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  1. Re: Gucci Pour Homme you smell like wood-chipper chips, brick ovens, and burned wicks!

    Not only will you like it, it will completely ruin other woody scents for you.
    It puts them all to shame. It's literally cedar in a bottle, with just a touch of vanilla.
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    Re: Imperial Millesime

    Apparently Sean John Unforgivable and Ed Hardy Love and Luck are both pretty decent knockoffs of MI, and they're way cheaper.
  3. Re: Cologne that smells like Irish Green Soap/Out of the shower cologne.

    Sung Homme for sure.
    Also, people say Bijan Nude for Men smells exactly like that freshly showered soapy skin smell.
    Both are absolutely dirt cheap on Fragrancenet.
  4. Re: Girlfriend finally loves a scent on me!

    You should explore the Tommy Bahama line.
  5. Re: Do you feel 'happier' when you buy more fragrances? If so, why/why not?

    On a related note, I love the seasonal changes and getting to rediscover scents I haven't worn in 6 months.
    Sprayed on Mugler A*Men this week for the first time since probably March... Heaven.
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    Re: Most dreary fragrance?

    I dunno, people call Czech and Speake No 88 gothic, but to me it smells like hotel bar soap. Not exactly dreary.
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    Re: Most dreary fragrance?

    Terre d'Hermes has kind of an overcast sky, wet leaves, autumnal sort of vibe to it.

    Montale Aoud Cuir díArabie smells absolutely ghastly and oppressive, but may not be what you're looking for.
  8. Re: Do you feel 'happier' when you buy more fragrances? If so, why/why not?
  9. Re: Do you feel 'happier' when you buy more fragrances? If so, why/why not?

    I do get a happy feeling from adding to my collection, but for me it's not really about working towards some big inclusive collection, I'm quite selective... It's taken me almost 3 and a half years...
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    Re: What is the most sterile fragrance?

    YSL M7 smells uncannily like that weird and distinctive sterilized doctor/dentist smell.
    I've heard people say the same thing about Sean Jean unforgivable too, but I haven't personally sniffed this...
  11. Re: What is the most futuristic fragrance?

    Oh, also, Chrome Legend.
  12. Re: What is the most futuristic fragrance?

    Jesus Del Pozo Quasar is easily the most futuristic fragrance I've ever smelled.

    Also, I've not personally smelled it, but I've seen a lot of people say that Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet for men...
  13. Re: I just got bombarded for my Pure Malt!

    Cold probably won't harm it (although I'd be careful about leaving it in below freezing temps), but leaving juice somewhere it gets hot is seriously bad news.
    I do not advise doing that.
  14. Re: ORIGINAL SANTAL from

    Fragrancenet never sells counterfeit stuff, don't worry about that.

    However, my bottle of New Haarlem came in an already opened box, with a little bit of juice missing, even though it wasn't...
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    Re: tropical fruits fragance?

    Polo Black and Polo Double Black both have mango in them.
    Dolce & Gabana The One is generally described as having a very tropical fruit smell to it.

    Also, not exactly what you asked for, but...
  16. Re: I just got bombarded for my Pure Malt!

    Please tell me you don't leave cologne in your car when it's cold or hot out. :(
  17. Re: Post millennium fragrances that smell like classic powerhouses

    Gucci pour Homme
  18. Re: Gucci Pour Homme you smell like wood-chipper chips, brick ovens, and burned wicks!

    It reminds me of the smell of walking into a friend's self-built log cabin, or opening an unvarnished chest of drawers.
    Completely ensconced in cedar... I've never smelled a more realistic wood...
  19. Re: Which cologne to get based on a few questions?

    Versace Dreamer would be a sure fit for you. Has an intellectual bookworm/poet, borderline effete vibe to it.
    Czech and Speak No 88 is also probably very close, but it's well above the pricepoint...
  20. Re: Pure Malt-my short love hate relationship

    Suit yourself man. Can I have your bottle?

    I've received tons of compliments while wearing heavy amounts (3-5 sprays) of "cloying", "overpowering" scents like A*Men, Pure Malt, 1 Million, New...
  21. Re: Bleu de Chanel is starting to become the Aqua di Gio of this error

    He did say "starting to become".
  22. Re: Tell me the notes that just don't work for you

    Ginger and lavender.

    Lavender = bug spray
    Ginger = pencil shavings

    I like a few fragrances that have lavender in a supporting role, but I've yet to find a scent with a prominent ginger that I...
  23. Re: Has Mugler A*Men actually been reformulated?

    They're claiming it was done very recently, as in the last few years, though.
  24. Has Mugler A*Men actually been reformulated?

