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  1. Re: Do You Have a Fragrance Simply Because it Reminds You of Someone?

    To dwell in the past, no. But to visit every once in a while is fine. Which is why I have a small bottle of Chanel No. 5 which belonged to my sainted mother. This little bottle was given to her by...
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    Re: What are Your Thoughts on Armani Code?

    An excellent fragrance. Code has not quickly become one of the best-selling men's fragrances for no reason: it is very well-done.
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    Re: Terre D'hermes drydown smells like marijuana

    Keep in mind that while "skin chemistry" can give different indulividuals different experiences with the same fragrance, especially in the drydown, an individual's "skin chemistry" -- which is...
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    Re: Monsters of longevity and sillage

    Bulgari Extreme is the strongest I have.
  5. Re: Which inexpensive "drug store" fragrances do you own?

    I like Aqua Velva Blue Ice. It's a shame that it only lasts about ten or fifteen minutes. But is is probably the best per-dollar fragrance going.
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    Re: Fake Terre d'Hermes

    How unfortunate. I happen to be enjoying TdH as the SOTE tonight. I haven't worn it yet this calendar year and am wondering why that is true.
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    Re: Economics of Niche Perfumery

    The Internet has fuel demand for "niche" or "artisan" products in practically every market. Products that used to be available only in specialty stores in major cities can not be discovered and...
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    Re: Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire.

    This fragrance is one of the most dynamic I have experienced. By that I mean that each wearing is different. It's a little unpredictable, but, on the other hand, it's not boring. I like it very...
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    Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    Longevity is huge, 14-18 hours for me.

    It is a very classy fragrance and a personal favorite of mine.
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    Re: Received fake Le Male off ebay... What to do

    Yes. Take pictures before you send it back so that you have proof if there was any question later. AND, before you send it back, take a permanent marker and write "counterfeit" in big letters on...
  11. Re: Eau de Guerlain - Eau Sauvage - Chanel Pour Monsieur - Which One Do You Like The Most

    I have never tried the Guerlain, but I do have a enjoy both the Chanel and the Dior. Those two are very different and so it is hard to choose between them. But, if I did have to choose, I would...
  12. Re: Help me out here I am in the USA and can NOT find chanel pour monsieur The Real One.NOT CONCENTR

    The scented monkey has it
  13. Re: Charlie Sheen's Coming Out With A New Men's Cologne

    Hmmmm... A boozy top note, I'm sure.
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    Re: Fragrance Impressions From My 8 y/o Son

    So, when is this kid gonna start his YouTube fragrance review channel?
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    Re: this is gonna sound noobish, but.....

    And I concur.
  16. Re: Initial thoughts on Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme

    I'm a fan. A great summer fragrance. And "Extreme" is a good name for it.
  17. Re: What Is The Definition Of Masculine In Fragrance?

    Aside from obvious anatomical accomodations, is there any difference between "masculine" and "feminine" in clothing? One might like to academically say that there shouldn't be, realistically there...
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    Re: Jean-Paul Guerlain Exrteme Racist

    So, what is it like to live under a rock?

    Seriously, anyone who would judge a man based on one word is, in my opinion, pretty sad himself. The man in question is eighty-some years old. Times...
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    Re: Mythical version of Monsieur de Givenchy?

    My Scent-of-the-Day for today, Monsieur de Givenchy, Mythical Range. Barely a civet note at all. Beautiful fragrance.
  20. Re: Best magazine for the most male fragrence Samples/Ads?

    Exactly, and very well said. I have never been attracted to a fragrance by one of those scented magazine ads. In several cases I have come across ads for fragrances I know and have been shocked by...
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    Re: Memory Fragrance

    Chanel No. 5... my sainted mother's favorite. This is unfortunate for me because the memory effect is quite strong and the scent is fairly common. There have certainly been times when I have...
  22. Re: A masculine Green Chypre (or one that a man can wear)

    I'm sure that my colleague, Mr. bokaba, is, of course, referring to the original, 1955 Chanel Pour Monsieur, not the Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree which was introduced in 1989. The 1955 version is...
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    Re: Prada Amber Intense vs Dzing!

    I first assumed that this thread somehow escaped from that "Let's make up silly perfume thread titles" thread.

    I have tried both the Prada Amber Intense (one of the most boring fragrances I've...
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    Re: The Weirder the Better

    Sonoma Scent Studios Fireside Intense. The name says it all.
  25. Re: A masculine Green Chypre (or one that a man can wear)

    Monsieur de Givenchy ... especially from the Mythical Range.
  26. Re: I can't buy another fragrance for at least four months!

    Yes, isn't that a very telling post. Skimp on the "unnecessary extras" so that you can buy... perfume. Only a basenotes member could think that, much less say that. I guess that's why we're all...
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    Re: If possible, would you download fragrances?

