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    Re: All male office

    Yes, why? Don’t you think males can appreciate that you smell good? Or is the reason you wear perfume only to get attention from females?
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    Re: A cool story about a kind BN member

    Indeed a nice thing to do. What samples did you get? Please tell us what you think of them.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell of suede?

    White Suede by Tom Ford. I really like this one.
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    Re: Luca Turin - latest reviews

    Thanks so much. I really enjoyed reading the 2014 roundup.
  5. Re: Did TF Private Blends change their 100mL bottle or fake?

    I am sorry you got a fake. The counterfeiters are getting to good at this game. I am happy you got your money back. Hopefully you will get hold of a real bottle of Noir de Noir soon. It is a...
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum vs Chanel Sycomore

    I can’t stand Sycomore. There is something very sharp and unpleasant in it.

    Eau Sauvage Parfum is pure bliss for me. That myrrh really rocks my world. No contest here.
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    Re: Decant Shop killing me

    I beg to differ. I have ordered decants many times from both Decant Shop and Surrender to Chance, and they usually arrive in about a week to northern Europe. I have only good things to tell. Even...
  8. Re: Did TF Private Blends change their 100mL bottle or fake?

    If this is a fake, it is a very good one. If I had seen a 100ml bottle of this type before, I would be pretty sure this was real. Counterfeiters have made good bottles, but they have so far not made...
  9. Re: Did TF Private Blends change their 100mL bottle or fake?

    I honestly hope they changed the bottle, as I don’t like the current 100ml bottle. The pictures are very small and hard to tell. If you could share better pictures, and pictures of the box and inside...
  10. Re: Fantastic Man Magazine and Discontinued Perfumes

    Thank you for sharing this. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Chkoudra paris private blends

    Anyone tested these yet?
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    Ambre Précieux is surprisingly nice. I just sampled it and think I want a bottle.
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    Re: Petition to ban acronyms

    First year acronyms really annoyed me here on Basenotes. Now I don't see them anymore. When I see LDDM in a post, my brain automatically reads L'Air du Desert Morocain without me thinking about it.
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    Re: Your Top 3 Notes

    How interesting that we all mostly have different favourite notes. Taste in fragrance is definitely a very subjective thing. I like that there is no wrong answer to this question.
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    Re: Your Top 3 Notes

    Tobacco, Leather and Oud.
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    Re: New Fahrenheit Box. Reformulated?

    You are thinking about the new Fahrenheit Parfum, right? I don’t think the EdT version has vanilla in it. But yes I agree. The new Fahrenheit Parfum is fantastic, but I understand a lot of people...
  17. Thread: SoOud Line.

    by Twilight99

    Re: SoOud Line.

    Interesting. I am waiting for a sample of this to arrive in a few days. When reading up on the line, Asmar looked like the one to start with. Looking forward to sample it. I am interested to know if...
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    Re: Most complimented Western Niche Oud

    I love a lot of oud fragrances, but I have never been complimented on any of them.
  19. Re: Zenga Indonesian Oud,what do you guys think?

    I have been wondering about this myself. It is on my list of samples to order.
  20. Re: Buying Tom Ford Private Blend on EBay WITHOUT BOX

    Buying Tom Ford Private Blend on eBay is very risky! It is flush with fakes. As mentioned those sold from Bulgaria are all fakes. I got burned there. You are much safer if it comes with the original...
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    Re: Is Tom Ford's Oud Wood really all that?

    That’s about how my oud interest started in general.
  22. Re: What are YOUR favorite fragrance reviewers on youtube?

    ManLovesCologne is the one I follow.

    I like his style and find that I agree with him most of the time.
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    Re: Is Tom Ford's Oud Wood really all that?

    Same here. I smell no difference.
  24. Re: Tom Ford's Rive d'Ambre - How in the heck does this not have it's own thread here yet??

