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  1. Thread: Deodorant

    by Kilo Joe

    Poll: Re: Deodorant

    Of the ones listed Swagger is the best.

    My new favorite is Fiji. I got a gift set with the body wash, spray, deodorant and a shower scrub. At first it smelt like a pina colada but the scent has...
  2. Re: Do you find fragrance based body-washes worth it?

    Not worth it IMO.

    I try not to use a soap or bodywash that will conflict with the scent I am using that day. Today to the office I am wearing Polo Black and I used Old Spice Swagger body wash in...
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    Re: Anyone try Axe Twist?

    I have tried it and to my nose it starts out with a citrus smell with a hint of white musk and woods. The citrus does fade over time leaving the white musk smell and a faint smell of woods that never...
  4. Re: Looking for something like Old Spice Fresh Aftershave

    Brut Oceans smells EXACTLY like Old Spice Fresh aftershave.
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    Re: Old Spice smells like manure

    Shulton Old Spice has a warm vanilla floral smell.

    P&G Old Spice has a powdery floral with a hint of licorice smell.

    Both are classics that I enjoy from time to time.
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    Re: Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Black No. 1581

    I agree that Black smells like JV. Black dries down to a plain vanilla musk smell after awhile though.

    If you like Polo Blue try Bigelow Green, its a dead ringer for it.

    I rate the Bigelow...
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    Re: Old Spice Swagger deo

    I am wearing the OS Swagger clear gel AP/Deo today after showering with the bodywash. Swagger smells great its one of the best smells in the OS line up along with Aqua Reef.
  8. Re: What fragrance smells like Speed Stick Musk?

    Speed Stick Musk is a great scent. It is a pity the deodorant doesn't last longer. I expected more since the cover reads "all day odor protection" More like 3 hour protection at best.
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    Re: Another Old Spice Commercial

    These commercials are some of the best I have seen. Pure marketing gold!

    I find Old Spice bodywashes to have the best longevity of any bodywashes I have ever used. The Swagger, After Hours,...
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    Re: Which is the best scent for the gym?

    I like to use Old Spice Pure Sport or Aqua Reef deodorant and the matching body spray. I also use some Shower to Shower sport body powder to keep me cool.
  11. Re: What body/wash soap do you use as a blank canvas?

    I am a big fan of Old Spice Aqua Reef body wash right now. It says it has 8 hour scent technology on the label. I find it is one of the few bodywashes I can smell faintly on my skin hours after...
  12. Re: Really Ripped Abs on Steroids Mega Cologne Spray by BOD Man

    I was at K-Mart this weekend and had a chance to smell the new BOD mega cologne. It was quite nice. Considering the price I would give it two thumbs up.

    My six year old son thought the bottle was...
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    Re: What kind of soap/deodorant do you use?

    I have come to love Old Spice Classic body wash. Who can resist the tagline printed on the bottle: "If your Grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist." It is one of the only bodywashes I have...
  14. Re: Really Ripped Abs on Steroids Mega Cologne Spray by BOD Man

    There is indeed a fragrance named "Really Ripped Abs" and this is a flanker of that. See the original post which states: "Really Ripped Abs on Steroids Mega Cologne Spray by BOD Man
    NEW! Really...
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    Re: Scented Deodorant Recs?

    Axe Kilo antiperspirent/deodorant is a great choice. It has a nice Vanilla, woodsy, talc smell.

    I also like Cool Water extremely mild deodorant stick and John Varvatos deodorant stick. Both of...
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    Old Spice Fresh collection scent notes

    I recently found the following website,

    On that site they list the scent notes for Old Spice Fresh collection deodorant/antiperspirents Fiji, Matterhorn,...
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    Re: Do teenage girls like Old Spice?

    I doubt teenage girls would like the current formulation Old Spice. It is a powdery, floral, musky smell with a hint of licorice. To me it is a mature smell that I could not imagine a teenage boy...
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    Re: Best Body Spray

    I use Old Spice Pure Sport body spray and it blows away all of the Axe line except Kilo. Pure Sport has pepper, cedarwood and powdery notes to my nose. I have gotten more compliments on wearing it...
  19. Re: Deodorant for every day use: which one do you use?

    I would advise against spraying Axe/Lynx deodorant body sprays under your arms, they burn like a bleep bleep. I know they have those dumb double pits to chesty commercials here in the states advising...
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    Re: Lynx/Axe Collectors

    I wish Axe would bring a line of aftershaves over to the USA. We got the hair care line instead :tongue:

    I had a friend of mine pick up some Lynx aftershave while he was overseas. He was able to...
  21. Re: What notes are common for that "old man" smell?

    I agree with all of these and would add leather, violets and lavender to the mix.
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    Re: Brut: do any of you wear this regularly?

    I wear Brut from time to time. I always remember a little goes a long way. Its a timeless classic for me.

    I recently got my hands on some Brut Oceans aftershave. Really good stuff!
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    Re: Axe Bodysprays

    I love the Kilo (Africa) scent, hence my forum name. After all these years I still find myself going back to it. After showering with the Kilo bodywash, Africa aftershave and using the Kilo AP stick...
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    Re: What is the most hideous bottle?

    I agree about Le Male and Only the Brave. They were the first bottles that come to mind when I read the post title.

    I would rank christian audigier cologne as well as the Ed Hardy colognes (for...
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    Re: Buying more frag's for yourself around xmas?

