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    Re: Talking Shop About Barbershop (Scents)!

    Clubman was actually issued in the 1940s after having a successful series of test runs for a few years prior to the decade. E.D. Pinaud was born the year Pinaud claims was their start date for...
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    Re: I love heliotrope

    Not a huge fan of this note in general, but have a soft spot for the synthetic heliotrope in Joop! Homme
  3. Re: Is Davidoff Horizon Extrame really oldschool-like???

    It's a nice warm oriental but I think it's more contemporary in feel than the more angular original
  4. Re: For Those Who Bought And Enjoyed The Original Angel Men....How Do You Feel About It Today??

    Still like it and haven't found a flanker that I prefer yet
  5. Poll: Re: Which Fragrance Family Are You Wearing to Easter or Passover Services?

    Wore Ocean Rain by Mario Valentino today. Smelled great.
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    Re: Fragrance car air fresheners?

    Many folks are into "black ice" - a 7-Eleven car air freshener that smells like a men's deodorant stick
  7. Re: real ambergris containing fragrances today?

    Guerlain still uses the real stuff in their top tier perfumes.
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme - prices

    Always these weird third party merchants nobody ever heard of asking for those prices. smh
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme - prices

    Always preferred Tsar anyway.
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    Re: Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme - prices

    They want $141 for it on Amazon. It's nice but sure as heck ain't that nice.
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    Re: Beyond paradise man

    Luca Turin: "Beyond Paradise is Amazing." Also Luca Turin: "Millesime Imperial is unremarkable."

    I never understood why people think this guy is legit.
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    Re: Clones...why aren't they 100% the same?

    Interesting but weird case. Most clones do exactly what this brand did. Only difference is their packaging is above average.
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    Re: Clones...why aren't they 100% the same?

    One has to wonder if clone brands suffer from having perfumers on staff (or contracted) who are either not as skilled as mainstream perfumers, or who are equally skilled but instructed to adhere to a...
  14. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    To me the treemoss formula smells drier than the oakmoss version
  15. Re: What are the all-time great marine fragrances?

    This is also an excellent one.
  16. Re: What are the all-time great marine fragrances?

    Ocean Rain is probably the best aquatic I've ever smelled
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    Re: Best Bay Rum scent?

    Creed had a bay rum that was discontinued many years ago. Don't know if it was any good, but I've always wondered. I'll second Hednic and say Pinaud's is pretty good.
  18. Re: Is it true: do bottles once opened mature and project better after a time

    If a simple poll were conducted asking basenoters if their Creeds intensified over time I'm positive that the majority would say this has happened to them.
  19. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    Rule of thumb for me has been if I see a 2 oz Z14, it's definitely vintage and worth smelling. However I've smelled that vintage (presumably 90s or early 2000s), and my experience was the opposite of...
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    Re: Clones...why aren't they 100% the same?

    I imagine captive molecules prevent clone houses from ever getting something 100% identical to the source material, even if literally everything else in the dupe formula is perfectly accurate. So...
  21. Re: Is it true: do bottles once opened mature and project better after a time

    This is one of those subjects that I've seen debated over the years where I just shake my head in resignation. At least 20 basenotes members have regularly attested in the last ten yrs to Creeds...
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    Re: Hate roll ons

    Well I guess it makes sense: dish soap objecting to dead skin cells.
  23. Re: Is it true: do bottles once opened mature and project better after a time

    If by "opening" you mean using the atomizer a dozen times and then letting the air in the bottle oxidize and macerate the scent after 4 or 5 months of sitting, then yes.
  24. Re: Lapidus PH Vintage vs Current Formulation - Thoughts?

    Vintage had a more intense honey note, but only slightly. Actually prefer the current formula.
  25. Re: Is it true: do bottles once opened mature and project better after a time

    In my experience this has happened with 100% of my Creeds, all 8 bottles including 2 grey caps. Also happened to 2 bottles of Kouros.
  26. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    Actually the newest formula comes in a bottle that is almost clear, as opposed to the traditionally dark brown glass of all prior vintages. Newest bottles are still brown glass, but the shade of...
  27. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    I take it then there's no way to tell if you have the latest formula just by looking at the bottle?
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    Re: Your vote! Best Creed inspired fragrances

    Joop! Homme and Individuel predate Original Santal
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    Re: Hate roll ons

    Isn't it your dead skin though? If it's your scent, what difference would it make? I personally don't mind them, although I can't think of any major mainstream (or niche) scent that actually comes in...
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    Re: NEW: Cremo - Six New Masculine Scents!