    I did not like this at all. For me, this is probably the worst of the Tom Ford line.
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    Re: Is Tom Ford's Oud Wood really all that?

    Have you tried M7 Oud Absolu from Yves Saint Laurent? It might be more to your liking. I love Oud Wood and find it amazing, but it might be an acquired taste. Sampling more ouds might be a way to get...
  26. Poll: Wanted main note in new unreleased Acqua di Parma (2015)

    Acqua di Parma is releasing a new perfume in the Ingredient Collection later this year. Previously they have released Colonia Oud and Colonia Leather. The main note in this new perfume is unknown....
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    Re: NEW: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo

    Thanks for the info. Even though I don’t enjoy the original, I look forward to put my nose on this.
  28. Re: New Acqua di Parma coming in next few months? (2015)

    Thanks for the info. This makes me a little excited as I love the two previous scents.
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    Re: Problem with Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit was one of the first fragrances with large quantities of Iso-E Super in it. According to my sources, 25% of the perfume is Iso-E Super (before they add alcohol).

    Many people are...
  30. Re: The new regulations regarding sending fragrances via mail

    But they don’t mind if you have ten bottles of perfume in your luggage! When are these crazy people making the rules gone stop??
  31. Re: Looking for: strong, dark, masculine SAFFRON fragrance

    This is the sort moments that makes this hobby so exiting!!
  32. Re: any link between natural sense of smell and fragrance appreciation?

    Short answer; Yes and no.

    I got my sense of smell from my mother and we have about equal noses. While I am a perfume lover, she cannot stand any perfume. This of course has nothing to do with the...
  33. Re: The new regulations regarding sending fragrances via mail

    I guess it depends on which country you send from. I’ve gotten packages from both Netherland and Bulgaria that were marked as perfume with a special hazard note, so the post office there accepts...
  34. Re: Looking for: strong, dark, masculine SAFFRON fragrance

    Thanks for the tip. Daimiris will definitely be on my next sample run.

    Now this sounds intriguing! One more on my sample list.
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    Re: Patchouli Absolu

    I did not like it very much. Patchouli is not a favourite note of mine to begin with, but on me Patchouli Absolu was much to dry and sharp. I like it more earthy and sweet. I enjoy Patchouli most...
  36. Re: Do the Tom Ford private blends have ISO E super?

    I’m allergic to Iso-E Super in high concentrations, so I am always looking to see if any of the perfumes I am interested in has it. So far I have seen no reports that any of the Private Blends have...
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    Re: Designer Fragrances Based on Incense

    Sahara Noir by Tom Ford is the best designer incense I have tried.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage Parfum... REFORMULATED!

    Thanks for doing it anyway. I love the original EDP and was a little worried since I can’t stand the EDT.
  39. Re: Current version: Santos vs Santos Concentree?

    Yeah, but how old was the current version of Santos you tried? From what I have read, the new new version is considerable better, with production from about the last year. Much closer to the...
  40. Re: Fragrances that disappeared before our very eyes..

    Antidote seems to have been re-released here in Europe. It's now available online here in Scandinavia for about $82 for 75ml (2.5 Oz) after being gone for a long time. I have never smelt it, so I am...
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    Re: 6 new scents from Bvlgari - La Gemme

    Bottles look very nice. Would be interesting to test these, but I guess they will be hard to come by.
  42. Poll: Re: Christian Dior Homme Parfum vs Christian Dior Fahrenheit Le Parfum

    It is funny. I have fallen head over heels in love with Fahrenheit Le Parfum. Considering I can’t stand the original Fahrenheit, it was much unexpected. I just can’t get enough of it. I also recently...
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    Re: Help trying to make a blind buy

    Why don’t you use the voucher to buy a handful of samples? That is what I usually do when I get these vouchers. Blind buys are for gamblers.
  44. Re: Has Tuscan Leather been slightly reformulated?

    I am allergic to Iso-E Super and don’t get any reaction from Tuscan Leather. It must be something else you smell.

