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  1. Re: Similar to Ermenegildo Javanese Patchouli & Z Zenga

    Thanks will check it out....

    Hmmm I guess I'd better get a sample first and see:)
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    Re: got me some 4711 today

    Good for summers and those occasions like interviews when you just want a hint of something fresh :)
  3. Re: Similar to Ermenegildo Javanese Patchouli & Z Zenga

    Thank you..been looking but no luck yet and NM does not ship perfumes to India yet. Will keep an eye out on eBay...

    Since you seem to be find of patchouli, what's your take on Nicolai Patchouli...
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    Re: Pluriel vs Invasion Barbare

    Thank you...:)

    I love lavender scents, Caron PH and LOccitane PH are two of my favourites, IB is also nice and liked it but not enough to spend on a full bottle yet (though I love Chypre...
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    Re: Pluriel vs Invasion Barbare

    This is Pluriel Homme which is being talked about?
  6. Re: Similar to Ermenegildo Javanese Patchouli & Z Zenga

    In India its super expensive! 125ml costs over $320 it that expensive elsewhere? Quite liked the Javanese Patchouli, more than the Haitian Vetiver when I sampled it at the boutique
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    New Italian niche house - Unum

    My two cents - differing opinions are fine, this is a discussion forum after all so why all this fighting and finger pointing (without the lack of real data)...hype may get the wheels rolling but in...
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    Re: Fragrance that smells of urine?

    Kouroi at one point used to smell like someone was knocked face down into an urinal, years back...nowadays I don't, I get something awesome and beautiful...guess the civets lacking or changed.

  9. Re: The rise and fall of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    Yeah...reserving it for winters and probably not more than three sprays...not the nine sprays like last time :)
  10. Re: The rise and fall of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    This is one monster frag...made the mistake of over spraying on a summer day before leaving for work and now have a "boozy raw tobacco mixed with vanilla" burned on my scent memory forever! Turned me...
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    Re: Similar to Guerlain Homme l'eau

    Nicely explained ...thank you :)
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    Re: Your latest make-up/cosmetics purchases?

    Ordered some phenonip and germall plus from an ebay seller who was kind enough to ship to my month going to order a few essential oils for my super oily skin homemade face wash and...
  13. Re: R.K sons and company - quality of oils?

    Well, based on my experience RK guys are interested only in selling outside not internally within the country...they are least bothered to return phone calls or sms or respond to emails and when by...
  14. Re: How Come People Don't Start New Threads?

    +1 to what Jack Hunter said...I personally don't like creating new threads unnecessary

    And sometimes someone bumping old threads bring up some really interesting ones which I would otherwise have...
  15. Re: Fragrances for hot and humid / tropical weather?

    I also believe that but trust me...when the daytime outside temperature maxes out at 41C and ranges between 35C-40C on an average, my beloved ambers / leathers / heavier stuff become almost painful...
  16. Fragrances for hot and humid / tropical weather?

    Something from Parfum de Nicolai? Today I dug out an old forgotten sample of New York and remembered why I had liked it...just the right kind of nice for an India summer.

    Would also mention TDH...
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    Essenza Nobile

    One correction - for Premiere Avenue, for my country India, VAT is suppressed automatically just like the FIF And Essenza...I got my MKK from them :) only wish their shipping was a bit less and then...
  18. What was the last bottle you completely finished???

    When I had only three bottles of different perfume, then I managed to finish Gucci Envy two 100 ml bottles (one per year roughly)...which was a good 4 years back before I seriously started gathering...
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    DE shavers, which blade?

    For me Wilkinson Sword works great...least amount of cuts...when combined with my homemade shaving oil, almost zero cuts and smooth shave
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    Essenza Nobile

    If it was for me then...

    First, no I don't work for, am in India...but I have certainly purchased from them as they are one of the few who do ship to my country at a reasonable...
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    Essenza Nobile

    Well sadly seem to be charging taxes for international shipment to other countries whereas it's not levied by other similar vendors
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    There's a hair in my...

    My two bits - expecting the postage and packaging for returns is fair...expecting them to send a new bottle may not be.

    To be fair to them they do seem to be trying to sort it out, but till date...
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    What would be your Next Purchase?

    1. Torn between Villoresi Sandalo or MPG Parfum d'Habit or MFK CPLS...can only buy one for next few months...not sure which one to go for...maybe Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    2. Summers so looking for...
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    How macho is your wardrobe?

    I love No. 5 and Shalimar :) specially after having sniffed the no, 5 extrait, I want some!
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    Re: How macho is your wardrobe?

