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  1. Thread: CDG Woods

    by Buzzlepuff

    Re: CDG Woods

    I wear CDG 2 Man more often, but Wonderoud is new and fast becoming my favorite of this group.
  2. Re: Okay, so Kilian charges $100 JUST for the bottle/box/packaging ?!

    I ordered one of the refills and I did not receive an atomizer with it. They did send a small funnel with the refill bottle though. I had to decant the perfume into a spray atomizer bottle but I...
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    Re: Switching to decants ?

    I like this idea from a practicality perspective. Makes financial sense for many of us who are not true collectors of full bottles. I like to look at the bottles though and identify with the image...
  4. Re: $4000 to spare on colognes! What would you buy?

    Purchase the two best or your 2 favorites from these 10 houses. That will do it.

    Armani Prive Collection
    Tom Ford Private Blend
    Le Labo
    Oriza Legrand
    Comme des Garcons
    Andy Tauer...
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    Re: Heeley - Vetiver Veritas

    This stuff is great! No surprise I like it. There are so many good to great vetiver fragrances out lately that it is hard to chose one from the likes of Oriza Legrand Vetiver Bourbon, O'Driu...
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    Re: First Cologne

    When I was about 15, Jade East was really BIG! I remember that stuff - it was the era of exotic fougere fragrances like Jade East, Canoe, Brut , etc.

    My first bottle was a self purchase of...
  7. Re: How often do you wear fresher scents in the colder months?

    Less than warmer months, but I still wear them when I feel like it. I don't like to put too many rules onto fragrant self expression and I doubt if many on this forum do either. It's a decision of...
  8. Re: Matriarch, Oud Fleur, Agar Musk, Velvet Oud, Shams Memo, It. Leather, La Raison Pure, Cuir 28, N

    Have added about a dozen new fragrances to the summer sale today. Stock up for Fall. Included are Acampora Nero Essence, Memo Shams Oud, MFK Oud Velvet Mood, Cuir 28, Agar Musk, Bleu de Chanel, La...
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    Re: What fragrance for a man who turned 40?

    By the time you turn 40 its time to make your own statement in the world. I recommend finding something uniquely yours and for that you have to test many. The old saying" you've got to kiss a lot...
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    Re: Fragrant religion

    I like this! My only issue would be whether to allow chemical based aromas or limited only to from nature, plant derived essences for the observance of "scented mindfulness".
  11. Re: Comme des Garçons parfums*PARFUMS Series 1: Leaves

    I had bottles of Shiso and Calamus and while I appreciated their natural connections I just didn't enjoy smelling like that so those are gone now. When this LEAVES series was launched it was very...
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    Re: Colonia Intensa Oud is Grossly Underrated

    I just now ran across this barb from Suppressor. First time anyone has pointed out to me that I am "the exact reason why some people hate Basenotes. Get off your high horse." Do people hate...
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    Re: Rank your LE LABO

    My fav's from LeLabo in order of preference -

    1) Rose 31
    2) Santal 33
    3) Benjoin 19
    4) Gaiac 10
    5) Cuir 28
    6) Vetiver 46

    Iris, Neroli, Bergamote, Patchouli and Limette are very good...
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    Re: Best branded male fragrance

    I've have always appreciated the cleverness of the Histories de Parfums product line. I like the packaging design and how effective and functional it is for how little it probably costs to produce. ...
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    Re: Like Creed Spice & Wood

    I decided not to get Spice and Wood because it was too much of a duplicate of a fragrance called Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake by D.S.&Durga which I had recently gotten. Problem with buying...
  16. Re: Does Byredo Pulp smell like Diptyques Philosykos to anyone ? If so, is having both two redundan

    Phylosykos is leaf and wood of fig tree. Pulp is everything else, less fig than other plants, the citrus juice, green sap explosion of watery tartness. Phylosykos is dry wood, leaves, yet still green...
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    Re: TF Oud Fleur

    Oud Fleur as a fragrance is likable and It is pleasant to smell but it is just too pleasant so that it becomes forgettable. Its notes are listed (per Fragrantica) as rose, patchouli, agarwood (oud),...
  18. Re: Does anyone else get "new car seat, complete with air freshener" from AdP Leather? Better optio

    Possibly the best leather with tobacco nuances I've tried is M by Puredistance. It is costly, but very concentrated and has a resplendent fragrance.
  19. Re: I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow! What should I try?

