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    Re: Aramis Calligraphy Rose

    Thanks for your input guys. I've been looking for a nice long-lasting rose scent... Might give it a go. I'm also considering the ST DuPont Oud et Rose which seems to also be selling for a great...
  2. Re: Vetiver 46 smells alot like Rose 31...Do all LeLabos smell alike??

    I can't really see any resemblance either. Sorry.

    Just buy both and enjoy them. :)
  3. Re: Name a scent that smells like another scent and list the two scents that smell alike or similar

    Green Irish Tweed - Cool Water
    Sycomore - Encre Noir
    Opium Pour Homme - LP No 9

    (Wow... Disagree with a few of those... Especially with FSU92Grad. Sorry bro.)
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    Re: Aramis Calligraphy Rose

    How would you rate this against the benchmark Montale Black Aoud? How long does the rose note last vs the Oud?
  5. Re: Montale "Middle East" new releases and thoughts


    With all due respect, considering that you are the current ongoing Montale expert (besides Vinramani), and how confusing the Montale range is, perhaps you should just start a thread...
  6. Re: Montale "Middle East" new releases and thoughts

    Ummm... It sounds like the eBay seller 'Abujouda' is reliable, but can someone confirm which Montale frags he sells? Ie. Durrani vs Atmeh? He also sells Mancera frags, so I'm assuming he stocks...
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    Re: Histoires de Parfums 1740 (Marquis de Sade)

    Thanks for your reply 'Onethinline'! What you've said is reassuring, and I suppose we have to trust the integrity, passion and pride of Mr Ghislain in his products. I will happily finish my decant...
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    Re: Histoires de Parfums 1740 (Marquis de Sade)

    As much as I enjoy rose and spices... The immortelle without the leather and tobacco as a contrasting counterpoint *could* be rather cloying and flat. :(
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    Re: Histoires de Parfums 1740 (Marquis de Sade)

    Hi all! Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I was wondering if there was any more information regarding the apparent reformulation of 1740?

    For those that haven't been following this thread,...
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    Re: Understanding Gucci's Envy for Men and GPH1

    Maybe you just don't like them. Not everyone does. Otherwise there would only be one fragrance worth owning...

    Which is Aventus. ;)
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    Re: Way Off Scenter

    Off Scenter's reviews are part of what drew me into this crazy hobby! Thanks for all your contributions! You've affected more people than you could possibly imagine! :)
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    Re: Deeper fragrance with touch of aquatic feel

    Anything by Creed...

    Aquatic... Check.
    Green/Floral... Check.
    Woods/Amber... Check.

    Green Irish Tweed or Silver Mountain Water?
  13. Thread: Serge Lutens

    by Mistertaz

    Re: Serge Lutens

    Muscs Kublai Khan...

    Please don't wear it for the first time to a job interview though! :laugh:
  14. Re: If you could only use two fragrances for the entire year, which would they be and why?

    Pour le matin... Chanel Egoiste.

    Pour le soir... Tom Ford Noir de Noir.

    Although, if I had to cut it down to only ONE frag for the entire year, day and night, then I'd have to take Amouage...
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    Re: Looking for fresh summer orange scent

    My favourite orange scent is without question Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte as mentioned above, but it has virtually zero longevity, so it's not very useful outside of the house and doesn't get much use....
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    Re: Smoky, tarry fragrance

    Another vote for Comme de Garcons BLACK.

    It's very smoky, but wearable, and without other prominent distracting elements.
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    Re: Eau de Rochas Homme - sprays?

    1. Spray a lot on your body (twice as much as typical fragrances).

    2. Spray some on your shirt/clothing.

    3. Take a decant in an atomiser with you in your car/backpack/suitcase/pocket for a top...
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    Re: Anything Similar to Sycomore?

    Just to clarify... Are you looking for another vetiver OR another dark, smooth and smoky scent? Answering this will help guide the responses.

    Oh... And I know you said that you've already tried...
  19. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (3/15/14): Bois du Portugal vs Acqua di Gio

    Haha. This is Basenotes... so $100 on BdP. ;)
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    Musk flavoured sweets...