    Hmmm mine ranges between 3 and -3 ....I love Guerlain range for women and I firmly believe that Chanel's range for women is way better than that for men :)...similarily a few from Serge Lutens women...
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    Re: Penhaligon's Praise Thread

    What kind of longevity does one get typically from Blenheim Bouquet, Sartorial, Opus 1870, Endymion? These are the ones who's notes I liked and thinking of trying out...okay maybe blind buying...
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    Re: What was your worst blind buy?

    Salvador Dali something...first spray and the whole cap and sprayer comes left holding an open bottle of liquid :( never got a chance to smell it...
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    Dry Lips!

    Body shop hemp lip balm wonders even on my dry smokers lips!
  29. Re: Please describe what Kouros really smells like

    :) either my bottle is faulty or a not smelling it nowadays but no urine smell...something herbal and nice and soothing with some hint of a nice musk

    Interestingly, even MKK changes into something...
  30. Re: Guerlain HERITAGE - Eau de Parfum versus Eau de Toilette ?

    Thanks for sharing that ...mostly see the EDT at online shops so stuck with getting that.
  31. Re: MFK- Absolue Pour le soir (phased out?)

    Thanks...and oh why on earth do they want to change the formula :(
  32. Re: MFK- Absolue Pour le soir (phased out?)

    Yup it's available, checked the mfk website just now...I can add it cart also :)

    Now to wait for FIF or Essenza Nobile to get the bottles :)

    Perhaps the BN crowd sample size is quite small but...
  33. MFK- Absolue Pour le soir (phased out?)

    APLS seems to be available only in few places ...Amazon, Luckyscent and MFK own website :(
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    Re: Santi Burgas: amazing creations

    Thanks :)

    Just noticed while surfing, Essenza nobile stocks the Santi Burgas....Loence seems to be missing though.
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    Re: Santi Burgas: amazing creations

    For those of you who have placed an international order, can anybody confirm if there is online tracking available ?
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    Sticky: Off-Topic

    Is there an addiction withdrawn thread or something? Been back for a week or so after a hiatus and promptly popped for a bottle of LIDG.

    Again my dreams are filled with dreams of perfumes and...
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    Kouros 2015

    I guess my nose and skin chemistry has changed but I no longer get that urinal cake smell :) all I get is something quite different and superb...toned down offensiveness but loud projection and lasts...
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    Re: The hednic Appreciation Thread

    +1 that's why I appreciate him too...

    Heck not everybody wants or is able to write long exquisite monologues like Darvant or DI, two of the many guys here whom I respect and appreciate a lot.
  39. Re: RK sons and company - quality of oils?

    Last year tried to reach out to them get some stuff...surprise, surprise they do not seem interested to sell to the domestic Indian market...tried calling them up many times, sent email saying am...
  40. Re: How do you buy, store and organize samples of perfume?

    Keep them all in a cardboard shoe box...must admit digging through them is real fun...suddenly I will come across a forgotten sample and am like 'wow I still have this?'

    And I keep the sample...
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    Re: Today I bought: April 2015

    A bottle of Guerlain LIDG from strawberrynet at nearly 50% off of their daily sale
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    Re: Your Favorite "L'Eau"

    Habit Rouge L'Eau ...surprisingly potent and long lasting for an eau
  43. Re: Please help! NOTHING lasts on my skin :(

    Try drinking diluted vinegar or more of alkaline grasses / green drinks...just need to make your body more alkaline to increase the longevity of perfumes...
  44. Re: What season do you prefer wearing Fahrenheit in, summer or winter?

    Pretty much anytime when I feel like it :)
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    Re: New Fragrance: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    +1 couldn't put it across better :)
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    Re: The hednic Appreciation Thread

    Congrats hednic! Have found him to be always nice, helpful and respectful towards others and in answering even the silliest questions :)
  47. Has L'Ambre des Merveilles passed people by?

    Well I have / had all three Merveilles..the regular (least sweet and discreet but still haven't got the hang of it ), the L'Ambre (sweet and strong...the sweetness of Amber amplified by mixing some...
  48. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Cool..very generous and most appreciated thank you :) time I stopped procrastinating and ordered soon...I do have a list of samples I want to order.
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    Re: Kiehl's Original Musk--oil or EdT?

    Never got to the try the oil but I do have the EDT and I like it...

    layers wonderfully well with other rose scents...if you ever wanted to have a "dirty rose" then do try layering :)
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    why is it that sales clerks do this?

