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    Re: Help me choose my cologne for prom

    Thanks everyone for the best wishes. As already mentioned earlier longevity will play a big factor which is why I'm leaning towards bdc now (plus the girls love it).
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    Help me choose my cologne for prom

    Based on my wardrobe what do you think would be most appropriate for prom. Keep in mind what the younger crowd might appreciate. I was originally think about going with Dior Homme Eau (because I...
  3. Re: DHS 2008 vs 2012 - not to beat the dead horse but...

    I have the 2012 formulation and love it. I've smelled both before and actually prefer the 2012 version by a long shot. I actually believe that for once the reform is better than the vintage (I know...
  4. Allure Homme Edition Blanche and Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême now in EDP?

    I was planning on buying both AHEB & AHSEE at my local fragrance store when I noticed that on the Chanel website they are now both listed as EDP when they use to be EDT. My store only carry's the old...
  5. Poll: The best Allure Sport in your opinion?

    Trying to decide between these three (the original Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, and the edc-Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport). Which works best for you and...
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread


    All I smell is tar-who wants to smell like that???
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    Re: colognes for classroom use

    I don't wear any heavy/winter scents even if it's cold outside because I find that classrooms are always hot and stuffy so these type of colognes get cloying. I would add Versace PH to the list of...
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    Re: Best cologne for a 16 year old boy?

    If you want sweet go for 1 million and YSL L'Homme. I speak from experience when I say that teen girls love it. Bleu de Chanel is another great choice which I think you will grow to enjoy more as...
  9. No More Love For the Classic Eau Sauvage?

    I've been thinking about purchasing this one for a while, but I don't hear much about it anymore. What I do hear is that it a well-liked popular classic. When I smelled it I liked it but thought it...
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    Poll: Re: Designer hall of fame

    Fahrenheit by a mile just based on the question because of it's exposure, it's uniqueness, and how it single handedly changed the standards of the fragrance industry unlike any other scent in...
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    Re: Summer Evening Fragrance

    La Nuit

    It works quite well in the summer (or anytime as it's one of the best night frags IMO) because I find it to have an air of freshness to it that not a lot of other night scents do (they're...
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    Re: 5 new from Creed

    I love how everybody is already bashing these new releases and nobody has even smelt them! I've bought fragrances in a lot uglier bottles than this and it doesn't bother me. The bottle design...
  13. Re: A scent to wear on a 1st date > Which one or buy one?

    +1 for buying Dior Homme (DH is the absolute best date frag)
  14. Re: Discounted Creed Himalaya- Should I pull the trigger?

    I own and love Himalaya and I am in highschool as well. This is definetly the safest creed scent and the best-suited for the highschool environment (it's well-liked and I recieve compliments)....
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    The site seems legit to me, but why not just use a trusted discounter like Fragrancenet or even Fragrancex? The prices at that site are not that impressive at all and can be found cheaper at...
  16. Re: Fragrances that are really popular but you didn't like?

    Platinum Égoïste
    Azzaro PH
  17. Re: This DIOR HOMME INTENSE aunthentic or fake?**

    I dont think they would go to that much trouble as it's harder than you think. The counterfeiters are trying to fool the average joe not Basenoters who have the knowledge and resources to tell a fake...
  18. Re: Which cheap (

    Nino Cerruti 1881
    Azzaro Chrome
    Nautica Voyage
    +2 Perry Ellis Red (great value and a very well made clone of Acqua Di Gio)
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Davidoff Coolwater
    Mont Blanc Individuel
  19. Re: Dior Homme Sport or Chanel Edtion blanche?

    They both warrant a buy...It really depends what you want to use it for. DHS is better suited for the warm weather.
  20. Re: Le Male, La Nuit, BdC or ? Gift Card Burning Hole in Pocket

    Bdc because you cant find it discounted like anyother frag (as well as le male and la nuit) , so you might as well buy it in a department store. DHS is also a very good choice but I'd still buy Bdc...
  21. Re: This DIOR HOMME INTENSE aunthentic or fake?**

    Just go to, select Dior, then enter the batch code. If it comes up with a manufactured and best before date, you know it's real for certain
  22. Re: Gucci Made to Measure is a lot like...?

    Made to Measure is so bad it makes Guilty look good. Don't waste you're money on Gucci unless it's GPHI or GPHII. Their are thousands of other bottles that are WAY better and you're bound to like one...
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    Re: Recommend a fragrance with grapefruit

    Creed Himalaya or if you want to go cheaper, Bleu de Chanel will work
  24. Re: Creed Royal Water and Hm by Hanae Mori are two of the most underrated scents IMO

    HM is a great deal for $36 (21% off coupon applied) on Fragrancnet for the EDP though I don't own a bottle just yet...
  25. Re: If you were given an $100 gift card to Neiman Marcus....