    In my opinion people are generally far too fast talking about reformulations....
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    Re: pick one out of three

    Of these three, only Le Male is a little good. Unfortunately Le Male was extremely popular for many years, and for that reason been done to death. I would therefore not choose any of these three, and...
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    Re: Something warm, something comforting.

    +1 on Eau des Baux by L`Occitane.

    In addition I enjoy these for a cosy feeling:

    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
    Chergui by Serge Lutens
    Kalemat by Arabian Oud
    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf
  47. Re: Looking for: strong, dark, masculine SAFFRON fragrance

    Interesting. I found Zafar to be the one with the dominant furniture polish note. Zafar was also the one of the Oud Stars that had some quantity of oud in it. In that regard I was disappointed with...
  48. Re: Carolina Herrera - CH Men *Grand Tour* - Unboxing/First Impression!

    Now I really want this! If anyone sees this for sale online in Europe, please tell us.
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    Re: I need help about TF Tobacco Vanille

    My opinion from seeing both real and fake Tom Ford bottles before is that this bottle looks real. I love Tobacco Vanille by the way. I would have taken the chance if you get it for good price, and...
  50. Re: Looking for: strong, dark, masculine SAFFRON fragrance

    I agree that Xerjoff Gao have a very strong saffron note. I found it interesting and pleasant. I found Najaf to have a very dominating osmantus note and could not smell much else.
  51. Re: Possible replacement for Roma Uomo - or just get yet another bottle?

    Have you tried Minotaure from Paloma Picasso? I have not tried it myself, but have seen many people mention that Minotaure has the same vibe as Roma Uomo.
  52. Thread: Axe Vice

    by Twilight99

    Re: Axe Vice

    Yeah, I have also used Axe Vice for a while. I think it’s nice. I had to stop using it because people around me really didn’t like it. Unfortunately I don’t know anything that has a similar smell. I...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille bad batch?

    It could be your skin, and not the perfume. My experience is that Tobacco Vanille projects a lot compared to other perfumes. Have you tried spraying on different parts of the body, or even on cloths?...
  54. Re: Carolina Herrera - CH Men *Grand Tour* - Unboxing/First Impression!

    I am really looking forward to get my nose on this. Right now it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.
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    Re: My leather collection

    Ok, I just love leathers. Here is my collection.

    Acqua di Parma - Colonia Leather
    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    Laurent Mazzone - Hard Leather
    Parfum D'Empire - Cuir Ottoman
    Tom Ford Private Blend -...
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    Re: Counterfeit tom ford private blends?

    Tom Ford Private Blend has definitely been counterfeited. Last summer I bought several bottles from Bulgaria on eBay, and they were all fakes. They were all sold as testers or without boxes, but the...
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    Re: Tom Ford "Chocolate"?

    Yes, I can only agree with that. How about Chocolate Oud? :lolk:
  58. Re: So I Finally Bought Lanvin Avant Garde...

    Yes, I agree. It’s a very nice scent, but not heavy on the tobacco. I see this on many fragrances that have a tobacco note. Some people exaggerate how strong the tobacco note really is. Personally I...
  59. Re: Support for Turin's Vibrational Hypothesis on new documentary series.

    Thanks for pointing me to this program. Did not expect to get hints to science shows to watch on this site, but it is very welcome.
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    Re: Scandinavians? NordicFeel?

    I have ordered from NordicFeel more than a dozen times, and I have been very happy every time. Yes they are cheaper than in the shops, but not very cheap. The best prices I get from US discounters.
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    Re: Axe launches new 'White Label' line

    Interesting. I will try anything new. Dismissing a scent straight out without trying seems like missed opportunity to me. I have found a few Axe deodorants that were nice enough.
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    Re: please delete this thread

    It’s winding down. Only the basenotes are left, and they are slowly falling out of focus. You can feel a light bitterness and just a hint of sweetness. In a moment it will all be gone...
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    Re: Body Shop Red Musk ?

