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    Re: Adidas Moves is underrated

    Seems to work better indoors on my skin. I have been wearing it inside as I've been home, the past couple says, and it does very well. It also lingers on my clothes for a good while.

    Later, I'll...
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    Re: Polo 50th anniversary edition.

    Well, regardless to how it smells, I would imagine an item like this can only go up in value, 20 years from now. $100 is actually a pretty good price considering what other crap on the market smells...
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    Re: Amouage Alert: Overture for man!

    Here's the stock image of bottle if OP wants to add to description.
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    Adidas Moves is underrated

    I recently purchased a bottle for the first time in at least 6 or 7 years. At that time the bottle I had, it didn't smell very good. It opened ok, but then went chemical on me. This version I have is...
  5. Re: Your Favorite Mall Store Fragrance/Favorite Mall Store for Fragrance

    If L''Occtaine applies to the question, but I don't think OP was considering stores like this, Bath & Body Works, etc, I think he meant clothing/designer stores, not specializing in...
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    Re: Newbie - beginning a collection
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    Re: Acqua di Selva but stronger?

    Not at all alike to me.

    Layering the 2 of them actually sounds interesting, and I may have to try it, although I have never really been one to layer. I don't find either of them similar to...
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    Re: New Haarlem question

    I find it odd that you would pour waffles and syrup on yourself. :lipsrsealed:
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    Re: Dior packaging

    Tbh, it just looks fake.
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    Re: Disneyland Fragrances?

    Why not just take a picture of the place as a memory. IMO that would be much better than a fragrance that will eventually get used up. Pictures last forever. I highly, highly doubt, they have special...
  11. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    Never tried 2014 one, but the original is a gem in the frag world. Everyone I have turned on to it has been forever grateful too. sometimes you can find deals on Ebay with people liquidating old...
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    Re: Favorite Banana Republic Frag?

    Since this topic I have tried several more. Vintage Green which I find repulsive, and still own a bottle, and can't seem to get rid of it. Easily one of the most disgusting things I've ever smelled....
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    Re: New Haarlem question

    I do believe it was discontinued, as prices reflect that now too. I'm glad the hype died on this one, because it's really not anything special imo. Rochas Man, Mugler Pure Tonka, or even Jordan...
  14. Re: If Recommending One Fragrance For A Beginner To Start With (Given Our Experience And Knowledge)?

    Paris Hilton Just Me
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    Re: Powerful Cologne Type Frag

    Hmm, maybe I misunderstood the topic. I do believe A&F Fierce is a "cologne" and it has very good performance. Same for Tommy Bahama older ones, like the original in the brown bottle, and Very Cool...
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    Re: Powerful Cologne Type Frag

    Ferrari Radiant Beramot is very "cologne" inspired imo. Taking the classic bergamot note, giving it an old school twist with a modern appeal. Very simple, pleasant fragrance, that may fit your...
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    Re: Soap battle

    Prada Infusion d'Homme
    Mugler Cologne

    I really love Prada Amber, which is labeled as a soapy frag, but I don't get that at all. To me it's more of a clean and somewhat spicy, fresh...
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    Re: The Loewe House.

    Esencia and pH are really the only 2 I've liked from this house. I've been wanting to try the 7 line as it looks interesting though. I have tried a couple from the Solo line, including the original,...
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    Acqua di Selva but stronger?

    Looking for a stronger alternative to Acqua di Selva. Price I am not worried about, as long as it's not crazy luxe/niche prices. Please don't recommend Pino and Acqua di Brava, I own both and they...
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    Re: Your guilty pleasure fragrance

    CK Be and Prada Amber have and will always be my 2 guilty pleasures. Claiborne Spark Seduction, and Banderas Spirit are up there too for me.

    if I could only pick one, it'd be CK Be. Because it's...
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    Re: Oliver & Co. Niche Perfumery Thread

    Ouch David. Though interesting reading your thoughts, sorry for the bad ones.

    Ambergreen is the only one I own from the house, and I think it's amazing. I hope the other ones you ordered turn out...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 8th July, 2019


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    Re: Talking Shop About Barbershop (Scents)!

    Surprised nobody seems to think of Drakkar Noir as a barbershop scent, or just forgets about it, or maybe I just missed it? To me, it's pretty close to Rive Gauche, but without the oak moss, and...
  24. Re: Is terre de Hermès eau fraiche an unsung hero

    Different strokes for different folks. I think it's just ok. The zesty opening can be found in a million other frags, while the dry down is just the TdH DNA, which is already love or hate. Giving a...
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    Re: Today I bought July 2019

    Impulse blind buy. OMG this stuff is horrible!
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    Re: Are Creed fragrances big sellers?

