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  1. Re: An aromatic, herby perfume with lasting power

    When I read your description, an odd word came back to me, thanks to another wonderful Basenotes member, Odysseusm. The name he'd give to your description would be "garrigue." Now, there are other...
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    Gosh, I thought I was keeping up with announcements, but I have little idea (apparently) of what all will be released in Winter 2014. Or maybe I'm not unaware of what's soon arriving, I just don't...
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    Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    There are those, of course, who collect the bottle sans scent. Maybe they don't feel frustrated.
    I must admit, this kate spade is a knockout of a bottle; as we're told, it's the bottle that gets the...
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    Re: Puredistance black

    I've got only a 5mL atomizer, but I'll ship it for a total of $30. But that may only be enough to whet your appetite!
    cheers, tim
  5. Re: Just bought my first Creed Flacon need a solid atomizer and advice.

    Were I to buy an atomizer to honor a special fragrance (something I've done a handful of times), I would have a look at the
    Metal Shell, Refillable Perfume Atomizers on Best Bottles. The price is...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for great label printer

    My very same quest. Just bought the Dymo Label Manager yesterday and, as feared, the type looks awful. The smaller the worser.
    In the past I printed beautiful labels from sheets, three columns of 10...
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    Monsieur Lubin

    This fragrance was discontinued some time ago. Please PM if you have any available.
  8. Re: What Do You Use To Pour Fragrance Into A Tiny Atomizer ?

    Sorry...did you mean "crimped"? According to Wikipedia: "Crimping is joining two pieces of metal or other ductile material by deforming one or both of them to hold the other. The bend or deformity is...
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    Re: Wardrobe - Sample/Decant/Full Bottle

    This is all good news:

    1. Decants may be swapped here without a problem,
    2. Everyone should create a wardrobe and list all their fragrances there.
    3. Anyone seeing a listed item can PM others...
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    Re: Erik Kormann -- Sample Pass

    Please count me in!
    Tim (awayalonealong)
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    Re: What's the "skank" in fragrances?

    I didn't really know what skank was until I got a sample of one of the older versions of Chanel 19. It was, to my nose, amazing. I felt like it smelled. But I suspect that this was a fluke in Chanel...
  12. Re: Penhaligon's to launch "Tralala" in April

    While I've tried most Pen's fragrances, I do not own a single one. Nevertheless, based on the notes listed for Tralala, I am looking forward to trying it. Provided it's a decant.

    The notes on...
  13. Re: How to decant from a broken 120ml creed bottle?

    Perhaps by now you've succeeded in getting all the fragrance out of your Creed, but if not, here's a thought. Hold on, because it going to sound crazy. (Yes, I am making some assumptions here.)
  14. Re: Deal-breaker notes, What are your least favorite perfume notes?

    What an unexpected, happy thread. ;-} It's so nice to know I'm not alone in the notes that curl my toes--and when smelled in the wild make me want to run the other way.
  15. Re: How do you buy, store and organize samples of perfume?

    I love my samples. I just wish I'd kept more of them over the years for reference--even when I didn't like the scent. Whether purchasing them from LuckyScent (my primary source) or swapping them, I...
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    Re: Amber as the main event

    I might suggest, gingerly, Profumum Roma's Fiore d'Ambra and Ambra Aurea.
  17. Re: Hermes launches Classic Collections; first out Bel Ami Vetiver

    It can seem like a lack of respect to mess with the classics. The only way to become a classic is to exude quality AND remain unreformulated for a certain amount of time.
    Yet, if change is the only...
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    Re: Looking For a Signature Scent

    [QUOTE=SereneGreen;3006662]you cant look for a signature scent, it has to come to you!
    I have to agree with SereneGreene. And I would use these analogies:
    Can someone tell you how to sign your...
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    Re: 'Cult' Perfumes

    Cult versus niche. Hmmmm. Cult would refer to those people who hold the fragrance on a pedestal. Niche would refer to the fragrance's position in current scheme of offerings. From where I sit...
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    Re: Small But Perfectly Formed?

