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  1. Re: Body Odor and Sexuality: Some Very Unexpected Effects!

    I realise this has become quite long winded of me, for this i apologise and don't intend to insult or argue with anyone (or send anyone to sleep). I just do not personally agree with the...
  2. Re: Body Odor and Sexuality: Some Very Unexpected Effects!

    Having actually read the study and analysis of results etc (Something i believe you should also do) There are a great many pitfalls to this study and the methodology used. The results obtained are...
  3. Re: Body Odor and Sexuality: Some Very Unexpected Effects!

    what was the level error applied to results? how was the control group and experimental group organised? how were the variables controlled how were participants recruited etc etc and was it peer...
  4. Re: Body Odor and Sexuality: Some Very Unexpected Effects!

    Until i read/find the research i'm going to suggest "scientific studies" rather than scientific studies :P
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    Re: Yves Saint Laurent - l'homme Libre

    It just reminded me of lancome hypnose and Hugo just different. But I still like it.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Joop! Homme Wild

    I tried this today and I like it because it's slightly fresh and for some reason I got a mild coconutty cream smell. We shall see how this continues!
  7. Re: You people realize that real smells are infinitely better than fake ones, right?

    Was I the only one who thought of GIT and then mental pictures of someone impersonating a dog doing that funny twisty rub on grass and moss?
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense -WTF ?

    After reading all of that, I have to say I never pick up lipstick smell.... ever.

    And as for people who do, I'd say it's like wearing pink. You either will or you won't especially depending if...
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    Re: What is wrong with Sports these days ?

    I quite like a few sports, especially dior homme sport and gucci sport (especially when it's warmed up)

    Hated allure sport, but quite like issey sport (though weak as buggery). I think my issue is...
  10. Re: Does anyone else strongly dislike Terre D'Hermes?

    This is the one i smelled, and had to buy wipes at the store to get it off my skin!
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    Re: Sample in the UK, why such high prices?

    I find store choices for anything fragrance related to be quite poor, living in the middle of no where and the "upmarket" role of store here taken by house of fraser and that's the closest you get.
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    Re: Male teachers + scents

    It tends to rely heavily on season, but i teach secondary and range from the following in order of frequency, most liked and ones that last the longest on me (In a Science lab):

    Givenchy play ...
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    Re: Summer begins!

    OK Creeds are impossible to come by if you live outside a major city :P And reputable UK websites are in fact hard to come by considering all statements made by people on this website! The Creeds...
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    Re: Summer begins!

    I am aware of current fragrances out that are awesome summer smells having got edition blanche, DHS, VIW and a few others to boot! This was purely to look at the upcoming for the possibility that one...
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    Re: Summer begins!

    Problem with creeds is getting hold of them in the UK and the only one left to try I think i would like for summer is Aventus, and for some reason I really dislike MI!

    I was just curious as to...
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    Summer begins!

    So I can't find much here and with the frenzy of releases upcoming I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything of the following? I'm a bit of a geek and want them all of course :P

    L'Eau d'Issey...
  17. Re: ***** Freebie - Paco Rabanne pour Homme *****

    Thank-you :) 2?
  18. Re: So I Have This Insane Idea To Mix Two of My Favorite Fragrances Together

    Apologies for hijacking the thread slightly, but I've accidentally combined virgin island water with GIT today, oddly I quite like it but I have issues with coconut anyway :D
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    Re: Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs

    I wasn't keen at all when I first put this on in a shop. It wasn't until I got home 4 hours later and I wondered what the hell that amazing smell was. Safe to say the next day got a bottle.

  20. Thread: Fake Creed

    by iikiibuu

    Poll: Re: Got the Fake Creed Millesime Imperial that I ordered.

    First post here :) first thing i've been able to post about! I think the below link might be a hint of a follow-up fake imperial maybe? :D
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