    The problem is that there actually isn't one formula for most perfumes. Every batch has to be tweaked a little bit because the ingredients -- even synthetics -- vary a little from batch-to-batch. ...
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    Re: Tom Ford Dilemma

    With any expensive scent, it's best to try before you buy. Ten bucks spent with the Perfumed Court may save you a lot.
  29. Re: Perfume is like Wine, Creed says. Interview with Erwin Creed in my local paper this morning.

    I find many parallels between perfume and wine.
  30. Re: Where to buy 1ml and 2ml (empty) glass sample phials cheap ?

    I've had fine results with When you want to buy hundreds of something, don't pay retail. Call them up and ask for a price quote.
  31. Re: P*ssed Off with French Arrogance !!! LVMH B*STARDS

    I like LVMH Group. Some of my favorite things come for LVMH Group.
  32. Re: New To Collecting - Blind bought a few things but not 100% confident I will smell MANLY.

    One to sample that might work for you is Xeryus.
  33. Thread: Patchouli

    by Gollnick

    Re: Patchouli

    In my very limited experience, I have found Patchouli to be one of the broadest notes out there. By this I mean that it can take many different -- yet connected -- scents. Some Patchouli is...
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    Re: Screw Longevity - Spray Vials Rule!!!

    I do not understand and I reject The Cult of Longevity.

    Some notes tend to make for a long-lasting fragrance. A strong, good-quality amber note, for example, usually makes for a long-lasting...
  35. Thread: UPS problems

    by Gollnick

    Re: Help!! UPS rejected my shipment...

    You just ran into a silly agent. Just take the package back and submit it again.

    Most perfumes are alcohol-based and are quite flamable IF ignited. But they are not unstable or explosive. UPS...
  36. Re: What the heck happened to my bvlgari aqva??? Scent changed, explanation please...

    All pump spray bottles "leak." They have to. When the liquid goes out, something has to come in. If it doesn't them you have a vacuum... and that just won't work. So, as liquid goes out, air...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    I like AA. It is more incense than amber for me, but a great scent once you get past the name. It is a powerful scent and long-lived -- Tom Ford's stuff tends to be both -- and so one or two sprays...
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    Re: Making a sample...

    Keep in mind that the purpose of the sample at Nordstrom -- or any other store -- is that you should use it in the next few days to see if you like the scent in question. These samples are not...
  39. Re: Lady Gaga's fragrance

    Would someone please explain this "Lady Gaga" person/phenomenon for me?

    Yes, in some ways, I do live under a rock. My life is a bit of a common cultural semantic dearth.

    As far as I can...
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    Re: Scent Cards at Home?

    Accessories for Fragrance has them and they are inexpensive. But you can also just use good paper. Smell the paper first and select stock which has no significant fragrance of its own, of course. ...
  41. Re: UNBREAKABLE: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's New Unisex Fragrance

    Yeah... but the published notes rarely sound bad. Maybe I'm not so good, but I can't tell much from published notes; I am often deceived by them.
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    Re: Keeping it a secret...

    It depends on context of the question. If a friend asks confidentially, I will say, perhaps, "Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur. You can get it at The Perfume House on SE Hawthorn. If you really like...
  43. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur; Is it possible to over-apply?

    Original CPM -- not the recently-added Concentree version -- is not known as a sillage/projection monster. That's just the way it is. If what you're after is mile-long sillage, then CPM is just not...
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    Re: DIY Decanting help

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to clean even a glass vial well enough because even on a glass vial, some internal parts of the atomizer are always plastic.

    Fortunately, brand new vials are...
  45. Re: Bulgari Pour Homme, Extreme, and Soir: Which one do you like most?

    Extreme is great; it is extreme. Soir I did not like,
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    Re: Nautica Voyage: Wow

    The problem with original Nautica is that it lasts maybe a half-hour. Otherwise, it's very good.

    Nautica of course makes mass-market-appeal fresh, nautical/aquatic scents as their mainline...
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    Re: What's in your gym bag?

    Inasmuchas the Right Guard promises "Total Defense," I assume the gun is for offensive use.
  48. Re: So where does aftershave fall when compared to EDT, EDP, EDC and who knows what else is out

    Unfortunately, there are no uniform technical standards for these things.

    Classically, when a gentleman finished his shave, he needed a) an astringent to tighten skin and close pore, b) a cooling...
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    What's in your gym bag?

    I typically workout late in the day so whatever I applied in the morning is faded. But, I like having a nice fragrance around me while exercising.

    Right now, in my gym bag, I have Dzongkha...
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    Re: A GREAT Surprise!