    People on Fragrantica, and to a lesser degree here, are insistent that it has been toned down, the tar is less powerful, and the sillage and longevity were scaled back.
    I bought my bottle sometime...
  25. Re: Alternative to Tobacco Vanille (with less spice)

    I don't think they smell extremely similar literally, but Burberry London is another tobacco fragrance that people say smells very "Christmassy". Might be worth your time to check out.
  26. Re: The reasons why the majority of BN members don't layer

    I just don't think layering yields good results, unless you're dealing with two extremely simple and safe scents to begin with.
    Aquatics for instance. Layering citrus with more citrus? Safe enough...
  27. Re: Am I the only one that LOVES the tar in A*Men?

    Thanks for the suggestion and reminding me, this one has been on my to-test lest for a while now, really ought to get around to it.
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    Re: Women aren't monolithic

    Men wear cologne to impress/attract the opposite sex? Shocking revelation! Those misogynist bastards...
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    Re: Next Bond no9 fragrance

    New Haarlem
    Best gourmand you'll ever smell.
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    Re: Fragrances that people around you hate

    I've literally never had one negative bit of feedback about any scent I've worn, never noticed any dirty looks either.
  31. Am I the only one that LOVES the tar in A*Men?

    The opening and first 30 or so minutes of this stuff is my favorite part, smells like the darkest chocolate ever with a spicy punch of cinnamon.
    Find myself wishing it hung around longer, to be...
  32. Re: Which of these 80s powerhouses should I get?

    Are Oscar de la Renta or CK Obsession also worth considering?
  33. Which of these 80s powerhouses should I get?

    On paper I like the idea of finding a strong, hyper-masculine, woody-spicy-animalic-brutish scent, but it hasn't worked often in execution.
    I've sampled probably 50 of these damn things... From...
  34. Re: On the search for a Winter scent for the night

    Pure Malt.

    But in terms of warmness, nothing makes me feel as comfy in freezing cold weather as the original A*Men.
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    Re: What's closest to human skin??

    A fragrance will smell the same on your skin as on anyone else's, the whole "body chemistry" thing is an unfounded myth.

    If you want a more accurate impression of how something will smell to other...
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    Re: What's closest to human skin??

    Bijan Nude?
  37. Re: Suggest some old school fragrances. Pre 1950s.

    Eau D'Hermes
    Rochas Moustache
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    Re: Best lemony/citrus fragrance?

    If you think something a little more lemon-drop candy smelling might interest you, definitely check out Black XS L'Exces.
    Great projection and longevity, works all year round.
  39. Re: Which perfume of these ones you like the best?

    1 Million has gotten me more unsolicited compliments than any other fragrance so far.
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    Re: AnimalHouse: your favourite animalic!

    I freaking love Antaeus.

    Does Musc Ravageur qualify as animalic?
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    Re: Best fresh/aquatic fragrance?

    Nautica Voyage (you can get this for like $15 on fragrancenet)
    Kenzo Homme
    Bulgari Aqua
    Jesus Del Pozo Quasar

    And, if you're not afraid to break the bank, Creed Aventus.
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    Re: Next purchase help?

    Chanel Antaeus
    Interlude Man
    Polo (the green stuff)
    Tuscan Leather
    Ungaro III
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    Re: Next purchase help?

    Are you open to any price point?
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    Re: Next purchase help?

    GPH II has pretty horrible longevity and sillage, definitely not an option.
    CDG 2 Man seems to be about average in that area.

    DHI is very powerful, but it's not extremely manly, pretty sweet and...
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    Re: Signature scent for twenty-something guy

    Chanel Antaeus

    Old-school squeaky clean barbershop soap meets filthy incense. Very manly, versatile enough to work anywhere (easy on the trigger in summer), fantastic sillage and longevity, and...
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    Re: Canít Decide

    Firm vote for DHI
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    Re: What's Missing From My Wardrobe?

    Lots of "distinguished gentleman" type scents in your lineup, I'd say you have that base thoroughly covered... How about throwing some younger, gaudier stuff into the mix? Joop is a step in the right...
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    Re: Sigarette ash

    Oh, also, I've heard people say the "ashtray" thing about Tuscan Leather before, but I dunno where you'd have found a tester bottle of that.
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    Re: Sigarette ash

    Maybe Polo Green or Quorum?
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    Re: Favorite scents around $30?

    I forgot the most obvious choice, btw...
    Cool Water
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    Re: Silly hypothetical question just for fun

    I've worn 5 sprays routinely, but it was freezing or below outside.
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    Re: Favorite scents around $30?