    What I have observed is that the SA's prefer to give out samples to people who are interested in perfumes and may perhaps buy their product / have purchased already or someone who is a frequent...
  51. Thread: Neroli

    by blackheart2925

    Re: Neroli

    Any feedback on the Atelier Cologne Neroli? Has anyone tried that? I have two of Atelier's the vetiver and Cedrat and they are quite long lasting and nice
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    Re: skin problem

    Very well said may want to go to a doctor but before that perhaps the below will work

    Keeping that in mind, first get a sunscreen which protects against UVA and UVB asap with as high...
  53. Re: What's your favorite fragrance from Profumum Roma?

    Premiere Avenue also sells Profumum Roma
  54. Re: Makeup / lipstick / woman's purse smell

    Lipstick - DHI

    Basically anything with a strong iris / violet note will fit the lipstick category
  55. Lets make a list: Your 1 spray fragrances

    In my limited experience

    1 spray: Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille an Indian summer, one firm spray on the chest/ neck is enough to gas me out with its boozy raw tobacco laced with vanilla :)

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    Re: Ambre Sultan blind buy?

    As much as I love this and yes the crushed herbal opening too, though it took some getting used (at first it used to be like ugh, hurry up and get to the Amber...) and is one of my reference...
  57. Too young for anti-ageing/night creams?

    Have any of you tried the stuff from SkinActives Scientific(SAS) ? Stumbled across them a while back and ordered some stuff...they have a product called ELS which is a mix of various oils primarily...
  58. Re: What hairstyling product (wax/pomade/gel/etc.) do you use?

    Well I got my hands on a tub of L'oreal Homme matte Clay (strength 5)...surprisingly this is quite good. Needs only a little (it's a thick sticky gum like paste rubbing a finger in top of it warms it...
  59. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Lol..waiting till the month end payday :)
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Guerlain Shalimar office colleagues love it


    Mancera Cedrat Boise

    Ambre Sultan (at times a few "hey what's that you are wearing? Nice..")
  61. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Ok you've convinced right there :) its a buy soon
  62. Re: Frederic Malle - Cologne Indelebile - April 2015

    Am itching to buy the 50ml size...based on the reviews and the notes sounds pretty interesting...will be blind buying after a long while :)
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    Re: Egoiste impressions....

    The only perfume that I have liked and bought from Chanel men's range...based on some intensive sampling at the store.

    I get a strong bitterness of crushed coriander seeds (not the herb) and a...
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    Re: Scent Trunk Needs Your Help!

    How much does it cost to subscribe? And do you ship international? :)
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    Summers I will sometime use the Menscience shampoo to get rid of baked in sweat and dirt on the scalp...for regular use free sulphate and paraben free the Body Shop, Kama Ayurveda and...
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    Re: What was your worst blind buy?

    Narciso Rodriguez for nose is absolutely unable to detect it...I can still smell a few faint whiffs of rose the next day morning so it's certainly long lasting but the major part of it am...
  67. Re: FAHRENHEIT by Christian Dior: a 10- batches review (1993-2014)

    Don't know about reformulations or perhaps my nose changed but I no longer get that gasoline-burnt rubber smell from few years it's something wonderfully different :)
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    Re: Aus Liebe Zum Duft/First in Fragrance.

    My second choice and like them a lot...great and huge collection of hard to find fragrances and very responsive...only wish the shipping was a bit cheaper....

    My first choice is Essenza...
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    Poll: Re: Declaration Cartier Hit or Miss?

    Love it! Still waiting to get the 200ml bottle while use up the samples...on my skin its opens with a huge bang of cardamom, orange and woods, then a hint of cinnamon, cardamom and pepper and finally...
  70. Your successes with layering male fragrances

    Kiehls Musk oil on top of Guerlain Samsara edp...the virginal jasmine, rose and sandalwood mixes with the somewhat dirty musc of Kiehls to become an absolutely unique scent, where the indolic nature...
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    Re: Guerlain: Derby

    Apart from eBay where it pops up from time to time, is there any other international online seller available? Would love to buy some but don't want to buy from eBay
  72. Re: What is a good cologne that keeps changing?

    FM MR ...the dry down is a totally different journey from the start
    Amouage Interlude Man...somedays the smoke, some days the tame oud, some days the incense, shape changer
    Tdh...another shape...
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    Re: Fragrances that remind you of India

    For me sandalwood, jasmine, marigold, rose, vetiver and incense.

    Sandalwood and incense is typically used in temples and various festival rituals and those definitely bring to my mind images of...
  74. Re: An unscented deodorant that actually works?