    Ethically, you should call the seller up and tell them that you have received the product but have not seen the charge against your account.
  51. Re: I've been asked to stop wearing fragrance, what would you do?

    Sounds a bit... well... crabby... bipolar... moody...
  52. Re: Sort of Interesting Top-10 List: Most Expensive Fragrance

    My guess is that this is one of those lists that you pay to get on as an advertising stunt. Otherwise, it's not well-researched.

    I am no expert at high-end perfumes, even low-end for that...
  53. Re: I've been asked to stop wearing fragrance, what would you do?

    A few rows ahead? No way it was you. Ignore the comment.

    But, I might have replied, "Oh no! How bad off are you? Shall I call an ambulance? (While taking cell phone out of pocket and...
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    Re: Fragrances as art:

    Absolutely perfume can be a form of art.
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    Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur

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    Re: Fake Roadster ?

    While the perfume may be entirely authentic, the distribution channel it followed to get to you may not be entirely authorized. Someone saw the need to remove some marking which the manufacture uses...
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    Re: Vote for your favorite Chanel Men Fragrance

    From the OP's list: Pour Monsieur EDT
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    Re: Does Spanish Fly really exist?


    If such a thing did exist and work as the OP describes as a perfume note, do you think it would be possible in this day and age of the internet for it to be kept a secret for more than --...
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    Re: TOP 5 best colognes for a 17 year old guy

    At 17, he's a young man now. Maybe it's time for something just a bit more mature.

    Eau Sauvage is the answer.

    Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label would be a good option too that is not so...
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    Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    It's not simple amber (get Ambre Extreme for that) but is very amber-centric. It adds some balsam and some gentle herbs. It is -- as amber-centric scents often are -- sweet, but not syrup-sweet. ...
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    Re: Why do I ever wear anything else?

    Life is too long to wear the same fragrance everyday.
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    Re: John Varvatos' Fragrances

    Original JV is great, IMHO.

    I LOVE Artisan; it is short-lived, but I get about 3-4 hours out of it. I've described it as olfactory haiku. It's short, but it's beautiful and profound while it...
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    Re: Do fine wine aficionados wear frags ?

    Wearing a strong fragrance to a wine tasting or "wine event" would be a MAJOR faux pas. It's not done.

    On the other hand, I do find significant parallels between wine and perfume and the...
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    Re: Which fragrance has the most notes?

    Keep in mind that just because a note appears on the list doesn't mean that it will be strongly present in the finished fragrance. Many notes are quite subtile. Instead of bringing a blast of their...
  65. Re: So I just received my first ever batch of samples...

    And please don't apologize for giving some small details about your thoughts and experiences with each fragrance; I wish more people would do that.
  66. Re: So I just received my first ever batch of samples...

    Don't give up on vetiver entirely. The Guerlain Vetiver is a very old-school take on that note. Try Tom Ford's Gray Vetiver; it's a more modern approach to vetiver.
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    Re: Ambre Sultan or Amber Absolute?

    Very different fragrances. AS is very hot and very dry. AA (misnamed in that there's a lot more than Amber going on here) is more incense than amber.

    AS is a fragrance that is a bit of an...
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    Re: I aim to smell mean.

    And you get about ten feet of sillage on that one.

    Seriously, I suspect that you're expecting a...
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    Re: Scented Monkey


    "Ahhh... Hello. Is the The Scented Monkey?"

    "Ummm... yes."

    "Oh good. I see that you have Chanel Pour Monsieur. Is that the 1955 EDT version or the 1989 Concentree version? The...
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    Re: Mythical version of Monsieur de Givenchy?

    I have never tried the original MdG, but I have and love the Mythical Range. The civet is barely perceptible.
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    Re: Fragrance while wearing all black

    True. But all-black is a sort of statement.

    I might to Ambre Extreme or TdH.
  72. Re: Synthetic Ingredients and potential health concerns (Yes, even you Creed).

    As Joe Jackson said, "Everything gives you cancer, there no cure, there's no answer."
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    Re: Le Male Owner's

    I do not own Le Male. I sampled it and found it very nice, but nothing extraordinary.

    As to the lack of a cap, the concern is either evaporation or oxidation. But there is a sort of "cap" which...
  74. Re: Some help for a 45 year old male, needs a new cologne

    Monsieur de Givenchy -- Mythical Range.
  75. Re: Why are there so many parfum houses and parfumes?

    Here on Oregon, there are a lot of wineries these days.

    Back in the "old days," a winery was a big thing. To be a winery, you needed acres of vineyards, a facility for doing the entire process...
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    Re: Can a teen where A men pure malt

    Get a sample -- spluge a few bucks and buy one if necessary -- try it out and ask a few girls what they think.
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    Re: Monsieur de Givenchy "Haute Concentration"?

