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  1. Re: Does Creed use synthetic or real Ambergris?

    Chuck, what are your feelings about *real* civet and musk?

    " ...The musk gland is found only in adult males. It lies in a sac located between the genitals and the umbilicus, and its secretions...
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    Re: Fraghead v Sales rep

    Many people care only about appearances. Once I went to NY, and visited a Lacoste store to buy shirts and trousers. I was wearing jeans, the simplest possible sweater, and tennis shoes. The sales guy...
  3. Re: Givenchy Gentleman - How Would You Rate This

    P.S. Many basenoters declared that GG has been reformulated. I have one old and one new bottle, and my nose could not find discernible differences.
  4. Re: Givenchy Gentleman - How Would You Rate This

    It is a beast and I love it. I have two little bottles.
  5. Re: What defines your daily choice of fragrance?

    I do take into account clothes and weather. But what really matters most is which impression I want to give. If I want to shock, attract, repel, indulge.
  6. Re: Does Creed use synthetic or real Ambergris?

    Eggs and ambergris? Gross! Everybody knows that the best way to eat eggs is with butter and black truffles from the Perigord.
  7. Re: Annick Goutal has won a customer for his entire life!

    Yes, I have the EDP and it is excellent. You can buy it without any fear. I also have Myhrre Ardente, which I love.
  8. Re: How do you clean cashmere clothing?

    Yes, it is generally believed, and most manufacturers recommend, that you send it to the dry cleaners. If you still want to hand wash, use a special soap for delicate clothes (never detergent), and...
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    Re: I aim to smell mean.

    I think the bullies would wear Axe and think very highly of themselves.
  10. Re: Does Creed use synthetic or real Ambergris?

    I love that ambergris basenote in Bois du Portugal. It is so delicious I want to eat it. It would be so nice if it were the real thing.
  11. Re: Which Scent Do You Keep in Your Car?

    I don't keep anything in the car. But at the office I keep a selection of 5 perfumes, a complete German manicure kit, a Kent hairbrush, Mac powder and brush, and non-scented deodorant.
  12. Re: I got my blind buy YSL M7 mini today, and

    I like M7, but exclusively because of the oud basenote. I hate the medicinal blast of the top notes. I have two oud oils from India, and they do not have that medicinal blast...
  13. Re: New Fragrance: Hermes - Un Jardin sur le Tot (A Garden on the Roof)

    I like the green mango one (Le Nil)... maybe this green peach will be good too.
  14. Re: Fragrances and personality type:

    I have the impression that age is more important than personality. For example, a grand daughter and a grandmother may have similar personalities, but it is probable that they will choose different...
  15. In and Out of Fashion: Who's to Blame?

    We all know how new trends affect the fragrance industry. From decade to decade, patterns of change can be detected. In the 80's we had powerhouses. Later, we had the aquatics, and the development of...
  16. Re: Have you ever made your own fragrance

    I once dilluted high-end oils of Amber, Frankincense, and myrh in three separate bottles, with perfumer's alcohol. I also dilluted lavender absolu, which I use as home spray in my bathroom, just...
  17. Re: Opium - EDT vs EDP vs Parfum (vintage, of course)

    Oh, I see. I like the female version too, it is really good. I don't know what they did with the male version, but it is horrible!
  18. Re: Opium - EDT vs EDP vs Parfum (vintage, of course)

    I tried to enjoy Opium PH EDP, but it was useless. I always felt sick when I tried it. But one of my aunts introduced me to Opium for women, which is much better in my opinion.
  19. Re: What is the best inexpensive fragrance?

    Don't forget the mighty Pino Silvestre.
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    Re: Flowers for Boys

    Thanks so much, Primrose! I do have Joy de Patou, which is a delicious and delicate jasmine. I love it but I feel shy wearing it. I will try the ones you recommended.
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    Re: Fragrances that you wear to bed?