    Jacqueline Perfumery for Kolnicsh Juchten - maybe the only place to get it in the U.S. that I know of. After all these years it is still an exceptional dark warm leather fragrance and it is NOT...
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    Re: KINSKI: how many fans???

    I like it but only as the odd bit of naturalism to wear once in a while to mix things up a bit. Smells similar to Yatagan, but fresher.
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    Re: Traveling for six weeks: what to take?

    Recommend you take one from each group of 5 types that work in warm weather. Some ideas without knowing what is in your wardrobe-

    (1) GREEN - Creed Aventus, Villoresi Uomo, Frapin Paradis Pardu,...
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    Re: Next fragrances you plan on purchasing?

    I am considering these fragrances. Would I be making a mistake with any of these? Have not tried any of them yet. Which ones stand out from the crowd?

    Oriza Legrand Vetiver Royal Bourbon
  23. Re: What Types Of Fragrances Do You Guys Think We Need More Of?

    I think we need more fragrances built around specific Tea notes. Tea can go many ways: green , smokey black, mate, green macha. Tea combines with so many healing herbs, citrus, florals, and of...
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    Re: Similar to Burberry London?

    These are a few that might substitute although not an exact match they have some of the same elements.

    Parfums d' Marly Herod - much bolder tobacco but a nice alternative.

    Cuir et Bois by Agar...
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    Re: Best Men's Release This Summer?

    I'm appreciating Corsica Furiosa by Parfums d' Empire. The best new release this summer so far me.
  26. Re: Gorilla Perfumes - Cutting Edge Masterpieces !

    Of the original series I like Karma and Breath of God; but the newer series has been hard to find. My local Lush store doesn't,t carry the full range and they tell me you can only test them in...
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    Re: best summer vanillas

    CBIHP 7 Billion Hearts - is good all year round as a vanilla. Very woody and dry for a vanilla so a little works great in hot weather too.
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    Re: Oud Ispahan or Rose d'Arabie?

    Rose d' Arabie is more wearable and this would be my suggestion. Oud Ispahan is more of an adventure - a wilder a ride. If you've already got Leather Oud then I suggest Rose d' Arabie because Oud...
  29. Re: Has anyone found a definite way to wear Molecule 01?

    How else would you wear it but just spray away. It might be more lasting on fabric. What you are going for with Molecule 01 is Iso E Super which doesn't have much top note so you can't smell it...
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    Exactly how I am on this subject! Unfortunately we don't usually find this out until lot's of cheapies have purchased.
  31. Re: Day time cologne for summer / fall / spring

    Well I just now saw that he said "I guess around $50 . . ." Most of those I suggested are around twice that price, but I thought I would give suggestions of things I think are worth paying extra...
  32. Re: Escentric 01 - any fans? Any experience with it?

    Escentric 01 offsets the potential irritability of iso e super by adding a citric lime top note, pink pepper for flutter, and orris to tie the iso e to the earth, to ground it without losing the...
  33. Re: Up to 40 colognes, and I am promising I will not buy one until I actually finish 1 bottle!

    You are at a point in this hobby that many of us have experienced. The urge to become a collector vs. practical common sense consumption conundrum. For a true collector of fragrance, consumption...
  34. Re: Best high quality citrus/summer fragrance for me?

    It's really hard to find a pure citrus fragrance. Most of the citrus that lasts for a while have some sort of woods (cedar or patchouli) that blends with the citrus to give it longevity. Also many...
  35. Re: What is the first oud that I should try?

    First one? Oud as a perfume, probably Pure Oud By Killian. I also like Musk Oud By Killian too which you might as well try if you find the Killian samples somewhere.
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    Re: NEW Parfum d'Empire Corsica Furiosa

    A great fragrance! Very green I enjoy it every time I wear it. I got a bottle after reading Colin's review and it lives up to the hype!
  37. Re: just ordered a sample of the new Hindi Brut from agar aura

    I would very much like to test this one out, but the description scared me off purchasing a sample. I hope a sample may have sen included with my recent order of ZBH which is now in transit from...
  38. Re: Day time cologne for summer / fall / spring

    These are some colognes that I like for daytime:

    Hermes Concentree d' Orange Verte - lasts pretty good for this kind of fragrance - my favorite orange cologne.
    Andy Tauer Cologne du Maghreb - go...
  39. Re: What's your favorite Penhaligon Scent for Summer ?

