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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Drakkar Noir.

    Just kidding, although it does bring in compliments.
    Most received so far would be L'eau D'Issey and Versace Pour Homme from women.
    From men I get the most compliments on Le Male...
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    What to Get My Dad for His Birthday

    Hey guys, my dad's birthday is on Monday and overheard him saying that he really wanted to get cologne. He normally doesn't wear fragrance, so I'm trying not to get him something too strong. He's...
  3. Re: Which two scents are the closest to identical?

    Mont Blanc Legend, to me, smells identical to Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce.. So much that I had to exchange Legend because A&F lasts longer on my skin and dries down better.
  4. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    Aventus, one full spray at the opening could gas anyone out. Love the drydown though if I could hold out for it
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    Re: Carnal. Sensual. Naughty...

    Muscs Koublai Khan for sure
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    Re: Recommendations for a Great Coffee Scent

    Thanks for the great review dollars&scents and all of the input guys. I certainly will be finding a sample of ToF.
    I got to try Play Intense at my local Macy's today. I was very impressed (and a...
  7. Re: If you could pick one scent for from DIPTYQUE - Which one would it be?

  8. Re: What are the most highly liked colognes as of today?

    I'm 21 years old and I've been into fragrance for a few years now. Having a lot to choose from, these are the ones that definitely receive the most compliments out of my wardrobe, which is what I...
  9. Re: looking for a very strong scent for men , which lasts really long , plss help ,

    Tobacco Vanille
    Dirty English
    Zegna Colonia
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    Re: Creed or Bond No. 9?

    I own both CREED fragrances and Bond fragrances, and I must say they are both great houses. It all depends on what you like personally. My take on fragrance is that it's an art form, and each...
  11. Re: Is Allure Homme Sport worth getting if I already have Bleu de Chanel?

    They are very different, but I would opt for the newer Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.
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    Re: Some fragrance advice....

    Creed Aventus :o
    and +1 on Spicebomb
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    Re: Best batch of aventus?

    Both are insane. And by insane I mean it could fill the room I'm in for about the first hour. Then it gets a little closer, about arm's length. It lasts for a good 8-12 hours, sometimes longer but...
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    Re: woody, fresh, simple, inexpensive clogne

    Curve Appeal... Super inexpensive (like USD$22.00) but definitely does have that woody/fresh quality to it. It's almost like cedar has a baby with watermelon at the beach and that baby has a...
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    Re: Recommendations for a Great Coffee Scent

    How well does the red pepper note go with the coffee? This is one I was looking at and was leaning toward getting a bottle
    Givenchy Play is looking really good to me right now too
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    Recommendations for a Great Coffee Scent

    Hey again everybody, I'm looking for something a little different than the fresh scents that I usually go for. If there's anything my friends know about me, it's that I love my coffee. I love the...
  17. Re: My first "blind" (budget) Cologne purchase since my return to BN. Care to take a guess ?

    Duc de Vervins L'Elegance Pour Homme Extreme orrr Boucheron Pour Homme :o
  18. Re: Your suggestions for a specific kind of Tea Scent?

    You should definitely try out Chez Bond from Bond no. 9. It's got great herbal tea notes in the middle with citrus notes at the top. It reminds most people of GIT from the start, but it dries down...
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    Re: New fragrance for work (retail)

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions, everyone. Definitely going to smell a few of these.. I'll give Aventus a few wears and see how that goes. Watched one of Mymickers' reviews saying he got sent home...
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    New fragrance for work (retail)

    Hey everybody :)

    I'm relatively new to posting on Basenotes but have been looking at the forum for all the good advice and knowledge its members have to offer. I work retail in a women's lingerie...
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    Re: Best batch of aventus?

    A42B11S01 is the batch number that I have. Apples and roses is what I smell at the top and when it dries down, it is very woodsy.
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    Re: best sporty cologne

    I recommend Lacoste Essential. Immediately reminds me of exactly what you said, jumping out of the shower and playing tennis.
  23. Re: Newbie, looking for casual light cologne recommendation

    Gucci Guilty is pretty sweet and fresh. It's inoffensive and possibly as low key as possible. It starts off pretty loud though, but in a good way. I hopped into my friend's car wearing it and he...
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    Re: Your Updated Starting Lineup

    Signature Scent
    Acqua di Gio - It's a great fragrance for the California weather. Despite all the other fragrances I wear, everybody always asks me why I'm not wearing Acqua di Gio. I guess it...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Versace Pour Homme. I had just paid the gas station attendant to pump gas and this lady follows me back to my car only to to me how great I smelled and how she's never smelled anything as good as I...
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    Re: Favorite "smell good"/"safe"/"blind buy" scent?

    Versace Pour Homme is a very good blind buy. It's definitely a compliment grabber so I totally agree with Brian.
    Another is Lucky You by Lucky Brand. It smells "clean". Some people would say...
  27. Re: A new signature scent for a man venturing out in the world.

    Dirty English. Definitely masculine and I can't keep my wrist from my nose when wearing it. Great signature scent and you can find it at a good price. Only downside is spotty longevity.
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    Re: What to wear on an upcoming date?

    I would go with Bleu de Chanel. It's definitely safe and pleasant to the point where she'll notice how nice you smell. Seems like a casual date, so go casual.
  29. Re: Need help with choosing a new bond no. 9 cologne

    thanks for all the help :) I'll definitely be sure to check these out
    chez bond seems to get the most praise out of the bunch o_o
  30. Need help with choosing a new bond no. 9 cologne

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum, I normally just read the forum to get ideas on fragrances I may like to buy, but I really need some help so i decided to finally post

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