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    Re: Scents your mother loves/hates

    Same here, although CH 212 Men is a particular favorite of hers.
  2. Re: Scents you'd love to see re-released/made

    The original Calvin
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    Re: Who is who on Basenotes: post a pic...!

    ............bad post, sorry!
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    Re: Who is who on Basenotes: post a pic...!
    Pretty recent. Scowly.
  5. Re: When you go out of town, what fragrance(s) go with you?

    These days I take two Travalo atomisers: one of Grey Vetiver and one of Rive Gauche. These two cover most situations from work to play. Very rarely, I'll bring a sample-size M7 (this is an...
  6. Re: Your top three discontinued frags you'd want to see returned

    Calvin, M7, Burberry London
  7. Re: How long do you wait after a shower until you apply your fragrance?

    I shower at night, and don't apply fragrance until the next morning.
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    Re: Heaviest bottles?

    I have a travel size (maybe 50ml) of Mark Birley that is crazily over-engineered and for its size, is quite heavy.
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    Re: Recommend a fragrance with grapefruit

    Seconded. This is the only scent that gets compliments for me.
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    Re: Italian Cypress longevity/projection

    Italian Cypress lasts forever on me.
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    Re: Burberry London Discontinued?

    I went to a Burberry boutique a couple of weeks ago to ask about this. They said that Burberry was bringing their fragrance line in-house, and London wasn't one of the ones they brought in. The...
  12. Re: Burberry London for Men - a keeper or not?

    Thank you for the recommendation - this is EXACTLY why I posted this thread!
  13. Re: Burberry London for Men - a keeper or not?

    Ummm - we're grown men talking about fragrance and a hobby. In some sense, they are all silly threads. We're not talking life and death here.
  14. Burberry London for Men - a keeper or not?

    So I have maybe enough London left for one or two more wears. Do I get a new one? Do I replace it with something else? This is the second bottle I've gone through, but the old itch to try...
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    Re: What Kind of Perfumes Male Models Wear?

    My guess would be that if a model (male or female) is the "face" of a particular fragrance/marketing campaign, he or she is most likely contractually obligated to wear the fragrance for public...
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    Re: The Best choice for a powdery lavender

    +1 from me.
  17. Re: Fragrance you've been stopped in the street wearing

    212 Men
  18. Re: Have You Ever Dumped A Fragrance Then Re-Purchased It ?

    Done it twice!
    1. Brand new bottle of Guerlain Vetiver, bought duty-free in Boston to be worn on a London vacation. I may have worn it two days, but I didn't "get" it. LEFT IT IN THE HOTEL ROOM....
  19. Re: Based on smell alone… what would be your 10/10 fragrance?

    TF Tobacco Vanille; although for me I can only wear this at night
    Andy Tauer's LDDM: this may just be the thrill of the new - I have a sample and wore it two days ago. I kept the empty vial just to...
  20. Those great little decants from Luckyscent

    If you're not already familiar with them, Luckyscent is FANTASTIC about providing little glass decants with purchase. You can also buy just samples quite reasonably.

    Here's the question for all...
  21. Re: I need to attend a wedding soon. What should I put on?

    I concur.
  22. Re: Wedding day scent for the groom ... please suggest from my wardrobe!

    I'm going to suggest you get something new for this occasion - a fragrance that will always have the "wedding" association with it.
  23. Suggestions for something new/celebratory

    I just found out yesterday I got a new job (whoo hoo!) and would like to commemorate/celebrate with a new scent. I'm going shopping tonight; pretty much everything under the sun is available at the...
  24. Re: What are your most regrettable fragrance purchases thus far ???

    Mistakes so far:
    YSL Pour Homme - I'm all for classics, but this is just "old man" on me
    Caron Pour un Homme - Awful
    Tom Ford Italian Cypress - I have it, I wear it occasionally, but for the...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

    Burberry London
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, February 4th, 2013

    Guerlain Vetiver
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, February 3, 2013

    Guerlain Habit Rouge
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    Re: Anyone use Every Man Jack products?

