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    Re: Luca Turin Cult

    I consider his reviews more of a guide to which perfumes I should expand and branch out to. He lists highly some smaller brands that I wouldn't have given second thought to and have now tried (and...
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    Re: Serge lutens performance issues?

    Well, I've broken out with chest acne from spraying it there, so that has made me step back and think about purchasing full size, but no problems if sprayed on clothing or hair.
  3. Re: What fragrances do YOU find backup bottle worthy?

    The big name houses - Hermes, Guerlain, and Chanels. I know they'll continue making these perfumes for a long while to come, so I'm not worried. I find myself using them more and more.
  4. Re: Best mild, non irritating, sensitive Deodorant

    Native and I just ordered and just started using Little Seed Farm (comes in a jar you apply yourself).

    I started to use BHA and AHA on my underarms to help stop the bacteria and the natural...
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    I just received mine yesterday. The notes in these intrigue me. I won't be able to test until much later - it was below freezing outside and they've been sitting in on my porch apparently all night...
  6. Re: Any fans of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt?

    Yup - and to think there is a huge Reddit fanclub for Jo Malone perfumes too.
  7. Re: Any fans of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt?

    My husband wore a smaller spray sample of this I got with my Sephora points. He said it didn't last more than 30 min - 1hr. Shame, I actually liked this one.
  8. Re: Best drug store / grocery store brand soaps/body-washes? (available in the US)

    Bioderma or Avene body wash for me. I have too many issues with additives. My skin has never felt better!
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own?

    Off the top of my head I wanna say about 14-16 full sized bottles, about 8 smaller coffrets and close to 100 samples.

    I recently gave away samples I didn't care for and gifted full sized bottles...
  10. Re: Can someone recommend me a fragrance similar to Saint Julep?

    I really enjoyed this perfume too. Perhaps Moscow Mule by Juliette's Got a Gun. I found the longevity on it disappointing too.
  11. Re: Does IF diet improve olfactory sensitivity?

    No. I did IF for a while. I ended up gaining weight (I binged terribly when I was allowed to eat). It made no difference in what I could smell or not.

    Pregnancy.....a different story...
  12. Poll: Re: Would You Rather Buy a Better Car Than You Have Now....or....Have more Depth in Your Niche Frags view on a car. Our cars were paid for in cash. We then pay ourselves money in the bank for the next car purchase and once we hit a certain amount of money we put that money in different...
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    Re: Hermes Myrrhe Eglantine

    I love it - out of the four Hermessences I wear this one the most.
  14. Re: Cheap, generic or unlikely compliment getters

    I know this is the men's thread but I've always gotten compliments wearing Tocade by Rochas, Lovely by SJP, and a number of Yardley scents. My husband got compliments wearing Woods of Windsor and...
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    Re: Overrated fragrances FOR YOU.

    Gotta agree here. Don't get me wrong, I like a select few of both houses, but the rabid fan base has really turned me off. And don't get me started on Tom Ford makeup....more overpriced drivel.
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    Re: Perfume on skin causing breakouts

    Yes it does. I've had to switch to bare bones basics in terms of skincare. I already use Bioderma in the shower instead of soap and also products like Avene and other low key 'French Pharmacy'...
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    Perfume on skin causing breakouts

    I've been rotating through some of my samples. Usually I place the perfume on my arms. inner wrists, behind the ears and whatnot. Yesterday I placed some on my upper chest area and....broke out in...
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    Re: 2019 Questions

    Covered here:
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    Re: 2019 Questions

    1. What was your best purchase of the year?
    I was on a sample rampage this year. So many new perfumes to add to my 'must have' list

    2. What was the most interesting sample you tried?
  20. Re: notes you love that most others seem to hate on

    Parma violets
  21. Re: Celebrating Differences: What do YOU Enjoy About Perfume?

    Perfume (even in household stuff) connects me with memories. The smell of Fairy Non-bio will always remind me of my time living in the UK. For me, certain perfumes bring up memories - probably...
  22. Re: (hopefully) Fun poll bc i'm curious about others tastes :)

    I found after retesting La Douceur de Siam it wasn't as much as a love as I thought.
  23. Re: Ormonde Jayne to launch fragranced hair mists

    I'm.......actually interested. The price isn't too bad either.
  24. Re: Latest L'Artisan Parfumeur - Couleur Vanille!

    Ah! Let me know how it is.
  25. Re: Which of these samples should I buy a bottle of?

    I also agree with Explorer.
  26. Re: (hopefully) Fun poll bc i'm curious about others tastes :)

    Wow.....okay. So many. I'll put a short list here.

