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    Re: Agarwood oil thread.

    I have smelled the two kalakassi oils. It has been years though. To me they were quite different. It surprised me at the time that they bore the same name. I lack the vocabulary to describe the...
  2. Re: Quest for THE Assam OUD. The Journey starts !

    You heard of a distiller named Tajul Bakshi? Might be a good point of reference for thoughtfully distilled Assam oud!
  3. Agarwood oils - origins and production

    I know this has been asked before but has anyone encountered carbon dioxide extracts of agar wood from any suppliers other than Nisarga Biotech (this is the company whose agar wood co2 total is being...
  4. I'd like to be considered for the draw. Very...

    I'd like to be considered for the draw. Very curious about this oil as I am a sandalwood buff. What I learned that surprised me was the relatively low rate of cost increase per year (in the teens). ...
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