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  1. Re: Bond no9 Bleecker st. is a masterpiece

    Have a bottle, like it very much but not a masterpiece for me. I'd go 8/10. The best I have tried from Bond, which would be most of them.
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    Re: Bentley Intense

    OP, this one can't be found locally in Houston. I've kept my eyes open for it every place I know of, including in the Harwin and a Galleria areas. If you can't find a fragrance in one of those two...
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    Re: I need a Day Fragrance

    Yeah, Bleu de Chanel. It's so hard to go wrong with it, under almost any circumstance. If you're works my with a non-collector sized group of fragrances, it's indispensable.
  4. Re: Semi-blind bought AdP Oud, what to expect?

    What to expect: OMG-goodness

    What it's similar to: nothing I can really think of, it's somewhat unique.

    Keep or punt: Yes, it is uber strong, please try just 1 spray for starters, and work your...
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    Re: Clean Leather - Recommendations?

    Really? I have both and they strike me as quite different, with vintage Bel Ami winning by a large margin. I think I have some kind of unusual issue with Tuscan Leather though, it's never struck me...
  6. Re: Richard James: No longer making fragrance?

    Never had the luck of trying the vintage release, so I can't make a comparison. However, the new juice is indeed fantastic.

    A very nice find, for those that appreciate a slightly mature, classy...
  7. Re: chypre mousse or musc ravageur or invasion barbare.

    My pick would be Invasion Barbare from those 3 (all good choices). If you lean toward Chypre Mousse though, I'd recommend giving Chypre Palatin a sniff, I find it superior, but at a price.
  8. Re: What is the most you've ever sprayed at once?

    Yeah, I tried 10 sprays of Happy myself. I wanted desperately for it to last a little longer, it smelled really nice for about 5 mins. Unfortunately, even carpet bombing that much didn't do a whole...
  9. Re: Discussion: Cuiron, Pluriel, Sartorial

    I'd echo most everything Buysblind offered for the Pluriel/Sartorial comparison. Love, love, love both of these.

    Pluriel has a more noticeable lavender, and it somehow does have a "sticky" kind...
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    Re: Other addictions

    Guitar gear.

    Down from 16 to the bare minimum of 6. Now I just have to figure out how to play more than 1 at a time :)
  11. Re: Ever Tempted by a Great Deal for a Scent You Don't Love?

    I have totally done this! A number of times. I have buyers remorse almost every time after the fact.

    Agree with ClassicFan and Hednic these days. Much smarter perspective.
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    Re: Top Ten Winter Fragrances

    Really, Bigarade Concentree, in the Winter? It's never occurred to me to try it in the cold, but now you have me curious. Maybe with the bit of carryover from Declaration it holds up better than...
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    Re: Oud Ispahan or Noir de Noir

    Summarizing my opinion, since mostly the pertinent parts have been stated by various posters above already:
    1) Ex Idolo 33
    2) Oud Ispahan
    3) NdN

    I could (and do) enjoy any of them, there's not...
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    Re: Your next "must-have" fragrance.

    Have both, and can confirm for you that vintage Bel Ami is EVEN better. Worth the effort to find.
  15. Got a Complement on Fahrenheit Absolute

    Nothing at all like original Fahrenheit. Dark, vanillic Oud. I hesitate to call it Oud though, it's clearly a westernized riff on Oud, but it roughly has that vibe. Nothing fresh at all, and does...
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    Re: Kilian Straight to Heaven??

    I think you're picking up notes that I don't get. I get the boozy cedar goodness that it's generally known for. Not a top 10 for me, but definitely a strong Like.
  17. Best burning incense type of frag besides M7 and the CDG Incense series.

    Most of the ones I'd think of for great incense have already been mentioned.

    CDG Avignon and Heeley Cardinal would be the two I'd add.
  18. Re: Amyris Homme...Don't judge this too quickly

    Yep, fan here. Don't wear it as much as I'd like but always enjoy it.
  19. Re: Got a Complement on Fahrenheit Absolute

    Enjoy this one, quite a different twist. GF seems to enjoy this as well, although most anything that smells of vanilla does that trick.
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    Agree with above, I got in on a 2014 split, which I find to be better than my 2012 bottle. I got a 50ml split share, which should last a long while, but I'm seriously thinking I may want some more,...
  21. Re: the most creamy of the houses: amouage, creed, chanel and tom ford.

    Yeah, probably Chanel.

    Coromandel, Egoiste maybe aspects of Boi des Isle would all fit the creamy description.
  22. Re: Any feedback on New York Oud from Bond No. 9?

    Sampled it, liked it. Pretty dry but rich. A little risky, not going to be a general crowd-pleaser.