    1270 by Frapin
    Au Bord de L'Eau by L'Artisan Parfumeur
    Beige by Chanel (if I ever go through Duty Free again....I'm buying it though)
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    Re: Lucien Lelong perfumes?

    I was lucky to get one in a sample swap. Loved it!
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    I know folks in this forum probably don't care, but Reddit has highlighted this sub in a negative way:
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    Re: Electric Toothbrushes

    As someone whose had to go through a LOT of repair on my teeth and gums....I prefer the Sonicare.

    After I was taught how to properly brush, this is the only way to go. I thought I...
  30. Re: Are Scent Free Environments Becoming A Problem For Fragrance Enthusiasts?

    These guys had about 6 PhD's between them, and average age of about 75, and were brought in for consultations because of their specialty and experience in the field. If it makes you feel any better...
  31. Shalimar Ode a la Vanilla Sur la Route Mexique and Madagascar

    Looking for Shalimar's Ode a la Vanilla Sur la Route Mexique and Madagascar

    Doesn't have to be a full bottle. With case, preferably. PM me.
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    Re: Shalimar Descendants

    True - thanks for the suggestion!
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    Re: Millenials and Vintage

    I think they are starting to finally come into more expendable income with a want for nostalgia, especially since the 1920's being 100 years ago has piqued their interest.
  34. Re: Are Scent Free Environments Becoming A Problem For Fragrance Enthusiasts?

    I've been recently reading up on Declinism bias. I think most of us (older, Gen-X and earlier) folks fall into this bias. I'm that way too towards music.
  35. Chanel's latest marketing videos - I am a Parfumeur

    Features Olivier Polge. Each one is quick, around 1:30.

    I am a Parfumeur.
  36. Re: Are Scent Free Environments Becoming A Problem For Fragrance Enthusiasts?

    I worked in one office where someone would poke holes in a bag of cauliflower and broccoli and microwave it and addition to some really bad smelling Indian food. Nothing against Indian food, most...
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    Re: Lipstick of the Day

    Matinee by Sephora Lipstories. I bought it as a possible dupe for YSL's Carmin Session. While it wasn't quite that close of a match, it's a great shade!

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Re: What's your favourite shower gel?

    I miss Sanex. Bought it all the tie when living in the UK. Sanex or Nivea for me, Ollitatum for the kids.
  39. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents? personal notes stated it opened powdery but eventually settled into a waxy lipstick note with leather and a bit of sweat. Sadly the day I tried it I also started a bad case of the...
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    Re: What's your favourite shower gel?

    I have a kid who cannot tolerate most essential oils added to body washes, we use Bioderma.


    The oldest likes Old Spice's Bearglove

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    Re: Shalimar Descendants

    I'm still kicking myself for not picking up Shalimar Ode a la Vanilla Sur la Route Mexique and Madagascar. One of these days....
  42. Re: Does It Bother You When People You Like Mock Cologne In General?

    I've only been asked twice at work to not wear a certain perfume. Most of the time it's complimentary though. People know it's a slippery slope because we have a lot of folks who fell prey to the...
  43. Re: Perfumes you tried recently that have been utter disappointments

    I'll put that on my next samples list. Thanks!
  44. Re: Why do some people hate fragrance this much?

    This too. I think people either become nose blind to their favorite perfume or they feel it makes them more alpha-whatever to project so much of it. More cases than note it's shite perfume. People...
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    Re: Lipstick of the Day

    Charlotte Tilbury's Bond girl
  46. Re: Perfumes you tried recently that have been utter disappointments

    Chanel's Cuir de Russie still has a tinge of fecal matter to my nose. Sigh.....

    Smells excellent on paper but the moment it hit my skin. I pulled out my sample the other day to try again after a...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste vs Bois des Iles

    Having tried both several times, I prefer Bois des Iles over Egoiste. But if you cannot sample Bois des Iles yourself, Egoiste is a safer and cheaper purchase.
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    Re: what to do with extra samples

    List them in the for sale here on Basenotes. I've purchased a number of samples from others here, even half full. Depending on the sample itself I've seen them go for $1 each plus shipping...
  49. Re: I really dislike Creed's new direction as a house

    I didn't get into them until recently. My last sample order I ended up with with a number of Creed perfumes and a few I really like despite all the negative reviews here on Basenotes. Honestly for...
  50. Re: Do samples feel weaker on you than the actual bottles?

    I use a lot of the samples with just the stopper (and usually a small applicator inside). I also have a few with the spray pump. I think this really depends on the perfume itself. Some of the...
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    Re: Do you wear fragrance even at home alone?

    Great way to really test longevity too! Although I've had a few I've sprayed on at 7am and they lasted all night long too.
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    Re: Changing username??

