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  1. Re: Is it worth chasing vintage Azzaro PH or just get the current?

    Would stick with the current one, unless the price for the vintage one would be if not necessarily cheap, at least corresponding with the extra performance and nuances rather than disproportionately...
  2. Re: Top Ten Weak Fragrances You Wish Would Last Longer

    Among others, in no particular order (liking the scent but would prefer additional performance of each)

    Comme un Evidence by Yves Rocher
    Comme un Evidence Green by the same house
    Zara Sport PH ...
  3. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    YSL M7 Oud Absolu, Ungaro III Oud
  4. Re: What's a no brainer, reach for cold weather scent

    Possibly Lalique Homme EDP, Hermes Voyage Parfum, Eau Sauvage Parfum, Heritage EDP (these also quite suitable as all weather, all year scents) and/or Jaipur Homme EDP-tobacco and/or honey may be...
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    Re: Best beginner oud fragrance

    Desiger-perhaps the specific, sometimes disparate oud notes in M7, Habit Rouge, Songe d'un Bois d'Ete

    Niche-the possibilities, even of comparatively simple, straightforward ouds are nearly...
  6. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Ciprian: Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir, Heritage EDP
  7. Re: Has Dolce & Gabbana - The One lost its relevance among fragrance enthusiasts?

    While unaware about the opinions of enthusiasts or of pretty much anyone else about this fragrance and its relevance (apart perhaps certain very general and imprecise observations about certain...
  8. Re: Would you wear Dior Homme or Dior Homme Intense on a first date?

    Dior Homme Intense even likelier, due to liking this one even more than the regular Dior Homme, while maybe slightly refraining from overs-praying and keeping the fragrance amount applied quite...
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    Re: Which La Nuit De L’Homme?

    Liking so far the l'Intense Le Parfum and the l'Intense from the La Nuit range-apart from very good performance and projection of this, happened to have liked so far the way its notes develop over...
  10. Re: Men that wear Chanel No 19 and Cristalle EDT or EDP?

    Having perceived each of these two as very unisex during each separate sampling/testing, (though not having any problem with the EDTs) would prefer to wear the EDP of each, thanks to performance,...
  11. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Around 10 dabs from a splash bottle of vintage Heritage
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD 2019

    Heitage again
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

    Heritage EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 11th November, 2019

    Zara White Tag
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    Re: Looking for the next..

    Also adding Lalique Homme EDP, Sartorial by Penhaligon's and Creed GIT (this latter one combining niche, classiness, a certain popularity and/or thus potential for compliments with office/workplace...
  16. Re: Help with One Man Show and it's flankers - dating bottles

    Another vote in favor of the 85% regular OMS version and also seconding the fact that most if not all of the flankers are well performing and solidly crafted choices irrespective of the release...
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    Re: Fragrance for A Grandson?

    Also adding Mugler Cologne, Cerruti 1881 Edition Blanche, Best of Chevignon to a possible (re) testing list before choosing a fragrance present-all on budget and fairly age appropriate, as well as...
  18. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    8 sprays of Habit Rouge
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 10th November, 2019

    SOTE: Habit Rouge EDT
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    Re: Suggestions for samples for my wife

    Possibly also Velvet Orchid, Feminite du Bois, Lady Knize, Feminite du Bois by Shiseido/Serge Lutens (both versions being good), Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle
  21. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear.

    Possibly also Acqua di Gioia
  22. Re: Help me pick my 5 year olds first perfume

    Petit Guelrain perhaps. A fine vanillic alcohol free scent by Guerlain specifically designed for this age group yet good enough the be enjoyed at any age- the (nearly) typical vanillic Guerlain, yet...
  23. Re: Winter cologne upwards of $100 preferred?

    Also adding Idole EDP by Lubin and/or Songe d'un Bois d'Ete by Guerlain
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    Re: Casual fragrances for teenage boys

    Also adding Mugler Cologne-age appropriate, quite versatile, would consider and recommend wearing this for school/in class at any age and/or for any occasion
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    Re: My fragrance experience yesterday

    Glad for you, thank you sharing the testing experiences with us
  26. Re: The Problems with 'Sexy' Fragrances, Seeking Compliments, & the 'Sweet Spot' (LONG READ)

    Thank you for sharing this very extensive, nuanced and informative post.

