Ilke VIW, I am not sure that is a daily wear for me. I would get tired of it quickly.

    L Humaniste is a good choice, as is ADG Essenza- both already mentioned.

    My current pick would...
  9. Re: Profumum/Malle/Masque Milano/SHL-777/SoOud/Armani/Xerjoff/Creed/Vero/Neela

    I am wearing my IB from my split with Rich right now! Love it so much, I traded for a bottle! As always, my split with with Rich was perfect.

    So, I know you tried recently Rich, but if you try...
  10. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    Maybe with spring weather peaking through, we can get a bit more love for a COUS MFK split or two? Perhaps APOM Homme this time?
  11. Re: Niche/Natural Fragrance Suggestions For Beginner

    Not really sure about how much "natural" ingredients it has, but fresh and green IS to me L'Artisan Parfumeur: Fou d'Absinthe
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    Re: Niche fragrance testing (samples) - PT.3

    If you notice, the range of his ratings is under 1.5, so a variance of .5 is pretty high.
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    Re: Advice for perfumes on a tight budget.

    1- Rochas Man- Under $20 for 1.7 oz on
    2. Ferre Bergamoto Marino- $58 for 3.4 ozon Amazon now
    3. This one is so individual, but lets go with Aqua di Gio Essenza- Can get the 2.5 OZ...
  14. Re: Gimme 3: Your most versatile scents that aren't boring [details inside]

    Designer: Gucci Homme ii
    Niche: Ormande Jayne Man/ VCA Cologne Noir
    Underrated: Dunhill 51.3- Totally a shockingly nice scent that has enough satisfying sandalwood for the winter and is lighty and...
  15. Re: Male fragrance, which vetiver should i choose?

    Sycamore was my SOTD, and my favorite of the genre that I have tried.
  16. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/8/14): Royal Oud vs La Nuit de L`Homme

    chicken salad...
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    Poll: Re: Fragrance battle, Monday afternoon

    Envy for me; one of my favorites to date.
  18. Re: Surfer guy - recommend me a Winter fragrance

    Lanvin Avant Guard- cheap and great.
  19. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/6/14): AdG Essenza vs Musc Ravageur

    I think you are all right when you say he has the right to post these polls; it is equally true that others are welcome to critique the nature of the polls, no?
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    Re: how many shoes should a man have?

    I think this really depends on the type of work a man does, and the nature of his social life. I can really wear whatever I wish to work, and Doc Martens are my standard, for comfort and support as...
  21. Re: Colognes do not last on skin or clothes

    I also eat off the chart, dump on the habanero or ghost chili hot, and it has not had an impact on me. However, when you say hot food, might you also mean lots of garlic or curries, or things that...
  22. Re: What I finally realized about "boring" fragrances

    So, it stands to reason that doing nothing but serving coffee and donuts for twenty years makes one more intelligent and elegant then having, say, written ten books that have impact? (and of course,...
  23. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/6/14): AdG Essenza vs Musc Ravageur

    So, you are putting up polls and are going to use this for some "project" without telling people what you are up to a priori? That is just unethical. If there is some type of commercial use for you,...
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    Re: L'humaniste by Frapin

    It was a my SOTD a couple of days ago, and I got 8 hours from it. It is not a loud scent, by any means, and some of the citrus notes are long gone, but the greener notes longer. Love this stuff.
  25. Poll: Re: fragrance battle: Clive Christian v Kermit the frog

    I thought Frog musk was banned last year? It it was reformulated, then CC for sure
  26. Re: Best yearound upscale unique fragrance for college

    Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir. A really fantastic leather centric scent.
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    Re: Similar scents to Gucci Pour Homme?

    Not to drag up old threads (well, yes to do so!), but last month when I was in duty free, I tried Carbone de Balmain, and thought it had very similar bones to GPH.
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    Re: Best Cologne (EdC) out of the Bunch

    Neroli Portifino
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    Re: Best Cologne (EdC) out of the Bunch

    Still to be found at a reasonable price. I like NP...
  30. Re: givenchy play intense vs 212 men vs encre noire

    100 percent agree.
  31. Re: TOP TEN for Spring and Summer - what are they?

    Acqua di Gio Essenza
    Bergamotto Marino
    Neroli Portofino
    Invasion Barbare- just got some today on split, and have a trade coming. This stuff is "wow"
    Verte D Orange Hermes...
  32. Poll: Re: Would buy and wear a fragrance if everyone around you detested it but you loved it?