    Iris Prima is cool dry light iris suede base. One of the good iris fragrances - if you like a subtle iris for summer?! So many of Penhaligon's fragrs have lost their edge, but this one is new and...
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    Re: Infusion DHomme

    these might do and you won't see these on many other people..

    Aedes Venustas Iris Nazarena - smokey dry clean and slightly green tinted iris - a sublime beauty.
    Annat Fritz Classical - an...
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    Re: Summer Patchouli

    So many patchouli fragrances have bold amber, tonka or vanilla notes to sweeten up the cold piercing patchouli. Those are the ones that don't do especially well in summer unless you are inside with...
  42. Re: Blackbird by Matriarch and Pandora by DSH perfume

    I really like Blackbird and many others from Matriarch are worth exploring as well. For an artisan perfumer, Matriarch has an extremely varied and accomplished lineup of fragrances. As does Dawn...
  43. Re: Whats the quickest amount of time you returned/sold a fragrance after receiving it and what was

    To be perfectly accurate about it, the bottle came with a small spray sample of the fragrance, and I tested the spray sample, didn't like it at all so returned the unopened sealed packaged bottle. ...
  44. Re: Whats the quickest amount of time you returned/sold a fragrance after receiving it and what was

    Ambre 114 by Histories de Parfums. E mailed the distributor and returned it the same day and they gave me a full refund. I just could not handle that level of sweetness in an amber fragrance.
  45. Re: Leathers have always eluded me. Some suggestions?

    Some of my favorite leather fragrances are often hard to find. All of these I like:

    Cuir 28 LeLabo - warm, bold and brassy leather with a bit of growl.
    Memo Italian Leather - a rustic leafy...
  46. Re: A light, sweet and salty, high quality sea/aquatic fragrance — what have I missed?

    best suggestions from those you haven't tried are:

    Sel d' Vetiver by The Different Co.
    Darwin by Fueguia 1833
    Creed Erolfa
  47. Re: What's a designer scent that could easily pass as niche?

    Sahara Noir has grown on me and I like it. I also am not a fan of many amber scents, but the frankincense in this one gives it a really authentic almost ethnic flavor of some type. I do think it...
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    Re: Do Women Really Like Your Colognes???

    Actually it's just the opposite. She dislikes the everyday designer fragrances - complains and recoils from them just like I do for the most part - such as the AdG, Polo Red and The One which you...
  49. Re: Anyone think of fragrance with other liquid?

    Yes - glass cleaner! Yesterday, I sprayed with abandon Windex glass cleaner into the microwave to obliterate odors from my recently nuked Organic Masala Tofu frozen dinner, I started thinking "what...
  50. Re: what are your favorite crisp, sharp, dry ..almost medicinal scents.....

    Until this thread I really had not realized that a medicinal quality is something that I do look for in a fragrance. Its important that its not too medicinal but can add that cleansing element, sort...
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    Re: Looking for fresh summer orange scent

    You got to try one of these oranges:

    Atelier Orange Sanguine - oranges, rind and juice, with hot sun and ozone baking to a sultry exotic warmth from a touch of jasmine. Great scent.
    Parfum d'...
  52. Re: Looking for that mechanic's garage smell...

    +1 Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia is exactly what you are looking for.
  53. Re: What's a designer scent that could easily pass as niche?

    Sahara Noir by Tom Ford is part of his regular line so I think of it as a designer fragrance, but the aroma is very apart from the mainstream "designer" humdrum fragrances.
  54. Re: Cartier Declaration versus Cartier Declaration Essence -

    I don't have Terre d' Hermes, but I think L' Essence is a lighter woodier scent than Terre d' Hermes. I have some of the other Ellena fragrances and there is definitely a little overlap there. L'...
  55. Re: What do you think of Hanae Mori HiM, Prada Amber Intense, & Gucci Pour Homme 2?

    Don't blind buy any of these. Get to a Sephora or any Dept. store and test them for yourself. These are easy to find. Don't rely on others opinions - have respect for your own preferences.
  56. Re: Cartier Declaration versus Cartier Declaration Essence -

    I have both also and enjoy both of them but I end up wearing L'Essence much more. The primary difference is that original Declaration has notes of Juniper, Birchwood and Artemsia and L'Essence...
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    Re: Smoothest scents too your nose?

    To arrive at "smoothe" as a defining characteristic a fragrance should be built around one of the almost complete perfume ingredients that works really well all by itself. This stand alone quality of...
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    Re: Lavender-Based Colognes?

