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  1. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    I swear, some company needs to come out with a fragrance that includes every one of these "most popular" notes.

    They could call it "What Everyone Else is Wearing".

    So when someone asked what...
  2. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    OK, here's the original study :

    Without mentioning it by name, they pretty much admit that they used the info from...
  3. Re: New York Times: "Could this be the end of frankincense?"

    Some years ago, I suspect people would have pooh-poohed the idea that Mysore Sandalwood was disappearing too.

    "Oh, they're planting plantations."

    The concern here seems to be with trees that...
  4. Re: Expensive Perfumes aren't worth it - people prefer cheaper scents.

    Yes, it says they studied 10,000 frags, not 10,000 people.

    Without reading the original study, I'm in agreement with you - It was probably some kind of analysis of the Fragrantica directory.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Those hoping to score Slumberhouse things would do best to keep checking with Fumerie in Portland. You can subscribe to their newsletter.

    They see Josh in the flesh, and he delivers to them in...
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    Re: Creed Cease & Desist

    This would seem to be the crux of the matter. I'm not aware of any sort of restrictive agreements that people are required to enter into when they purchase Creed products. If Creed was going after...
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    Re: The World in Scents

    Sent off for the sample pack today, and looking forward to a reasonably priced adventure.
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    Re: Does Oud Ispahan by Dior use real oud?

    As I understand, wild oud can be quite variable in nature, which would argue against it's significant usage in fragrances which hope to maintain any level of consistency over a period of time.

  9. Re: Thinking of going FRAGRANCE FREE this summer...

    Oh brother, my recommendation would be to *not* look into "Florida Water" too closely unless you have some time on your hands !

    I ended up here, with a venerable Chinese "Two Girls" version...
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    Re: Perfume Calligraphy by Aramis

    I certainly enjoy the saffron version, and remember being interested in it when it first came out.

    I picked up a bottle on the Bay about six months ago for $44, after going though a 5 mil sample. ...
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    Re: Sephora to close all its US stores June 5th

    Could be, but whenever I hear about things like this, I figure it's mostly a defensive action.

    So that if someone tries to sue them, they can trot out the fact that hey; they did all this...
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    Re: Fix for a bottle that doesn't spray well?

    If it's a clogged spray nozzle, you could just yank the thing off (as is shown in those pictures) and soak it in alcohol or hot water for a while, with the hope that the old gummy perfume would...
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    Re: Favorite from your collection?

    I'd have to say my bottle of 'Isle Ryder' by D+S & Durga. Out of production and nothing else like it.

    Either that, or my vintage Borneo.
  14. Re: know anything about Anna Zworykina Perfumes?

    Yeah, around $60 for less than 5ml.

    I don't doubt they are good though.
  15. Re: Does transferring fragrances from bottles to atomizers do anything to the juice?

    A good quality atomizer would seem to be the thing, but it's hard to identify a good one. I've had plastic ones that held up just fine, but others that evaporated quickly.

    Folks tend to believe...
  16. Re: Fragrances that don't suit your personality - what and why?

    I'm fairly eccentric by nature, and "suit and tie" type fragrances don't suit my personality at all.

    "Good for the office" sorts either, unfortunately.

    I generally like things which are...
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    Re: New niche fragrance brand

    In wish you luck with this project, but despise 'Tell 'em what they've told us they want to hear"- style marketing.
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    Re: WaPo anti-perfume screed

    I agree - Yet another excuse for not having to give any sort of critical though to an issue.
  19. Re: “How Perfumers Walk the Fine Line Between Natural and Synthetic”

    To be honest, I tend to think that the "Fine Line" usually gets down to the $$ line, rather than as a result of some deep concern over customers often-uninformed sensibilities.

    Perhaps that's...
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    Re: I hate splash bottles!

    To be frank, I tend to think that companies are mostly just trying to save themselves a few pennies when their offerings do not come with the convenience of a sprayer.

    And thank God those samples...
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    Re: CB I hate Perfumes: Are they worth it?

    I really liked Black March, and several of his other "dirt" perfumes. Having said that, you gotta be a gardener who loves the smell of good compost, or a mushroom hunter who enjoys the smell of damp...
  22. Re: Ebay Rules on Decants and Samples - items deleted, account suspended :(

    There's ten zillion people selling decants on E-bay. I can see where you'd be pissed off for being singled out.
  23. Re: Fragrance Consumer Responses Needed for Study on Fragrance Perceptions

    PM sent. The questions did give me some things to think about, so answering them was fun.
  24. Re: Michelle Pfeiffer joins with IFF to launch transparent perfume line

    I suspect we've not heard the last of this "perfume is poison" thing.

    Like the existential angst which followed the atomic bomb, people worry about climate change now.