    I *love* rose frags and wear them often... Black Aoud, Midnight Oud and Ambre Nuit are my usual suspects. :)

    Unfortunately, in Australia we have rose flavoured sweets / lollies / candy which are...
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    Re: Top 10 Summer Fragrances For 2012

    Ahahahah! And here I was thinking you were just an insanely hardcore perfumisto! :D Wait... You are! :) Maybe you should add Profumum Arso to that list? :P
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    Re: Top 10 Summer Fragrances For 2012

    Just checking this thread out again as it's now (a very hot) Summer in Australia!

    @Hedonist - Wow... That's an interesting list of Summer frags! I'm sure if I wore Leather Oud at the moment,...
  23. Re: Sweet/creamy patchouli based fragrance...Niche

    For a sweet, simple, warm and cozy patchouli, I'd recommend L'Artisan Patchouli Patch. If you want it with a twist, try their Voleur de Roses, which is basically Patchouli Patch with a lovely rose...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Serge Lutens Gris Clair... I love this stuff, but I don't like lavender, so don't listen to me! :)
  25. Re: Ambre Doré by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (new release)

    More updates?
  26. Re: Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille??? Any thoughts about this fragrance???

    I *love* Lutens... but I can't wear UBV regularly.

    It smells like intense burnt caramel... Simple and incredibly sickly sweet. Almost a caricature of a gourmand.

    Where Thierry Mugler's Amen is...
  27. Re: Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille suitable for men?

    I *love* Lutens... but I can't wear UBV regularly.

    It smells like intense burnt caramel... Simple and incredibly sickly sweet. Almost a caricature of a gourmand.

    Where Thierry Mugler's Amen is...
  28. Re: what perfume have you wore the most in the last 1 year time?

    Chanel Egoiste by day and Ambre Precieux by night... :)
  29. Ahahahahahahahaha! That was hilarious! That was...

    Ahahahahahahahaha! That was hilarious! That was one of the worst pieces of acting combined with one of the worst pieces of dialogue I've ever seen or heard!

    I don't know whether Brad Pitt is more...
  30. Re: which one do you prefer among Back to Black, Cologne pour le Soir, Absolue pour le Soir?

    I haven't tried Back to Black, but have tried both of the Francis Kurkdjian fragrances.

    APLS is far too animalic in the opening for me and I just can't wear it. CPLS however is just beautiful and...
  31. Re: Best "Cold night" or nighttime wardrobe Scent that turns heads...

    Errrr... Going mainstream is wayyyyy too limiting! :/ This is Basenotes remember! ;)

    Okay... well... My vote goes to YSL Opium pour Homme. Just imagine walking from the cold street into a warm bar...
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    Re: Scent suggestions, please

    I *really* think you should explore the Histoires de Parfums range... it sounds *perfect* for you! Both in concept, quality and scent! :) (

    I think Marquis du...
  33. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    Leather Oud... I *love* that frag, but it's *seriously* powerful! I gave myself a few too many sprays of it, and it smelled *amazing*, but I was about to go out and I was worried about giving people...
  34. Re: Lutens palais royale vs the regular bottle

    As far as I know, the two are exactly the same. Just the 75ml bottle is obviously larger and a different design. It's also quite collectable and there's the "ooohhh I bought it in Paris" factor... ;)...
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    Re: Convince me not to buy 'Noir de Noir' !

    Well... You could just do what most of us do! Even though you love it, buy numerous other cheaper and still well regarded alternatives, but eventually end up buying the expensive one anyway, having...
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    Re: Serge Lutens - Musc Kublai Khan

    It amazes me how fragrances can be so different on different skin and to different noses...

    On my single wearing of MKK, it definitely smelled like a pair of underwear I'd just gone to the gym in,...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermes Parfum?

    The two are quite different. When I wear them, what I get on my skin is...

    EDT: Much fresher with quite prominent sparkling citrus notes up high, with the flinty notes in the middle linking it to...
  38. Re: New Fragrance : Sexual Noir Pour Homme by Michel Germain

    My favourite is Sexual Chocolate... Sport... Extreme... :P
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    Re: HDP Amber 114 or MPG Ambre Precieux?

    I think they both smell quite different actually!

    Ambre Precieux is much sweeter with vanilla and a touch of powder, and very good longevity and sillage. When wearing it I feel like I'm radiating...
  40. Re: Fahrenheit - loved or hated from Young Girls?