    The best cheapies I've tried or bought so far:
    Jesus Del Pozo Quasar
    Kenzo Homme
    Nautica Voyage ($15!!!)
    Dunhill Desire
    Tommy Hilfiger Tommy

    I've yet to smell these ones, but they're...
  53. Re: Realizing I really like Vanilla, what am I missing

    Musc Ravageur is a nuclear bomb of vanilla and tonka, definitely worth your attention.

    Gucci pour Homme might be worth a look too.
    It's a softer vanilla than a lot of the fragrances mentioned...
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    Best modern fresh fragrances?

    I've yet to find one I really like enough to keep around, and this seems like a huge oversight for my collection.
    I like Jesus Del Pozo Quasar a lot, but it's so offbeat. I figure there must be some...
  55. Re: Recommendations to expand my collection?

    So I ended up buying these three.

    Altamir - Appealing because it's cheap, virtually unknown, and the bottle looks amazing.
    Tommy - Got a sample, just enjoyed the way this one smelled, and...
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    Re: Cant find a cologne that I love

    The reason you like Voyage and associate with it feeling alive/youthful/excited could be the synthetic fruit smell.
    On that note, I have two suggestions for you.

    Dunhill Desire - cheap and not...
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    Re: Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    I ended up getting a sample vial of them both off ebay, here are my thoughts.

    Tommy - Reminds me a little of Gucci by Gucci pour homme (which I didn't like), but unlike Gucci by Gucci it's not...
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    Re: Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    Good, fewer people wearing it. :thumbup:
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    Re: Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    I've already been with the hobby for a few years. I own 15 carefully picked bottles at the moment, I've owned another 21 bottles that I've either used up or given away, and in the past couple years...
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    Re: Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    That's a bit of a hasty generalization... I haven't looked into any of their other scents, but I actually happen to love Nautica Voyage.
    I mean, Maurice Roucel made it, can't be all bad, haha.
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    Re: Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    So it's not worth it to own both?
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    Boss Bottled vs Tommy Hilfiger Tommy?

    Both of these fragrances are described as smelling like apple pie.
    Both are also said to be major compliment getters.
    Are they similar enough to eachother that owning them both would be redundant?...
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    Re: Name That Cologne

    Even with extensive googling I couldn't find anything like what you are describing.

    However, I think MPG Parfum d'Habit might be up your alley.
    Extremely masculine, mature, formal, borderline...
  64. Re: Vanilla with Oud or wood reccomendations

    Gucci pour Homme is an amazing combination of vanilla and cedar, good luck finding a bottle though.
    Also perhaps check out Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Wood.
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    Re: Cherry pipe tobacco??

    I agree with the first poster, Pure Havane is probably going to be your best bet.
    It smells more like hookah tobacco than pipe tobacco, but still, sounds right up your alley.
  66. Re: Looking for something smokey for the cooler weather

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Encre Noire yet!
    Bvlgari Black also seems like another possible candidate.

    Now, if you want to go really, REALLY smoky, then look into Fireside or...
  67. Recommendations to expand my collection?

    Hello everyone.
    I'll start by listing the bottles I currently own:

    Bvlgari Aqva
    Nautica Voyage
    Kenzo Homme
    Dunhill Desire
    Paco Rabanne Black XS L'Exces
    Creed Aventus
  68. Re: I don't get you all sometimes, why buy something not wearable day to day?

    You wouldn't wear khakis and a collared dress shirt on a date, or cargo pants and a v-neck tee to a job interview... Doesn't you shouldn't own them period.
  69. Re: I have 15 samples in front of me. How do I try them out quickly?

    This is like asking "How can I read 15 novels quickly?"

    You can't.
    A fragrance on paper test strips honestly won't smell very close to how it does on your skin.

    Wear one on each hand every day...
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    Re: Rough, Manly Fragrances?

    Knize Ten vintage or the new one?

    *edit* It is apparently a point of contention as to whether this stuff has been reformulated or not?
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    Rough, Manly Fragrances?

    Word on the street is that things like Parfums D'Habit, Polo Green, etc... Have largely all been reformulated, and their modern rereleases have taken off a lot of the brutish "edge" that the original...
  72. Re: I need male fragrance recommendations based on some music and pictures I like.

    Drakkar Noir - Mysterious, dark, brooding, masculine.
    Polo Green - Masculine, rugged, rustic, outdoorsy.
    Crabtree and Evelyn Sienna - Rugged and very "Old-World European" scent, very smokey,...
  73. Did I buy a fake? Serial number mismatch...

    Hello Basenotes,
    I've been lurking for a while, and finally found a compelling reason to make an account here! ;D

    I have a mystery on my hands... I purchased a 50ml bottle of Acqua Di Gio from...
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