    There are so many other things that I love to wear, so would pass on it without feeling at all bad about it.
  33. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/1/14): Knize Ten vs Flame, the fragrance, by Burger King

    Not sure what is wrong with you guys; BK is far to "fem" for a real man to wear. Also, I am getting a sense that the char really is too synthetic. Also, I get the sense that really is not any real...
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    Sticky: Re: What makes Creed Aventus so exceptional

    Amazing how the word Aventus seems to shut off so much higher order thinking on both sides of the "debate." Is there some aroma chemical unique to it that seems to trigger reptilian brain...
  35. Re: If you already have a lot of fragrance but want another, do you buy the smaller size or larger ?

    At around 40 bottles myself now, and a whole lot of decants, I realize that i am not going to ever go through things, especially if I keep buying! If the price difference is small though, I will get...
  36. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    Maybe, we need to start backward here. What type of scents would constitute daily wears for you. Clearly, attars are not it I(well, clearly for me anyhow!), and certainly nothing too deep, dark and...
  37. Re: My GF dislikes all of my stronger fragrances, should I get rid of them ?

    I think that when someone asks for an opinion, than there is a great deal that is "fair game," other than character assassination. I think questining the amount he spays is perfectly valid here, and...
  38. Thread: Gothic

    by RichNTacoma

    Re: Gothic

    When I think of goth I think of 1980s goth, a la Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, 45 Grave, and other bands. I am brought back to the goths that hung around the LA punk scene/clubs at the time. I think of...
  39. Re: Where do you rank Carnal Flower among Frederic Malle frags?

    I sprayed this on a card at Barney's while in Seattle, and loved the way it smelled. I already have something on, so could not spray it on myself. It is one of the first things I have smelled that I...
  40. Thread: Gothic

    by RichNTacoma

    Re: Gothic

    I think different generations see the word goth/gothic differently. Define what you mean and it will help people answer your question.
  41. Re: If MONEY was no option....What niche Fragrance would you pick up and why?

    What is the limit, since a 1000 is too much, money IS a bit of an object (as it would be for me!).

    No object- Xerjoff Homme; recently sampled and was very impressed. Would I buy, for nearly 700...
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    Re: Safest blind buys?

    Bergomotto Marino. Pleasant, natural smelling, easy to ear, and a surprisingly rich late dry down.
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    Poll: Re: POLL: Edition Blanche or L'Humaniste?

    You make some massive, sweeping generalizations about all of us niche adoring sheep.
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    Poll: Re: POLL: Edition Blanche or L'Humaniste?

    It would actaully be a tie if THIS bonehead (me) did not vote for the wrong one! I should have voited for L' Humaniste which might be one of my favorite fragrances. I also do not have the longevity...
  45. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/28/14): Allure Homme Sport vs Egoiste

    Godzilla verses a baked potatoe.
  46. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/27/14): Fuel for Life vs Dior Homme

    Battle of the day, the United States armed forces verces Surinam.......what do you like better, Pekinese food or Disneyland?
  47. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

  48. Re: Design houses one must own something from?

    Gucci, as was mentioned, older
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    Re: Samples v. Splits

    I would be careful of random splitters on ebay and such. There are many great splitters here who are well reviewed, trusted by the community, and provide great service. As per the rules of the board,...
  50. Re: My GF dislikes all of my stronger fragrances, should I get rid of them ?

    I would not get rid of them, but perhaps try to find common ground. I traded away some of my heavy inscense based perfumes as my wife hates them. I have a few things she does not like, but try to...
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    Re: All Roja Parfums prices going up

    As others have stated, we vote with our wallets. I vote no.
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    Re: my 3 fragrance performance in phils.

    The short form is uusally the PI, for the Phillipines, I assume.
  53. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/23/14): Curve vs Green Irish Tweed

    I have yet to try Curve, and perhaps will get a sample the next time I am Sehpora for the sake of this challenge, but I really dislike GIT.
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    Re: New Tom Ford 2014?

    Perhaps I am lucky, but NP last for close to 8 hours on my skin. The amber/warm/musky notes linger for a long time after the citrus fades; its one of the reasons why I really love it.
  55. Re: Just sent Jean Paul Gaultier a very firm email. Do you think it will work/is justified?

