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  1. Re: Gaultier2 - Is It Too Feminin For You?!

    WoW ! My mother, and my girlfriend uses Gaultier2. After that, I can't even dream about wearing it. Maybe when I am alone, but it lasts alot, and eventually I will be caught wearing it. I won't use...
  2. Re: Which is your favourite AXE ? (Warning: cheap fragrances !!!)

    You don't like my avatar ? Fine ! Tommorrow I will change it to Nasomatto's Duro. How about that. I't not cheap, and also I can't find it here. The bottle is well made too... Ok. One problem solved....
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    Re: Fragrance for sensitive man

    Fragrance for the sensitive man...
    Well let's see : Kouros ! Joop ! A*Men ! Rochas Man ! (Just kidding)
    You should try Habit Rouge or even Vetiver by Guerlain. I have heard alot of good things...
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    Re: KOUROS: Why all the hate?

    I had a wrond conception about fragrances. Calm, down, this is just a forum, guys, it has nothing to do with international relationsips or stuff.
    I now know that there is not a single scent that...
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    Re: KOUROS: Why all the hate?

    A controversial scent like this needs a reply like this. Sorry, if I offended someone, because americans first shoot you and then they judge you or think about it.
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    Re: KOUROS: Why all the hate?

    No, I hate the ones who hate Kouros, get it ?

    I know, America is a MUCH better country then Romania, but people have REALY BAD tastes there. They may be more civilized, they may have more money,...
  7. Re: Which is your favorite AXE ? (Warning: cheap fragrances !!!)

    Realy ?
    So, you say the best axe is Dark Temptation ?
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    Re: KOUROS: Why all the hate?

    How to make Kouros the best fragrance EVER:
    1. Use 2 sprays of Kouros on the neck from exactly 15 cm.
    2. Wait 6 hours
    3. Smell ! I guarantee that it will be the best scent you ever felt in your...
  9. Re: Which is your favourite AXE ? (Warning: cheap fragrances !!!)

    Yes, that was it. The only axe with chocolate is Dark Temptation. Dude, they tried to copy A*Men, the greatest perfume in the world.
  10. Which is your favourite AXE ? (Warning: cheap fragrances !!!)

    I know Axe is a VERY cheap and affordable fragrance, like Brut or Old Spice, but it is very good for it's price. Here's why people like it :
    1. It probably is the best price/quality fragrance EVER....
  11. Re: S o t D - Thursday, 25th February 2010

    Givenchy - Pi
  12. Re: Has a Fragrance Ever Made You Violently Ill?

    No, man, not violently ill, I say.
    One day I was very tired. I had to go to a friend. He said he has alot of fragrances and he wants me to see them. I got to his house and he had only 20 fragrances....
  13. Re: Jean Paul Gaultier has a new fragrance!!!

    Will it still make me puke ?
  14. Re: Weirdest place you've been complimented?

    I used 3 sprays of a very strong cologne I had (probably Kouros) just before going to school.
    After 6 hours I got home, put some new cloathes on and got out.
    After 1 hour playing basketball, I...
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    Re: SotD - Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

    Calvin Klein - Eternity Men all day
  16. Re: Look at your beautiful collection. I'll let you keep 3. You have 1 minute. Choose.

    I guess I'l have to go with:
    Rive Gauche
    Opium Pour Homme

    That's the best of what I have, sorry !
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    Poll: Re: Kouros vs Chanel Antaeus

    I put on Kouros EVERY DAY, without thinking. Before I go to work I use 2 or 3 sprays of Kouros. That's not much, and it doesen't give me a headache. If you use 3 sprays, you've got a bonus to...
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    Re: Best Bottle Design in the Universe!

    Without a doubt : Givenchy Pi
    Smells good too !
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    Re: Straight To Heaven by Kilian..

    Just take my simple advice: Don't buy a bottle, for anything on Earth. Buy a sample, if you can.
    trapper made that mistake of buying a bottle and he was very dissapointed after his first try.
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    Re: Straight To Heaven by Kilian..

    Too expensive for me...also, it seems to be highly controversial !
    I won't buy it. With that money, I can buy a bottle of Nasomatto Duro + a bottle of Rive Gauche or M7.
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    Poll: Kouros vs Chanel Antaeus

    I know, they may not smell the same, but I want to know which is better in terms of sillage, longevity and which smells better. They are both 80's fragrance.
    Which makes you feel more comfortable,...
  22. Do you like the new male scents from Yves Saint Laurent ?

