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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Mousy octopodes utter shy exclamations

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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Klutzy octogenarians break ulnas

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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Super dope kids have avocados

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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Yesterday on the main street in Ponsonby, one of our local city border cafe strips in Auckland, J'Adore wafting off the two blondes walking in front of us.
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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Beggars and killjoys earnestly yawn

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    Re: Date Night recommendation for her....

    I'm curious about this thread too but would like to know which perfumes she does and doesn't already like so I can think about what to the cuff though, these seem to garner positive...
  7. Re: Mugler relaunches Cologne and creates new Cologne Collection

    Despite the drug/party references which seem a bit dated yet guaranteed to appeal to a certain demographic, I'm keen to try them all, just cos.
  8. Re: Things worn as personal fragrance that really WEREN'T meant for that...

    Also guilty of dabbing vanilla essence on myself around the same age (ten or so)...
  9. Re: Things worn as personal fragrance that really WEREN'T meant for that...

    When I was little, I'd make "perfume jars" in old jam jars in my back yard by mixing creek water with flowers, dirt, willow leaves etc. Wonder why Mum didn't want to wear it?
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    Re: Good jasmine fragrances?

    A La Nuit for honeyed jasmine white flower bomb or Jasmin Noir Bulgari for a more syrupy shroud of jasmine.
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    Re: Sexiest powder fragrances?

    Habit Rouge +1 and L'Heure Bleu edp. Smells verry good on a man.
  12. Thread: Sorry

    by miss mills

    Re: Sorry

    Coming from someone who has suffered from bouts of depression over the years, I also appreciate your honesty. You could have made up some other excuse but this tells us you are human - and very...
  13. Re: Strangest and rudeest question ever: any of the Basenotes ladies got complimented by other ladie

    It's not a rude question - my most complimented off the top of my head are these;
    Jasmin Noir
    A La Nuit
    Hypnotic Poison
  14. Re: Is this what Fracas is supposed to smell like?

    Ha, love your pyramid! Yes, rucksack, that sounds about right - that's a version of smells I got from Fracas the first time I tried it as well. The tuberose is animalic as hell on me - give it a...
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    Re: Most worn in February 2017

    These have had a good workout this Feb in sunny NZ;
    Eau de Shalimar
    Chanel No 19 edt
    Sur le Nil
    Bas de Soie
    A La Nuit (my signature but less wears, only really on cooler evenings)
    Y YSL
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    Re: Best Leather perfumes

    My vote goes to Bandit all the way. Kelly Caleche is good in a sharper way (could possibly be attributed to the grapefruit?). I guess it depends on how you like your leather; Guerlain's Cuir Beluga...
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    Re: Backup bottles - Do you really need that?

    There are some that I wish I had bought back up bottles of when I had the chance, like Hypnotic Poison circa 1998 when the formula was incredible! That little all red plasticky rubbery bottle before...
  18. Re: The Top Ten Female Designer Fragrances Every Beginner Should Sample

    Wonderful! Just added another 30 or so to my test list. Another great article.
  19. Re: The Top Ten Male Designer Fragrances Every Beginner Should Sample

    "A*Men is one of the most subtle scents on the market, and its barely discernable sillage makes it a perfect choice for when you know you’ll be in crowded quarters with other people, like in a...
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    Re: Anyone have experience with aqua di parma?

    I have Blue Mediterraneo Mandorlo Di Sicilia and have to say it's beautiful. Silage and longevity great and beautifully blended. Am
    Keen to sample more now!
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    Re: Shops and "secret" places in NZ

    I'm a kiwi, too. CS Company in Auckland (near the airport) is a great fragrance outlet store with ever changing stock at amazing prices. World Beauty is still in Ponsonby, gorgeous but pricey.
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    Re: I need a one perfume....

