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  1. Re: Burberry london your opinion on longevity!

    Love it, it's probably my cold weather signature. That being said, I seem to be one of the lucky ones because I'll get 8 or 9 hours every time.
  2. Re: Received 4.0 oz Creed Millesime Imperial today

    Never paid attention to it, but now you mention it I have the same thing on my MI I got from Fragrancenet. I also have the same batch as you, good stuff right? :smiley:
  3. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    So it doesn't look like anyone's posted their batch codes yet. My bottle just came in and mine is 112216. Not sure what the codes were last year but it smells just like my little decant I've had...
  4. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    Epic trolling in this thread now lol. That reminds me of a proverb seemingly by the same wise author: If you're riding down the street in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes does it take...
  5. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    Yeah I'm surprised it's still up too, I thought it would've sold out within the first hour or so. I wonder how many bottles they made.
  6. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    You know that was Alien sunessence right? I did the exact same thing, but then switched it to womanity after I realized.
  7. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    Done. As soon as neurod posted that I googled it and found the link so I guess I got a few minutes head start. It's too bad whenever I do this, they never have any men's samples in stock. Would've...
  8. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    If your intent is to help us out, why take a completely unreasonable amount of bottles out of the pool that we could buy for $88 and charge us $150 for the same exact thing? I understand picking a...
  9. Re: Mugler to bring back by popular demand Pure Havane!!!

    Yes! I'm totally going to try to get a bottle. I was debating whether or not to buy it back when it was in production and decided not to, and ever since then I've kind of wished I would've picked a...
  10. Re: SDV vs Tonka Imperial vs Gourmand Coquin vs Hermes ambre narguile

    Never tried Gourmand Coquin but of the other 3, for me it goes Ambre Narguile, SDV, then Tonka Imperiale. AN's my favorite gourmand so I'd recommend that one but it's up to you. SDV is definitely the...
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    Re: Creed Sub-Forum

    Well I didn't drink any directly, although I used it as toothpaste and mouthwash last night so I imagine I swallowed a little bit in the process. Maybe that's why someone commented on me looking a...
  12. Re: What would be the best E-Retailer for MI?

    I also picked up a 2011 batch from Fragrancenet a few weeks ago. Smells amazing, no regrets whatsoever.
  13. Re: First Niche/ Millesime Imperial question

    I freakin love MI. You could try GIT or Aventus too. Basically any Creed would probably be a good intro niche bottle. I've never ordered anything from Tuccini so I can't talk about them but I'll just...
  14. Re: What should go in wardrobe and what in samples?

    I'll go with this. I generally put 5ml+ in wardrobe although it depends on the fragrance. For me it's like, if I can look at my collection when deciding what to wear and have it be a possibility for...
  15. Poll: Re: Versace Eau Fraiche vs. Versace Pour Homme

    I like both but the one I own is Eau Fraiche, although I bought it before I knew how much I'd get into this hobby so I was planning on just having one summer fragrance. I figured that if I was only...
  16. Re: Which fragrance for taking a shower?

    From my personal experiences, I've found heavier scents like Tobacco Vanille or A*Men to be best for this. Sometimes I'll put on a lighter scent and I have trouble smelling it over the body wash...
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    Re: Musc Ravaguer replacement

    +1 for L'erbolario Meharees. I've heard about it for a while but just got a sample from TPC yesterday and I was shocked at how similar it is to MR (or rather, MR from about 2-3 hours on). Though if...
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