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  1. Re: [UK] TOAK - Shiny Peaked Streams ft. Silver Shade, Brown Orchid Blanc + Sun Java White

    Thanks for the Spice and Wood, which arrived safe and sound.
  2. Re: [UK] Zegna - Madras Cardamon, Issey - Noir Argent, Cartier - L'Envol de Cartier EDP, Attar Al Gh

    TOAK Le Labo arrived. Looking forward to giving them a go. Thanks as always Palm.
  3. Re: [UK] TOAK - Le Labo ft. Bergamote 22, Labdanum 18 + Santal 33

    Iíll take 15ml toak please. Thanks.

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  4. Re: [UK] Creed Treemendous, Virgin Island Conception, Green Irish Elves, We 3 Vikings & Original San

    Hi Palm. Amber Nuit arrived. Love the stuff (and the new bottles). Thanks mate.
  5. Re: [UK] Lamborghini Invincible, MFK Grand Soir, HdP Prolixe, Dior - Oud Isaphan, Patchouli Imperial

    Amber Nuit arrived a few days ago. Loving it. Thanks Palm.

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  6. Re: [INTL] Postumo's Splits - Creeds, new Malle's, Amouage, Tom Ford...

    Hi Postumo.

    Thanks very much for the GIT split, which arrived safely today.

    Much appreciated.
  7. Re: [INTL] Postumo's Splits - Creeds, new Malle's, Amouage, Tom Ford...

    Pm sent for 50ml GIT. thanks.
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    Re: Return to DE shaving

    Good choice in razor. A lot of wet shavers love Feather blades. They are however on the aggressive side and are a bit too aggressive for me - I can recommend personna reds if you are looking for...
  9. Good resources on the web for cosmetic reviews

    Are any of you aware of good resources on the web that critically review, in an informed an independent manner, cosmetic products?

    To be clear, there are tons of reviews from less than experts who...
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    Re: Suggestions from wet shavers

    After experimenting with a few combinations I have come to the conclusion that what works for me is to use, as much as possible, unscented products during my shaving routine other than the cream...
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    Suggestions from wet shavers

    Hi all,

    For all of you wet shavers out there, I would love to hear what combinations of shaving cream, aftershave balm and cologne/edt you use daily.

    By way of example, today I used TOBS St...
  12. Re: Recommendations please for lawyer/professional

    For those that are interested, the following 7 have the most suggestions (in order):

    Creed Green Irish Tweed
    Tom FordGrey Vetiver
    Creed Spice & Wood
    Creed Aventus
    Hermes Terrestrial d'Hermes...
  13. Re: Recommendations please for lawyer/professional

    Thanks again to everyone for your advice / recommendations. Much appreciated. Lots to testers to try!
  14. Re: Recommendations please for lawyer/professional

    Thanks so much for all the responses. They are all so helpful. I should also mention
    that at my office and in my line of work, it is important to have a presence, and to come across confidently. I...
  15. Recommendations please for lawyer/professional

    Hi all,

    I would be grateful for recommendations for a fragrance that is suitable for every day use at my office. I am 35 yr old corporate lawyer working in a City Firm in London. From other posts...
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