    A couple of thoughts...
    Perhaps imagine those frags that remain acquaintances, those you got closer to and then rejected, and those that have become friends--some close, some very close, and some...
  21. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    Well, that's a wonderful explanation and description! Thanks very much.
  22. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    May I ask if you have tried the EdT? And if so, how it compares?
    When Chandler Burr held up YSL Paris as a great rose, I thought one day I'd try it. Turns out the EdT is easy to get and not...
  23. Re: YSL Paris - Edition Diamant concentration

    You're right: Many sellers are not savvy. THe short answer is yes, the what's called the "diamant" contains pure perfume. Here's what Perfume Shrine just wrote the other day:

    Paris eau de...
  24. Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    I'm feeling naive, but could someone kindly tell me if the juice in this bottle contains an older formulation? Based on Monsieur Guerlain's collection, it looks like the late 80s. Or perhaps I'm just...
  25. Vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq bottle

    I'm feeling naive, but could someone kindly tell me the age of this bottle? Based on Monsieur Guerlain's collection, it looks like the late 80s. Or perhaps I'm just being hopeful.
  26. You know you're famous when they ask about your signature perfume

    In an unsigned article in today’s edition of the Belfast Telegraph, in a section called Woman, we learn what shampoo the contemporary pop singer, Lana del Rey, uses. Then, much to my surprise, we...
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    Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Good news! Thanks for posting, dougczar. Can you say how prominent is the rose? Or whether it strikes you as left or right of unisex?
  28. Thread: Sen 7

    by awayalonealong

    Re: Sen 7

    I can't say I have any experience with the Sen7 atomiser, but I think it would be worth comparing to other travel-safe atomizers. For example, there's a series of them at this website:...
  29. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    Alas, I had to pay for mine.... :(

    - - - Updated - - -

    And now I wish I hadn't. First, it was about a week before they sent out the samples and they were another week in arriving. Second,...
  30. Re: Taking a Break From Wearing Fragrances.

    Atomizers may work more in favor of the perfume house. ;-}
    While I miss seeing the bottles in which the fragrance came, all my frags are in small spray decants, 1-30mL, mostly around 5mL. When I...
  31. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    If it weren't for Basenotes, I'd have no idea what was new--or worthy. BN helps me sort it out.
    Alas, the industry's growth has often left quality behind. But I'm hoping that quality still...
  32. Re: New lince launched: Sentifique from Switzerland launces four fragrances

    A Twitter message said to just send them an email for samples. I used this address from their website:
    cheers, tim
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    Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Thanks for this, Trebor. Though I don't always like what I smell of Profumum, I am always excited to smell what they've released. What strikes me here is the trio of less-than-common notes "in...
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    Re: oral syringes

    Basically, yes, provided you know your meniscus from your [fill in the blank].
    Truth to tell, I used a syringe to measure and mark 5, 8, 10, 15mL in a given vial. Then I just used the plastic...
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    Re: oral syringes

    For what it's worth, I bought a large box of pipettes from Kosmetech:

    They come in two sizes. Only one of hundreds has ever leaked a tiny...
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    Vintage Dior Eau Sauvage EdT

    Looking for most any size of Eau Sauvage EdT, vintage only.
    Please PM if you can help.

    Hi Nayana,
    Thanks for getting back to me. Can you confirm that your Eau Sauvage is vintage...
  37. Re: Where to buy Molinard in Minnesota?

    I think many of the niche frags are going to be tough to find in the Twin Cities. (I live right in the middle of the two.) There's one fragrance shop in Wayzata, but Molinard was not on their...
  38. Re: How and when did your obsession with fragrance begin ?

    I love this question because the memories it brings up are so pleasant. Local drugstore, about 1965, I remember spritzing Royal Regiment. There was something fascinating to this 12-year-old about the...
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    Re: fragrances are not good as gifts

    In high school, I bought a girlfriend a bottle of Jean Philippe Intimate. I wonder if she poured it down the sink. (I just saw her again after a brief interval of 40 years. Maybe I should ask her.)...
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    Poll: Re: How do you organize your collection?

    I actually do have my vintage frags (and other FBs) in a box at the bottom of a dark, cool closet. The rest are in small atomizers on a table top with small risers, in that same dark, cool closet,...
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    Re: In support of Liz Zorn and Soivohle

    I had trouble voting too, Mimi. But no, FB is not needed. Just click on the URL in my posting and at the lower right of the page, click Log In. Then, at the bottom left of the page that pops up, type...
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    In support of Liz Zorn and Soivohle

    This afternoon I got Soivohle's latest newsletter and read the following bad news from its director, Liz Zorn, although there is a ray of hope. She writes:

    Over the past month we have closed our...
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    Re: Netflix of Scents

    As suggested already, it's the algorithm. Here, I suspect there's bias; let's call it the bias of The New. I say this because the site's "recommendation engine" is "up-to-the minute" and that it...
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    Re: Why aren't all niche EDP?

