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    Re: Best of the CK one summer versions?

    2008 is the best. Just got 2011 for $34. Not as good as 2008, but online folks are charging crazy $ for 2008. I think everyone would be happy if they put out 2008 again for 2013 :smiley:
  2. Re: Have you tried Christian Audigier for men?

    Good buy at the discount store if you are looking for a strong, spicy, sweet club fragrance.
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    Re: CK One Summer 2011

    I just got this because I can no longer find CK One Summer 2008, which I love, for a decent price. 2011 is similar to 2008, but much more tame.

    I didn't care for Nautica Voyage and don't find...
  4. Re: what is your favorite ck one summer flanker?

    I really enjoyed 2008 and stocked up. My last bottle is almost out. I just ordered the 2011 limited edition, which I sampled last summer and thought was in the range with 2008. Haven't tried 2012...
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