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    Re: Balance, Peace of Mind, Tranquility

    The most calming, centering scents I know are Diptyque Tam Dao (beautiful sandalwood) and DSH Chinoise (a sandalwood heart surrounded by white camphor, cedar and oud).
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    Re: Winter scents that are green?

    I'll add Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate, which has a green opening and an ambery drydown.
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    Re: Advice in New York City?...

    Arlecchino, the only scents that make me think of pickling spices are L'Artisan's Dzongkha and Timbuktu, both in the far drydown. I guess Bertrand Duchaufour has a thing for pickling spices.:) I...
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    Re: see your drobes

    Bless you, Grant!
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    Re: see your drobes

    Grant, I would be much obliged if you could enable basic wardrobe editing for me. My wardrobe has gone through many changes in real life, and my wardrobe page here needs to reflect them ... out with...
  6. Re: Turin and Sanchez on Good Morning America?

    Then I guess it *is* OK to post links! lol Thanks, SoCalWoman!
  7. Re: Turin and Sanchez on Good Morning America?

    I TiVo'ed it but had no idea how to get the segment from my TiVo to my computer so I could upload it. Fortunately, a generous MUAer (IrisLA) also taped it and figured out how to get it uploaded to...
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    Re: How many can you test?

    My rule has always been that four is the maximum number I can skin-test in one outing and not get totally confused. I'll blotter-test dozens but then carefully select four to apply, one on each wrist...
  9. Re: Turin and Sanchez on Good Morning America?

    I can confirm it. I caught their segment right before I left for work; it started at around 8:45 am Eastern time. They were interviewed by Robin Roberts, and there was an impressive display of...
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    Re: L'Artisan recommendations?

    I love the L'Artisan line and have to put in a plug for one of my favorites, Bois Farine. It's a really unusual scent that dries down to an almondy skin scent on me. Given your liking of Cashmere...
  11. Re: Suggestions for "Clean, Fresh, and Barely Perceptible" Women's Fragrance

    I'll second many of the recs already made, especially Gendarme, which I wear in non-fragrance situations (dr. appointments, et al) and dare anyone to say I smell of anything more than soap! Also...
  12. Re: What's the blandest, most blah scent you've tried?

    A lot of modern fragrances -- maybe most -- are so unmemorable that they go in one nostril and out the other, including some of the ones already mentioned here. They're pleasant, inoffensive, totally...
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    Re: autumn/winter wedding -fragrance ideas?

    Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

    My main thought is you should go with a classic scent from Caron, Chanel or Guerlain, in pure parfum. The reason is simple: Whatever scent you choose, you...
  14. Re: Can this fragrance be saved? Help me layer Little Italy!

    Some reviews I've read of Little Italy have mentioned that it layers very well with a couple of other Bonds, namely New Haarlem (the coffee scent) and Chinatown. I don't have LI, so I haven't been...
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    Re: Revamped Je Riviens?

    Je Reviens Couture is the version that smells the most like the JR I wore back in the mid-seventies as a kid in high school. I love it!

    I have some vintage (pre-1945) JR in the Lalique stars...
  16. Re: Let's talk Patou! Cocktail, Chaldee, Colony, e

    Doc, call me crazy, but I find Normandie similar to Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar. Both soft, baby powdery Orientals.

    I'm afraid I haven't given L'Heure Attendue much attention. I'll have to...
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    Re: What is your favourite violet scent?

    Penhaligon's Violetta takes first place with me. I also love Le Dix and Jolie Madame, and like Lipstick Rose and DSH French Lipstick No. 3 and No. 4 (the most violety ones in the series).
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    Re: What has made you the most nauseated?

    I like Chinatown, but I know what you mean. From the first sniff, I recognized it as a scent that I would love in the right amount (sparing) and the right weather (cold and dry) but that could easily...
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    Re: Annick Goutal Mystery Fragrance

    My best guess is that it's Folavril. The notes in it are boronia, jasmine, mango and tomato leaves, so it definitely qualifies as a fruity floral. And there's something in it -- a certain mustiness,...
  20. Re: Let's talk Patou! Cocktail, Chaldee, Colony, e

    Turin also regards Caline highly, judging by his review of it (from

    Câline (Jean Patou)
    Jean Patou, one of the few firms still employing its own perfumer and by all accounts as...
  21. Re: Let's talk Patou! Cocktail, Chaldee, Colony, e

    I have Patou's Ma Collection set of minis and enjoy them all in varying degrees. The only one I have bought in full size is Caline, which is one of my favorite fragrances of all time. It's a soft,...
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    Re: Smelled Aromatics Elixir on a girl today

    <<what in the world is palmarosa?>>

    Isn't that where Ben, Hoss and Little Joe lived with their cook Hop Sing? :D
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