    I've used the face lotion in the past; currently using their thickening shampoo. Good products and the scents do not interfere with other fragrance.
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    Re: memory triggers

    Miss Dior (original) EDP: my Mother. So strongly that I contemplate buying it just to have it to smell. Thank God my Mom is still healthy and active!
    Colours by Benetton: First teaching job. ...
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    Re: Office-appropriate scents

    I wear my entire collection to the office; subtlety is all.
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    Re: Black Violet

    I sampled this about a month ago - and really liked it on me.
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    Re: 212 Men - Biggest projection beast?

    212 projects like high-beam xenon headlights on me. It's the only frag I wear that has ever produced a spontaneous comment from a (female) stranger.
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    Re: New guy in need of advice.

    "Do you think the natural glow will come with the gain in muscle?"

    I can only talk from experience, but it worked for me. I feel much better, so naturally I look much better.
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    Re: New guy in need of advice.

    Embrace the paleness, man - don't obsess about it. You're quite right in not wanting to go the fake tan route - it always looks a disaster. Once you've got a little bit of tone in those muscles,...
  35. Re: You’re going away for 6 months and have room for only ONE fragrance…what fragrance do you take?

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    Re: Christmas 2012 fragrance

    Christmas Eve: Avignon
    Christmas Day: toss-up among London, Tobacco Vanille, M7, or something fresher? Like Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir or maybe even ADP Colonia.
  37. Re: What fragrance can you literally wear everyday and never get tired of?

    Rive Gauche PH, hands down.
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    Refining one's collection

    My SOTD is Paul Smith Extreme - nice enough, but nothing to write home about. This thread has got me thinking "why don't I wear just the ones I could wear every day and not tire of?"

    I'm planning...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II as a Fall Signature

    Wearing it today, as the result of reading this thread yesterday. Fantastic stuff. BTW - it seems to be fully stocked in every shop in Paris and Frankfurt.
  40. Re: Calvin by Calvin Klein 1981 release... what are your thoughts on it?

    Love, love, love it. It was one of the first I used. Very 80's.
  41. Re: If you could only choose one cologne, what would be your choice?

    It would have to be either Rive Gauche or ADP Colonia.
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    Re: 2012 Two-Week Challenge

    Black Walnut! I hadn't even thought of it as a contender, but it might be just the thing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, so trying this today. Not really making the cut, sad to say. It's nice...
  43. Poll: Re: How many fragrances should a man have in their collection to NOT get sick of any of them?

    Exactly my response when someone asks me too.
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    Re: 2012 Two-Week Challenge

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. As of right now (Wednesday afternoon) I'm contemplating Sycomore, or maybe both Tom Fords (Extreme and GV). I'll post the "winner" when I really decide.
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    Re: The macho or old man's cologne note?

    Strongly seconded here!
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    2012 Two-Week Challenge

    Hey all:

    Two-week business trip coming up for next week and the week after. I'd like to repeat the two-week challenge I did last year:...
  47. Anyone know where one can purchase?

    Anyone know where one can purchase?
  48. Re: CD Miss Dior EDP - do you think a guy could pull this off?

    A lot of good responses- thanks guys!

    @DavidRuskin: The "animalic" quality is exactly what makes me think of trying it.
    @CHSeifert: I'd have less compunction if it were just any old feminine...
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    Re: What's your comfort scent?

    CH 212 Men
  50. Re: Trying to pick a first scent. Here are some things about me.

    I love the smell of accordion! As far as you fragrance search - sample, sample, sample. Not too many at once, obviously - but we could be recommending things until the cows come home, but until you...
  51. CD Miss Dior EDP - do you think a guy could pull this off?

    So my Mom wears this (what is now called the Original, not the rebranded Miss Dior Cherie) - and for her birthday I got her a EDP bottle with no sprayer. A few days ago, I was transferring it into...
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    Re: whats your worst blind buy ever?