    Thanks for this interesting and somewhat humorous read.
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    Re: Are Creed fragrances big sellers?

    My guess would be yes, and mostly agree with most of the opinions here. Pretty much every Nordstrom I've been into in the state of Florida carries Creed fragrances, some selling bigger inventories...
  28. Re: Woodsy wood scent - a bit deep, a bit dark, a bit dry, and definitely masculine. Any suggestions

    Based on what I've read, I think you might enjoy Mugler Pure Wood. Easily the most underrated of all the A*Men flankers, this one does wood very well, balancing it with sweet notes. The dry down is...
  29. Re: Armani Code 2018+ Honest Opinions on Sillage/Projection and Lasting

    Performance is pretty bad on me. None of the flankers that attempt to mimic it precisely and improve projection and longevity seem to be able to nail it to a T. There have always been either major or...
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    Re: Your most worn June 2019

    In order from most worn to least. (I think)

    Acqua di Selva
    Prada Amber
    Banderas Spirit
    Ferrari Forte
    Bvlgari pH Soir

    I just recently realized the option to put your sotd via clicking...
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    Re: Talking Shop About Barbershop (Scents)!

    I'd love to find something inexpensive that smells just like Barbosol, and doesn't have a crappy dry down. The closest thing was Rive Gauche to me, back when it used to cost 15-20 bucks for a big...
  32. Re: Your favorite fruit-forward, non-citrus masculine

    I didn't read this entire thread, so excuse me if I missed anyone mention these (though I doubt anyone would).

    The first thing that pops into my head is Sean John I am King. It does contain some...
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    Re: *new thierry mugler : Alien man*

    NR is masculine, Alien Man is teetering on feminine to me. Be careful if you blind buy, I recommend buying a decant on Ebay, as they become more affordable as of late.
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    Re: Stand up to humidity

    Burberry Touch
    Le Male
  35. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    I smelled Aventus Cologne for the first time yesterday. It's ok, just Aventus with longer lasting top notes, less performance overall, but still pretty good. Much less birch in the dry down. Seems...
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    Re: Aventus Cologne is great!

    Wearing this today, my first impressions are that it's too redundant. Very similar to Aventus, only lighter. Mine is from batch 9719NO1, Assuming by that number that this is the first batch? The...
  37. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Very CK Be-ish. The more rounded edges make it more modern which improves the juice 100%.

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    Re: Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

    Bottle looks like the missing piece from the center of the Animale line.
  39. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Breaking news: Jeremy inflates his own price to $182, only to discount it with a 30% code, bringing it back down to what it costed on the Kickstarter...
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    Re: So about Creed Neroli Suavage...

    I have never seen a Creed with sprayer marked 125 ml, this would denote 4.2 oz I think. I have however seen 125 ml very rare flacons of Creed, so it's not to say it's impossible, only very rare, I...
  41. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    This is what trolls crave.. attention.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 20th June, 2019
  43. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    Never tried the original. Usually people who gripe about current formulations are because they grew up wearing the original/vintage. So when they say "x" is crap, it's best to take it with a grain of...
  44. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Hope you got the EDP on the Boucheron. The EDT is ok, but the EDP is phenomenal. Although I don't get the rose he alludes to, to me it's more about the earthy notes, and some of the best and most...
  45. Re: Beene Bowling Green - Current Version

    Haven't tried vintage, but like the current enough to have bought a back up bottle. I find the lemon verbena to be really nice.. a bit more on the candied citrus side than natural, but very good...
  46. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Aramis Havana
    Encre Noire/Encre Noire Sport
    Nabeel Arab Tradition
    Burberry London
  47. Re: Using a Fragrance For Things Other Than Spraying on Yourself?

    Works great in my Gooloo oil difuser. I usually do about 6 sprays of any given frag, and set it to go for 6 hours. Eau des Baux and Demeter Pineapple are current favorites, and permeate well, fill up...
  48. Re: Watermelon fruity fragrance for summer?

    I don't think Tommy Bahama Compass was very good, if that's the one you're referring to. Some great watermelon frags are Curve Appeal, and First Instinct. Beckham Signature is also ok, but very...
  49. Re: Latest Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Flanker - L'Homme Ideal Cool!

    This is quite nice. Wearing it this evening to get a nice understanding of what's going on. To me, it smells just like Pure Havane, but replace the tobacco note with almond. The mint becomes more...
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    Re: *new thierry mugler : Alien man*

    I own a decant of this, and after all the wearings, I really don't get any dill. I find the fragrance intriguing, but not very wearable. I think it teeters into feminine territory , though a...
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    Re: Modern (designer) chypres?

