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  1. Re: What's with the new Creed coming out this fall?

    Especially if Reformulation Rules are in play. You might be forced to Angel, and then you would be in all sorts of trouble.
  2. Re: What's with the new Creed coming out this fall?

    I'd wear that! Would that be part of their new "Bakerloo" line..? :)
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    Re: I Finally 'Get' Chanel Egoiste

    I try just about everytime I see it, but it hasn't clicked yet.

    I shall keep trying, and hopefully, one day soon........
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    Re: TK Maxx new stock

    Yes, however it was a 30ml one, but I still think that it was a bargain... :)
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    Re: TK Maxx new stock

    I guess that I was just so used to, after 2 1/2 years of on and off looking, of just seeing a few Calvin Kleins / Davidoff's / David Beckhams, that seeing anything different came as quite a shock!...
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    TK Maxx new stock

    Just wandered in to my local TK Maxx on the off chance, and they seemed to have quite a lot of new stock.

    I don't know if it will be the same for the rest of the county, but

    Hi-lites included...
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    Re: yet another aromatic fougere newb

    L'Occitan PH, and to me, the reformulated version of Azzaro still smells pretty damn good...
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    Re: How did you get into the fragrance game?

    Initially it was giving up smoking, and I found wearing a fragrance was helpful to remind me how awful I must have smelled while I smoked.

    I started off with an old bottle of Eternity I had, and...
  9. Re: What is your most worn fragrance according to your "Scent of the day"?

    Overall it's L'Occitan Pour Homme with 53.

    In the last year, by a margin, it's Encre Noire with 27
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    Re: Most overused fragrances?

    AHS is the one I've smelled most out and about, along with various incarnations of Lynx (Axe) type sprays.. (South Coast of England)
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    Re: Fragrances that bring back memories

    I picked up Issey Miyake Sport on the way to Cyprus for a holiday, and everytime I've worn it since then, its reminded me of there.

    Speaking of pipe tobacco, Egoiste, to me, smells exactly...
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    Re: Best place to get samples in the UK?

    I've used on several occasions.

    Takes about 2 weeks for samples to arrive as they come from Germany, but well packed and excellent service.

    The spray...
  13. Re: Her likes/dislikes, any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

    My wife dislikes many of the same fragrances as your wife. I've never tried the Polo Double Black, but she does also like GIT.

    L'Occitane - L'Occitan
    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver
    Creed OV & Mugler...
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    Re: Prada Infusion D'Homme is SO amazing

    This is a strange one for me - the first time I tested it, I got all the lovely soapiness mentioned above.

    Everytime since, (tried from different testers in different stores), I only get a massive...
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    Re: What scent got you into Fragrances?

    A combo Giving up smoking and Crabtree & Evelyn's Sienna aftershave balm.
  16. Re: At first sniff you recoil in horror... then come back...

    I think I'm going through the same thing with Rive Gauche at the moment.

    It's quite possibly because it doesn't smell like I thought it was going to, and my immediate thought was Not For Me. But I...
  17. Re: Any weak fragrance that literally smells close to nothing?

    Eau de Cartier Essence d’Orange

    Less than 45 mins for me, and I'm generally quite lucky with getting good longevity out of fragrances.
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    Re: London Fragrance boutiques

    And after that turn right out of St James' Street on to Piccadilly, and you are almost at Fortnum and Mason...
  19. Re: what is a fragrance you will never touch again in your lifetime? Kryptonite fragrance to you

    Givenchy Gentleman.

    Each time I see it I test it on the premise that it can't be as bad as I remember it. Each time it seems to be worse.
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    Old Spice Whitewater EdT

    Unsure whether this deserves a post, but given that I've only ever seen this in the shops in a/s form, or online for about 15...

    ..I found it in my local Asda for for the princely sum of 5
  21. Poll: Re: Were you taken in by the Encre Noire hype? POLL.

    Randall, I was considering sampling this next month, but I have been to the Jorvik, so I might push this down the list of "to tries"
  22. Re: Which men's fragrances can women wear, and layering

    Mrs Runes is partial to my L'Occitan Pour Homme... :o)
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