    I use Thai crystal stone / alum block

    Another great one is primal pit paste though this smells a little of coconut
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    Re: Need a Powerhouse

    +1 to

    To knock down an elephant

    Interlude man
    Tobacco vanilla
    Polo green

    To establish authority but a little gently
  76. Re: Chanel No. 5 parfum extrait - awesome sandalwood frag

    Thanks, will certainly try it out.
  77. Chanel No. 5 parfum extrait - awesome sandalwood frag

    Ok so last weekend, had a chance to try this at the local Chanel counter. Casually asked if they had the pure parfum extrait to try and they dragged out three sizes of bottles ( 7.5ml, 15ml and 30ml)...
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    Re: Cédrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne

    Nice and long lasting over more than 8 hours, have a 100 ml bottle.

    the realistic ripe and bursting with juice lemony opening is nice and so are the mid and base notes and overall very easy to...
  79. Poll: L'air du Desert Marocain vs Ambre Sultan


    Have both and yes both are great frags and will always have both in my stash but the Tauer gives me the amber from the very start and the spice opening is more manageable than Ambre Sultan...
  80. Re: Inexpensive but alluring summer fragrance?

    A relatively cheap one, available at onine discounters, on which I have received compliments from last colleagues is VCA Tsar.

    Masculine and long lasting on my skin, just go easy on the trigger...
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    Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Guerlain and Chanel women's perfumes seem to be more interesting to me....see no reason not to wear them as long as they suit my taste
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    Re: Do you mix scents?

    Did it by mistake had applied SL MKK the previous night and next morning could still smell it...applied Shalimar on top of it after bath :) smelled awesome!
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    Re: Formal Scent suggestion

    MDCI Chypre Palatin...the scent of the conqueror, awesome for a formal work / play setting
    VCA Tsar...very masculine and good for formal events but with a little more relaxed setting
    VCA Pour...
  84. Re: With perfume, without deoderant: a potentially gross-you-out quandry

    Some of the old style perfumes like Shalimar or Tsar smell nice when mixed with body scent

    Having said that, the best natural deodorants that I have ever used, in order of preference are

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    Re: best summer vanillas

    Armani Code
    VCA MiP
    Guerlain Shalimar
    Mona di Orio Musc from some samples
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    Frags from the other side..

    Guerlain Shalimar EDP current version
    Chanel No. 19 EDP
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    Somehow for both these houses I seem to like female fragrances more than the male ones
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Received a compliment on VCA Tsar that too in evening when I would thought it's gone completely. She asked what was I wearing it's smelling nice.
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    Re: An Inspiring Vetiver?

    +1 to the below, all long lasting in my skin at least 10+ hours if not more

    Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire: one of the best if not the best green and airy and soothing vetiver around...none of the...
  89. A conversation with two SAs in a department store

    I think we are being a little unfair...why should we expect a SA to have as much interest as even a beginner in a forum like this?

    Most people are happy to have a SA who is a bit warm and...
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    Re: Stuffed nose and fragrances

    I also use a neti pot certainly helps even with my infrequent usage some mineral free salt form Himalaya Institute, ordered from iHerbs. LotS of pots and salts to choose from.
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    Re: Today I Bought: July 2014

    Ordered a bottle of SL MKK...was missing a skanky frag in my collection, this should meet the demand on those days when I want something little different

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    Re: Best Italian scent ?

    Alfarom how is the longevity of this one? Have been intrigued by this line and planning to try it out soon...

    Also any other suggestions from this house which are long lasting? Like amber, musc...
  93. Thread: Score!

    by blackheart2925

    Re: Score!

    Fantastic! $10 for two wonderful fragrances is an absolute steal

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    Re: Today I Bought: July 2014

    Finally arrived after a long delay at customs

    Guerlain Shalimar EDP
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    VCA Tsar

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  95. Re: Montale "Middle East" new releases and thoughts

    Not exactly Montale and sorry about going a bit off topic...

    why not try VC&A Pour Homme and see? Just tried it yesterday and its a super strong rose-incense frag to my nose though the rose is a...
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    Re: Best play to buy Dia Man by Amouage

    Check out Strawberrynet also...they sometimes have very good discounts running on the Amouage products...combined with their regular customer discounts it can be quite a good price

    Did not notice...
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    Re: Sillage?Longevity?Scent?Projection?

    Scent first and then longevity...need to know that I like it or jot and then if I like it then will it last or vanish in a poof.

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  98. Re: WOW! Dior & Chanel Boutiques in India stocks the exlusives!

    thanks lpp
  99. WOW! Dior & Chanel Boutiques in India stocks the exlusives!

    Today after a lot of googling and phone calls, finally realized that both Chanel and Dior have the boutique stores here at a couple of locations (Delhi, Mumbai), in India AND they stock the complete...
  100. Re: Blackbird by Matriarch and Pandora by DSH perfume

    +1 that's the one I want to buy :-)

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