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  1. Re: What other expensive hobbies do you guys have besides collecting fragrances????

    i play drums, maintain a superclean 91 honda CRX SI, craft beer, and ...smoke cigarettes :(
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    Re: Help me find a new scent....

    egoiste has been on my list so has dior and le male but for right now im looking for something i dont have to blind buy, if i have to buy samples that's cool but there's 2 stores in my local mall...
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    Help me find a new scent....

    New to the forums, and the fragrance world in general. I know what i like, but i dont know what notes im smelling (etc). I have three colognes that i particularly like a lot, but i want to open my...
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    Re: The worst smelling fragrance you have ever tried

    I am new to the world of fragrance, and this may look like o ne of the most back-asswards posts a lot of you have seen in a while, but i dislike greatly Geir.
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