    I like what gandhajala writes. I'd agree that it gets down to whether the perfumer's idea works best in which style of fragrance: cologne, EdT, EdP, extrait. I use the word style advisedly, but I'm...
  45. Re: How our perfume choice is influenced by the way our body odour smells

    Very well put, Asaskian! Thank you.
  46. Re: Glass-stoppered bottles or no? Bottle size?

    Hi Mr Storer,
    Thanks for consulting us. I, for one, am happy to offer my two centavos.
    1/ I am entirely comfortable with decanting juice into small atomizers.
    2/ I agree that stoppered bottles are...
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    Re: What was the first fruity floral?

    I like your question, Nukapai. And I'd be keen to hear opinions on the perfumers' rationale. If what I read is correct, these frags have their source and biggest audience in the US. They, reportedly,...
  48. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    I felt flush after taxes this SPring and so I popped for some samples from Ayala Moriel and some from Soivohle (Liz Zorn). While their regular bottles are cheaper, I paid $12 and $10 per millilitre...
  49. Re: My disappointment for houses who don't produce samples

    At the other end of the spectrum is Sephora, whose SAs happily stand there and fill 2mL plastic atomizers from any given fragrance, just for the asking.
    I do wonder what, for example, Profumum is...
  50. Re: A bottle from Montale leaked in transit

    I'm glad that there's a strong sense of confidence in Montale's willingness to fix its mistake. What a shock and disappointment. I hope Montale are willing to expedite the replacement.
    Given the way...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - May 2011

    Thanks to cello and rogalal for piercing the fog with sharp rays of light. Me and my nose don't feel so stupid any more. If I'm recalling my recent reading correctly, not only can a given synthetic...
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    Re: top vs mid notes question....

    As saripatates wrote, "the actual natural stuff is not and can not be in perfumes." How very very true, as we all know. But it came home to my nose in spades yesterday when, trying to teach my nose a...
  53. Re: What do you do if you hate the BOTTLE?

    I agree that the bottle can make a nice difference in my appreciation of a fragrance, even if it's not all that gorgeous itself. Alas, to protect the contents I've mostly decanted small amounts and...
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    Re: Fragrance Spritzers Hold Their Fire

    Nice to hear that the industry is, to some degree, waking up. Perhaps that SA at Sephora (Minneapolis) I spoke with a couple of weeks ago is in the avant garde. She listened to my comments. She asked...
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    Re: crowdpleasers that I hate!

    I have a question and a comment:
    1/ I wonder why there are more positive reviews than negative reviews. With respect to fragrance, which reaction might be more motivating?
    2/ I think it would be...
  56. Re: Which fragrance best conjures up the idea of "Forest" for you and what type of forest is conjure

    Why haven't I been reading this forum in the past? Great topic!
    I would offer both
    Comme des Garcons x Monocle Scent One Hinoki and
    Creed Cypres-Musc
    I would happily second Knize Forest.
  57. Re: Chance of Job Promotion- Fragrance Opinions?

    Congrats on the opportunity for promotion! I'm with you: the right frag can make me feel great! And yet, to make sure nothing gets in the way of their assessment of you, I'm afraid I'd opt for no...
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    Re: Would you wear Amouage Epic Women?

    I'm not sure that any given fragrance coincides with a person's sexual orientation, regardless of the overwhelming weight of advertising to the contrary. It is unfortunate, if not surprising, that...
  59. Re: Gasp - Crabtree & Evelyn's Lavender Water is discontinued

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. (With regimes, "broke" is bizspeak for "minor incremental drop in sales.")
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    Re: Dislike the Opening, Love the Drydown!