    While designer bestsellers aiming more or less directly for this particular goal, attractiveness is on the other hand a...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 10th November, 2019

    Cuir Vetiver
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    Re: The 1-Month Challenge?

    If ever joining this challenge, it would have to be a fragrance would gladly consider a good everyday signature scent- so far, the fewest would qualify and although there few but convincingly good...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 9th November, 2019

    Zara Norrland
  30. Re: Similar to Paco Rabanne PH with better performance?

    Apart from specific vintage versions of this one, likely also, in no particular order with at least some remote, partly resemblance to this one:

    Hugh Parsons Hyde Park, Bogart Signature, Van...
  31. Re: Recommendations based on favourites wanted

    Also adding to a possible (re) testing list without any particular order, to name only a few:

    Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's
    l'Erbolario Ginepro Nero
    Hugh Parsons Blue
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    Re: CH Men Prive - Performance?

    Always got a 6-8 hours minimum, often more from this one, while the projection was also (though admittedly conditioned by personal skin type) good to way above average and thus quite exceptional by...
  33. Re: Cuba Paris - vintage or no? (Yes, the cigar shaped fragrances..)

    Getting little or no difference between the vintage and the current version (s) of this one, so unless no specific collecting is going on, would stick with the affordable prices of the current one (s)
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    Re: Dan MyMickers (YouTuber reviewer) has died.

    May not remember to have watched his YT reviews but even so RIP and admitting to have likely done so without much recollection (due to watching quite a conspicuous amount of Youtube fragrance reviews...
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    Re: Help me put together a Christmas list!

    To answer the question directly, so far have gotten average (4-6 hours) to good longevity (8 hours plus) on Eau des Baux - in each case with moderate projection, though admittedly muted, attenuated...
  36. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Designer- Chanel Bois Noir, La Martina Hombre, Bel Ami Vetiver, l'Occitane Pierre Herme Collection Rhubarbe Pamplemousse, the Guerlain Homme Intense (limited) Pininfarina Edition, Coty Preferred...
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    Re: Looking for leathers like Knize Ten

    While it may be difficult to match this, (apart from the good suggestions already mentioned) two further scents on the pricier side may be worth (re) testing and/or considering, namely: the Knize Ten...
  38. Re: What are you Gifting / Receiving this Holiday Season?

    Luckily, the local mall does provide a quite diverse and fine selection of designer, even a few niche choices and with Black Friday and/or Christmas sales upcoming, even if not having chosen anything...
  39. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Also adding Dior Dune Homme, Baldessarini EDC, Sumatra Rain by Muehlens, Havana Reserva, Le Roy Soleil
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 8th November, 2019

    One Man Show Gold Edition
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    Re: Which fragrances asked too much of you ?

    Few asked too much from me so far, most likely a few vintage Creeds did try and some point and while acknowledging their quality, luxuriousness and complexity, did find them a tad too complex, too...
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    Re: One choice for...Vol XXIII

    action hero: Aventus, Al Rehab Superman or possibly something with a motor oil/gasoline/flinty note as well, combining possibly the leatheriness in Fahrenheit with the equally leathery but also more...
  43. Re: Looking for some Female Perfume recommendations

    Also adding The Vert by l'Occitane-combining chai, citrus and moderate, mild, fresh rather than sweet floral, including aquatic flower notes
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    Re: Habit rouge best version

    The EDP has the fortunate paradox of combing dandy style traditional notes of vanilla and spice with a modern take on leather and/or oud-maybe not the best nor the most modern but so far liking this...
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    Re: Autumn/Winter

    Whatever you like, however also adding Endymion and/or Opus 1870 Penhaligon's, Chergui, Creed Tabarome, Mugler Pure Malt and/or Pure Malt Creation
  46. Re: do yo recommend me gucci guilty absolute pour homme for winter ?

    Definitely, thanks to ts performance it actually shines up finely in winter
  47. Poll: Re: Prada Luna Rossa Carbon vs Versace Dylan Blue

    Voted for Luna Rossa Caron, due to personally enjoying its notes and their development far more
  48. Thread: Egoiste?

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: Egoiste?

    Again yet a further recommendation in favor of Egoiste-good performance and an equally matched scent worth highlighting like this
  49. Re: Antaeus: Vintage, middle-aged, or current batches?