    A time ripe for minor...
  25. Re: Michelle Pfeiffer joins with IFF to launch transparent perfume line

    None the less, we all know the impact that the IFRA regulations have had, and as I understand, their main concern was contact dermatitis. God knows that no one wants to risk getting a rash.

  26. Re: Michelle Pfeiffer joins with IFF to launch transparent perfume line

    From the large study that the article cites :

    " 1 in 4 of the fragrance ingredients we detected were linked to adverse, chronic health effects. "

    Worth checking out the study, and wondering...
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    Re: What will be your go to summer fragrance?

    I have an ancient bottle of L'Artisan "Navegar". Discontinued now, and it never got much love when available, but it works pretty well in the summer.
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    Re: What is the WORST TF Private Blend?

    Boy, it sure was a "Basenotes Darling" when it first came out. I suspect it's more a matter of tastes changing over the years, than it actually being terrible.
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    Re: New, fresh, perfume blogs

    I love reading reviews as well, but perhaps we see everything on Youtube now, because the reviews are easier to monetize ?
  30. Re: Found samples I forgot I had - my lucky day

    I love this too ! The problem is that most of them are from an era before they were reformulated, so I think of them more as historic relics, rather than something I could purchase today.
  31. Re: Dior, Chanel, Lutens, Goutal changes at the new Ogilvy in Montréal

    Thank God I picked up my favorites years ago, back when they were more affordable ! Whew !
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    Re: 'Fascism', a new perfume

    Nothing in politics surprises me anymore.
  33. Re: Is Imaginary Authors pulling an April fools joke here?

    One thing I do know is when large wild Eastern Brook Trout are filleted out and still uncooked, they smell like apricots.
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    Poll: Re: Fragrant Gamble

    One of the more interesting Tauer videos I've seen was the one where all the elderly fellows in the tiny old glass factory in France were making his bottles by hand.

    Not sure if those folks are...
  35. Re: Mugler's Ultra Zest Currently Selling at $165

    Or ten years ago, in discontinued-fragrance years.
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    Re: Best Saffron Scent

    I started out with Safran Troublant, and have been trying to push forward from there ever since.

    I have found Aramis 'Calligraphy Saffon' to be really quite nice, and a reasonably priced addition...
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    Re: Serge Lutens - L'eau D'armoise ??

    Interesting -The EU site is still running, but the US Lutens site is apparently under revision.
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    Re: Serge Lutens - L'eau D'armoise ??

    FragranceX is already selling it at $104. List price through LuckyScent is $165.

    The official Lutens website is down, of all things. And says :


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    Serge Lutens - L'eau D'armoise ??

    Has anyone tried this stuff ? In the L'eu line, but apparently an EDP. It's only been out for a couple of months, and yet it's already showing up on the discounter's sites.

    I never thought I'd...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Same at our TJ Maxx - Never anything but the very worst dreck.

    I think the folks who run the stores understand the local buying patterns. If the store is in an upscale area where people wear a...
  41. Poll: Re: Your absolute #1 favorite pre-2010 Bvlgari fragrance?

    Is it your feeling that Black's formula was changed at some point ? If I remember correctly, there were two sprayer versions, as the original sprayer ( that involved a sort of twist-lock mechanism)...
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    Re: Has Serge Lutens Lost The Plot

    My assumption is that it's a "Jumping on the bandwagon" thing.

    Both with prices, and with weaker reformulations.

    Not liking the trend of those dark bottles though. Same with the dark bottles...
  43. Re: Long time, no see! What have I been missing?

    One thing that's happened is that ten bazillion new frags have come on the market since then, and everybody and their brother who you've never heard of before seems to have started a new fragrance...
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    And whether he can make additional sales of this one, after he triples the price.

    Which pretty much the opposite of most fragrance marketing, in the sense that discounted availability comes...
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Looks like an SU carburetor. So bad how bad could it be ?.
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    Re: Costume National Homme

    I know that with fishing line, there are ways to fuss with the refractive index of the plastic that makes certain formulations look invisible in water. That may be what they've done with the plastic...
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    Re: Metal spring in the atomizer

    My sense is that the spring and small metal ball are both made of stainless steel, and are basically non-reactive.
  48. Re: Why do I get the feeling HYPER masculine scents are going to be big in 2020's decade ?

    I don't see it happening, I'm afraid. If you read much about the coming generation, they want to be kept safe, are concerned about being "triggered" by opinions or arguments they don't agree with,...
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    Re: New: Burberry Bespoke collection

    As I understand, you have to make a personal appointment at the store before going in, some of them come in three different concentrations, then you get your initials printed on the label. ...
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    I don't pay much attention to Jeremy, but there's been a huge amount of negative fallout among his fanbase - His "I tripled the price" video received a veritable landslide of dislikes, more than any...
  51. Re: Sacrifices You've Made To Support Your Fragrance Passion

    I've sacrificed the hope that any of my friends might consider me even a semi-normal individual.
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    As we've all been made painfully aware of recently, there will always be questionable specimens of humanity out there, which is probably nothing we should be surprised about. Because of the inherent...
  53. Re: Jeremy Fragrance: Is this the beginning of the end?

