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    Dior Homme Sport Swap

    I have a ~80-85% full 100ml Dior Homme Sport (old formulation) that I'd like to swap for the new one. Volume isn't a big deal for me, so if you have a close to full 50ml, we can make something work....
  2. Re: Bronto's sale thread!

    Giving this here some visibility. Thanks to the mods for cleaning up my thread!
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    Re: Sel Marin versus Erolfa

    Having tried all three, I will say that Fleurs de Sel is in a category of it's own compared with the other two. The opening is much more distinctive and the drydown is an amazing leather that simply...
  4. Bronto's sale thread! Worldwide Shipping

    Ferre Bergamotto Marino - 1.7oz (90% full) - $old to Musichead35
    Cartier - Eau De Cartier 3.4oz 60% $24 shipped
    Ineke - Field Notes From Paris - 35% full - $30...
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    Heeley Sel Marin

    Title says it all, new/used is fine, just want to save a couple bucks. Thanks!
  6. Re: Field Notes from Paris by Ineke: Tobacco, patchouli and vanilla

    I realize I'm a bit late to the party. I bought Field Notes blind and I could not be happier, definitely my favourite of the Ineke line as well. The staying power is excellent and it's just so...
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    Re: Issey Miyake Summer Edition 2010

    is it different than 2009??
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    Re: what is the best lemon scent

    LOL This is exactly what you don't want. Seriously, generic teenager-oriented garbage.
  9. Re: I like Cool Water but not as a scent I want to smell like, would I like GIT?

    Then you should go back to smelling Brut. I don't care for either of the two much, but they're worlds apart.
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    Sticky: Re: On Getting Free Samples from Companies Now

    Cool thanks bro
  11. Re: Question about the Creed line (need suggestions)

    I don't think you'll enjoy Bois du Portugal, honestly it smells of the breath of an old man in a jar with some sandalwood and leather. C&S 88 is a good choice for you, perhaps Le Labo Rose 31 or...
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