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    Re: Aged Vetiver Source US?

    You might want to try brazilian vetiver if you are looking for a mix of sri lankan vetiver and hatian vetiver. It opens with a strong earthy smell but then quickly dies down into a rooty woody sweet...
  2. Re: Which fragrant extracts are unethical to use?

    As a general rule I think you should double check extracts made from trees harvested from the wild. Especially trees harvested in Asia. And it is not just dependent on whether a plant material is...
  3. Re: perfumer's apprentice order; dilution ratios help!!!

    That sounds exactly like what I did the first time I ordered, but then that was well before I found sites like this. I just placed a few random orders based on the notes outlined in the perfumes I...
  4. Re: About to order essential oils - question about coconut oil (FCO)

    Yes you can heat it first and then pour it into the carrier oil. I just use a toothpick to scoop it.
  5. Re: About to order essential oils - question about coconut oil (FCO)

    You should not have a problem with almost all those oils. As a general note. Top and middle notes almost always dissolve in a carrier oil. It is the base notes that tend to have some problems. I have...
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    Re: is good sandalwood even a thing anymore?

    You can try the Sandalwood Rare on Eden Botanicals. It is a lighter version of Mysore Sandalwood, mostly grown a few hundred kilometers away from Mysore. Tamilnadu Sandalwood is the same species as...
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    Re: Oudh experiment

    I think this has been mentioned pretty often, but it bears repeating. Trying diluting down your materials, if you find something to be overwhelming. What I do is add a .1%, 1%, 5%, 10% in 4 different...
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    Re: Oudh experiment

    Saffron also goes very well with Oud along with a tiny hint of Jasmine, to smooth it out and a wood like Sandalwood along with it and a bit of Cedar to cut down on the richness of Saffron. You can...
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    Re: The problem with sweetness

    I am a newbie but you might want to try Ruh (Rooh) Khus, it has a kind of sweet, woody, spicy, flowery, woody, slightly muddy note to it. It does feel kind of dry. But I have not smelt a lot of...
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