    Anything Chanel or the Tom Ford exclusive line as they're never discounted
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    Re: Wu Tang Clan

    I absolutely love Wu Tang Clan. This frag has a lot to live up to.
  27. Re: I need a new cologne for a teenage guy

    1 million would probably turn the most heads...especially for your age group. Out of what you have listed I would choose the original L'Homme, but they're all good choices IMO.
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    Poll: Re: A citrus/woody aromatic battle!

    I don't care for any of them but if I had to pick it'd be Boucheron
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    Re: Fragrances for 21y man

    +2 for DHS

    Maybe Light Blue by D&G
  30. Re: What is the signature men's fragrance of our time (that isn't shit)?

    DHI it is then
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    Re: underrated/overrated fragrance houses

    A big +1 for Gucci being overrated by the general public. People get sucked into buying their products because of the name...which is a direct result of the media making them out to be so much...
  32. Re: What is the signature men's fragrance of our time (that isn't shit)?

    I would say Axe (because its stupidly popular)...but I guess it would fall under the shit category...
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    Poll: Re: Battle Of Summer Fragrances

    Dior Homme Sport...I can't imagine anybody trying to pull off Aventus in the summer it's too heavy imo
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    Poll: Re: The Best Inexpensive House

    +1 for Burberry. Around $30 for any 3.4 (Brit, London, Touch) on Fragrancenet and many others
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    Re: Your Best Steals on Fragrances

    Himalaya $86 on Beauty Encounter
    YSL L'Homme 3.4 oz. gift set (coffret) for $30
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme 3.4 oz. gift set for $30
    YSL L'Homme Libre 3.4 oz. gift set for $30
    Armani Code gift set...
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    Re: 1 Million Sprayer

    Yeah I have the same problem the sprayer blows. It shoots out out in a straight line instead of a mist. I use to be able to get a mist if you sprayed it correctly, but now it doesnt work at all.
  37. Re: Fragrance that doesn't "scream cologne"

    +1 Himalaya
    +1 Gendarme
    +1 Dior Homme Sport

    I'm also going to throw in a recommendation of Dior Homme Cologne 2013. It is one of the safest, likeable, scent that I know, of course, beside...
  38. Poll: Re: L'homme line from YSL. Which is your favorit?

    Use to be Libre for a very very short period, then L'homme and now La Nuit has finally turned into my absolute favourite of them all. I cant deny that all these flankers are really hurting the...
  39. Re: How to decant from a broken 120ml creed bottle?

    Yeah that plastic "cap" is standard for every bottle. You can still decant by following the video because the hole in the plastic runs right down the stem into the bottle.
  40. Re: What fragrances bring back a past good memory for you?

    VIW when I was living in the south of France (Cannes) for a short time. VIW works wonders in a tropical climate like that.
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    Re: Search for a New Summer Scent: Creed

    Go for Himalaya. It has an awesome cooling effect perfect for texas.
  42. Re: Do you have any 5 star fragrances with really poor longevity?

    Pretty much any Creed ( cough cough...MI, Himalaya, GIT, SMW, to name a few) with the exception to a couple
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    Re: Fragrances you lost passion for

    1 million never sees an any action anymore. It's way to strong and screams attention for school. Not only that it just doesn't smell as good as it use to :(
  44. Re: Need help expanding the collection

    You may want to try expanding your YSL collection (L'Homme Line). Libre is not the very best YSL has to offer and the original L'Homme is the perfect, versatile, everyday scent and La Nuit de L'Homme...
  45. Re: Do you use any of your fragrances as room spray?

    I'll use anything that's cheap and I don't like in my collection
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    Re: YSL La Nuit De L'homme too feminine?

    Definitely not feminine enough that you should be getting hated on because of it, though I do find it can be a unisex fragrance.
  47. Re: Which fragrances released in 2013 did you find to be surprisingly good?