    To be honest, I think there are much better scents to attract young women. Try something fresh, mainstream and familiar that girls will easily notice and recognise. If it's a popular designer scent...
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    Re: Serge Luten fragrances

    @Possum-Pie & Wildthingy

    Maybe you just don't like Serge Lutens or you don't live somewhere conducive to wearing them... So don't waste your money. Perhaps you're a Creed person?

    I love the...
  42. Poll: Re: Chanel Coromandel vs Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 (Battle of Sheldrake's Chocochouli Duo)

    Ha! This is such an old thread... but I'll bite.

    Borneo for me. It's raw and sensual and deep and comforting, while still being masculine. I just wish there was more bitter cocoa and less...
  43. Re: What's the harshest or "unfriendliest" cologne ever?



    Urgh... Everytime I wear it I feel nauseated, my stomach churns, and I get a headache. I don't understand the man love it gets... :(
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    Re: Dior Privee No Longer Privee

    I can get the Chanel Exclusifs here in Australia, but I don't think the Diors are available *anywhere* here! :sad:

    Funnily enough, when Leather Oud first came out I asked a friend visiting Paris...
  45. Re: Best SMOOTH leather fragrance for my first one

    I'm *not* a leather fan... but there are a couple that I quite like. But I like these *because* they're not classic leathers.

    Daim Blond - Fruity soft leather.
    Cuir Ottoman - Mild spiced leather....
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    Poll: Re: Help Me 2 From Entire SERGE LUTENS LINE.

    Looking at what you like... I would recommend MKK, Cuir Mauresque or Fumerie Turque.
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    Re: What have people told you that you smell like?

    "Urgh!! You smell like a homeless person that's urinated on themselves!!" (Muscs Kublai Khan)

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    Re: Fragrance recommendation: Spicy amber...


    I haven't gotten into layering fragrances to be honest. A bit worried about just confusing all the notes. Unfortunately I've run out of Egoiste, which is what actually triggered my recent...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Trying my sample of Oud Kampuchea from Agaraura...


    Meditative and serene... While I complete my presentation for next week. :)
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    Re: Fragrance recommendation: Spicy amber...

    Wow... Thanks for all the suggestions guys! :)

    Ambre Fetiche - Sounds nice with the incense and leather aspects. Will get a sample from TPC. Discounted prices online!
    Ambre Russe - Still on the...
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    Fragrance recommendation: Spicy amber...

    Hi all!

    Just like everyone else, I'm still searching for my holy grail evening scent... What I'm looking for is a spicy and slightly sweet amber.

    Ambre Precieux - Beautiful amber with a touch...
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    Re: Musc Kublai Khan question

    I've tried it once and a female friend was immediately disgusted and said I smelled "like a homeless person that's urinated on themselves"... I asked her to smell it again later and she described it...
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    Re: An Open Plea to Axe wearers/purchasers

    Ha! Good point. 10 sprays of Dark Temptation would merely be offensive. 10 sprays of A*Men would make my head explode! :D
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    Re: MPG Santal Noble

    Any updates on this? Has a further reformulation been confirmed or is it just mass hysteria? I'm not sure whether to buy a new bottle...
  55. Re: MARRY, DATE or DUMP, Male Fragrance Edition: Round 1

    Heh... I'm with you there bro! ;)
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    Re: An Open Plea to Axe wearers/purchasers

    The one problem is that the OP is preaching to the converted... Maybe we should have Basenotes T-Shirts with that tirade printed on the back! :)
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    Re: An Open Plea to Axe wearers/purchasers

    I completely agree with the OP. I believe that people buy Axe (or Lynx as they are marketed in Australia) due to lack of exposure or education (or apathy). Convenience would also be a factor as they...
  58. Poll: Re: Simple Question: Gucci Pour Homme 1 or Gucci Pour Homme 2?

    Gucci Pour Homme 1 definitely is my answer, but I'm not sure about the question! ;)

    I love the intensity of the original and the fact that it reminds me of walking into an ancient Orthodox Church....
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    Suggestion please?


    Sorry to be a pain, but I'd love a couple of suggestions for a new male scent! I'm after something spicy/sweet, but with a rich, deep woody or incense base to keep it feeling masculine. I...
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