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    Re: Scented fans? What do you think?

    I say fan harder, until perfumeophobe hardens up :D
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    Re: Alternative to Scent Strips?


    I find it perfect for testing fragrances. You can wave it past your head and it simulates smelling it on the breeze. I always found scent strips ridiculous for trying to incorporate the...
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    Re: Fragonard Billet Doux

    I have the edition in the gold bottle- without any frippery or frothiness- its simply a very warm and creamy carnation, with milky spices that dont bite. I find it shares similarities with D&G The...
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    Re: GUCCI discontinuations: THE WORD

    Only by a random Sales, correction, its now a Senior Sales Manager.
  5. Re: Fragrancenet Warning for International Buyers

    I have spoken to a Fragrancenet customer rep- but she couldn't really tell me exactly what the problem is. The possibilities she gave were:

    1) Unverified Paypal Address
    My response was, its not...
  6. Fragrancenet Warning for International Buyers

    I placed an order with Fragrancenet at 5:53pm NZ Time and at 10:30pm I received this email:

    Thank you for your recent
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    Re: fragrance for smokers

    Believe it or not, cigarette smoke can actually enhance a perfume. Its a little odd, its like the perfume realises its in threat of being extinguished due to the cigarette smoke, so it projects...
  8. Re: Do you know any perfumes with the note of crème brulée???

    hehe I meant rude awakening, as in one of those times you might kick yourself for having spent much more on one (Lexington) that smells incredibly similar to another cheaper one (In Control) :) I...
  9. Re: The Scent of Peace - is this a joke???

    And how boring would it be if everyone gushed about their favourites and never offered a contrasting opinion with scents they dislike. Theres nothing wrong with getting passionate about disliking a...
  10. Re: Do you know any perfumes with the note of crème brulée???

    Oh dear, this is going to be a rude awakening...Lexington is a direct copy of a Britney fragrance- In Control, which is way cheaper than Bond's overinflated prices.
    As an aside, Philosophy does an...
  11. Re: J***s C****t! A Tale of TERROR in the Perfume Biz

    ughhh the guy sounds like a creep! For someone who makes a million dollars a week in sales (his words) he sure likes to spend his time arguing in emails.

    And what an inspirational entrepreneur he...
  12. Re: New Fragrance: Serge Lutens - Jeux de Peau

    Finally got a sample and wow- that bread note right at the beginning is sublime! Like a buttery croissant. And its so fleeting, it appears and then quickly disappears like a rabbit down a hole in the...
  13. Re: EDT's destroyed--the tale of my mini-fridge

    I think this refrigeration business is all hype. As long as you store your fragrances in a dark cool place, there really is no need for refrigeration. Just as heat can be extreme, so too can cold.
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    Re: ** TABU ** your opinions please

    Adding to the Tabu love- it certainly has earned its place, I mean its still around after all these years.
    I love it, spicy, sweet, warm, musky, animalic, powdery and a little naughty. Sometimes I...
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    Re: Serge Lutens from Fragrancenet?

    I have ordered Lutens from strawberrynet and they are the real deal. Have compared them against existing bottles bought from my local high end department store. Fabulous prices!
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    Givenchy Hot Couture EDT or EDP?

    So I am intrigued at the sound of this and read the reviews on MUA, but of course, 98% of the reviews dont specify EDT or EDP. Most annoying.

    So I am hoping fellow BN'ers can offer a helping hand...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Womanity

    To me, Womanity is a combination of 4 scents:

    Wrapped with Love- Hilary Duff (Its true! Try it for yourself!)
    Light Blue- D&G
    Philosykos- Diptyque
    Secretions Magnifiques-ELDO

    And strangely...
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    Re: Angel on a budget?

    Have you considered buying a decant to tide you over? A split with someone? What about online places like fragrancex? How desperate/cash-strapped are you- considered an oil dupe? Spending money on...
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    Re: Juliette Has A Gun - what think you?

    edited: double post
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    Re: Juliette Has A Gun - what think you?

    I was quite disappointed- Miss Charming was nothing more than Stella McCartney, and Stella comes out on top.
    Citizen Queen was a somewhat moisture-infused version of Agent Provocateur, AP has a...
  21. Re: Scent for my daughter, turning 13 next month...

    I agree, everyone has their own idea of what 13yr should like and smell like, but they are individuals who have their own personality and preferences. Its better to encourage individual choice rather...
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    Re: Chanel No. 5 Eau Premier.

    Eau Premiere is absolutely beautiful. Sheer, soft, sparkling and gently radiant.
    Something that you would wear on a wedding day, easier to wear than No.5.
  23. Re: Delivery to Australia?

    New Zealand here and am still waiting on items ordered in April. Usually it would take 3-5 weeks max, but a number of us NZ'ers are still waiting on orders from as early as March. Fragrancex is of no...
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    Re: Scent of water recommendations?

    The closest I have come to a scent that evokes water on its own, is Black by Kenneth Cole.
    To me, its like a tall, cold glass of water. Pure, cool, and thirst quenching.
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    Re: Dior Dune -- Lay It On Me

    Dune evokes the feeling of the beach, without smelling like a typically beachy scent. No coconut, suntan lotion or cliche notes, instead focusing on the environmental oflactory association. Clean,...
  26. Re: Chergui - more on the masculine side, feminine or perfectly unisex?

    Perfectly androgynous. I love the way it goes milky sweet on me, and how its goes smoky on my partner.
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    Re: Newbie here and needs help

    Clean Ultimate might be an option for you, I recommend this one over the other Clean scents because I find it the most gentle and not as soapy as the others. As you seem quite sensitive to...
  28. Re: I need to seduce a girl, and quick. Please help.

    Tongue and cheek comments flying overhead lol

    Lets be real here, the girl is a primadonna who obviously needs a cup of cold water thrown at her to bring her down to earth. Whats scary is...
  29. Re: I need to seduce a girl, and quick. Please help.

    1) What is the best fragrance to seduce her from my list ? Money.
    2) Which seductive fragrance(s) can I buy with my money, and non-niche ? Hide your face and show her the money.
    3) Where should I...
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    Re: Cinnamon

    Serge Lutens, Rousse. Hands down.
  31. Re: Something Mystical About The Serge Lutens House!

    I am so glad someone else gets it!

    I find Lutens fragrances are on par with mini spiritual experiences.
    They just resonate, a deep hum activating all ones little pleasure chakras. I love the...
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    Re: Madonna to release her own perfume

    Madonna fan from way back here- but to be honest, I cringe at the idea. It doesn't sound like its going to be something she will collaborate on, more like something she will have someone else simply...
  33. Re: A Fragrance That Screams Summer At the Beach.

    Datura Noir by Serge Lutens is my beach scent of choice these days. I love the heliotrope in it, its so...clean. Its that 'beach clean' feel, you know, when you step out of the water and the sun...
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    Re: SotD Monday 8 March

    Tom Ford Black Orchid for me today :)
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