    Versace Oud Noir is actually surprisingly good...
  48. Re: New fragrance from Bruce Willis, but not for America

    That has to be one of the worst fragrance ads I've ever seen, and believe me, I've seen some doozies...What's an apparent badass like Bruce Willis doing making women's perfumes (it really helps his...
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    Re: Long Lasting Woody/Winter Fragrance

    Maybe 1 Million?
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    Re: Fragrance and your Personality

    I don't choose based on my personality but I use my nose which seems to be the general consensus here. Thats not exactly what I meant to ask. I find that having scent that is you does bring a whole...
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    Fragrance and your Personality

    Do you wear cologne to compliment your personality ex. loud personality loud fragrance (if you get what I mean) or to add something that's missing to it ex. a more feminine fragrance for a manly guy...
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    Re: Buying creed from fragrancenet?

    Fragrancenet is great, wish I could still order from them (Canadian limitations).[/QUOTE]

    If you live on the border you could have it shipped to a parcel pick-up place in the states and you only...
  53. Re: Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce vs Mont Blanc Legend vs Very Sexy Platinum

    Legend is the cheaper, better smelling, better quality, and a little more unique version of Fierce. I find the two have very similar, if not identical , top notes but that's where the similarity ends...
  54. Re: Need Some Help With My Creed Purchase.

    Im definetly in the minority here by not jumping on the GIT bandwagon and the fact that I actually love Himalaya. Go for Himlaya. Its the safest, best year round scent (I wear it every season) , and...
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    Re: Pick 3 from Chanel

    Allure PH
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    Re: teen fragrance recommendations

    If you find Bleu too manly/old than you're in for a rough ride finding a much likeable/mainstrean/younger (to some degree) scent. Boss Bottled (a.ka no.6) works wonders with the ladies, it's suits...
  57. Re: Suggestions for a 22 year old living in a humid country

    Bleu de Chanel
    Acqua Di Gio
    Dior Homme
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    Re: male newbie requires guidance

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    Re: What was your first fragrance?

    1 million last year...and I use to bathe in the stuff too
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    Re: Fragrances with strong cardamom note?

    It plays a fairly large role in La Nuit
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    Re: Potential purchases, would like input

    Personally I would stay away from Jazz as I'm not a fan and if you're not sure about it don't bother their are a lot better options (from what you like it seems you have developed a taste for...
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    Re: Hello, I have seen the light.

    Beauty Encounter is another option. They have great service, fast shipping, fresh juice, and it's 100% authentic. Got a 4 oz. of Creed Himalaya (a 2012 batch!) for $86 shipped. I don't know about the...
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    Re: Where to start?

    La Nuit because it's suited the best for a night out of the options...that and I find it classy perfect for the occasion
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    Re: Creed Bottles

    I feel like an idiot...I guess it is just painted glass. Thanks for the sarcastic answers.
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    Creed Bottles

    I Just got my bottle of Himalaya for Christmas and I started wondering what it was made out of (for the sake of durability), because I would like to know how much abuse this bottle can take. This...
  66. Re: Most Flankers Award: Davidoff Cool Water

    The flankers of Coolwater have really gotten out of control and have totally destroyed the reputation of the original...
  67. Re: Would A*Men Pure Malt be suitable for a high school setting?

    Yeah I think so, even though you will be different and stand out as it is not the safest scent (but this is not always a bad thing by any means depending on what type of impression you want to give...
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    Poll: Re: Best Givenchy Fragrance for Men?

    Play Intense is my personal favourite. From your list it would have to be Pi.
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    Re: Where to start?

    The world of fragrance is so big that you really need to help yourself out by figuring out what type of occasion you want this fragrance for (ex. work, date, or daily wear) and what type of scent you...
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    Re: Dior cologne

    1. DHS (2012 which is a big improvement from 2008 IMO)
    2. DH
    3. DHC

    Even though DHC usually gets overshadowed by its amazing counter-parts, I still think it's a solid frag.
  71. Re: Internet Shopping Addiction / Fragrance Collectors

    I don't have a large collection by any means, and I hope to keep it this way by only buying when their are deals that are too good to be ignored. This is how I decide what is next to be in my...
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    Re: How do you rate or grade fragrances?

    Smell means everything to me. I can work around price, projection and longevity (which are only bonuses) and I honestly could care less about the fragrance being unique or innovative. As long as I...
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    Re: Daily winter fragrance

    Honestly you can't go wrong with any of those...If I had to pick it'd be La Nuit or The One, but if you're on a budget Boss Bottled is a great choice as well.
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    Re: Best Blind Buy

    Creed Himalaya
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    Re: Fresh fragrance for men suggestions.

    I don't overly LOVE this scent but I use to when I first started getting into the game (before my nose developed). Chrome by Azzaro is an awesome fresh scent, especially for a beginner. It's very...
  76. Re: Bleu de Chanel smells very similar to...