    And my reviews too. After a year of regretting Kitty2Shoes as my username I came to just go with it full force. :)
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    Re: Do you wear fragrance even at home alone?

    Yes. All the time. I choose alone days to really amp up the perfumes I wear too as I have to curb back during the work week.

    Most weekend mornings I'll still be in my pjs but will wear...
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    Re: Keep Getting Logged Out Repeatedly

    I've been okay when I'm using Safari, but if using IE or Firefox....nope.
  55. Perfumes you tried recently that have been utter disappointments

    For background I chose samples to be delivered about once a month because I don't live anywhere near boutiques or massive luxury style department stores that would carry many of them. I usually...
  56. Re: What is your least favorite part about buying a perfume?

    I live in a perfume desert. The only things on offer for me to try locally are all celebrity perfumes and whatever JC Pennys or the Perfume outlet at the outlet malls has. I have to buy samples to...
  57. Re: Personality types and colognes/perfumes.Do you believe in it?

    I saw something similar to this question on a Reddit perfume board and I sadly laid into the person who posted it.

    I have issues with personality type quizzes, especially Myers-Briggs and...
  58. Re: Perfume Research Questions. Please let me know your thoughts!

    1. Why do you wear perfumes? What do you like most about it?
    I wear it just for me. Invokes memories and certain feelings. It can elevate my mood or sour it.

    2. What do you like least about...
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    Re: Fragrance Survey

    1. What is your favorite designer house? - Currently Chanel and Frederic Malle

    2. What is your favorite niche house? - depends on how you define niche.

    3. What is your favorite fragrance...
  60. Re: Could you please help me choose from these samples?

    Have you checked out some of the suggestions in this thread?ôle-de-Roses-versus-other-make-up-ey-scents
  61. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents?

    Please do! I'm still on the search for a particular perfumes with the makeup notes, especially since receiving my Les Voilettes compact powder from Guerlain and it still has that faint scent. Sadly...
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    Re: Recommendations based on these picks

    Yeah - I didn't read it closely enough. I thought he wanted to know out of those listed. I'm gonna chalk it up to sleep deprivation and stuff my foot in my mouth.
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    Re: Recommendations based on these picks

    Out of the ones you listed:

    Creed Green Irish Tweed - Would also suggest Silver Mountain Water
    Acqua di Parma Colonia
    Chanel Allure Sport
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    Re: Floris London Opinions

    I like a few of the offerings. I feel the same way with Penhaligon's - there are some gems among the duds. Often hard to get samples outside the UK.
  65. Re: Body spray or perfume for not quite teen

    Just an update, my 9 year old was very happy with Old Spice's scent Fiji. My 7 year old said it smelled like summer and suncream. Fair enough. :). Personally I liked the one called Krakengard.
  66. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents?

    Just saw this on Perfume Shrine blog - perhaps this would help to:
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    Re: Hello, I'm new!

    Welcome! Enjoy Basenotes!
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    Re: Legitimate decants

    +2 Very happy with the service, been using Perfumed Court for a few years.
  69. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents?

    For the same reason I can't stand L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain. Too much over the top powder.
  70. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents?

    I have a good sized mini of Misia - I'm literally on the boat about purchasing it full sized. Next time I head through duty-free (I hope) I might go ahead. Misia doesn't last as long on me, but...
  71. Re: starting out and so glad I sampled creed aventus first

    I'd borrow both of these to wear! Plan to buy SMW for my hubby for Father's day or his birthday next.
  72. Re: Drôle de Roses versus other make up-ey scents?

    I asked this a while back and got a flood of suggestions (I tried a lot of them):...
  73. Re: Most distinctive, seductive fragrance for women.

    My husband hates this scent as do I.

    I would recommend Chanel's Coromandel and echo Lipstick Rose by Malle.
  74. Re: 2020 - What is the ONE fragrance you most hope to add to your collection?

    Silver Mountain Water or Millesime Imperial as a gift to my husband so I can also nick it every now and then.

    Thinking of an Ormande Jayne or Frederick Malle as well, haven't narrowed it down.
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    Chanel Crayons de Parfum - new

    Just found out about this via my weekly emails from Chanel. I haven't been a fan of solid perfumes in the past, but I find this intriguing if you don't live in a hot climate. I'd be worried about...
  76. Re: Your 2019 Fragrance Highlights and Accomplishments!!!

    I'm trying! Finally took advantage of an hour of free time and got myself to an Ulta to sample there, at least one pleasant surprise found there. I also just placed a Perfumed Court order and have...
  77. Re: Body spray or perfume for not quite teen

    He's 9. Actually it's mostly plant based but he will make an exception for chicken nuggets and fish sticks. He does not like beef or pork so no hamburgers, etc... I usually have to cook a...
  78. Body spray or perfume for not quite teen

    This is a territory I am just not at all familiar with so reaching out for assistance. My 9 year old boy has a hard time keeping still and manages to work up quite a sweat. I'll just say it - his...
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    Re: What is your ratio of samples to bottles?

