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  1. Re: [USA] Blackbird/Lampblack/Hard Leather/Creed/Nasomatto/Armani Prive/April Aro...

    I received my portion of Aventus along with the original box and flacon. I'm extremely pleased with the ease of the transaction and the speed of delivery. The packaging and presentation was top notch...
  2. Re: Kurkdjian, Slumberhouse, Agonist, Different Co, Cartier, HdP, F. Malle, Guerlain, Amouage, Kilia

    Just received my splits. The seals and packaging were done very well. Looks and smells great. Thanks!
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    Poll: Re: Finally.. Best OUD based fragrance for men

    From what I've been told by friends that have lived and visited regions where a agarwood is grown that the TF Oud Wood smells the closest to the wood itself.
  4. Re: Agonist, Different Co, Cartier, Lutens, HdP, Frederic Malle, Guerlain, Amouage, by Kilian

    Please put me down for 10ml back to black and 20ml of lyric. Thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also will fill last spot for muscs koublai khan.
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