    Yeah, I bought it while I was visiting Paris. It was very nice, but I soon realised it was way too feminine for me to wear. I gave it away to a female friend and it was really great on her. I...
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    Re: please delete this thread

    I must admit I enjoy reading this thread more than reading most other threads recently. This thread is like finding an oasis of peace and tranquillity in the middle of a busy shopping mall. ;-)
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    Re: Where to buy YSL M7

    I agree with this. I bought both, and I prefer the M7 Oud Absolu with good margin.
  66. Re: - had to pay import taxes and they mixed delivery address

    As I understand it, when you buy from different countries within EU, the VAT should be paid in the country where it is shipped from. So in this case, Escentuals has not done their job and sent it...
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    Re: Quick Look at Explosion d'Emotions

    Thanks for posting these reviews. I enjoyed reading them. These have been off my radar, as I have been busy sampling the regular line. I will definitely order some samples in the future.
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    Re: Dior Homme Parfum!?!?

    I tried Dior Homme Parfum in the duty free last week when I left for Paris. I think this perfume is fantastic! I have always been lukewarm to Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense, but this was something...
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    Re: Reformulations for the better?

    I also think M7 Oud Absolu is better than the original, but I smelled it first before I got my hands on an original M7 from eBay. I think M7 Oud Absolu just smells better and less medicinal. An...
  70. Re: I nearly had a coronary at ULTA today. I will never shop there again

    I have no tolerance for that behaviour either. It is like finding an old precious antique table, but the owner refuse to sell it and want to use it for firewood. There is no reason why the SA could...
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    Re: Fragrances that people around you hate

    My mother hates all scents! Whatever I am wearing it is gross and disgusting. I got a clear message that I am not to wear any perfume while I am visiting, as she thinks it totally unnecessary for me...
  72. Re: A good replacement for Fahrenheit Absolute ?

    Yeah. I just recently got a chance to smell Fahrenheit Absolute, and I liked it very much. It took some time for me getting around smelling this, because I just can't stand the original Fahrenheit....
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    Re: anyone else save empty bottles?

    I don't really know yet. So far I have thrown away all my empty cheap bottles, but some of my new nice expensive bottles I might keep when they empty. But then maybe not. If you get a large...
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    Re: tom ford samples

    I get Tom Ford samples the same place I get most of my samples. and

    I am also uncomfortable buying samples on eBay. When I buy from a...
  75. Re: New LM Parfums Extrait de Parfum - Army of Lovers!

    Kafkaesque had a nice review of this just a few days ago.

    I would love get my nose on this, as Hard Leather probably is my...
  76. Poll: Re: Favourite Top 3 from the House of Yves Saint Laurent


    La Nuit de L'Homme
    La Nuit de L`Homme Le Parfum
    M7 Oud Absolu

    Still waiting to get my nose on Splendid Wood.
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    Re: What's the deal with tester candles?

    This is the same practise that I have heard of. You turn the candle upside down and give it a little knock, and the candle should separate from the glass. Then you can smell the bottom of the candle...
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    Re: Cartier. Let's join the Oud club!

    Now I am really looking forward to sampling these. Oud has so many different levels, and I never know if an oud scent will be to my liking or not.
  79. Poll: Re: VOTING - Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit L Homme vs Bleu de chanel? WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE BETTER?

    I love La Nuit de l`Homme and I use it all the time. I have many expensive niche perfumes, but La Nuit de l`Homme is just so comfortable and nice, I reach for it all the time. Bleu de Chanel is not...
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    Re: Body Shop Red Musk ?

    Looks like most women who have tested it complain that it is too smoky and masculine. At the very least it is unisex. Makes you wonder why they insist on putting gender tags on perfume. It is a...
  81. Re: Realizing I really like Vanilla, what am I missing

    This! Best vanilla I have had my nose on.
  82. Re: Spending hours on fragrantica and Sephora paid off.

