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  1. Re: Name something from the back of your collection

    chanel egoiste. Just hanging out in the back feeling unloved
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    Re: Best Men's Gourmand Fragrance(s)?

    Unknown pleasures by Kerosene.
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    Wanted: Guerlain, Mona di orio. Conus

    Hey guys im looking for partial bottles of the following:

    Guerlain: Cuir beluga

    Mona di orio: Vanille

    Any amount between 20ml-60ml would be fine.
    If your willing to sell any of these...
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    Re: List of mens Eau De Parfums (EDP's)

    Tom ford noir (The new one)
  5. Re: I'm off to a wedding tomorrow - what shall I 'Wear'

    If you wear aventus to a wedding in 90 degree heat your going to be well noticed. It's the grooms (and bride of course)day don't steal his thunder by being "that guy".
  6. Re: Regarding different spritizers (sample question)

    I get what your saying and yes there will be a difference between the amount of juice a sample will spray and a regular bottle. I'd say almost a two to one ratio especially if it's a creed sprayer....
  7. Re: Tauer Incense Rose or Tom Ford's Noir de Noir?

    Noir de Noir for sure. Dark rose and cocoa, very sensual and perfect for dates.imho.
  8. Re: Newbie - Fan of Fahrenheit and BLV pour Homme

    Welcome. You can't go wrong with Fahrenheit, very nice indeed.
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    Re: New Designer Fragrance Help Please

    If your looking for updated and popular crowd pleasers. Try these:
    Ysl l'homme
    Ysl la nuit de l'homme
    Bleu de chanel
    Paco rabban 1 million
    Allure homme sport
    Spicebomb. If your near a Nordstrom.
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    Re: Salvatore Ferragamo BLUE pour homme??

    I actually like SF black. A crowd pleaser for sure. Never tried blue though
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    Re: 5 Scents for Summer 2012

    original santal
    chanel allure edition blanche
    millesime imperial
    dior homme sport
    ysl l'homme

    also in rotation: orange sanguine, l'humaniste
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    Re: Original Chanel Pour Monsieur

    And by original pour monsieur do you mean the regular edt? In the more square bottle?
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    Re: youtube cologne reviewers

    swix, dan is one of the most respected reviewers on youtube. he has his own style for sure, but he has nothing but love and passion for fragrances and thats exactly what your seeing when he does his...
  14. Re: I didn't like Pure Havane. Will I like Pure Malt?

    with all that being said above, its probably one of the safest blind buys ever because if you dont like it you can sell it off in two seconds flat.
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    Re: Chanel Egosite (discontinued) ???

    i just ordered egoiste from, and received it the other day. im extremely happy with it and the whole experience.except for the shipping charge which was $9.95 and that was the...
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    Re: I figure by not

    well good luck and dont forget to post a sales thread here of your
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    Re: Pure Malt June 28th

    its going to be released on on june 28th at 830am. its going to be just like the pure havane release.
  18. Re: The Official "IS IT BEING DISCONTINED ?" Thread

    no,they just pulled it off retail shelves (macys, ect.) and is still being sold on
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    Re: Awesome YouTube reviews

    his name is eric, and yeah he definitely has his own style.but all it really boils down to is that he's passionate about fragrance and wants to share it with the community. just like everybody on...
  20. Re: Have Any of You Tried the Reformulated Dior Homme Sport Yet?

    Do the new bottles look different? Might be a pain to find the version you want online with people using stock photos.[/QUOTE]

    yeah the new bottle has a silver collar/ black stem. the original...
  21. Re: recommend me 3 frags out of 6 from the amouage line plz

    from your list reflection man best suits your age for sure. jubilation and epic are very nice scents. id recommend honour man also.
  22. Re: Know of any male fragrances that smell like ginger?

    l'homme for designer
    5 o'clock gingembre for niche
  23. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    LOL at everyone who bought up multiple bottles with the sole purpose of ripping people off later at three times the price. this was never a "small" amount re-release that was going to sell out in 30...
  24. Re: If you could only own 1 Bottle from BOND No.9 Which one would it be?

    i really like ny oud, silver factory,ny for all,west side. so if i had to choose just one it would be ny for all
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    Re: Confused about TF Lavender Palm?!

    lol mesaboogie. thanks man i needed a good laugh today.
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    Re: Acqua di Gio essenza-not so 'essenza'

    I dont know what is wrong with me but i'm really looking forward to this release .i dont even own the original edt.
  27. Re: When roughly was Fahrenheit first reformulated?

    i actually have sealed bottle's of the first picture and the second picture you posted. im not exactly sure of the year of the vintage one,but the box looks exactly like the first picture. and the...
  28. Poll: Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Terre d'Hermes vs Dior Fahrenheit

    which egoiste is it that everyone is reffering to? is it the vintage formulation or either one? is it the edt or concentree? ive never smelled any of these, and was under the impression that there...
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    Re: The clash of the modern classics

    out of the three listed i would say that L'instant is most worthy
  30. Re: Okay....gun to your head- do you wear NAVY for Men or Secretions Magnifique?

    never smelled navy for men. but i dont think SM is all that bad. its just a little wierd. so SM is what i would pick
  31. Thread: Pure Malt

    by attuso20

    Re: Pure Malt

    Exactly, they aren't going to produce a whole new batch of juice and not re-release in the US.
  32. Re: Pick a number, win a Spicebomb sample with mini aftershave balm..U.S. only:).

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    Re: Bond no. 9: new harlem or i love ny for all?

    Ny for all. Great cocoa and crazy longevity/ projection
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Pure Shot Longevity?

    i get less than an hour projection and less than four hours longevity. and no its not fatigue, my girlfriend couldnt smell it on me at the four hour mark. even when she leaned in to smell...
  35. Re: Pick a number between 1-500 win a Chanel Allure Blanche sample.

    My pick is 20
  36. Re: light and hot temperature, what about to buy in a sephora shop?

    The box only protects from the light. What about the heat from all the lighting fixtures that surround the boxes on display? I thought about the same thing and that is why I always make them give me...
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    Re: New Fragrance: Dolce and Gabbana The One Sport

    just tried this out today at my local macys. have to agree with everyone else on this one. projection 30min. ive had it on for about four hours and i can bearly detect anything on my wrist. if i had...
  38. Re: Anyone own or have extensive experience with L'Humaniste?

    Excellent fragrance, I personally love it. For a lighter summer scent it does pretty well for longevity. JBRO pretty much nails it on every aspect he touched on. Frags do not last long on my skin in...
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    Re: Help with Tom Fords

    You really can't go wrong with any of the three. If you like dark- heavy scents only, id go with extreme-black orchid. If you like dark as well as light fresh scents than pick grey vetiver and...
  40. Poll: Re: What's your favorite Bond No. 9 out of these 3...

    i love ny for all: i get mostly cocoa throughout the entire wearing, love it
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, January 21, 2012

    SOTD: first wearing of tom ford amber absolute
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    Re: SOTD; Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    Chanel allure homme
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