    Sometimes I spray Extra Vieille cologne on my bed. I have the 1 litre bottle, so it is no big deal. I think that lightweight colognes are ideal for the bed.
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    Re: first niche scent

    Why don't you buy something brighter, like L'Ombre Dans L'Eau by Diptyque? Be sure of trying out the Musk and the Sultan before buying. These are radical perfumes. I am sure some basenoter could send...
  23. Re: Gentlemen make unsafe blind buys only!

    Most of my acquisitions were blind buys. I believe that if you know how the most important notes smell, and if you do a lot of research, you can significantly increase the probability of success.
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    Flowers for Boys

    Could you guys help me discover complex floral fragrances for men? I mean, those fragrances that were developed specifically for men, with a predominance of floral notes in their formulas.

  25. Re: I think Dior Homme might be a practical joke...

    I agree with Indie Guy.
  26. Re: Fragrance you want to wear in your casket ?

    I can beat that one.

    Passage d'Enfer.

    You go straight to the gates of hell.
  27. Re: I think Dior Homme might be a practical joke...

    I think Dior Homme is excessively sweet, but it has the softness of the Iris note, which is quite unique.

    I don't regret having my bottle, but I have to admit I feel a bit insecure when I wear it.
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    Re: Blind buy that turned bad

    I am ashamed to mention this, but Guerlain Heritage also makes me feel ill. I know that this fragrance is almost universally loved, but there is something in it that I abhor.
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    Re: Blind buy that turned bad

    I never bought A* Men, but I think it is disgusting. I also had serious trouble and felt really ill when I blind bought:

    Grey Flannel
    Michael Kors
    Rive Gauche
    Pour un...
  30. Re: Fragrance you want to wear in your casket ?

    You should always defy death. So I would wear a happy go lucky fragrance, like Armany Eau or eau de Hadrian. I wouldn't wear anything somber. I must add, this is a weird thread.
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    Re: Diptyque comments

    I love Diptyque perfumes. They are simple, but smell extremely natural, often like a plant's sap or like balms. They also have very good longevity. In my opinion the best ones are Eau Lente, Tam Dao,...
  32. Re: New Eau Sauvage Extreme: Dior and LVMH dont have commercial ethics.

    This happens all the time, and I hate it. Captain Molyneux, for example, was completely reformulated. Now it is a totally different perfume with nothing whatsoever in common with the previous...
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    Re: I can't beat razor burn

    I think the best shaver ever is Braun Series 7. I have it and I never had any trace of razor burn. I highly recommend it.
  34. Re: Name a few of your favorite fragrance, and describe the scenery

    some of my favorites include:

    L'Ombre Dans L'Eau: The smell of green leaves from my gradmother's farm

    Habit Rouge: Going to the Opera in Paris during the late 19th century.

    Eau de Hadrian:...
  35. Danish Boys: Men's Grooming Channel

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to recommend a youtube channel dedicated to men's grooming. It was created by two Danish twins, who not only are gorgeous but also are very knowledgeable about haircuts,...
  36. Re: What is the saddest, most melancholic fragrance??

    Domenico Caraceni and C&S 88. Both are somber and kind of weird. It is the mixture of rose with darker ingredients that causes such effect.
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    Re: How do you remove a scent?

    I just use a wet towel, because sometimes it is difficult to wash the sprayed area...
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    Re: Givenchy and Guerlain

    Guerlain Habit Rouge EDC and EDP. Not the EDT.

    Givenchy Gentleman.
  39. Re: Where do you guy's keep your colognes ?

    I read posts from powerful basenoters, recommending that you keep perfumes in a small compact fridge, used exclusively for this purpose.
  40. Re: What is the most well made fragrance of all time??

    For the male, I would choose Habit Rouge EDC.

    For the female, I would choose Shalimar like the other guys did. I think Shalimar is better than Mitsouko.
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    Re: Big Bottle VS Small Bottle

    I always buy the big one. The difference in price is usually so small that there is no point in saving. And you can always give decants to your friends in case you don't wear the fragrance very often.
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    Re: High-end Incense Sticks

    I have decided to try out the Tibetan HOLY LAND INCENSE, Tibetan Medical College’s top grade incense..... I will write about it when I receive it!
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    Re: Natura and Boticario Products

    Brazilian perfumes are not good, believe me. Most are badly made copies of famous perfumes, and have extremely poor longevity.