    I was enjoying the story of OP, but now I'm just repulsed by this whole tread. Was that really necessary?
  83. Re: Opium, you know the one that is supposedly for Women:

    Very intriguing. I have never smelled Opium or Opium Pour Homme, but now I have to get my hand on some samples. I've heard good things about Opium, but I've never considered it to be suitable for men...
  84. Re: Question re. Lutens Ambre Sultan Packaging ??

    From what I could gather of information, the Nombre Noir where not refilleable. I found two references of Serge Lutens own explanation.

    The super discreet, refillable packaging was inspired by his...
  85. Re: Question re. Lutens Ambre Sultan Packaging ??

    Could it be the Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Travel Spray and Refill?
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    Re: Anyone here buys from Ebay?

    I got burned on a few fake Tom Ford Private Blend testers from Bulgaria. I did return the bottles and got a refund, but it was a lot of hassle. I see even video reviewer robes08 bought a couple of...
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    Re: Calvin Klien Euphoria Gold thoughts?

    Hopefully people understand what I mean. I find that describing scents is not easy, and I admit that my knowledge of honey is very limited.
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    Re: Calvin Klien Euphoria Gold thoughts?

    Tried this today at the shop. The opening on my skin was sour, like honey gone bad, and I was instantly repulsed. This lasted for about an hour when the sourness slowly dissipated, and the vanilla...
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    Re: Patchouli Absolu

    I am really looking forward to testing this. Someone posted this note breakdown on Fragrantica:

    Top: Bay Leaf, Rosemary and Moss

    Middle: Patchouli Oil, Patchouli Coeur, Patchouli Clearwood,...
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    Re: Creed Jardin d'Amalfi.. Woahh

    I really loved my sample of Jardin d'Amalfi. A fresh and excellent summer scent. I did not find it very feminine. Some people are too worried about their manhood in here. But it is true it is too...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille... huh?

    Because many people really love it. Tobacco Vanille is my number one favourite perfume and a perfect comfort scent on a cold winter day. I don't know why I love it, it just hit the spot. But on the...
  92. Re: I like Tom Ford Oud Wood - What else should I try

    I also love Oud Wood. Here are some that I also really like.

    Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud
    Armani Prive - Oud Royal
    Versace - Oud Noir
    Rania J. - Oud Assam
    Reminiscence - Oud
    Tom Ford...
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    Poll: Re: Epic VS Oud Wood VS Colonia Oud

    Tom Ford Oud Wood is the one I'd go for. I bought several bottles, just because I like it so much. But I also have a bottle of Colonia Oud that I love. It's a quite different take on Oud compared to...
  94. Re: I think I've find it! A lifelong leather-partnership.

    Congratulation! Looking forward to get this in my collection as well. Awesome perfume! :coolold:
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    Armani Prive - Rose d'Arabie
    Bentley - For Men
    Laurent Mazzone - Hard Leather
    Parfum D'Empire - Cuir Ottoman
    Tom Ford - Plum Japonais
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    Re: Colonia Intensa Oud is Grossly Underrated

    Makes you wonder what next AdP will create in this series. So far it looks like they can do no wrong.
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    I had been wondering why I couldn't find any samples for Bond No. 9 anywhere. This explains it. Fragrance companies should know: No samples, no purchase. Places like Surrender to Chance do the...
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    Re: Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

    It could be many reasons for that. My guess is that they are out of stock because of popularity. First in Fragrance list both bottles sizes immediately available for purchase. It makes no sense that...
  99. Poll: Re: TF's Tuscan Leather vs. Acqua di Parma's Colonia Leather

    Agreed. Looking forward to a full bottle of Colonia Leather.
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    Re: my first "niche" fragrance

    Oud Alif is on my to try list. Your description makes me want to try it even more. Congratulations on your gift. I hope Shay & Blue get a wider distribution, or I might have to take a trip to London...
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