    THIS - hated it.
  53. Re: What are your thoughts on Mark Birley's offerings?

    I like Mark Birley for Men; true that it's quite fleeting. It's one of the few that I reapply if I'm going out after work. It's also one of the only scents that has produced a nice compliment, so...
  54. Re: "Hi Haters" - Your guilty pleasure scent that you have no shame in sharing!!

    Same here!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Same here!
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    Re: Blood Concept

    Don't know about the fragrances, but I'm guessing you are AB - me too! We're rare, apparently...
  56. Re: what is a fragrance you will never touch again in your lifetime? Kryptonite fragrance to you

    Same here.
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    Re: how much do you spray?

    It all depends on the sprayer - for some I do 5; others I do 10.
  58. Re: Hair loss/thinning and hair styling products

    Also had the same problem - now quite thinning on the top. It may be just your genetics, rather than any product. That said, I'm a big believer in the Nancy Boy hair products. Also, I've recently...
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    Re: Help needed for a winter scent

    First of all, welcome!
    Re: Longevity and projection - you really need to try these on your skin. Longevity and projection vary WILDLY depending on the wearer's body chemistry,...
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    Poll: Re: Leau D'Issey by Issey Miyake

    I own it (I think my third bottle of it) but I don't love it - I like it, it's good enough, but I don't think I'll replace this last bottle.
  61. Re: New Fragrance: Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud Eau de Cologne Concentrée

    Well, I want to smell it anyway - I'm a big fan of ADP Colonia and Intensa - and also oud. If it's exclusive to Harrods, so bet it. I'll be in London in August.
  62. Re: Article: Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud - new fragrance

    Really excited about this! I was at the mall earlier today - had I only known! Maybe I can sneak over there tomorrow.
  63. Re: First time someone recognised a fragrance on you?

    Hasn't happened to me yet.
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    Re: 1 Fragrance you can't live without.

    Rive Gauche PH
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    Re: Washington Tremmelet Clove Absolute

    This thread may cause me to pull the trigger on this one. I had a sample from Luckyscent that I LOVED.
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    Re: Today i bought: April 2012

    Tom Ford Extreme @ Nordstrom. Pretty much a total whim purchase - I've had a sample for a while that I really liked. Went in there to buy a shirt, and see what happens? No shirt, btw...
  67. Re: Clean cut, professional and well groomed !?

    I'll second the last three posts: Rive Gauche, Grey Vetiver, Eau Sauvage
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    Re: Wearing Cologne While Working Out ?

    I work out after work, so generally it's whatever I was wearing during the day - I don't reapply. It's really interesting, however, that while most fragrances are pretty gone by 6 pm, a few linger...
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    Re: Any Banana Republic frag fans?

    Also a fan of Black Walnut. If I remember correctly, it was released the same year (around the same time as) Burberry London. I think I may have acquired them both on the same shopping trip. It's...
  70. Re: My new signature is the most common scent around...

    212 was my signature for a while until I gave up the idea of a signature. That said, it's still in heavy rotation in my wardrobe, and it remains one of the two fragrances that have produced...
  71. Re: How Come Males are more into Fragrance than Females?

    Very true.
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    Re: Tom Ford Italian Cypress = Halston Z-14

    I wore Italian Cypress a few weeks ago, and I was immediately struck by its similarity to SOMETHING - but maybe it's that "powerhouse men's fragrance" scent that is shared by Z-14 and all the others...
  73. Re: What are your favorite Azzaro fragrances?

    Another vote for Visit. I have Pour Homme but for some reason, it just reads as "grandpa" on me.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir

    I really like this one; I still wear the original as well.
  75. Re: What is the most stunning fragerance you have ever experienced ?

    Of my own: Tobacco Vanille
    Of all time: Miss Dior (Original) - my mother wears this and it reminds me of being a child, in the best way.
  76. Re: Shower gel can be used as liquid hand-soap?

