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  1. Sticky: Re: Scammer Alert and General marketplace advice UPDATE

    I have contacted back with Stuigi. I had well over 160 messages within an 8 hour period. The people that have paid for their products have been taken care of and will be shipped out tomorrow. My...
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    Re: your favorite designer pepper scent?

    Marc Jacobs Bang or, and i can't believe no one has said this but Burberry the Beat is a pepper/citrus type scent.
  3. Re: MuglerStoreUSA selling limited amount of Pure Coffee

    That is the problem that happened with the Pure Malt re-release hooplah being delayed one day. They forgot to email people, delayed it one day and sent out an email letting people know that it would...
  4. Re: MuglerStoreUSA selling limited amount of Pure Coffee

    You would think after two roll outs of limited edition product they would have this stuff down to a science but i guess we are wrong. If you've ever done research, TM's website is a modified version...
  5. Re: MuglerStoreUSA selling limited amount of Pure Coffee

    There must not be very savvy tech users in here. i have @MuglerCircle set up to send me text messages anytime the account tweets. So the very instant they posted info about the re-release I already...
  6. Re: A new, BETTER L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme????

    Honestly I don't understand how the subject of comparing Pardon and L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme is so harshly different on here just because there is a video that goes along with it. It's one man's...
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