    Periodically, a reviewer will say that the top notes of a recommended frag had to be endured. Ironic, if true, because it's those top notes that are commonly seen as an invitation to the rest of the...
  61. Re: Post Pictures of Your Fragrance Collection: Part V

    When I woke up and realized that my collection needed that cool dark place, I chose a closet on an outside wall. Then I made 5-10mL decants of those frags of which I had bottles and packed up the...
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    Re: Challenge to the fragrance experts

    Fragrance ain't cheap. Niche frags are even less cheap! But as you explore, I would not rule out niche frags. (I'd not rule out drug store frags either.) There are several ways to acquire small...
  63. Re: Time to check the Nine Flags pulse... if any

    What a hoot! Four of them just showed up on eBay. I bid on Ireland Green Moss and France Panache. (The eBay auction ends Tuesday.) Liechtenstein is available too.
    So far, cheap. But comments...
  64. Re: how do you decant another fragrance where one has been

    I appreciate not wasting decanters, whether glass or plastic. But I fear there is too much of a decontamination risk with re-use, especially in the atomizers. I have heard that glass can be cleaned...
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    MPG Parfum d'Habit BNIB, $89


    I am selling the current formulation of MPG Parfum d'Habit BNIB.
    Price is $89 plus $5 shipping (CONUS).
    Questions welcome! (Note that I have 102 ratings at 100%.)

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    Re: What cologne did you wear in high school?

    1967-1971: Nine Flags Sweden/Clear Spruce, Nine Flags Ireland/Irish Moss, Nine Flags France/Panache, Nine Flags Germany Live Oak, Old Spice, Hai Karate, Brut, Aramis, British Sterling, Canoe, English...
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    Re: Monsieur Balmain

    I've got lots extra. I'd be happy to send you a sample, if you like. Just PM with your address.
  68. Re: Mazzolari: Where can I get it, what should I try?

    I generally second the comments (positive ones). I love Lui and Vetiver. I also have Patchouly and Ambra. Next on my list is Mazzolari by Mazzolari (the green one). LuckyScent is it this side of the...
  69. Intoxicating fragrance: Jasmine as valium substitute

    Even if the claim of jasmine = valium is too strong, I love this development. (Would that I liked the jasmine note more.) If scent takes a beeline to the limbic system (including the hippocampus and...
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    Re: Annick Goutal EDT?

    Eau d'Hadrien sounds like a good guess because Eau de Sud includes basil and is saltier by far. The 25mL size suggests AG's travel bottle. I have one myself--it's Eau de Hadrien Absolu--but the label...
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    Re: AG Les Nuits d'Hadrien EdT vs EdP

    From my notes, including AG blurb:

    Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien edt (universal, energetic, and fresh)
    lemon, grapefruit, cypress [lemonier, brighter]
    Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit, cypress...
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    Sticky: Re: Whats some of the latest fragrances that make women bend over?

    I would second what TBoner and SculptureofSoul have written and point out that all parts of this website are open to all members and such a posting may well be seen as highly offensive to and by the...
  73. Re: Silly question... EDT vs Intense - last longer? Pour Monsieur intense / EDT

    Frags with the labels "intense," and "concentratee/concentrate," and "extreme" can be confusing--and disappointing. I recall 20 years ago buying Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme and being disappointed. (If I...
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    Re: Which one?

    Among those you have listed, I would rate Citrus Paradisi the highest--though I don't know the Lubin. Czech & Speake's CP has, on my skin, unexpected longevity. In fact, I'm done with it before it's...
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    Re: Rochas Man is Rochas Homme?

    Hi Morrison,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. I wish I could comment in more detail, but I did not study these two together. What I can say is that I liked the Homme for its pungent citrus...
  76. Re: Creed Bois Du Portugal - Its All In The Application

    Good news when the top notes might otherwise turn you away from a frag. Thanks!
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    Re: Rochas Man is Rochas Homme?

    I found out the same way! By accident! Femme on the right, homme on the left. But it was painful to be so confused when, after getting a sample of homme, I tried to reconcile it with the bottle of...
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    Re: Bargin Buys

    How about buying decants? (I find it hard to imagine me using up a full bottle (say 100mL) of a fragrance in even a decade.)
  79. Re: How to Best Measure Partial Bottles?

    Thanks for that confirmation, brrrry. I swore I could not tell the amount remaining in one of my CdG incense bottles--they are jet black--until one day, I held it right in front of a bright...
  80. Re: Warm, Masculine Scents...will these 3 do it?

