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  1. Re: How narrow have you gotten your collection? Or do you keep adding?

    About two years ago my collection peaked at around 150 full bottles and lots of decants, samples and minis. I decided to slow down on buying, and I've been periodically selling of bottles I just...
  2. Re: 32 year old guy needs some help finding a smell please

    IF there's a L'Occitaine store in your neck of the woods, I'd suggest trying some of their scents as well. I find them to be very well blended, and though of course they contain synthetics like...
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    Re: Floris Santal alternative

    I've found Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentree shares some qualities with Floris Santal. This one should be fairly easy to sniff at a department store to see if it suits you.
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme, great, but can't

    The petroleum vibe was more noticeable to me the last time I wore this. I thought it even reminded me a little of Fahrenheit, that particular accord. Am I nuts?
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    Re: Tom Ford Extreme, great, but can't

    I'd wait and try this one in cooler weather. I haven't worn it in the heat, but I've found it enjoyable to wear in cold weather. It seems really potent to me; I just got a little sample mini, so I'm...
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    Re: Lavender-Based Colognes?

    Gris Clair isn't just my new favorite lavender, but pretty much my most enjoyed scent of the moment. Certainly worth a sniff.
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    Re: 18 and need new colognes

    Many good suggestions here; in particular I think Spicebomb, GPH II, CK One Shock and the Chanel Allure line are all great scents to investigate. I'd add:

    YSL La Nuit de l'Homme
    Ferre Bergamatto...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille reformulation?

    Ok, update: I decided to give my newer decant of TV a fuller wearing, and I realize what my issue was: new decant is a rollerball, and so I think my initial application was just much more sparing...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille reformulation?

    It's funny, I was just searching for a thread on this the other day! So I had a decant that I got a couple of years ago, and another I bought more recently. I just finished the first one, and it was...
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    Re: Controversial new fragrance?

    My suggestion would be to concoct a clever way to ask you wife about it - like, "I was at the grocery store, and I smelled someone wearing this strange perfume - it was a little bit foul, but also...
  11. Re: In your opinion, is Versace Dreamer a scent a new 20 year old can wear today?

    Glad you pulled the trigger and wound up enjoying it - I don't wear The Dreamer often, but when I do I'm surprised by how much I enjoy the dry down. I get excellent longevity. To your original...
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    Re: Eau D´Hermés

    I have a mini, copper cap, and I think it's a remarkable fragrance. Spicy and a little evocative of sweat, but also comfortable and luxurious in an understated way. Supposedly Ellena considered this...
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    Re: My Cheap Idea - Aventus

    I have done this with other niche houses' samples. The manner in which I constantly rotate frags (and try new ones) makes owning full bottles a little excessive for me (unless I really love the...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Keihl's Forest Rain
    Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser
    L'Occitaine Eau Des Baux
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
  15. Re: If there's no stamp of "creed" on the atomizer cap is the fragrence fake?

    After buying a couple of fake bottles on accident (deal to good to be true? Then it is...) I started researching this topic. There are hundreds of threads on this, and some good videos too (watch the...
  16. Re: what smells like angel men without the tar???

    Hanae Mori has a similar chocolate-gourmand vibe, but is much smoother, with an added citrus top. For me HM is a dressier A*men.
  17. Thread: Recovery

    by BenDayDot

    Re: Recovery

    It isn't that I'm no longer interested in smelling new things, and I wouldn't claim that I'll never purchase another sample or blind-buy a bottle again. I just realized that I needed to slow my roll,...
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    Re: when someone challenges your hobby

    Duplicate...sluggish server!
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    Re: when someone challenges your hobby

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel: awesome response, and regarding your date story, what a creative and absolute baller move! Also, please tell me more about this $25 amplifier you allude to.