    Glad you did it; I am a fan of speaking one's mind to those that make the products we use. It is hard to say if it will be used or not; it really depends on the quality of their internal...
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    Re: Creed Aventus or Tom Ford Noir de Noir

    I really like Aventus, and it is more versatile, but NDN is in my top five. An amazing winter and evening perfume. Longevity on both are excellent, NDN I get 15 hours from; can't go wrong with...
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    Re: decision time. pls help

    Funny, I just bought a decant of Menthe Fraiche, and I plan on tacking it to my next work trip to the PI in Sept. Let me know how it works in the extreme heat!
  58. Re: Mens perfume with good sillage in hot weather

    You did say easily avaliable in stores, sorry. ADG Essenza is great in the extreme heat.
  59. Re: Mens perfume with good sillage in hot weather

    My scent of the day; my new bottle just arrived, and I really love this. Very similar to TF NF, perhaps less amber in the dry down, and not as warm, but lovely.
  60. Lots of Niche and Some Designer for Swap!

    Have for swap
    Nasomatto Black Afgano 30ml- 98%
    Ambra Nobile Nobile 1942- 90%
    Vaniglia del Madagascar Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561, 100ml, 90%
    Kerosene Whips and Roses 100ml-95%
    Ambra di Luna...
  61. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/15/14): Bois du Portugal vs Acqua di Gio

    Seems to me also like a useless comparison on several levels: Fragrance style, cost, and and "intent" of the fragrance (one very formal, one a day time easy to use," ect.

    That said, I am one of...
  62. Re: Dodged bullets - Terrible fragrances you narrowly avoided buying?

    Perhaps not yours, but I thought the description of rotting lemons matched my experience of a bottle bought in a department store fairly well. I would have added synthetic smelling, dish liquid esq...
  63. Re: Which Frag Would Make You Smell Like Darth Vader?

    No question, this!
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    Re: Favorite wood?

    Oud, but only as an accent, not as an "in your face, here you are" element. Ormonde Jane Man and MFK Oud are examples of two of my favorite scents where I like the way the Oud adds complexity.
  65. Re: Going to the mall today. What should I check out?

    Play a game and see how many samples you can get from as many stores as they have!
  66. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/13/14): LIDG vs Gucci Envy

    Envy is one of my ATFs.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, March 13, 2014

    Memoir Man- 12 hours of longevity, and what a lovely but varied ride!
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    Re: Worst blind buy for you???

    I did not like it as much as I thought either. While it did not make me sick, it really just left me with a "so what" experience. Decent, more natural smelling than many aquatics, but without a great...
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    Re: Most desired discontinued fragrance?

    As an aside, I wore Gucci Pour Homme (2003) today, and got horrible longevity. Not sure why, as usually it is solid.
  70. Re: why are we addicted to earthy, dirty, skanky and fecal scent?

    And for the record, I am somehow who is sensitive to how others perceive me and experience my scent- it is why I shower after working out and prior to going to work, after all. This does not mean I...
  71. Re: why are we addicted to earthy, dirty, skanky and fecal scent?

    To call something an addition you need (at least) three conditions.

    1) Tolerance- the need for more and more to meet the same effect
    2) Dependence- Once cannot stop the behavior
    3) Serious...
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    Re: Curve batch numbers

    Do you feel better now?
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    Re: If only ONE (widda twist)

    Armani: Gio Essenza
    Bvlgari: Man Extreme
    Chanel: Egoist or Sycamore, a toss up
    Dior: ?
    Givenchy: Play
    Guerlain: ?
    Hermes: ?
    YSL: M7
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    Re: Aquatic love!!!!

    Pulled the trigger on a bottle this week after finishing off a 2ml decant. I love it, as does my wife, who enjoys wearing it as well. Easy, pleasant, fun.
  75. Thread: Opinions

    by RichNTacoma

    Re: Opinions

    Lanvin Avant Garde fits into that group well, and is very inexpensive online. Projection is good with an extra squirt or two- at those prices that is not a worry.
  76. Re: Who would wear Black by Comme des Garçons

    Great post. I am really new to fragrances, and I am finding that there are still some that I really do not get. However, I try to withhold judgement on many, as I know that the more I learn the more...
  77. Poll: Re: Fragrances competition NICHE-----> (Round 1, pt.10)

    I voted Oud, but could have voted for Cologne Pour Le Soir, Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, or Absolue Pour Le Soir. Also very much enjoy Amyris Homme. Its a house I would really like to get a decant of...
  78. Replies

    Re: Encre Noire Vs. Wonderwood... GO!