    I love the idea that basically he's telling people that he just as easily could sell this stuff for a third of the new asking price and make out OK, but if he triples the price, that will make his...
  54. Re: Jeremy Fragrance: Is this the beginning of the end?

    Tripling the price = Not for the money of course, but for the narcissism.
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    Re: Rook Perfumes USA and Canada

    That really does seem like a great way to get to know the house, but yikes : $52 for "Dangerous goods" fees to ship to US or Canada !
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    No cool kid here either. I keep *trying* to view Instagram, but they keep wanting me to enter some confirmation code number which they have "sent by text" to my vintage rotary dial telephone. ...
  57. Re: How to remove all presence of perfume smell from a spray?

    It was Colonel Mustard, in the billiard room, with the atomizer of Tobacco Vanille ?
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    Re: Siela Imeon, an artisan marijuana perfume

    I do plant hybridization (peonies) as an avocation, and I suspect that pot hybridizers could work up any number of the various sorts of smells pretty quickly if it turned out that there was a demand...
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    Re: Siela Imeon, an artisan marijuana perfume

    I'm not surprised that someone here in Oregon is making a frag with real marijuana in it. Yes, the "Keep Portland Weird" thing of course, but that's not all of it.

    Once pot was made legal here,...
  60. Re: Why Do So Many Cologne Companies Use The Word Privé?

    When was the last time that "special" actually meant special ?

    The French and English languages will soon be drained of all words that imply specialness. Marketers will have to start turning...
  61. Re: Serge Lutens - Les Eaux de Politesse - new line!

    One of my favorite houses in the past, and a favorite of others I suspect.

    It's all about $$ of course, but at the same time, one has to wonder at a marketing strategy that seems designed to...
  62. Re: Going into a store what is your sampling strategy and method

    I do try and have an idea beforehand about the things that I'd like to try. Plus I have an idea of which of them I'm actually going to give a wear.

    One trick for test strips - Take a small...
  63. Re: Tauer L'air du desert marocain - weak performance

    My sense is that it could be a skin chemistry thing.

    One thing you might do is give your sample to a friend to try, and see if it has the same effect with them.
  64. " I like fragrances, I just don't want to have to smell them on other people."

    This was a recent quote from my brother-in-law. Which to me translates to "I really don't like fragrances at all."

    Or to be more charitable, "I only like fragrances when I'm close enough to...
  65. Thread: Eight & Bob?

    by Birdboy48

    Re: Eight & Bob?

    To be honest, this is one of the things that endears me to the Imaginary Authors line. They present a properly engaging story, that involves interesting characters and odd angles relating to them...
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    Re: what is your preferred fragrance "style"?

    Suave and sophisticated frags, that's not me. I'm generally interested in things that are "interesting" rather than safe for work sorts of things. Granted, I have some "safe" things, but...
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    Re: Houses doing non EU compliant scents

    Slumberhouse, perhaps.

    Has anyone actually heard of perfumes being cracked down on because of non-compliance ?
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    Re: Article: State of the Fragrance Industry

    I guess it depends on where you live. Where I live, I've been scolded by women I've gone on dates with, for wearing fragrance, and often see signs relating to "fragrance-free" areas that one is not...
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    Re: Fragrances and emotion

    I find DS&Durga's "Isle Ryder" to be moody and contemplative. It's a real favorite of mine.

    Several scents I own are "comfort scents", and other folks seem to feel the same way about them.
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    Re: What’s your current collector strategy?

    I really need to pick up some things for hot weather, but in that area I'm not expecting to purchase things which are expensive.

    Otherwise I find it impossible to keep up with all the new...
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    Re: Luca Turin Does Portland, DC and LA

    I'd flown over for my Birthday, and my sister had a friend who said "He can go in my place". We called Tracy, and she said "You guys all just come" so we were a group of four at the end. My...
  72. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    Now that summer has past, prices have come down on Ferrari Bright Neroli, so I'm waiting on a bottle of that.
  73. Re: Made In I wrong to be sceptical ?

    With all the money floating around in China, one would thing that someone's getting on the ball with home grown quality frags, but how one would comprehensively explore the situation is hard to say.
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    Re: Luca Turin Does Portland, DC and LA

    Just got back from the Fumerie Thursday evening presentation. It was not too crowded, and everyone had a good time. I'm not sure if their Friday events are all booked up or not, but it might not...
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    Re: This one sounds GORGEOUS!

