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    Re: 4771 Original Cologne watch bottle - no box?

    Yes, don't worry, the small-size bottles of 4711 are always sold unboxed. At least in Europe.
    I have some of them; but recently I bought a 17 oz / 500 ml bottle and that one was in a bleu-green box....
  2. Re: How many in your collection do you rate 10 out of 10 and which?

    For me, a 10/10 perfume combines my pleasure, as a wearer, and the importance of the frag in the recent history of that beautiful vice that we share.
    Givenchy Gentlemen
    Azzaro PH
  3. Re: Im loving Rive Gauche and Azzaro PH... What next for me?

    Take a look at Heritage - Guerlain (a good friend of Rive Gauche's friends) and Tuscany - Aramis (an Azzaro PH good companion).
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