    I don't think it's true Oud scent, more an impression. Still smells good to me, somewhat unique.
  23. Poll: Re: Bond No.9 - Bleecker St. Vs. The Scent of Peace for Him

    Bleecker St.
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    Re: which dyptique should i buy

    34 St. Germain Blvd (black cap) is my personal fave. Most of the others are geared for warmer weather, which may be a consideration currently.
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    Re: Confounded by Diptyque

    Agreed, best of the bunch by a good margin, IMO. Own several more, and respect the artistry & quality, just don't find them that impressive. Maybe nuance is just part of the Diptyque vibe though.
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    Re: Kilian coffins

    Kind of agree, FWIW. I only have a couple of coffrets. I know the 1st one locks because I tried it right out of the box just for the novelty, then promptly put the key back in the box. I didn't...
  27. Re: guerlain habit rouge sport, your thoughts? Worth it?

    Own it but I don't find Sport to be a great fragrance, whether in comparison to the original or on it's own. It's just ok.

    For a superior option in this family I'd recommend L'eau.
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    Re: Holy Moly - CH Men Carolina Herrera

    Smells good to me, but pretty weak. Maybe it's just subtle and I don't appreciate that properly. I generally prefer a little more of a statement from my fragrances though, especially those that lean...
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    Poll: Re: Chanel Egoiste or Guerlain Heritage

    Heritage, any formulation, over Egoiste. Enjoy both though.
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    Re: EDB vs LNDLH

    Yeah Eau des Baux here as well.

    Having said that, La Nuit is very good. Neither seem especially good for a really young guy though.
  31. Re: Calvin Klein - Eternity 1989 (Vintage)

    Had a bottle around that same time. My brother and I both were college age and used it regularly.

    This is literally the only bottle I have ever finished to the last drop.
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    Re: Maison Francis kurkdjian

    Faves from my collection include:
    Absolue pour Le Soire
    Lumiere Noire

    APOM is the only other one I've sniffed that I like a lot but haven't bought yet.

    Own and kind of meh about:...
  33. Re: Is Straight to Heaven worth a blind buy?

    Pretty expensive blind buy. I like it quite a bit but would have a hard time recommending that approach for any of the Kilians.

    Longevity is good for me btw, no issues here.
  34. Re: If you can only get one kilian which one would you get and why?

    I've always found Kilian frags to project quite well. Performance doesn't seem to be an issue for this house.
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    Re: M7 Fresh Alternatives

    Agree that not much else is like M7 Fresh. I have a small bottle and will eventually run out, as I love it for Spring/Summer wear. I'd love to find some kind of replacement as well; see below.

  36. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense. I've never smelled a Givenchy I was remotely interested in, including the original Gentlemen Only.

    This one is actually quite good, and I've worn it a good bit...
  37. If you can only get one kilian which one would you get and why?

    Only one: Straight to Heaven, overall nice smell, while being a bit non-mainstream. It also can be dressed up or down and worn in most seasons although probably not outdoors in Summer.
  38. Re: Has anyone tried By Kilian- Sweet Redemption?!

    Yes, tried it and liked it. I found it similar to Profumum Dulcis in Fundo. Not better though, so I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

    I happen to like the creamsicle vibe, but I doubt every guy...
  39. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    Thx for confirming this for Houston. I'll be visiting.
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    Re: Ready... Set... GO!!

    Dior Addict
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    Re: Smooth, laid-back, classy scent?

    MFK Pluriel
    L'Artisan Fou d'Absinthe
    Lubin Itasca

    Dior Homme is my 10/10 in this category, so even though it has been raised previously I'll add my vote for it as well.
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    Re: Just tried Creed Windsor!

    Yeah, I don't think I got that when sampling either. What I did get was so fantastic that I very nearly pulled the (very pricey) trigger for it.

    I've acquired some other very nice Roses since,...
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    Tom Ford Extreme question

    TFE's middle name is depth, it has that in spades. A very nice masculine option for cooler weather. Dresses up and down pretty well.

    I have some minor performance issues for longevity, but I...
  44. Re: Which Chanel Exclusifs and Armani Privé should I try?

    Hardly original, but piling on with recommendations of Sycomore and Coromandel.
  45. Re: Issey Miyake Bleue: I now no longer care what people will think

    Huh, haven't dug this one out in a little while, but I like it very much as well. Thanks for the inspiration, think I'll make this the SoTD tomorrow!
  46. Re: What is the most niche feeling fragrance to you?

    Ex Idolo Thirty Three for me.
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    Re: Hermessence: Cuir d'Ange

    I may have missed it after reading through, but floral-leather - is there a resemblance to Knize Ten?
  48. Re: Does your wardrobe cover all 12 groups in the note family?