    Almost any batches so far, since having tested nearly all versions of this from nearly any batch: if you cannot find the vintage, middle aged or even current are still ok regarding both performance...
  50. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Almost any vintage designer or niche milestone would fit, but more specifically putting together a list with no particular order/difference between vintage and current formulations, adding...
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    Re: What is a good spicy/honey scent

    Seconding especially this one, great honeyed notes reaching quality levels far beyond expected around this price point
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    Re: Help me put together a Christmas list!

    Apart from so many great suggestions already mentioned, also adding to a possible (re) testing list Knize Ten, Jaipur Homme EDP and/or Eau des Baux as they fit at once your budget and in addition to...
  53. Re: What kind of man can pull off Dior Homme Intense?

    From my personal viewpoint alone, any kind of man and an almost any occasion-these ones including dinners, dates, most possible events etc.
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    Re: Favorite ‘warm-spicy’ fragrance

    Among others, Chergui and Eau de Baux, the current SOTD
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 7th November, 2019

    Eau des Baux
  56. Re: Looking for a soft, rosewater-like rose

    Possibly also Joop Le Bain-while the scent alone may be in a certain rosewater style, its performance does however tend to move away from this rose lightness and become more of a powerhouse rose, but...
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    Re: Hot wine with rum, cinnamon and spices

    Also adding Lubin pour Homme EDP, Mugler Pure Malt Creation, Siwa by Memo Paris, Aramis Havana and/or Hammam Bouquet as well as likely less Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's. Perhaps neither of these...
  58. Re: All Season - All Occasion Fragrances with Very Good Performance.

    Apart from the great suggestions, already adding in no particular order:

    Mugler Cologne
    Best of Chevignon
    Azzaro pour Homme l'Eau
    Lalique Homme EDP
    Boucheron pour Homme EDP
  59. Re: What quantity of fragrances do you have to have that requires you to prove it?

    None to much less than expected-one might own one fragrance or 5-10 fragrance range and the enjoyment, enthusiasm, tastefulness, knowledge, along with anything else that went into choosing this...
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    Re: Favorite citrus-free vetiver?

    Possibly Eau de Vetyver by l'Occitane-minimal to nonexistent citrus in this particular smoky, resinous, powdery vetiver
  61. Re: Guerlain Homme EDP or Homme L'Eau Boisee

    Although enjoying and likely to own all at some point in future, Intense EDP by a tiny margin, thanks to added complexity as well as performance
  62. Re: So what's the final consensus on Acqua Di Gio Absolu?

    So far, subjetively not an absolute fan of this but nevertheless happen to perceive this as good fragrance objectively-perhaps likely on quality standards fairly comparable to Essenza and/or Profumo...
  63. Re: Top ten list of favourite fragrances that can be got for $60 or less

    Among others, apart from any particular order, also seconding some of the recommendations already mentioned:

    l'Erbolario Ginepro Nero
    Paco Rabanne pour Homme
    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme ...
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    Re: Amber Sultan, Amber 114, or Grand Soir

    Yet another vote for Ambre Sultan-the value for money and effortlessly good performance makes this a fairly easy choice as a classic amber basic landmark
  65. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    Only using and owning a splash bottle of this fragrance yet, lost track after approximately 12 splashes/dabs of Caron pour Homme
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 3rd November, 2019

    Pour un Homme
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    Re: Your 2019 Halloween Fragrance

    Though this was no particular Halloween choice, due to neither observing, celebrating nor barely being aware of Halloween - the scents of choice happened to be either Cartier Santos or Lapidus pour...
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    Re: Trick or Treat?

    Did happen to wear Lapidus pour Homme, a fragrance that has the lucky and enjoyable peculiarity within the current lineup to be quite appropriate for both this occasion and also more generally for...
  69. Re: What's the odd one else in my collection? (And what else should be there?)

    From a personal viewpoint alone, few to no either odd one out nor to be added choices.

    Nevertheless, would most likely recommend if not adding at least (re) testing especially: scents like Rochas...
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    Re: Beginer what path to choose?

    Most likely recommending to get 2-3 at most from the second list, while the first list of possible additions is already great as well.

    Also adding to a possible testing list especially Bogart...
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    Re: Latest Cartier - L'Envol Parfum!

    Thank you for the recommendation, while admitting to not have sampled this version/release yet, also admitting to have liked this very much as EDT but also as EDP
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    Re: Best performance Vintages

    Possibly too many to mention and/or to remember, but strictly so far had some of the best if not even the only experiences with the performance achieved/gotten in the case of the following ones in...
  73. Re: Best Italian Coast Inspired fragrance line?