    YSL's L'Homme Libre is hands down the closest scent I've ever smelt to Bleu
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    Re: Beginner to Fragances

    It seems I was already beaten to my suggestions of Dior Homme Sport (classiest sport fragrance ever-my signature) and Bleu de Chanel but i'll add something as well. L'Homme for work, La Nuit de...
  78. Re: Fragrance houses you generally dislike

    Glad to see someone in this thread has common sense...
  79. Re: How do we smell ? and how it functions.

    Thanks. Finally learned why some people hate some of the best frags, and why others love the worst...
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    Re: Dior Homme Vintage authentic or fake?

    I can't believe nobody's recommended this??? Just got to type in your batch code and you'll see what year it's from and to make sure its real...
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    Re: Getting dad cologne for christmas

    Dolce & Gabanna The One
  82. Re: How Come Males are more into Fragrance than Females?

    Women definetly wear perfume more than guys, but it seems that guys are more prone to becoming (haha idk obsessed?) with them (ie. everybody on BN). Why this is I couldn't tell you for sure, but I...
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    Re: Recommendations :)

    L'Homme is very versatile and light and I think it would be something that you would like based off what you already own. Btw, Welcome!
  84. Re: Top 5 designer spring/ summer fragrances --

    1. DHS 2012 (way better than 2008)
    2. AdG
    3. YSL L'Homme
    4. Versace PH
    5. YSL L'Homme Libre
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    Re: Night time fragrance

    Should've went with La Nuit. Not only is it made for night's the name as well.
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    Re: Input on my Blind buy

    It's very similar to La Nuit so you will definetly like it (it's pretty much just a different take) but the only problem is I dont know if it's different enough to warrant a buy (personally it doesnt...
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    Re: Most hated fragrance

    Azzaro PH. Smells awful and animalistic (in a bad way) even on older gentlemen. Why it gets so much love is beyond me. It's definetly not a crowd pleaser.
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    Re: New guy here, very lost!

    The absolute best way to buy colognes are by sampling at Sephora and when you find something you like BUY IT ONLINE! Icant stress it enough it saves you so much money! The best websites are...
  89. Re: I wonder if Fragrancenet sent me a fake VIW

    Looks just like my's all good. I wouldn't get to hung up on the fact that the card was missing. Their can be multiple possibilities why.
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    Re: Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    So I just received it today and not only is it genuine it's a batch from 2012 (not that the older ones are bad because I've heard creed's smell better as they age). Batch code is A3912M01. Anybody...
  91. Re: Cologne reccomendations for a highschool freshman?

    YSL L'Homme would be your best bet...I'm in high school as well and out of my 10 or so frags it's my signature. Girls love it, and you won't choke everybody in the room with your scent like 1 million...
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    Re: Versace Eros thoughts and takes?

    Eros is a great scent for the general public (haha I wouldn't include basenoters in that because I would like to think we're somewhat of an elite group of connoisseurs of fragrance who actually have...
  93. Re: Looking for a bright, energetic fragrance

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    Re: Dior homme intense ! ! !

    From what you mentioned I wanted to originally recommend 1 million...but inside my highschool they always crank the heat so its super hot inside and heat and 1 million just don't mix well for me-but...
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    Re: Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    Himalaya was a Deal of the Week all last week (ended yesterday) for $114 plus they had a coupon for 25% (MYFAMILY25) on certain items (excluded Chanel, Dior, Gucci and a couple other smaller brands)...
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    Himalaya for $86. Worth it?

    I just blind-bought a 4 oz. bottle of Creed Himalaya from Beauty Encounter for $86. I've never smelt this frag before, let alone any Creed, but I couldn't resist a deal this good. I have a solid...
  97. Re: Teen frags and questions (Longer post)

    Hey i'm highschool as well and have some experience with fragrances so ill give you some advice. It sounds like you got some money on your hands and want to dress and smell the part. If you want to...
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    Re: What are your favourite clothing brands?

    Lacoste for more dressier occasions and Abercrombie for whenever. Both quality clothing at reasonable prices compared to many other brands.
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    Re: What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    Aqua Fahrenheit for sure-you can smell the quality ingredients just like every other Dior. I know DHS isn't an aquatic but it is without a doubt the absolute BEST designer summer frag.
  100. Re: Guess Homme Seduction Blue: YSL La Nuit de L'Homme, you got CLWNED

    I smelled this once a long time ago and I honestly don't see where you're coming from...but this was of course before I bought my bottle of La Nuit so I didn't have anything to compare it to. I guess...
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