    The most often used lavender is Oxford & Cambridge. Its not sexy as in sweet or dreamy fougere like lavender, but is minty and and medicinal which I think is sexy. I wear it when I need a healing on...
  59. Re: Any Reason Not To Buy Tom Ford Private Label On Luckyscent ?

    I would never worry over purchasing from Luckyscent. They are first rate in all they do. Also, if you use the MUA code you can get free shipping (if you are a member of MUA:))
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    Re: ASAQ Thaqeel and Kalakassi

    I have a small bottle (half tola) of ASAQ Thaqeel and I think it is a very nice oud oil. For awhile it was my favorite oud oil but I now have a variety of others that I like more and these others...
  61. Re: Thoughts on Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo?

    I had a bottle of Mecca Balsam, not sure if I've still got it. My memory of it was that it was a very unified fragrance with almost no top notes as it went right into a warm, strengthening labdanum,...
  62. Re: Why do so many men not like Chanel's Blue de Chanel?

    People resent the success and resurgence of "pop" music but still it is great to listen to - almost addictive. The beats, the repeating rhthym, the auto tuned vocals that soar with repeating hooks -...
  63. Re: Reflecting back on my fragrance hobby after 10 years of being a Basenotes member

    Congratulations on ten years in! I appreciate the sharing of your experiences. Most of us have similar stories punctuated with fragrant highs and lows. I hope to see you here for the next ten!
  64. Re: Do you think by Kilian's Incense Oud and Musk Oud are worth it?

    Both fragrances are worthy it in my opinion - for the refill anyway. Buying the refill bottle makes it easier to afford but you have to figure out how to spray it, assuming you don't have the...
  65. Re: Fragrance that smells most like household cleaner?

    Bleu de Chanel definitely shares some notes with Windex glass cleaner - I use both though and like them about the same.
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    Re: Kilian's Ouds

    I have owned a bottle of all of these except for Amber Oud. I think Killian Arabian Nights Oud collection is one of the better overviews of the different ways to take oud by blending with various...
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    Re: Way Off Scenter

    Way Off Scenter - thanks for putting your reviews back up! Your reviews are a treasured repository of clear analysis and carefully considered opinion filtered through your world class knowledge of...
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    Re: Dsquared Potion Black

    How similar is Potion Black to Potion Royal Black, both by D Squared? The notes look similar for each. Is it the same stuff?
  69. Replies

    Re: Amouage Epic Man: truly reformulated?

    Do any dealers still have inventory of the old stock? Please tell if you find some!
  70. Re: 26 and falling in love with a Powerhouse.....

    Similar to Polo but with more subtlety. All these are slightly more expensive, but they are all excellent. If I were to pick one for you it would be Tom Ford Extreme or It. Cypress if the cost is...
  71. Re: Something similar to the woodier aspects of Miel de Bois

    Chene by Lutens might fit the request. Both have oak as a woods note, Chene also has a drop of honey too, but Miel de Bois has gaiac wood and not sure about Chene on that.
  72. Re: Suede accord in Tom Daxon's Resin Sacra

    I don't remember suede being a big part of this fragrance. If it is a note it might act more like a modifier to give some softness to the frankincense, patchouli and ambroxan in the scent. A...
  73. Re: What is the best versitile summer/spring By Kilian scent for men?

    Musk Oud.
  74. Re: What's currently your personal favorite male perfume and why ?

    I have to admit I changed my "favorite" allegiance to something else on the very next day! so I agree that it is a daily decision and this is how it should be - a moving target depending upon my...
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    Re: What Style of Fragrance Fits You Best?

    I like woods and incense fragrances the most and they suit me. But, a nice light eau de cologne fits me just fine especially if a hint of dry woods is tucked up inside somewhere.
  76. Re: What's currently your personal favorite male perfume and why ?

    Right now (as of 6/4/2014) my favorite is Memo Shams Oud. Why? The development from opening to base gives you several different fragrance profiles for: (1) the best incense, (2) best...
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    Re: Clive christian

    To me the best one is V. Yes there is pepper, but V is all about the frankincense, imo. I like it very much.
  78. Re: strange, weird, odd or just plain different notes..

    Some I like but that take the road less traveled are:

    Byredo: M/Mink, Mister Marvelous
    Lab on Fire: Almost Transparent Blue
    Mancera: Kumkat Wood
    Oriza Legrand: Deja le Printeps, Relique...
  79. Re: So I blind bought Aventus a year ago, last week i ordered 8 samples of creeds other options..

