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  1. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    Juicy Couture
  2. Re: Scents similar to Prada Infusion d'Iris

    I've sampled a fair amount at Sephora and agree with you that Prada Infusion D'Iris is something special. There is an almost dusty "old" background going on that I find appealing even as it doesn't...
  3. Re: Suggestions for a good leathery, mossy scent?

    Smelled John Varvatos in the department store just today, and it was very leathery. The mossy? Maybe.
    Also, not "Vintage" or "Artisan" or "Artisan Black", but just the plain John Varvatos with...
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    Re: What We Wore as teenagers?

    White Shoulders
    Muguet des Bois
    Sweet Honesty (Avon)
    Jean Nate

    I'd like to smell them all again, but not wear them.... ...except... maybe I could still enjoy Charlie. ;-) Just...
  5. Here's My Brief.. or am I asking too much?

    Here is my personal Brief. I want this scent. Is it out there?

    It should start with something close to a bright surprise. But, nothing clearly identifiable like jasmine, raspberry, or...
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    Re: Why do I like so few scents??? :-(

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! I had not expected so many wonderful and helpful replies. I was actually afraid I'd get sort of the cold shoulder for suggesting that I actually find...
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    Why do I like so few scents??? :-(

    I read ABOUT fragrance everywhere I can. I've read Chandler Burr's books, and Jean Claude Ellena's, etc., and I try on fragrances in the dept. stores or wherever. My husband got me the Sephora box...
  8. Re: Versace Bright Crystal.... any thoughts?

    I received the Eau de Toilette in a Sephora sample box. I don't even smell it unless my nose is practically touching my arm.
    And up close, it just smells like cheap toilet water, and not pleasant...
  9. Re: Perfume: The Alchemy of Scent by Jean-Claude Ellena

    I totally agree with you, Bigsly, and don't know if my post adds any to the discussion, but it certainly was a disappointing read, wasn't it.
  10. Re: Perfume: The Alchemy of Scent by Jean-Claude Ellena

    This book was disappointing. I had been enthralled by Chandler Burr's "The Emperor of Scent", and his "The Perfect Scent", as well as by Luca Turin's "The Secret Scent." And as a huge fan of Jean...
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    Aquatics in fragrance

    I think I "get" the scent that makes "aquatic" in a fragrance. That is, I know when I am smelling it. However, what ingredient is giving me that "by the water" sensation? And why am I thinking...
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    Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I think compliments relate to who you would like to please as much as to what you choose to wear. I work in the schools, and have found that children smile and warm up to me when I wear Light Blue....
  13. Why does the Male Fragrance Discussion have 4 times the Female?

    As a newbie, I am just curious as to why the Male Fragrance Discussion appears to have four times the traffic of the Female Fragrance Discussions? Not judging. Just curious.
    It seems odd to me,...
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