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    Re: Perfect Steal :)

    please message me re the TF Tobacco Vanille? thx
  2. Re: Anything afordable smell like Hermessence Ambre Narguile?

    I have found with AN that there is nothing quite like it....thats I guess why the price it up there. Yet, if its what makes you happy then no cheap substitution will work as you will always be...
  3. Re: Sweet Redemption (The End) By Kilian ~ New Fragrance

    I have had about 8 small vial samples and am beginning to really put it a # 2 right behind STH which is my fav or Kilian. (and one of my top 5 of all time) so its up there... I cant identify the...
  4. Re: Pls rank: Ease of wear, longevity & sillage

    try Bois D'orage by Frederick Malle or Terre -Hermes; Taste of Heaven - Kilian
  5. Re: How to ease one's way into the By Kilian collection

    ditto on going to SFA as the asst's. are really helpful and just today I got a sample pack with 9 vials!! I have bought the refills on other occassions. Its great if you like woody/spice/incense -...
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    Re: By Kilian website and buying refills

    I bought only the refill at Saks FA and it was perfect as the scent was all I was after....
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    Re: New Fragrance: By Killian Incense Oud

    I really liked it and found it enticing! for the money though; very steep. If you like Cardinal you may find this a nice compliment...different but similar genre...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    I have been a fan of AA since it came out and always rely on it as a dark amber which suits me perfectly...I also love Ambre Extreme and cannot find any similarity between the two ;) They are both...
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    Re: Review: L'Artisan Havana Vanille

    I adore Lubin's Idole although the sillage is a bit weak. I also love Tom Ford's TV so I shall have to cherck out a sample..thanks
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