    Cremo cream is awful imo. Sink-clogging garbage. Will pass on their frags.
  31. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    BTW can anyone tell me what the biggest difference is between the newest bottle and the vintage? - as in, how the bottles look different?
  32. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    Meh, I guess I'm the lucky one who enjoys the fragrance without smelling an over-abundance of cinnamon, even in the latest version. 15% is a significant difference (even 10% is significant) but then...
  33. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    Oakmoss Z14 is heavier on the floral accents of lavender and gardenia. Treemoss Z14 dampens the lavender and dries out the gardenia, though both notes survive in the reformulation. The oakmoss...
  34. Re: Lime is such a beautiful scent.Why are there so few lime fragrances these days?

    Always got a lime citrus note out of Pino Silvestre
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    Re: Why is Yatagan so polarizing?

    Vintage is a beautiful scent. Not as loud as I expected but noticeable to people and generally well received
  36. Re: Does price generally equal quality in your nostrils?

    To my nose cost can often but not always equal quality. Most frags in the top tier range ($300 - $700) smell denser, more lucidly of natural materials, and are more memorable - but not always. Most...
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    Re: Grey Flannel a/s: Bottle Question.

    Is there a sticker on the bottom? I've seen the metal bottle before in pictures online but unless they're from a Sanofi travel set I'm not sure how or why Beene put these out. I know the Sanofi sets...
  38. Re: Halston Z-14 (old formulation) vs (new formulation)

    I have 5 bottles of this one from different eras of the last 20 yrs and none smell overwhelmingly of cinnamon. At some point someone claimed to smell Big Red gum cinnamon and after that everyone...
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    Re: Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur in pictures

    My guess would be the fragrance started under Pierre Cardin, then moved to Swank, then J Cochran, then Tsumura, then Aladdin, and finally Five Star. My ten yr-old Five Star smells very good and...
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    Re: Top 10 Fragrance Reviewers I Can't Stand

    Personally enjoy a few YouTube reviews but tend to use this site and Fragrantica for serious research into fragrance
  41. Re: paco rabanne tenere,azzaro acteur,or krizia uomo?

    Acteur is a great choice but personally prefer Krizia Uomo
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Wow, Creed and Acqua di Parma at TJ Maxx in CT? Mind blown. Best I ever found at TJ Maxx is crappy celebrity and CK scents
  43. Re: What fragrances are similar to Versace the Dreamer?

    Nothing smells quite like it. Very good cigarette tobacco thing going on in the Dreamer.
  44. Re: Mont Blanc Explorer.....The New Fragrance (2019)

    Some of the descriptions of Explorer in this thread seem to compare to Avenue by Al-Rehab more than Aventus. Avenue has lemon and bergamot with a very faint hint of red apple on a dusky patchouli...
  45. Re: Be wary of the hype about this Polo green clone (Classic Match)

    Classic Match's version of Drakkar Noir is excellent, though I can't speak to their Polo version, as I've never tried it.

    I've seen gas chromatography analysis of Classic Match's version of...
  46. Re: Is there a chance of VC&A Pour Homme being discontinued?

    Tsar's discontinuation saddens me. That was a wonderful green fougere with incredibly rich top and heart accords. VC&A PH's is not as sad a day - I like it but definitely don't love it, I wear it...
  47. Re: unexpected(?): Jeremy wants his "army" to pay the production costs

    If the fragrance smells great, then I think he's brilliant. If the fragrance smells like typical Chemical Morillas crap, then I have no clue where he gets off charging $160 a bottle. It all comes...
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    Re: Would you keep a fragrance in your car?

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    Re: MontBlanc Individuel

    I agree it's overrated but it's not something I would pass on without at least trying it first.
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    Re: Old Spice in 2017--thoughts?

    Old Spice was always mass produced.
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    Re: Kafkaesque weighs in on The Perfume Guide

    I wonder, who was the "chap" who "sneered" at the guide?
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    Re: Two more Belcams..... HECK yea.

