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    Re: SotD: Sunday 17th February 2013

    Hello all! Wow, Whitefluffy, awesome start to your day. I know that ebay-adrenaline-rush feeling too well...damn you Mona di Orio discontinued frags (which I see well represented here today in...
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    Re: SotD Saturday 9th February 2013

    Afternoon, everyone. Sending warm thoughts to everyone caught in the blizzard (also energizing ones for those who have to shovel all that snow...gah!!) SOTA is Opus III, it smells so lovely (and...
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    Re: Perfume for my Mom

    I second the Bottega Veneta recommendation. You might also try some Hermes-the Eau des Merveilles line (and the latest one, Ambre des Merveilles, though this might swing too sweet for your mom's...
  4. Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Thanks Genie Jeanie, and thanks so much for your kind words, Whitefluffy!! I'll definitely start posting more...try to more permanently de-lurk myself, and posting on the SOTD thread sounds like a...
  5. Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Hello all—I received the samples yesterday (thanks RHM!!) and am testing them all out tonight (and I. smell. awesome.) Dammit, I was hoping not to like any of these, since Tuberose generally doesn’t...
  6. Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums

    Hi RHM, I think it's me next--I'll PM you my address (though of course no rush--take your time with these). Though everyone's awesome, thorough, and across-the-board interesting reactions have me...
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    Re: Today I bought ~ January 2013

    I just ordered a bottle of Mona di Orio's Ambre (been lusting after this one awhile) for about $135 w/ shipping--happy very early birthday to me (at least that's how I'm justifying the purchase). ...
  8. Re: Have you seen Tonka Imperiale inside Nordstroms department stores?

    The Nordstrom in Nashville had a tester of Cuir Beluga for awhile recently (and usually they only have like 4-5 Guerlain frags. to test)...though you still had to special order bottles. So it might...
  9. Poll: Re: What is your favorite fragrance from Guerlain's L'Art et La Matiere?

    Cuir Beluga, and luckily for me I'm getting it as a late Christmas present from the Vegas boutique!! Bois d'Armenie's awesome too, though, and I have small decants of a few others...just wish the...
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    Re: Smell Bent - Holiday Happening Series

    I just got samples of 4 today, and have already tried all of them (I have a hard time with patience...)
    Dead of Winter was a freebie thrown in-I was hesitant about it because of the anise note (not...
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    Re: Perfume Treasure Hunt

    Sonoma Scent Studio's Jour Ensoleille has notes including orange blossom, neroli, tuberose, jasmine, beeswax absolute, labdanum absolute , myrrh, sandalwood, ambergris, vetiver, green leaves, oakmoss...
  12. Re: Mini Pass: The Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums (USA)

    Whitefluffy, thanks! And I certainly understand and am just fine with being last (or being bumped, if more than 7 people are interested). If I do end up being last in the pass, though, I'd be happy...
  13. Re: Mini Pass: Three Tuberoses of Histoires de Parfums (USA)

    Wow, this is so generous of you! I'm quite new on the site (I've been lurking for awhile and only posting occasionally in the online discounts section when I come across good sales), so I'm not sure...
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