    I have MdG Mythical Range and I love it. I'd love to try this Vintage, Haute Concentration version.
  78. Re: how do i know my Givenchy - Pi Neo is authentic

    How to tell if it's fake? Simple: buy only through authorized channels. Yes, it may cost a few bucks more, but it eliminates the whole fakes problem.
  79. Re: Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March 2011

    What should the new fragrance be called? Michael Jackson for Men? No... somehow, I just don't think so. Other ideas?
  80. Re: Fragrance for High School Dance (Homecoming)? Help Choose!

    Armani Code would be a good choice. If you're taking a specific lady, you might want to feel here out (no, not that way! Later.) about what she would like on you.

    Also consider what's popular...
  81. Re: Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March 2011

    Supposedly, he had a whole drawer full of 'em.
  82. Re: Michael Jackson Fragrance Line To Debut In March 2011

    Maybe this time the charities will actually get something.

    Seriously, I am always skeptical of these "portion of the proceeds" things. Just EXACTLY what "portion" is that, pray tell? All...
  83. Re: I just blind bought Musk Koublai Khan (MKK Spray version)

    MKK is not one I would usually suggest for a blind-buy. But, in your case, you will probably be ok.
  84. Re: has anyone tried John Varvatos Artisan "black" ?

    I love Artisan and so was excited to try Black. On the card, Black smell great. I was eager to buy it, but the SA insisted I take home a sample and try it on a few times. I'm thankful for that. ...
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    Re: Is Nautica Oceans really water based?

    It certainly seems water-based. Going on, it feels like water and it takes a long time to dry.

    The scent is nice; I like it.

    Nautica has been in the fragrance business for, I suspect, at...
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    Re: Your response to "The Question"?

    "A little something I have sent from time to time from a small shop I know in Paris. I'm glad that you like it. Maybe we should go there together sometime and see if they have something for you?"
  87. Re: Do dads tell their growing boys about fragrance?

    A father should teach his son about a lot of things. Some are little graces, how to tie a tie or open a bottle of wine. Some are important for life in our society, such as how to manage your money....
  88. Re: Do you think a plastic surgery to the nose might cause a detirioration in the smelling sense?

    Several years ago, science discovered some scent receptors on the center will inside the nose. They are specific to sexual phermones (sp?) and whether or not they do much is unknown. But, they are...
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    Re: Having sex with cologne on

    Most perfumes contain a chemical called Denatonium. It's not on the notes list because it it odorless. It is, however, literally the bitterest substance know. Denatonium is the reason why perfumes...
  90. Thread: Incense

    by Gollnick

    Re: Incense

    While the name may not lead you to it, Tom Ford Amber Absolute is a very incense scent. Also Dzongkha is a incensey.
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    Re: Question about Samples

    It is my policy to buy from the store and -- if possible -- the clerk who gave me a sample. If I purchase a sample, then I am at large to purchase the product wherever I like.
  92. Re: Bond No. 9 demanding PerfumedCourt stop selling decants

    I'm not a lawyer. But I really can't understand the legal situation here. If I sell my car, can I list it in the paper as a Mercedes Benz without Mercedes suing me? If I'm wearing a Bond No. 9...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    Amber Absolute is a bit of a misleading name, isn't it? It does have a healthy dose of incense. It's a great scent, just a bit mis-named. If it's Amber you want, try Amber Extreme; that is pure...
  94. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree - Great Smelling and Easy to Find

    I got the original through Scented Monkey My understanding is that Chanel still makes both versions and that they market Concentree in some markets and the original in...
  95. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree - Great Smelling and Easy to Find

    I should like to add that the original is very much a chyphre in the same school as Eau Sauvage or Monsieur de Givenchy. The Concentree, with its dose of vanilla, walks up to the line between...
  96. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree - Great Smelling and Easy to Find

    I own both and like both very much. While they certainly are similar, they are distinctly-different fragrances and you definitely can have both without overlap.

    The original is dry -- not...
  97. Re: Forget Tom Ford's Private Blends, I have something better...

    I don't agree with all of your conclusions, but I do like your style.
  98. Re: What's an excellent long lasting scent for a 17 year old that everyone will notice?

    Keep in mind that if you want to smell different than everyone else around you, if you want to stand out a bit (and a fragrance will only help a small bit, if the truth be told), then you can't shop...
  99. Re: DJ Gig of a Lifetime that could make my career - What do I wear?

    This thread is an excellent example of how these "work place fragrance" threads absolutely need to contain some information about what kind of work you do and the environment you'll be in. If the OP...
  100. Re: What should I try next/ what will "complete" my collection

    There is only one thing which "completes" any collection... collection of any kind:
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