    I do, however, recommend the "Erva Doce" Soap by Natura. It is a...
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    Re: Help!

    Why don't you buy a Guerlain classic such as Habit Rouge EDC? Alternatively, a Creed like Bois du Portugal.
  45. Re: What fragrance(s) make(s) you feel clean/well groomed?

    Armani Eau or Roger Gallet Extra Vieille. They made me feel immaculate. I think most good citruces have this effect.
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    Re: The newbie experience

    I envy those guys who are experiencing the masterpieces for the first time. When you smell, feel, see, hear, or taste something wonderful for the first time, there is a pleasure, an excitement that...
  47. Re: What do you think of Chanel Antaeus? Still in style?

    It is not my favorite Chanel (I prefer the concentree of PM) but I do have a bottle, and I wear it sometimes....

    By the way, in that famous book/catalog PM concentree is said to be awful, but I...
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    Re: My Dandy Daily Routine

    Hi Cacio, I don't like to wax because I prefer to have some hair left. It is more masculine. The fragrance (8) can be many....... but some of my favorites include L'Ombre Dans L'Eau, Habit Rouge, Eau...
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    Re: High-end Incense Sticks

    Thanks, guys. I'm sorry i posted at the wrong place :(
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    Re: High-end Incense Sticks

    Yes, I do prefer sticks. It can be a single note or a blend, but I marginally prefer blends. I want the incense stick to fill my living room with an exotic fragrance, when I bring a significant other...
  51. Re: Why do people stereotype 'cheap' fragrances?

    I blind-bought Z-14, Canoe and Grey Flannel because they were supposed to be classics, but these fragrances literally made me sick. I gave them to friends.

    On the other hand, I love Acqua di...
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    High-end Incense Sticks

    Hi guys,

    I hope this can be posted at the men's forum. I wanted to know if there is a really good brand of incense sticks, or a good store that sells high-end sticks online. I am interested in...
  53. Re: Which fragrance did you / would you wear on your wedding day?

    Bois du Portugal or Habit Rouge EDC.
  54. Re: Guys (or Gals) best way to have fresh breath all day???

    The great secret that nobody knows about is that you have to brush your tongue to have a good breath. The most common cause of bad breath is lack of hygiene of the tongue.
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver Feedback

    I got a negative feedback once, when I was inside a subway train. Maybe I was wearing too much of it, I don't know. But people around me made sure they didn't like my fragrance.
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    My Dandy Daily Routine

    Here's what I do every day. Tell us about your routine too! :

    1) Brush teeth and tongue with Colgate Total (the only way to have very long lasting good breath)

    2) Shave with Braun series 7...
  57. Re: Why do people stereotype 'cheap' fragrances?

    "we associate price with quality. The more it costs, the better it is."

    I think that is a wrong perception. It is not about being better or worse, but about innovation versus mass appeal. Niche...
  58. Re: Caron Le 3me Homme or Pour un Homme?

    I have trouble with Pour un Homme. I usually like vanilla, both in bed and in perfumes. But I have to admit that I felt sick when I sniffed Pour un Homme. Maybe it is the combined effect of the...
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    Re: Which sandal would you choose?

    I use pure mysore sandalwood oil, dilluted with perfumer's alcohol.
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    Re: Your Shaving Routine/ Set-Up.

    I use a 7 series Braun electric shaver, and then a bay rum, Witch Hazel or a sandalwood after shave. The witch hazel is the best, because it leaves the skin really soft. I prefer the braun shaver...
  61. Resinous Aphrodisiac from Ancient Rome

    Hi Guys,
    I've been reading this historical novel, "The Hadrian Enigma", and there is a scene where the historian Suetonious uses a resin to improve his performance. It is said that it comes from a...
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