    Very good topic OP, thanks. Now I have to go over my collection to ponder this :)
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    Re: L'eau D'issey Summer 2013 vs 2014

    Not trying to discourage you on this, it's fair to say it's a decent fragrance - as in I haven't given Issey 2013 away or trashed it. However I have a hard time recommending decent.

    There are...
  50. Re: What are your preferred D Squared HeWood frags?

    Rocky Mountain Wood
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    Dior Homme Parfum!?!?

    I'll be in Paris in July. If it hasn't made it to US retail by then, a couple of bottles of DH Parfum will be on my shopping list.
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    Re: L'eau D'issey Summer 2013 vs 2014

    Have not smelled 2014, but own 2013 and suggest you skip it unless you really enjoy it. The supposed kiwi note is garbage. Not a good blind buy IMO.
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    Poll: Re: Signature Scent vs. Signature Wardrobe

    Echoing this sentiment.

    If I absolutely had to go signature scent, I'd be buying a wheelbarrow load of Bleu de Chanel.
  54. Re: Javanese Patchouli vs Patchouli Absolu

    Agree on these points. JP seems more of a daytime scent, and PA is more for dressy nights.

    Personally like both but in a tie breaker would choose the Tom Ford. I happen to like dark, formal...
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    Winter Is Coming

    It's 30F - 40F in Houston at the moment, the rare period of the year where I get to wear some beauties that don't work so well the rest of the year. These are on my near-term list:

    Bel Ami...
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    Re: How is Invasion Barbare?

    How is IB? In one word: fantastic.

    Love Sartorial and 1725 as well, which are often compared to it, but I find IB a hair superior.
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    Re: top 5 must have all year round

    Right there with Doug on those 4, and I personally might swap GIT or La Nuit for the other. It's always a compromise when you're specifying "all year round", but I believe those are good to go for...
  58. Re: What is everyones opinion of Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum?

    Own and love. Sampled for 1 wearing and knew I needed a bottle. A cool weather fave for me.
  59. Re: Anyone still doing splits for Creed Royal Exclusives?

    Yeah, you really have to try it on skin to get this one. It's OK but not overwhelmingly good on a strip. Give it 10 mins on your skin though, and you might just be convinced. I just put my request...
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    Re: The James Heeley House.

    Just to chime in, 3 of these are available on splits in the Basenotes markeplace. Cuir, Sel Marin and Iris de Nuit were all up last I looked.
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    Re: Help me explore OAK

    +1 on Poivre Samarcande. Quite good anyway, but has a spicy oak accord that is pretty true.
  62. Re: similar frags to Gentlemen Only: Intense by Gievenchy

    Personally haven't run across many like this frag. Oud Wood to me is vaguely similar, with a creamy woody character. Just not as spicy.

    Maybe Gaiac from M. Micallef, a bit but it's sweeter.

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    Re: Great changes on the Split forum

    Very happy about these recent changes in the marketplace. Appreciation to the mods and the splitters for making this work for the Basenotes community.
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    Re: A note on PS by Paul Sebastian

    Yep, I doubt anyone that tests this one first actually completes the purchase :)

    Got it from the bargain bin at Marshall's or TJ Maxx, I forget which.

    Probably gave $15 or $20 for it, no major...
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    Re: A note on PS by Paul Sebastian

    Bought it, wore it literally once. Never been out of the box since. I really need to punt this one.
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    Re: Thee Holy Grail!

    Closest thing for me would be Fahrenheit. One of the very few I rate 10/10 in my collection, and I can find a way to wear it in pretty much any wear scenario.
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    Re: Who is who on Basenotes: post a pic...!

    Sure, I'm in. Here's a shot in front of a great little fragrance boutique named Hipnose I shopped at while in Bucharest. Recommended.
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    Re: No love for Creed Original Vetiver?

    I like OV a lot.

    For all 1hr of it's longevity.
  69. Re: suggestions for a signature office scent

  70. Re: Scents in a league of their own. Classy. Distinguished. Formal.

    Ormonde Man
  71. Re: a more affordable chypre palatin like frag?

    Just for the sake of saying it: yes PalmBeach's split is your best bet. I've joined many splits hosted by him (Including Chypre Palatin) and have zero reservations about recommending his splits....
  72. Re: Breeze: Which scent(s) gives you that feel?

    Nautica Voyage. Makes me think of breeze on the sea.
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    Re: Boss Bottled or Cartier Declaration

    Declaration from my perspective. I don't care for Boss Bottled very much. I find YSL L'Homme, which is supposed to be similar, superior to Boss Bottled as well.
  74. Re: Does your preference for a fragrance decrease with higher recent usage frequency?

    Yes. I rotate regularly for this reason. I enjoy things I haven't worn in a while and actively seek them out. Sort of like catching up with old friends.