    Spark Seduction, although discontinued, is a fantastic modern chypre, with a unique rum note that makes it smell different than most other chypres.
  52. Re: English Laundry House “Rate Your Favorites And Share Your Opinion On Them”

    I own 5, 4 minis, 1 full bottle. The full bottle being Windsor. I think it's nice, a bit of a formal, oriental kind of fragrance, sweet and spicy, and only slightly gourmand. It's hard to find the...
  53. Re: Mugler Cologne: any similar fragrance with better longevity?

    Dunhill Icon.
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    Re: The latest Curve flanker, Spark.

    They're likely the half oz unboxed bottles which are all over the place. I do prefer the more rare 3.4 oz.. but I might get a couple more of the half oz, thanks.
  55. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    I love this fragrance. Like Buysblind, I have yet to try the version that just says Michael horizontally across the top front. I have heard it's the same as the predecessor, just different packaging....
  56. Re: Cedrat Boise - Your take on performance

    I don't get such great performance from this one. Not sure when my bottle is from, I will have to check. I still thoroughly enjoy it.
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    Re: The latest Curve flanker, Spark.

    I dunno if Spark is still being made or discontinued, I know Spark Seduction was discontinued, sadly, probably my favorite Claiborne fragrance ever. Glad to have many back ups.
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    The latest Curve flanker, Spark.

    I saw this for the sale on the Koh'ls website, thought I'd toss it in my order since I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, and the price was fair enough. With absolutey no information about this,...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 11th June, 2019
    Vintage Gravity.
  60. Re: What's Your Summer Rotation Looking Like?

    Ehh Summer for me, in Florida, is kinda like a reach for anything that fits time. Separating my stuff into seasons just doesn't work for me anymore. I kinda just wear what I like that fits the...
  61. Anything similar to Heretic Parfums Blood Cedar?

    I recently tried this, and was blown away, but with price and availability not being the best, I am wondering if there's something similar that's compatible?
  62. Re: Help me to find a dark perfume from past

    Looking at your old threads, this seems to be the only question you've asked on the forum, and haven't replied or acknowledged the people trying to help you. In your old thread you said it looks like...
  63. Re: Anyone know what happened to the poster Remik?

    He's a great splitter and swapper. I check the spit boards every now and then, where he used to be the top splitter, he has dwindled down significantly. Not many splitters contribute to the forum,...
  64. Re: What frags have you got rid of, only to reacquire sometime later?

    Too many to name. One recent one is Dunhill Man
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    Re: Tuscan Leather Intense by Tom Ford

    Am I the only one thinking that it's just gonna be the original 2007 stuff, but rebottled, and labeled Intense? Ya know like, before Tom Ford decided to water down all of their popular Private...
  66. Re: New Invicta Bolt Men's Eau de Toilette Spray 3.4 oz

    Wow! Nice cheap bottle, from a fantastic watch company. I have several Invicta's as well, and love their high quality affordable pieces. As long as the face isn't over 50mm, cause I don't wanna look...
  67. Re: A fresh, clean, sparkling grapefruit please!

    Bvlgari pH Extreme has one of the best grapefruit notes in the game. Not to be confused with Bvlgari Man Extreme.
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    Re: NEW: Perry Ellis - Perry Ellis (2018)!

    I have tried 95% of the men's offerings from PE, and nothing has been a return buy for me, after using the first bottle (if I didn't get rid of it). Except Black Vanilla Absolute, and Portfolio. Very...
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    Re: Boucheron Quatre Absolue de Nuit

    I already used to sample in the first wear, to clarify.

    I don't see samples anywhere on Ebay, but sometimes, sellers throw it random samples, I've gotten some pretty hard to find stuff. A couple...
  70. Re: Hot pepper fragrance from late 90s-early 00s

    This is the only one I could think of as well.
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    Re: Boucheron Quatre Absolue de Nuit

    I got a 2 ml sample of this as a bonus when I bought a 10 ml decant of CH Men Sport from an Ebay seller.

    As for Boucheron Quatre Absolue de Nuit, the few on Fragrantica who said it smells like Le...
  72. Re: Why so much hate for dior homme spor 2017?