    If having to be more specific, Accordo Arancio has a nice, almost "glowing orange" style, both fresh and warm citrus note, but also Osmanthus, Regine dei Prati, Periplo, Hedera, Frescaessenza,...
  74. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Carolina Herrera for Men (the 1991 one) and/or the 1976 Gucci pour Homme, Versace l'Homme (vintage or not in each case) among designer scents, most masculine and unisex Creed choices, but also the...
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    Re: Hello everyone


    Very good lineup already owned, as much as the ones either still to be tested and/or eventually bought. Apart from these very good choices and equally good recommendations already, also...
  76. Re: Your Current Thoughts on Lalique Ombre Noire?

    For some reason, each time did sample this fragrance (admittedly quite rarely and infrequently) did enjoy both its actual scent and its performance-so far delivering a quite fine balance between...
  77. Re: Best Italian Coast Inspired fragrance line?

    Also adding most unisex and feminine choices by houses like Acqua di Genova and Etro-anything that fits both the required scent criteria and is more easily available.

    Alternatively quite a few...
  78. Re: Best Hot weather fragrance for a person that likes these scents.

    Also adding Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Dior Homme Sport, Guerlain Homme Eau Boisee, Best of Chevignon, on the more traditional and even bolder side but with a classic freshness rendered...
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    Re: Which Guerlain next?

    Also adding l'Homme Ideal Cologne and l'Homme Ideal Sport-as slightly modern takes on classic and almost traditionally Guerlain style themes of a certain heft, warmth but also traditional elegance...
  80. Re: Is it just me? New fragrance blues........

    Never went through this experience so far or at least was not aware about any possible impact like this both during delivery and a few days later.
    Usually the joy and the pleasant sensation remains...
  81. Re: Looking for a good fragrance for a 25 year old young professional

    Also seconding DHI as well as further adding Jaipur Homme EDP
  82. Re: Great projection oriental spicy for women/unisex

    Also adding Ysatis by Givenchy and Escale a Pondichery by Dior
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 2nd November, 2019

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    Re: Question about current Paco Rabanne pH?

    Retested this recently a few days ago in its current version widely available in most easily accessible fragrance stores and was quite surprised to still be pleased with this -
    both the actual...
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    Re: Sometimes the 2nd try is magical

    Had this good experience mainly especially with One Man Show and with Guerlain Heritage EDT-quite recently in the case of both
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    Re: soapy lavender

    Also adding, apart from any good suggestions already mentioned, Sartorial by Penhaligon's and Yardley English Lavender
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    Re: Most worn in October 2019

    Re-posting directly from a similar thread, based on BN statistics, while anything else did get either one or no wear:

  88. Replies

    Re: Most worn in October 2019

    According to SOTD statistics:

    Sir Irisch Moos by Sir
    2 wears
  89. Re: fragrance similar to armani eau pour homme vintage

    Since the current version is luckily not discontinued yet, seconding the recommendation in favor of this one
  90. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    10-12 dabs from a bottle of vintage Heritage
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD 2019

    Heritage EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 31st October, 2019

    Heitage EDT
  93. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Pino Silvestre, Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels, Fougere Royale by Houbigant
  94. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Cerruti 1881, Creed Royal Water
  95. Re: Large Bottle Sizes You Were Not Aware Your Fragrances Came In!

    Caron pour un Homme in the 750 ml size, though Roger&Gallet and/or 4711 EDC bottles might also approach this particular size
  96. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Possibly also Burberry London and/or CK One Shock
  97. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Actually a few days ago rather than yesterday-was pleased to test for the first time the bargain unisex EDP Cuir de Nuit by Yves Rocher, one of the most inoffensive, fresh, not animalic, in fact...
  98. Re: Dolce and Gabanna The One like dry down recommendation


    Also taking the liberty to dd Eau des Baux and Bogart pour Homme, two inexpensive yet good quality alternative options with notes more or less comparable to D&G The One
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    Re: How to wear Bleu de Chanel EDT?


    If only using the EDT of this fragrance, the shower gel and/or deodorant used at the same time would not make this too strong, possibly not even if these two are combined with the...
  100. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Possibly also Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, as more casual, Chanel pour Monsieur Concentree/EDP and Floris Limes as more formal choices
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