    My experience with the Drakkar Noir version is very good. Actually currently it smells better and more natural than actual DN.
  53. Re: Fresh barbershop green (fern-like) fragrance to pair with Proraso Green aftershave?

    Another vote for Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland. Can't be beat for the money, and it's extremely well made.
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    Re: Carven Homme Price gouging on ebay?

    Don't let Lomaniac hear you say that, lol

    Agree completely. Then again, by your logic, if you don't purchase it at $600 and wait, your option will probably be buying it at $1K. That makes the...
  55. Re: Perfumes the Guide 2018 - fun update on classic tome

    Right, that's where my point is, too. Some folks here get it, others don't, that's ok. The point is the perfumes themselves aren't the problem, so much as the context in which they're being...
  56. Re: Perfumes the Guide 2018 - fun update on classic tome

    The problem is that many of the niche frags reviewed in the new Guide achieve the same general effects as the older stuff for up to 10X the price. Call it myopic, or whatever, but why explore a world...
  57. Re: What do you think of this review of Pour Un Homme?

    Great brief review of a great fragrance. Enjoyed every word.
  58. Re: Please need help about VERSACE THE DREAMER !

    Slight difference but so minimal as to make it pointless to quibble about. I think the lavender had more life in the vintage, but the same note smells perfectly balanced in the current formula, so...
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    Re: Attention vintage Fahrenheit experts!

    It's a good fragrance, but I'm uncertain about its relevance nowadays. Eau Sauvage is Dior's true masculine classic. Fahrenheit is a postmodern watermark in "edginess," and an excellent scent, but I...
  60. Re: Have any of you bought tobacco and made a cologne out of it somehow?

    yeah using tobacco to make fragrance is a no-no. not really a safe thing to do.
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    Re: Chanel sprayers' questionable quality

    I've had evaporation issues with Chanel also, although never thought of the sprayer. Now that you mention it, it makes sense.
  62. Re: Anything similar to Silver Mountain Water, but not a clone?

    Al Wisam Day is pretty much SMW without the insane pricetag.
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    Re: Obsession for Men discontinued!!!

    These things get discontinued because not enough people are buying them. End of story. If they were really widely loved classics, they'd still be going strong. Most of CK's frags smell pretty cheap...
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    Re: Davidoff Cool Water Reformulated?

    My vintage smells pretty much like yours except sometimes the off sour notes linger into the far drydown.
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    Mine too.
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    Re: Notino is down!

    I doubt Fragrancenet is next. If you notice, Fragrancenet doesn't really have the selection Notino/Beautyspin had. Mostly designer (not Chanel) and I think the niche brands they sell are actually...
  67. Re: How long does it usually take for fragrances to go to discount?

    Depends on the fragrance. If it's high-end niche, it could take 30 years. If it's your basic designer, maybe 10 years. Anything else could get discounted within months.
  68. Re: Taxi by Cofinluxe:Strangely...a hidden gem under $10

    An added bonus: It was created by Mark Buxton
  69. Re: QUEST: Turin/Sanchez top 100 (ish!) - Week 23 Habit Rouge (Guerlain) and 3ème Homme (Caron)

    I find 3ème Homme to be a fairly simple fragrance. Champagne-fizzy citrus, lavender, clove (the "dark" thing in 3ème Homme's heart), jasmine, and musk. It's gorgeous.
  70. Re: Calling all vintage 'Aspen' enthusiasts (Quintessence)

    Had vintage Aspen in the nineties. Bottle looked the same as it does today. Some of the gift and holiday special bottles looked like the ones pictured. Scent is unchanged to my nose. It's good but I...
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    Re: Powdery clean citrus musk suggeston

    Pinaud Citrus Musk
  72. Re: What does a "textbook" "typical" chypre smell like?

    Current Mitsouko EDP or Parfum. Probably the best representation of a chypre, from the days when chypres were new to the world, and this one is still excellent.
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    Re: Best clone of old school Drakkar Noir.

    Also a noticeable basil note, which is nice.
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    Re: Best clone of old school Drakkar Noir.

    Skip Lomani. Classic Match is better. Had both, ended up giving away the Lomani, still own and love the CM.
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    Re: Vintage Le 3* Homme de CARON

    What some call "smoothness" others call "poor note separation." When buying vintage, I recommend proceeding with caution.
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    Re: Polo Double Black now discontinued.