    I very much enjoyed wonderwood, but did not like Encre Noir
  79. Re: If I really like Bentley Intense for Men what else would I like?

    I very much agree with Gucci Homme 1, and Liquid Night. In the former, the wood/incense mix feels similar, yet Bentley Intense feels sweeter. Liquid Night has a similar sweet/incense quality; great...
  80. Replies

    Re: Today I bought: March 2014

    Pulled the trigger on Bergamatto Marino. The small decant I had has become popular with my wife- I really can't think of a easier to wear, yet still deeply satisfying, summer scent.
  81. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Sunday, March 9, 2014

    MFK Oud-10mls just does not seem like enough oft this gem!
  82. Re: MFK Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Cologne Version - Your Experience

    My experience exactly. I think here the notion of cologne is more a stylistic commentary rather than about the concentration or performance. ALPS is wonderful as well, but is really, really powerful...
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    Re: If you won the lottery...

    I would blind buy a few bottled a month, and give away bottles I did not like, and decants of those I do.
  84. Replies

    Re: $300 to splurge: help me make a decision!

    On that list, my favor is TF NP. As much as I love it, I really don't know if it is worth the price- but is half price on splits. For that exact amount you can get a MFK Oud, which is a wonderful...
  85. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    MFK Absolue Pour Le Matin, United States split :)
  86. Re: Roja Dove-Puredistance-Parfume d'Empire--MFK-MDCI-Goti Essenze-Ronia J-Xerjoff-Les Liquides-Masq

    plus 1000
  87. Re: Expensive and niche but still drawn to cheapies ?

    I just wanted to thank Kagey and Deadidol for the time and care they put into crafting their positions; I learned a great deal from their "artisenal" dialogue :)
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    Poll: Re: Best flagship trio battle

    Well, if we allow for cost equivalency, I would replace Chanel Sycamore and Coromendel for Blue and Allure, and it would still be cheaper than the Creeds, and much better, IMHO (and I AM a fan of...
  89. Re: Expensive and niche but still drawn to cheapies ?

    So, to answer the question. Yes. This week I wore, Lanvin Avant Guard (20 bucks), Naomi Goodsir Cuir Valours (180 bucks, and out of this world), Bergamatto Marino (40 bucks, but getting harder to...
  90. Re: Expensive and niche but still drawn to cheapies ?

    Enjoy your fine Arby's steak!!
  91. Re: Hugo by Hugo Boss - every day all year 'round?

    Appropirate when I am cleaning the bathroom and want a double dose of Pinesol cleaner. Perhaps one of the three worst smelling scents I have ever encountered, IMHO.
  92. Replies

    Re: Is the Golden Age of Perfumery Over

    What about the proliferation of small, independent perfumeries? The internet makes it possible to access many of these; goes this not lead to some optimism?
  93. Replies

    Re: Cologne's of the 60's....

    So, it begs the question: Which of the current scents in their current formulation are most true to the 60s style?
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    Re: Best summer daytime fragrance?

    My scent of the day yesterday, Bergamotto Marino. Simple and the perfect summer scent, provided you are cool with a strait Neroli and Bergamot delight, straight, hold the chaser.
  95. Re: Ed Hardy: Skulls & good it's FIERCE!

    I totally by (not buy :)) that the juice is good, and if it were the only stuff I could buy, of course, I would let go of my disgust. For now, I will just e content with trying the 23456 possible...
  96. Re: Ed Hardy: Skulls & good it's FIERCE!

    I would try it, but I would not support the brand. To each his/her own. Sorry it does not make sense to you; voting with one's money makes perfect sense- why pay for what which you find tacky,...
  97. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    So, something that performs for me equally well in hot and warm weather. A fragrance that somehow feels light and easy, yet has surprising depth. Since I am using it every day, it can't be too...
  98. Re: Ed Hardy: Skulls & good it's FIERCE!

    IMHO way too tacky a product line to even think about supporting- with so many other things to try and spend money on, pass.
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    Re: Advice me on everyday use cologne

    My sent of the day yesterday seems to be a good match for what you want, Lanvin Avant Guard. Very cheap, and seems like it would be a good four seasons scent.
  100. Re: Can women really distinguish expensive cologne?

    So a few things, most of which may not be helpful given what you are asking, but...

    First, what you term expensive, 50 plus Euros, if we are talking for a 100 ml bottle, is about standard, and not...
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