    Buying more frag's for yourself around xmas? YES!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year. All the sales and gift sets are irresistable. I received 3 bottles of cologne so far and bought 1 for...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    On the last shopping weekend before Christmas I found a great deal at TJ Maxx. A John Varvatos gift set (4.2 oz EDT and Deodorant Stick) for $24 reduced from $29. I bought it as an early present for...
  27. Re: Newbie, looking for something Vanilla/Tonka Bean/Woodsy/Musky!

    Its cheap at $20 for a 2.5oz bottle. Even better when Bath and Body Works runs a buy one get one free sale.
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    Re: skin or shirt???

    I would have said skin only a month ago. Recently I developed a rash under my arms that forced me to give up deodorant for a while. I discovered if I sprayed some EDT on my undershirt in the underarm...
  29. Re: Newbie, looking for something Vanilla/Tonka Bean/Woodsy/Musky!

    C.O. Bigelow Barber Elixir Black cologne has all the notes you mentioned Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Agar Wood, Musk.

    It's one of my favorites. I am wearing it today.
  30. Re: What hairstyling product (wax/pomade/gel/etc.) do you use?

    I rotate between 3 hairstyling products; Axe Pomade Clean Cut Look, American Crew Pomade and Gilette Mess Constructor hair gel.

    Out of the three my favorite is the Axe Pomade. Pros: It's not as...
  31. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    karlovonamesti buy your brother a bottle of Ed Hardy or Ed Hardy Luck and Love colognes. They are packaged a lot like Axe with a modern look. They might be just the thing to help him take that next...
  32. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    Your first point was quite clear in you first response to my post. I was trying to explain why young men bypass the cheaper Old Spice and Brut for the Axe Sprays. Old Spice, Brut and the Axe Sprays...
  33. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    I couldn't agree more.

    Irish Spring Moisture Blast soap $8 for 16 bars on sale at K-Mart.

    Mennen Speed Stick Irish Spring Original scented deodorant $5 for 2 sticks on sale at K-Mart.

  34. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    I respectfully disagree. In the states adolescent men love axe because it is cheap, smells halfway decent and has "hip" packaging/advertising. They would not go with Old Spice or Brut because of the...
  35. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    Dark Temptation is like a mix of A*Men and Molton Brown

    I would like to mention that if these Axe addicts think they are saving money, they are not. A $6 can of axe spray doesn't go very far...
  36. Re: Frags hated by many BNers that you like, and why.

    I love Cool Water and Unforgivable even though many here hate them because they are cheaper wannabe's of their beloved Creed scents.

    They smell good and the price is right for me thats all that...
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    Re: How does everybody Spray their Colognes?

    In the morning after my shower and applying unscented body lotion, I do 1 spray on the chest. I usually use the matching aftershave for whatever scent I am wearing that day so no need to spray my...
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    Re: Did I make a mistake that Is Unforgivable?

    You know what might also put you in a good mood? Returning all those gift sets you compulsively bought and donate the money you get back to a nice charity for the holiday season.

    Just sayin'
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    Re: VPH and Cool Water

    CW is my everyday scent, I love it. I consider the cheap price a bonus.

    I don't know why but many scents have a price reduction based on their longevity. Consider Brut as an example, it was quite...
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    Re: best shave cream

    I shave everyday so I go through cream pretty fast. I like Barbasol Pacific Rush formula. Its creamy and the smell is incredible! I have tried many many creams, gels and soaps and I find Barbasol PR...
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    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    I won't laugh since I agree. How could I forget Irish Spring! It is a favorite body wash of mine for summertime weekends. I use the Mennen Speed Stick Irish Spring scented deodorant with it to smell...
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    Re: Current Obsessions (3rd Quarter '09)

    Top 3 to Try:
    1. B*Men
    2. Tabac
    3. Royall Vetiver

    Top 3 to Buy:
    1. Bvlgari Aqva
    2. Ed Hardy luck and love
    3. Minotaure
  43. Re: My Mini Reviews of the Free Samples from you kind BNers!

    Your review of John Varvatos : Original is spot on. I could not have said it any better.
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    Re: What Are The BEST Shower gels Around?

    I love the C.O. Bigelow Barber Elixir hair and shower gels. They smell great and produce a rich lather. They contain aloe vera and pro vitamin b5. My skin feels great after using them. My favorite is...
  45. Re: Typically Feminine Notes in Masculine Fragrances

    I would agree with others in this thread that responded rose and vanilla.

    I love the smell of vanilla! I try to seek out masculine fragrances that have a vanilla note and stay masculine like...
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    Re: What is your best inexpensive frag purchase

    I am all about the inexpensive fragrance purchases. I hate speading a lot of money on scents when there are so much quality stuff out there at great prices. From reading this thread I really want to...
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    Re: A*MEN smells like cold chocolate milk?

    Its funny but I barely smell the chocolate in A*Men. The Vanilla and Musk notes are dominant to my nose when I wear it.
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    Re: How do you Shave?

    I start off my shave routine by washing my face with face wash. I rinse with hot water and towel dry my face.

    I then apply shaving cream and proceed to shave my face. I shave left side then right...
  49. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    I was a long time lurker of these forums and wound up purchasing A*Men based on all the things I read. I was not disappointed, I really liked it for occasional use.

    You guys are really making me...
  50. Thread: Deodorant?

    by Kilo Joe

    Re: Deodorant?

    I don't like aluminum antiperspirants, so I use deodorant only. Most deodorants can be harsh on my underarms so I am limited to a few kinds that I have found by trial and error to work for me.

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