    Guerlain Derby--on the drier, spicy side--might fit as well.
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    Re: Santa Maria Novella's Colonia Russa

    I don't pick up the leather/civet --Ody's got a better nose than I have--but I give it a thumbs-up as well. By way of comparison, I'd say it's slighter lighter version of Acqua di Parma Colonia...
  82. Re: PINE GEM, new line by Pino Silvestre

    Given "the splash-on daily origins of the scent," my reading of the promo copy would have the original PS as an eau de cologne. (But there may be proof out there to the contrary!)
  83. Re: PINE GEM, new line by Pino Silvestre

    Pino would not be Pino in any other bottle. It may be literal, but as a pine cone in a field all its own, it works. (How many heart bottles have we seen?)
    1955 eh? Then I'm in good company (1953)....
  84. Re: PINE GEM, new line by Pino Silvestre

    WOW! Intriguing, indeed. Thanks for the update. I did not realize it was introduced so long ago. I still get a kick out of the bottle and out of the idea of this fragrance even though I can't seem to...
  85. Re: When people say a fragrance is resinous what do they mean?

    As one of the group's Coneheads, that is very very well put, Doc Elly! Thank you.
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    Re: Shipping to Canada?

    Welcome to Basenotes, Automatic!
    Since I live in Minneapolis, I am familiar with cold. I have had no problems whatsoever, even at -20 Fahrenheit (except that you have to let the fragrance warm up...
  87. Re: similar scents to.....chergui and more!!!!

    Another option for the purchase of smaller amounts of fragrance is, of course, Crystal Flacon at
    For example, there are four sellers of Serge Lutens Chergui. You...
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    Re: some very green scents ?

    Compounding others' endorsements...

    Knize Forest
    Bogner Deep Forest
    Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green
    Miller & Bertaux Green, Green, Green, Green
  89. Thread: Rose

    by awayalonealong

    Descriptions of rose scent, by type of plant

    I am asking for help in your forum because I know there are more rose fragrances for women than for men.

    I have two women friends who might be very happy to have a better understanding...
  90. The Stability of Fragrance, acc. to Frederic Malle

    It's a perennial question with lots of variables: How long does a fragrance last?

    According to the partial bottle of Frederic Malle Geranium pour Monsieur I just acquired, the "freshness...
  91. Re: Anyone else get this kind of a reaction from friends???

    Hi Mark,
    Allow me to second Pollux's welcome! You have come to the right place. And I would second my fellow Basenoter's other comments: Voting for something with your pocketbook is a considerable...
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    Re: a sad Antaeus story

    Even if our noses exaggerate the difference between a reformulated frag and the original, it can still be a big disappointment. The expectations generated by nostalgia....

    I had a similar...
  93. Re: Lorenzo Villoresi or Santa Maria Novella

    Aha! Some of my favorite fragrances!
    I don't know how you define "feminine," but "floral" I think I get. While none of them has ever struck me as floral, I would say that Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di...
  94. Re: The Perfumed Court sent a wrong sample - this isn't Caron PUH

    This happened to me once, too, with TPC. Frustrating, but worse yet, confusing! But I wanted to let you know that they immediately fixed it. I have confidence that they will do the same for you.
  95. Re: No Email notification of new Private Messages

    Aha! And here I thought my email program was having a glitch!
  96. Re: How to get last drops out of a bottle? Bent tubes

    You're most welcome. A fellow BNer from the UK posted a query about atomizers and such because he said he couldn't find any suppliers. I thought I had a clue for him but it did not pan out. Do have a...
  97. Re: How to get last drops out of a bottle? Bent tubes

    Hi rimesparse,
    It's brutal, and you risk breaking glass, but you're doing exactly what I do sometimes when decanting a bottle. There are a few perfumers that use threaded atomizers, but most use a...
  98. Re: Are you secretive about scents when asked?

    I've enjoyed this thread a lot. Thanks to all contributors.

    Were I asked what I was wearing, I might fear I'd applied too much (quite unlikely, actually). But I'd give an answer--albeit with a...
  99. Re: A non-sweet woodsy scent for cold days/mild evenings

    I love warm and woodsy scents too. The two that fit best for me in that category are the vintage Nino Cerruti (1979) and Romeo Gigli per Uomo. You might have a look at what foetidus writes about...
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    Re: Luscious Cargo - WOW - great service!

    This is good news indeed, since, as Hawk said, the website would not lead one to think of great delivery. Thanks, ChuckW.
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