    I had to chuckle at this. And it does make some sense. But if you did get a sample…you'd still end up reading her article I'll bet. ;)
  76. Replies

    Re: Luca Turin Does Portland, DC and LA

    I'll be at the Fumerie presentation on Thursday evening, with my sister and another friend. :)
  77. Replies

    Re: This one sounds GORGEOUS!

    Any read of her blog is financially dangerous.
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    Re: How is the house of Serge Lutens?

    It used to be my favorite house, but what with all the changes, now I just watch from a distance, and treasure the old 50's I have.
  79. Replies

    Re: Disappointed In Alexandra Fragrances

    It's probably no surprise they are lousy. Granted, most fragrance houses are in business to make money, but hopefully they bring some bits of art and passion to their endeavors as well.

    But when...
  80. Re: Prices of fragrances are way too high these days.

    If I remember correctly, there was a transition period. 300 new frags a year was about the average, and then suddenly there were 3000 a year being introduced.

    It seems to me that that was when...
  81. Re: Conor McGregor wears Creed Aventus and two more frags...(w/ video proof).

    And it's going to be hard for anyone to pry it away from him.
  82. Re: Conor McGregor wears Creed Aventus and two more frags...(w/ video proof).

    The last couple of matches I'd say. Then again, that's what you get when you don't pay attention to batch numbers.

    I wonder what frags they wear in Degestan ? :rolleyesold:
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    Re: Lolita Lempicka Homme new fragrance!

    Boy, this seems to be the trend these days : diddling formulas so that they will please people who don't really like perfume. The whole "Don't get in my space" thing it seems.

    The old stuff was...
  84. Re: Problem with L'Artisan cap/sprayer - please help!

    Some needle-nose pliers - hold the handles apart, so the tips of the pliers get a grip on the inside of the cap, and see if you can wiggle it out that way ?

    A wire in a loop that fits inside,...
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    Re: Ambre Sultan and Chergui reformulated?

    I've heard the same thing about Lutens, and it does make one wonder if the reforms revolve around IFRA issues, or if it's just laziness and a lack of concern on the part of SL.

    A shame though, as...
  86. Re: What is your ultra long lasting and highest projection fragrance of all time?

    An old sample I had of Montale Blue Amber. I thought Black Oud was pretty strong until I smelled that stuff.
  87. Re: What's your favorite L'artisan parfumeur fragrance

    I've sure worn a lot of Tea for Two. There's nothing subtile or indistinct about it.

    Seville a l'Aube - A great place to start one's orange flower journey.

    Safran Troublant - A beautiful...
  88. Re: Blind Sample Pass

    I'm not in on this, but I am *very* interested in seeing how it works out !

    Having seen BN go through various waves of rabid enthusiasm for frags which people then seem to look down on later,...
  89. Re: Casaque by Jean Louis Vermeil Was #$12 and Now $100 One Year Later

    That seems to be how it goes though. Frags are discontinued, the discounters initially offer them at terrifically cheap prices, and once the original supply dries up ( particularly if it was...
  90. Re: Watson may replace Nagel and Wasser

    Boy, that was worth reading.

    And "Coming soon to a store near you" I'll bet.

    I'll just send it my Meyers-Briggs type, and see what it comes up with.

    Given the way things are going these...
  91. Re: How long did it take you to come to a comfortable collection realizing others are a bonus?

    Oh heck, I really enjoy sampling the latest things. My fragrance interest is a lot about curiosity it seems.

    What this usually means is a whole lot of sampling. It's not often that I find...
  92. Re: What is your favorite and less favorite fragrance bottle in your collection

    Ones that are squat and heavy I like. Ones that are thin and tip over, not so much.

    I'm just a clumsy sort of fellow I guess.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Yep, I have a silver-sharpie bottle of Sana, and it really is interesting stuff. Like you said, like a damp forest at night, or something. I'm really glad that I have it.

    Somewhere I still...
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    Re: Today I bought October 2018

    Perfume Calligraphy Saffron.. $45 on Ebay seemed quite reasonable.
  95. Poll: Re: Have a date tonight need help me choosing a cologne

    I wonder what people would have recommended if they had known how it was going to end ?

    Ferguson and Pettis though…
  96. Re: What's your #1 favorite fragrance out of your entire collection?

    My old bottle of Borneo 1834.
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    Re: Post count bug?

    I work on another large and old forum, and we had terrible post count issues there as well. In that case it was a forum software bug. The site kept a backup copy of the site in reserve - in case...
  98. Re: What is your experience with Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan?

    Oh for crying out loud, it's Ambre Sultan, the Lutens legend. In years past members here would have called it a sacrilege to say anything bad about it.

    I think even Serge admits that his things...
  99. Re: Just heard about “MFK”. Is it that good? Do I need it?

    I'm laughing, but I'm sure these recommendations are good. :smiley:
  100. Re: niche companies lack of (affordable) sampling

    "Famous last words", as my dear mother used to say. :)
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