    For nights out clubbing, how about good old CK ONE? Fresh and lovely to get a whiff of on a male :) Not very niche but very lovely...City Oud or Issey are lovely too..ooh - + one on Bleu Chanel, too,...
  23. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Montale Dark Oud sounds good to me - I have yet to smell true evil but oh how I would like to. The darkest (but still beautiful and floral, sorry) that I have yet to encounter is L'Heure Bleu, which...
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    Re: Decant Without Atomizing

    I'm a total newbie to decanting but have been researching different techniques on the internet. I wondered about using syringes (as a nurse, that really appeals to me for lack of waste and sterility...
  25. Re: For my 1000th post I am giving away samples of..(pick a #)

    117?!! What a great idea! Congrats on reaching such a cool number of posts :)
  26. I hope they'll send to little old NZ! Great...

    I hope they'll send to little old NZ! Great offer.

    Thanks so much for the samples! They are all really gorgeous smelling but Lady Cool is an absolute stunner, really different to anything I've...
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    Re: Where do you place your perfume?

    I spray it on my inner elbows too, the scent lasts way longer than wrists or neck - in my hair also (lightly!) if I'm going out - and a spritz on the abdomen, just below the cleavage so it wafts...
  28. Re: Help! Gourmand in search of floral/floriental for daily use...

    How about Eclat D'Arpege, Shalimar by Guerlain(as mentioned by Mimi Gardenia) - a truly beautiful, subtle and classy fragrance or....Hypnotic Poison? (Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle is softer for...
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    Re: Fragrance insults / back-handed compliments

    "Something smells like cleaning products here, like Dettol", from a woman I was lunching with with my husband. I had recently applied Agent Provocateur, grr!
    "That smells like cat pee", a tactful...
  30. Re: What scents would the Sex and the City girls wear?

    Charlotte - Allure by Chanel, L'Air du Temp
    Kim - Gucci Rush
    Carrie - Lovely or Agent Provocateur Strip
    Miranda - L'eau d'Issey (as everyone else has said!) - or White Linen
  31. Interesting new look at combining beautiful...

    Interesting new look at combining beautiful visual art with beautiful fragrance art, in my humble opinion - why not? Glad they went with Sharp as the name of the last perfume and not the more...
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    Bang on!

    Bang on!
  33. Re: Please Name your Favorite discontinued perfume which you would like to be relaunched !

    I reeeally wish these were still readily available;

    New West by Aramis
    Rewind/Oblique by Givenchy
    L'Effleur by Coty
  34. Re: Please Name your Favorite discontinued perfume which you would like to be relaunched !

    I reeeally wish these were still readily available;

    New West by Aramis
    Rewind/Oblique by Giivenchy
    L'Effleur by Coty
  35. Re: Which scents chicks dig/females love/blah blah blah

    Like Madame du Barry, when I was a teenager, Polo by Ralph Lauren made me go weak in the knees, so did Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. But that was only because the men wearing those scents were self...
  36. Re: Which rose-dominant scents have good longevity?

    Bvlgari Rose essential EDP lasted for hours on me but am new to this game so can't say much more than that, sorry! (Have been trying out Perfumed Court for samples so I can extend my fragrance...
  37. Re: Ok, funtime... Pass the parcels..... round the world tour idea.....

    I am definitely in!! But I live in NZ and although I have quite a few perfumes and would love to do this, I need to read up on what families they belong to!

    EDIT; On reconsidering, maybe not! It...
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    Poll: Re: Frags + Zodiacs !?

    Sagicorn cusp here with Libra moon and Scorpio Mars, Venus and Pluto. Dunno what that means in terms of fragrances though! Any interpretations most welcome! I love so many fragrances (mostly aquatic...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Thank you for the lovely welcome - I've spent time in Hertfordshire and lived in England for around 5yrs and love your country too!
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hi there everyone, I'm a newbie to this site and so excited to have found it!! I've been obsessed with fragrances since I can remember (maybe when my grandmother gave me a tiny bottle of L'Air du...
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