    Samples to bottles, about 4:1. If I lived closer to stores that carried the perfumes I wanted to try my bottle collection would be higher. However samples is the best way for me to try out a new...
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    Re: 2019 Year in Review - What did you wear?

    I didn't log the majority of what I wore during the last half of the year the following have had a heavy rotation:

    Tocade by Rochas
    Coromandel by Chanel
    Rush by Gucci
    Hermèssence Osmanthe...
  81. Re: Samples to get an idea of what I like ?

    Scent Samples is a good option if you don't mind the shipping fee from the UK to Germany. Good selection of luxury perfumes and decent price for Creed and Tom Ford samples.
  82. Dossier perfume - showed up in Facebook feed

    I actually feel slightly insulted by their marketing strategy here. Geared towards copycat perfumes or 'inspired by'. No idea if the replicas are any good though. Anyone heard of them or had a...
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    Re: Your fragrance wanderings this year

    I was part of Sixteen92's Circle membership so I got to try a lot of their creations. Thanks to HouseOfPhlegethon with sample swappings and introducing me to a whole slew of vintage and sadly...
  84. Re: Uh oh.. Massive fragrance changes in 2021/2022. (opoponax, jasmine, ylang ylang)..

    The below is just a rant from me being frustrated with adult onset lethal allergies to naturals and not aimed at you directly:

    So your saying you'd rather see me leave the hobby due to my...
  85. Re: Are Certain Fragrances In Your Collection Ever Too Expensive or Rare For You to Wear?

    I'm in this boat. I save the last bits on the bottle of perfumes that are limited edition or discontinued so I have it for reference later on, but I wear all I have.
  86. Re: Take Me to the River / Wash Me in the Water

    I enjoyed 4160 Tuesday when I was in the UK, however the price of postage and lack of supply for samples in the States means I won't go out of my way to try these. Although I do find them intriguing.
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    Re: What cologne would the mandalorian wear?

    Despite all the technology in the Star Wars Universe taking a bath or shower must be rare. I was thinking something that balances out the sweat and BO.
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    Re: New to the game.


    I live in a perfume desert myself - just an Ulta and a perfume outlet store, so I rely on samples to try things out myself.
  89. Re: Your 2019 Fragrance Highlights and Accomplishments!!!

    I need to get my hands on more samples. I usually do a Lucky Scent samples or Perfumed Court haul every two months. Already got my cart full on both!
  90. Re: Your 2019 Fragrance Highlights and Accomplishments!!!

    My goal was to work on my perfume reviews writing. I haven't figured out a signature style as many have here, but it was nice to be on the leaderboard for a short time. Now that I got my sense of...
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    I got an email for a Resurrection pre-order....has anyone tried the layering fragrance collection? Wondering if the Agua Frescas and Gelaterias might be too sweet.
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Box up and storing perfumes I haven't been wearing much. Try and get through what perfumes I do have and focus more on sample buying when the itch hits. I find it's better financially for me to buy...
  93. Re: Christmas Morning, What Did You Give/What did you get?

    Hubby got me the Penhaligons' Scent Library and Ladies Fragrance Collection in the Christmas tin. Ample sampling sizes for both sets.
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    Re: 36 and still no signature scent

    I'm 42 and haven't found it yet. I've found a wonderful selection of scents I truly enjoy based on my mood, the weather, or just because.
  95. Re: How many bottles do you go through in a year?

    A sample size about 4 wearings. Full sized bottles - I have yet to completely empty one.
  96. Re: Your 10 everyday essentials (including fragrance)

    I'm leaving out clothing and shoes:

    1. All my medication
    2. My epipen (damned allergies)
    3. Handbag
    4. phone
    5. emergency diapers and wipes cause you never know with a toddler
    6. Quest bar,...
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    A very long overdue review.

    Tomato leaf is incredibly strong coming straight out of the gate. Very gin botanical vibe to it with the juniper and rock candy. Settles down to a nice...
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    I finally got my shipment last week (which arrived after the sale started) and finally can smell again so I was able to give the samples a quick sniff! Twelfth Night was my favorite of the bunch,...
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    Re: The NonBlonde :-(

    Very sad news. I read her blog weekly for years. :(
  100. Re: Issues with seasonal allergies and sense of smell

    I realized I've been out much longer from Basenotes than anticipated.

    Long story short - I went to an ENT today and mentioned I've lost most of my sense of smell which means I don't taste things...
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