    I guess you are lucky you found Aventus first since its the only one you liked enough to purchase. Its one of the few I like from Creed as well (Jardin d' Amalfi, Pure White also). The old saying...
  80. Re: Creed Spice and Wood vs Malle French Lover

    I like them both almost equally, but have a preference for Malle Bois d' Orage (FL). French Lover has more character but only by a "nose".
  81. Replies

    Re: Rose recommendations

    Since seeing the recommendation on this thread, I gave a try to Armani Rose d' Arabie, got a bottle, and very good. Rose d' Arabie has a masculine leather base paired with the rose gives it a slight...
  82. Poll: Re: Is Creed's Original Vetiver a good representation of a vetiver fragrance?

    When I first shopped for OV my Neiman's SA who had sold me Paul Smith Story earlier told me, " you may not need Creed OV because it smells exactly like Paul Smith Story". We did a side by side test...
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    Re: Favourite Blu Mediterraneo?

    This one! love juniper done in fresh way.
  84. Replies

    Re: Incense wardrobe

    What's your favorite of these? I have to admit a preference for Armani Bois d' Encens. That stuff is great!. Of your selections I personally kind of like Casbah but the others don't grab my interest...
  85. Re: Do Creed Pure White Cologne Tester bottles exist?

    The Creed Pure White costs are: 1 oz./30 ml. for $225 = $7.50 per 1 ml, and; 8.4 oz./250 ml. for $675 = $2.70 per ml. The small bottle is outrageously expensive and the large one is just plain...
  86. Re: To reviewers: Do you use your own reviews for reference?

    Yes. I keep a personal, short hand, impression of thoughts on thousands of fragrances when I test them. Reviews of a sort. I jot down onto a "Stickies" file on my computer and I refer back to...
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    Re: Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

    This is on my "to buy list". A solid leather with nothing at all objectionable. It also layers well with other fragrance - rose, EDC or green woods + a single spray of AdP Colonia Leather over the...
  88. Replies

    Re: fragrances you associate with rain

    +1 - My thought exactly. Turtle Vetiver Back, Sycomore, Haitian Vetiver and Villoresi Uomo all feel like good rainy day scents to me.
  89. Replies

    Re: Precious Woods by April Aromatics

    I like Bohemian Spice from April Aromatics but it is a beast of a scent until it fumes down a little to be more liveable. Bohemian Sp. has great character and is well put together. Precious Woods...
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    Re: Help me out on leathers!

    +2 This is a very very good leather fragrance!
  91. Replies

    Re: Seasonal fragrances

    I wear fragrances for myself so it only matters to me. Of course I care about what others around me are smelling on me and what they like. There is a natural association between certain scents and...
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    Re: The Great OR BLACK by Pascal Morabito

    Or Black and Kolnisch Juchten smell different from each other. KJ is sweeter and but still a dark leather. Or Black is more mossy and has a green note along with the birch leather aspect. Both of...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Some recent eye openers are:

    Memo Shams
    Memo Italian Leather
    Matriarch Blackbird
  94. Replies

    Re: Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

    An excellent leather fragrance that moves to head of the class of large group of great new leather fragrances. This is the everyday leather choice in the group of "new" leathers that I have been...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    These are my five most often used, lately -

    Dior Homme Cologne
    Sugi CDG Scent One
    L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Mancera Kumkat Wood
    Zegna Haitian Vetiver
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    Re: Favorite fresh/aqua scent

    Here are some I like that all fit the fresh category:

    Dior Homme Cologne - the new one, cologne version, not the sport, intense or edp as it is way fresher smelling than these.

    Tom Daxon...
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    Re: Spanish Cedar by Czech & Speake

    Thanks for the information. Will sample next time I'm in London.
  98. Re: Tom Ford Noir Edp vs Tom Ford Grey Vertiver. Whats your preference?

    Well stated!
  99. Replies

    Re: Testing Givenchy

    Anyone try the Givenchy Exclusives yet? Hate to say it but from the photos and descriptions they look like nicely packaged, carefully crafted bottles of . . . desparation! Givenchy trying very...
  100. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (5/6/14) Elite 8: L`air du Desert Moracain vs Royal Oud

    LDDM is one of the best amber fragrances ever made - maybe the best one. It has just the right amount of woods and cold spices to add an incense glow to the warmth. Royal Oud is a good traditional...
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