    Sauvage is daring? Huh? Double Black was at least as good, if not better.
  77. Re: Current Formulas.....Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Antaeus? Which Do You Prefer?

    Antaeus a feminine in male camo? Irrelevant. Old Spice is the same thing. Prefer it and Antaeus to Egoiste.
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    Re: Old Spice in 2017--thoughts?

    100% agree with this. And it certainly isn't "junk" or a bay rum. If anything it's a little better now - its beauty lasts longer than the Shulton version, which was just as nice but gone in five...
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    Re: Has TdH ever been reformulated?

    Came to this conclusion a while ago.

    TDH has been around long enough to be reformulated a few times. So yeah, my guess would be it's been reformulated.
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    Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread - Part 2

    This happens to me all the time with Creeds, glad to see I'm not the only one who experienced it!
  81. Re: Anyone know if the Halston batch codes are recycled?

    Maybe it's your sensitivities. But yeah ask him and find out.
  82. Re: Anyone know if the Halston batch codes are recycled?

    We're not talking about degradation here though, we're talking about batch variations. I haven't encountered a spoiled bottle of Z14 yet.

    If the 4KG base is of "monstrous proportions" then why...
  83. Re: Anyone know if the Halston batch codes are recycled?

    The codes are too short to need recycling. And with a switch from putting the year's numerical designation first to a letter designation in PAO1, it shows EA is willing to cycle into a different...
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    Re: Halston 1-12...current juice any good?

    A mid 2000s bottle I used to have smelled like crushed leaves, galbanum, bitter florals, and oakmoss. Sounds ok, right? It wasn't terrible, but I actually think it pales in comparison to any version...
  85. Re: Anyone know if the Halston batch codes are recycled?

    I have a bottle from 2014, batch 4HJ. Although it has cinnamon, it doesn't really stick out as having more or less than my other three bottles. The newest bottle from 2016, batch 6FA, actually has...
  86. Re: Looking for a fragrance that smells like fruit candy

    Al Rehab makes one roll on oil called Fruit that smells like fruit candy to me
  87. Re: Current Formulas.....Chanel Egoiste or Chanel Antaeus? Which Do You Prefer?

    Antaeus by a country mile
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    Re: Apple as the predominant top note

    Chrome Legend is a good one for apple
  89. Re: I received some extremely bad news that I'd like to share with my Basenotes family.

    RIP Rich, he was a great guy
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    Re: Old bottle of Cool Water gone bad?

    I've had 2 old lancaster bottles that went off. Thus far none of the current bottles (post lancaster) have spoiled.
  91. Re: How about a kind of fragrance stock exchange ?

    You can invest in the stock market. How can one invest in a fragrance?
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    Re: You know you're a basenoter when...

    When your monthly bill paying routine includes creating a fragrance budget for next month.
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    Re: Creed SMW/VIW/Himalaya

    Of the three I would opt for SMW. Himalaya is a close second.
  94. Re: Does anyone know what Le Male flanker this is?

    That is an imitation. Actually I kind of like the bottle.
  95. Re: How about a kind of fragrance stock exchange ?

    "On ebay, one can do a completed auction search if one is a member. Doing that for vintage one man show, I see that there are several one ounce bottles that sold for under $35, though not all were...
  96. Re: I swear, Royal Mayfair smells better now than it did when I bought it months ago.

    All of my Creeds have improved with time and air in the bottle, usually in a few months.
  97. Re: I received some extremely bad news that I'd like to share with my Basenotes family.

    Very sorry to read this Rich, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    Re: Andy Tauer destroys bloggers...

    I agree in realistic terms with what you're saying, because that's what usually happens with expensive niche. Someone may swap two or three Creeds for a Xerjoff, for example. But what I'm saying is,...
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    Re: Andy Tauer destroys bloggers...

    Hey man, I'm just trying to argue for giving people free samples. If that's arrogant, so be it. I'm arrogant. I never said you were a drooler, or that you drooled. I read your comment. Please re-read...
  100. Re: Do Creed fragrances "Mature" in the bottle? Royal Oud

    Yep, in bottle maturation and strengthening of Creeds happens. No doubt about it for me. Had it happen to every one I've had. Weird thing is Creed is one of the only brands it happens with.
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