    Never tried it, but I love DHS 2012.
  73. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Actually I get great longevity with Artisan Black. It's pretty much what it says, a darker version of Artisan. Lasts a good 6 hours on me. Very good if you like neroli/orange blossom fragrances, this...
  74. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I stopped into TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and saw they had quite the stock of Varvatos Artisan Black, which is discontinued. They were 29.99 a bottle I think, or maybe $24.99. Keep your eyes opened...
  75. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    That is one ugly watch.. I wouldn't even pay $100 for it. reminds me of my Red Line, similar styling, that I never wear and regret ever buying.
  76. Re: Slim down the collection while it is still small :)

    Same thing here lol. It's an absolute addiction, and this forum just feeds me more.
  77. Re: Looking for something 90% or more similar to Polo DOUBLE Black with better Performance

    A sales associate told me this a while ago, and I made a thread about it at that time. We know SA's give misleading information though to dry and get you to buy stuff. I emailed Ralph Lauren at the...
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    Re: Help Please...

    Herrera Aqua is the only thing I have come close to that is similar, it's a lighter aquatic version of Burberry Touch imho. Problem is, I think it fetches for really high prices now, since being...
  79. Re: Slim down the collection while it is still small :)

    You're on the wrong site then.
  80. Re: Which discontinued scents are a lost for the world?

    Arpege pH
    Gucci Envy
    Paul Smith London
    Green Water EDT
    Escada Homme
  81. Re: Modern signature scent for young professional

    Don't know why people bump old threads by inactive users..
  82. Re: Looking for something 90% or more similar to Polo DOUBLE Black with better Performance

    Trust me OP, there is nothing 100% similar to Double Black, there is nothing even 50% similar. It's one of the most unique fragrances I own, and one of the best smelling too. Unfortunately, the...
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    Re: SOTD: Game of Thrones edition!!

    A good example of this is Mercedes Benz Infinite Spicy.
  84. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Game of Thrones edition!!

    I seem to be the only person on the planet who doesn't follow the show or seen one episode, despite all my friends telling me to.
  85. Re: Slim down the collection while it is still small :)

    Just sold about 20 on Ebay, down to 350 or so.
  86. Re: Is Fierce Intense by A&F worth the money?

    The last time I was at the A&F by me, was a couple years ago, and it still reeked of Fierce.
  87. Re: Is Fierce Intense by A&F worth the money?

    I used to hate the original too. I thought it smelled like plastic or something. Then it finally grew on me.

    I briefly smelled Intense in the store back during its launch along with another one....
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    Re: So about Creed Neroli Suavage...

    Glad to say I wasted $12 on a decant of this, but I guess it's a small price to pay for what could have been a whole bottle. Not to say it's a bad fragrance, but I certainly don't have the same...
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    Re: Farewell to Rive Gauche

    Well I was around at that time too and I think it was discontinued for a while. There are many fragrances that discontinue and then come back. Bowling Green is a good example. It’s not always due to...
  90. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    I'm provoking?? Wow.. many could say the same about you and your posts. You post misleading information, saying Erwin Creed is not the perfumer of Aventus, but provide no evidence, and you say Jeremy...
  91. Re: The Bogart Joint: Officially Un-Official House of Jacques Bogart Thread

    I find many of their frags, especially the newer ones, project like monsters. I didn't like the first 2 Bogart Story's, I think it was Red and Blue, then Green and perhaps another came out later, so...
  92. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Jeremy said from the start that Alberto Morillas was the perfumer. He put a video asking for people to guess who was the perfumer, saying he was world renown, and most people guessed Morillas, or...
  93. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Erwin Creed is only the guy who made Creed Aventus. As well as Virgin Island Water, Original Santal, Himalaya, and others. I think any brand would want his sponsorship/support. I could see how Jeremy...
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    Re: Farewell to Rive Gauche

    Wish I stocked up back in 2010-2011 when the tin can bottles were pretty much under $30 everywhere online.
  95. Re: Just tried Aventus for the first time and....

    I was disappointed too at first. I thought it smelled like farts to be honest. I even made a thread about it, and it brought out a lot of like-minded people. Not that agreed it smelled like farts,...
  96. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Is it worth watching for 23 minutes?
  97. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    @Jack103, I also overlooked your review. Guess it was bumped back too far and ignored by people bickering about how Jeremy dresses.

    I found your review quite different, and enjoyable to read from...
  98. Re: The Bogart Joint: Officially Un-Official House of Jacques Bogart Thread

    Hello. I am curious as to where you found the Emerald Edition? I don't see it anywhere online. Or did you get it in person, and if so may I ask which store?
  99. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Don't take it personal. When your opinions are slandering or insulting someone, they don't belong on this forum. If everyone posted how they felt about others, this forum would be chaotic. Posts like...
  100. Re: Any Canadian Fragrance Companies I Should Know About?

    Only ones I know off the top of my head are Alfred Sung and Dsquared.

    Fragrantica has an option to search by countries as well.
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