    Weather is not a factor for me in this...
  75. Re: Tom Ford for Extreme or Costume National Homme CoSTUME NATIONAL?

    Ditto. CNH by a modest amount. TF Extreme is nice but has some performance issues. Both are winners, but if it's a choice, then CNH.
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    Re: TF Noir (EDP) vs Dior Homme (2011)

    DH by a long stretch for me. I rate DH a 10/10 in my collection, while TF Noir is just barely above indifference.
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    Best funeral scent?

    Thanks! I think you just resolved my issue of having more bottles than I could possibly wear in a lifetime. :)
  78. Poll: Re: Chanel Allure Homme vs Allure Homme Sport

    AHS for me. I don't abhor Allure Homme, it's just not the best of its category when I want to wear something like that. I find AHS both pretty good and there aren't many exactly like it.
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    Re: Nuit d'Issey?

    Tried it and bought it subsequently. Best of the Issey flankers I've tried. Not bad overall, a little quirky but I'm ok with that, it has some personality.
  80. Re: Bleu de Chanel is starting to become the Aqua di Gio of this error

    Bleu for me is definitely a candidate for my signature scent. I don't wear it every day, but I sure could. I think where it's actually superior to ADG is that Bleu wears just fine in cool weather.
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    Re: Montblanc Individuel

    Own both, MBI is a very good and worthy alternate to OS. it's a good cheapie period.
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    Re: BLACK tea fragrances?

    Bois 1920 Sandalo e The. Black tea with citrus. Beautiful.
  83. Re: When you go out of town, what fragrance(s) go with you?

    The one that is guaranteed to travel with me is Chanel Bleu, in the travel spray. It's always in my bag daily.
  84. Re: Burberry London. Ebay return question. Might get some flak on here. :(

    Yeeeeah, blind buy. Return because of not liking it. Incompatible concepts.
  85. Poll: Re: Favourite Top 3 from the House of Yves Saint Laurent

    M7 Fresh
    La Nuit
  86. Re: Which kilian fragrance in your own experience gets the most compliments.

    1) Back in Black
    2) Cruel Intentions
    3) Sweet Redemption
  87. Re: People who love these fragrances may be unfaithful

    In other news: these same scents are equally popular amongst the rest of fragrance consumers, proving only that it's a random distribution.

    Weak-sauce article.
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    Re: CK One Shock For Him

    Personally, I like it. And I generally dislike the CK line very much. A bit synthetic and longevity is spotty, but it's a decent cheapie.
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez For Him

    Personally find this one very appealing. Have a 50ml of the EDT, and considering it's low price point, I may dial up a backup bottle after this Winter when I can see how much wear I actually get out...
  90. Re: Anyone else around who hasn't bought fragrance in over a month?

    I'm actually trying to hold off this month, to see how I fare. So far, 10 days of sobriety, after 2 or 3 close calls on impulse shopping trips :)

    However, last time I was in Saks I asked the SA...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage (new): what's new?

    Comparing my 80's vintage bottle to my 2013 version:

    Vintage definitely opens stronger at first.

    New opens more "clean" citrus vs vintage opening more citrus/herbal.

    New heart has slightly...
  92. Poll: Re: If you could only have fragranes from 1 house, which would it be?

  93. Re: I was so wrong about Bleu de Chanel, you too?

    Yes, totally. This one was a "like" for me immediately, but the more wears I get with it, the more I appreciate it. Usually, if I experience a change in interest with more wears, it's in the...
  94. Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - your thoughts ?

    I see on another fume forum that the new EDT has been added to the directory, just today apparently. So, although I'm unable to find any other references at the moment, this seems to be true.
  95. Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - your thoughts ?

    One of my personal faves, Top 20 worthy; and that includes the niches. So flexible, crisp and just appealing. Compliments every time I wear it, and the major proof point - I feel sharp all day when...
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    Re: ebay selling

    Query: how is the retail value of $290 even established if this item is discontinued? Was that, at one time, the retail price? Or is this item still available for retail sale?

    BTW, buyer's...
  97. Re: Top 1 Spray Fragrances (Current Formulations Only)

    Interlude Man
    Great Jones
    Colonia Oud Concentree
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    Re: Fragrance Rankings


    Probably fair enough, although for me it would've jumped many of the frags in this list and probably ended up Top 10 easily. Horses for courses...
  99. Re: Favourite and least favourite sprayer/atomizer?

    [QUOTE=hednic;3258207]Least favorite: Mugler rubber flask sprayers

    Yeah, seconded. For some pretty good scents, and a generally aesthetically pleasing bottle, a much improved sprayer is...
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    Re: Fragrance Rankings

    Nice work OP, obviously a good bit of time and thought invested. I'm interested to analyze it and see how this came out.
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