    L' Homme
    La Nuit d' L' Homme

    I think they are ok, but if you read the reviews, many people say that they are not original like the other scents from YSL. There are alot of negative reviews, but...
  23. Why are ALL blue fragrances SO synthetic

    I just don't get that. All these perfumes are considered good.

    D&G Light Blue - all basenoters agree that it is synthetic
    Cool Water - Davidoff - It surely has synthetic notes
    A*Men - That is...
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    Re: On complements...

    I use fragrance every day.
    There hasn't been a single day in 2010 when I did not wear cologne. Realy !
    I used 6 sprays some days, but my colognes are realy strong.
    Strangely, I am not complimented...
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    Re: Oriental recommendations

    Jaipur EDP is my favourite oriental. Lasts 12 hours.
    Opium Pour Homme is good too.
  26. Re: The finest scent I can buy under 200 USD

    What is Amouage ?
    What is Montale ?
    What is Chergui ?
    I never heard of them
    Is 200 USD a very big sum in America ? You just gather the money for a few months. It's simple.
  27. The finest scent I can buy under 200 USD

    Any suggestions for the finest smelling scent under 200$ ? What's the best thing I can buy with that money.
    Remember : Only one fragrance, not 2 !
  28. Body Kouros (2000) vs Kouros (1981)

    My vote is for Kouros. Ir rocks !
    What's yours ? Please explain if you can.
    In terms of longevity, sillage and smell, of course.

    P.S. In longevity, surely Kouros is better.:D
  29. Re: What fragrances are you considering for purchase?

    200 ml Dior Fahrenheit
    100 ml Dior Homme
    Chanel Allure
    Mugler Cologne (not necesarily)
    D&G Pour Homme
    Green Irish Tweed
  30. Chanel Allure vs Platinum Egoiste vs Antaeus vs Pour Monsieur

    The best Chanel

    Longevity - which is the best ? which one lasts longer ?
    Sillage - which is the best ?
    Which one smells better ?

    I am realy interested of longevity and smell.

    The most...
  31. Re: Have you ever lied to somebody, to protect your Secret Scent?

    Yes, but only once, when I was young, only once.
    I was wearing Opium. It is quite affordable, so I didn't want my friends to use it too. I thought the girls were quite excited about it. I was...
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    Re: How Long Since Your Last Purchase?

    Rive Gauche - 3 days ago. Didn't order it. I just got to a store and bought it.
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    Re: Scent for a LIMO Driver?

    Green Irish Tweed
    Something long lasting, but not controversial
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    Poll: Re: Rive Gauche vs Escada Homme

    Rive Gauche !!!
    It's much better !
    Buy a big bottle and you will have a very good time. You could go out wearing this and end up drunk in some bed with some chick ! LoL. High school girls love it.
  35. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    +1 for Clive Christian No.1
    Has anybody tried niche ? They give you the most female compliments. For sure.
    No.1 is so complex... You just can't imagine how complex it is till you try it. Certainly...
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    Re: (confused) Which Polo Should I buy

    My friend told me that he was very dissapointed by Double Black and that he likes the original Polo.
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    Re: (confused) Which Polo Should I buy

    Thank you !
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    Re: Why do many people avoid niche?

    I wouldn't avoid niche, because they are so F* GOOD !
    You just collect money for a few months and you buy some niche perfums. That's simple.
    I buy niche from:
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    (confused) Which Polo Should I buy

    The Original Polo (Green Bottle)
    The Black Polo
    The Blue Polo
    The Double Black Polo
    Polo Explorer
    Polo Sport

    Well, my mind tells me I should buy the original Polo.
    What do you say ?
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    Re: Habit Rouge EDP

    I don't know if it costs that much too.
    It's strange, because on the picture it sais EDT and near the picture is sais EDP.
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    Re: Habit Rouge EDP

    Wow. Is this Habit Rouge EDP:
    IS THAT REAL or is it fake ?
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    Re: Best masculine hot summer fragrance

    11 - Cool Water - Davidoff
    10 - Acqua di GIO - Giorgio Armani
    9 - Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
    8 - Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
    7 - Fahrenheit - Christian Dior
    6 - l' eau d issey INTENSE - Yssey...
  43. Pictures of your biggest bottles 2010

    I am just curious how big can a bottle get.