    Talk about complicated!
  77. Re: Most underrated and least talked about Men's Fragrances ever...

    Paul Smith Extreme Man
    Carolina Herrera 212 Men
  78. Re: Do you ever wear the same fragrance TWO DAYS IN A ROW?

    I recently did a two-week run of Rive Gauche only as an experiment while I was on a business trip. RG does not disappoint - it stood the test.
  79. Re: Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper......

    I really like MB Black Pepper - when I wear it I also wear the matching deo. At least, I feel like I'm getting some longevity from it that way.
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, February 17, 2012

    CdG 2...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Dior Jules
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    Re: Bleu De Chenal.

    It reminds me a lot of Arpege PH. Can't say I'm a fan, although I do like Arpege.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Eau d'Issey PH - in the interest of finshing up the bottle!
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    Re: How to get Sycomore?

    Or ring the Chanel boutique in London directly. If you have the money to pay, I'm sure they'd figure out a way to get it to you.
  85. Re: Favorite Eau de Cologne / classic citrus

    This. +1
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    Re: Rive Gauche is perfect.

    Well - It's great enough to withstand a two-week RG only experiment I just completed. LOVE it. Need to get another in reserve. I was in Paris over the weekend and it seems true that only the...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, February 13, 2012

    Sycomore - liked it so much yesterday I'm wearing it again today.
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    Re: SOTD - Sunday, February 12, 2012.

    First wearing: Chanel Sycomore
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Egoiste first wearing! Whoo Hoo!
  90. Re: Does anyone else mentally pronounce "Habit Rouge" like this?

    The only time I pronounced it "American" was when I was looking for it in my local Boston Neiman's - I went to the counter and asked if they had Habit Rouge (French pronunciation). Blank stares. ...
  91. Re: Colonia Assoluta vs Intensa; Intensa worth the blind buy?

    As many other posters have mentioned, Intensa is substantially different from its "brothers" or perhaps "cousins" is a better term. I love it, but I can see it might be an acquired taste,...
  92. Re: One frag for two weeks straight - can it meet the challenge?

    Starting out the second week of just Rive Gauche! Holding strong to the original concept of the challenge. Although shopping yesterday I did get the deo of Egoiste as well. Both edc and deo STILL...
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    Re: Habit Rouge blind buy = aww yea!

    I got this more or less blind about 3 months ago, and I'm liking it a lot. The only previous exposure I had to HR was from a duty-free in JFK - I spritzed my hand with it. HATED the opening then -...
  94. Re: One frag for two weeks straight - can it meet the challenge?

    Cacio - believe me, I was looking for Jules! I happened to find a bottle two years ago at my local Neiman Marcus, of all places, and it's still pretty full. However, I'll get another if I find it!
  95. Re: One frag for two weeks straight - can it meet the challenge?

    Update - well, the duty-free at Charles de Gaulle had a 50ml Egoiste, which came to Frankfurt with me. I felt kind of funny buying fragrance at 6:30 am, but do airports count as real places in time?...
  96. Re: One frag for two weeks straight - can it meet the challenge?

    Thanks for responding all! The winner was YSL Rive Gauche PH. As of right now, I didn't get the Egoiste, although they haven't called my flight yet. They only have the 100ml size here in Boston. ...
  97. One frag for two weeks straight - can it meet the challenge?

    I'm on a two-week business trip, and I decided rather than take a few with me, I'd stick with one for the duration.

    It had to be both office and apres-work appropriate; complex enough that I...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Third compliment EVER yesterday from my (lady) barber - 212Men strikes again!
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    Re: A love that BN just doesn't understand?

    +1 on this - I may need to wear it tomorrow. It's in the directory as "Colors Uomo".

    Also a big fan of 212Men (today's pick).
  100. I'm with Ratfink on this - annoying. The "real"...

    I'm with Ratfink on this - annoying. The "real" Miss Dior will always be the right one in my book.
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