    When a bottle of Creed (Vintage Tabarome 1 Liter) is bigger then a bottle of Jack Daniels, that means it must be seriously exagerated ! (probably lasts...
  44. Re: Pour Monsieur by Chanel discontinued!?!?

    No, I can buy it here in Romania right now !
  45. Re: Back when you were in high school with the budget you had back then, what would you buy?

    JOOP! is quite cheap
    Opium Pour Homme
    Chanel Allure
  46. Re: What fragrance did you wear to work the most in January?

    Opium Pour Homme
  47. Re: Correct places to apply cologe and how many sprays?

    OMG !
    I only use 2 sprays if there is a concencrated EDT and only on my neck or 3 for a normal one.
    My record is 4 ml EDT in one day (a 4 ml Calvin Klein Eternity mini !). Everybody noticed me. I...
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    Re: Worst fragrance EVER (yuck)

    WOW ! Some of you say Kouros, other Rive Gauche, others Angel ! I love those scents. I am very surprised. I agree with Terre d' Hermes. I tried it. It lasts alot, but it absolutly bores me to death....
  49. Re: I love patchouli ! Any suggestions ?

    I thought this costs a fortune.
    For example, No.1 by Clive Christian is 3300 USD or so, right ?
  50. Re: I love patchouli ! Any suggestions ?

    Can you buy PURE 100% patchouli oil ?
    How much does it cost in USD ?
  51. Poll: Re: Do you like the tobacco in Vetiver by Guerlain?

    LoL, if you take a cigar, and smell it, just smell it, you will like how it smells. Tobacco smells VERY GOOD if it is NOT smoked, belive me !
    Smokers don't feel the tobacco scent in Vetiver through.
  52. Re: I love patchouli ! Any suggestions ?

    Yes, I love Givenchy. I am planning on buying all Givenchy scents.
    More patchouli frags !
  53. I love patchouli ! Any suggestions ?

    Need a patchouli fragrance.
    Do you know any frag that has a strong patchouli note ?
    I already have Pi NEO, and it has patchouli from Indonesia. Also lasts for 8 hours.
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    Re: Honey Scent Suggestions

    Kouros has a great note of honey, about 10 minutes after you spray it.
    If you have a question about Kouros, people, then ask me ! I know everything about it !
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    I have another question:
    What the f is sillage ? What does it mean, man ? Dude, in every post someone sais that, but I don't know what it means. It must be silly, but I realy don't !
    Is it...
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    Re: Worst fragrance EVER (yuck)

    Yes, I realy like Angel. Kouros is also one of the best.
    I agree through that some CK frags are bad. Only Obsession, Obsession Night, Eternity, CK One are good. The rest (CK Free) are crappy.
  57. Re: I need a realy long lasting parfume ! Help !

    Thank god I have 3.3 fl.oz. Kouros !
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    Re: Worst fragrance EVER (yuck)

    Thank you for the information.
    Yes, I know cheap frags are usually bad, bacause, being cheap, they have synthetic oil, and are also low concentrated.
    Fake ones must be also bad.
    I need more...
  59. I need a realy long lasting parfume ! Help !

    I only accept EDC, EDT or EDP. I do not have the money to buy an extrait.

    So, what do you recommend me ? It must last for like 8 hours or so.

    Thank you !
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    Worst fragrance EVER (yuck)

    I am new to basenotes, so if there are other topics about this, then pls excuse me !

    I am just curious ! There are some ''parfums'' that are SO bad, that they make you puke, and give you a...
  61. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    So, Green Irish Tweed by Creed is the best. I have a serious problem finding it.
    In my country, Creed parfumes are very, very expesive. If you can buy 125 ml in America, in Romania you can buy only...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Well, I have a question :
    Is it ok to spray so much fragrance, that you actually smell ? (for example, you use 4 or 5 sprays, then you go out). I never did that, I am just curious.
  63. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    The first fragrance I ever bought gave me ALOT of compliments : KOUROS by Yves Saint Laurent. My family, then all my friends used to ask me what fragrance is this and said that it is very nice, then...
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