    I've gotten...
  20. Thread: Recovery

    by BenDayDot


    After a year plus of admittedly obsessive collecting, I've suddenly slowed to a halt. I've probably got 120+ bottles and twice as many decants and samples, which means A) I've been buying multiple...
  21. Re: Searching for a Scent similar to L'Occitane Eau de 4 Voleurs

    Thanks for suggestions. It seems like many of the suggestions are as HTF or expensive as 4 Voleurs. I'll just have to keep on the lookout!
  22. Re: New Fragrance: Decennial (Special Edition Quartet for Luckyscent's 10th Anniversary)

    I recently got a sample set. First wearing was of Santal Sacre. When I sprayed a bit on it seemed a bit weak, so I used the whole sample...and I had a half dozen people note that my office reeked of...
  23. Searching for a Scent similar to L'Occitane Eau de 4 Voleurs

    I have a small decant of the sadly discontinued L'Occitane Eau de 4 Voleurs, and I love this scent but hesitate to use it given my meager supply and the rareness of this frag (when a bottle turns up...
  24. Re: who have experience with Eau de New York by Bond No. 9

    Eau de New York's longevity is outstanding, and with just a couple of sprays. I find it pleasant and not too flowery; I like the almost-traditional "eau de cologne" vibe it has. I picked up a few bon...
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    Re: New line launced: Imaginary Authors

    Last night was the Imaginary Authors launch at the beautiful Beam & Anchor here in Portland. I was fortunate enough to attend, and got to sample the fragrances and chat with the very friendly guys...
  26. Re: What bathing soap do you use to get the most out of a fragrance... non-scented soap

    Target does a store brand version of Aveeno's oatmeal body wash that is unscented. I've been using that lately and find it suits my skin and scentless preference.
  27. Rochas Lui - Found some New Old Stock online!

    I lucked into a decant of this awesome frag via a lot I purchased some months back, and after a really inspiring day of wearing it, I did some digging online, and stumbled upon what appears to be...
  28. Re: Trying to pick a first scent. Here are some things about me.

    As I read it I thought Terre De Hermes, but rather than leave it at another + for that one, I'd also recommend trying:

    Kenzo Homme Boisee

    Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme

    Gucci Envy...
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    Re: Jazz Prestige appreciation

    Reviving this old thread, because I've scored some of this juice, and it really is pretty unique to my nose. I can't decide if I like it , or figure out when I would wear it, but I'm pretty sure it's...
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    Re: whats your worst blind buy ever?

    I picked up some Emporio Armani Remix on ebay, because it was cheap, and someone compared it to Lolita Lempicka Masculin (which i really like)--I find nothing to like about it, and I have pretty...
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    Re: job searching with or with out fragrance?

    This. Better to get the job first, a fragrance seems more likely to be a negative than a positive at an interview
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    Re: A good gourmand cologne for gentleman?

    Pretty Gentlemanly:

    Hanae Mori
    Givenchy Play Intense

    I also like L'Instant and Lolita Lempicka Masculin.

    Bonus bargain gourmand: Michael Jordan Legend
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    Re: Is "boring" normal?

    Funny, the first sample I sought out was Secretions Magnifique--I wanted to find out what all the controversy was about. Didn't gross me out, just made me want to try more "weird" stuff. That was...
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    Poll: Re: Reason for wearing your fragrance...

    I chose the second option, but I think really I'm a little of both. The decision about what to wear is affected by the day ahead (work vs. errands vs. chill), with some consideration for the weather,...
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    Re: office frag...

    Aventus is a great work scent, though the Amouage are no slouches either. Chergui and LIDGE are possibilities, though would be a bit overbearing for my office. I also enjoy Sycomore but it doesn't...
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    Incense in Unexpected Places

    I've come around to liking D&G's 6 L'Amoreaux, in part because it reminds me of the smell of an unburnt stick of 'Super Hit' incense (by the same company that makes Nag Champa). And, although it...
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    Re: Would you reccomend L'Instant De Guerlain?

    I reserve it for cold days, and more formal occasions. It doesn't seem suitable for warm weather or a t-shirt to me. A unique scent but still very classy.
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    Re: Your Motive/reason for having MANY Colognes

    I'm a little embarrassed to admit how many bottles, minis and decants I've acquired since getting hardcore into frags back in the fall--lets just say more total juice than I can probably use in this...
  39. Re: Have you ever felt self-conscious wearing a fragrance? (my experience)

    I only wore Marc Jacobs 'Bang' to work once--when a coworker came into my office, and, face scrunched, noted that it smelled like bug spray, I realized that the it was probably all of the Iso-E Super...
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    Re: Cologne for work - need suggestions

    My fave work scents:

    Versace The Dreamer
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
    Brooks Brothers New York Gentleman
    YSL Rive Gauche (a very mature and classic vibe, but to me seems ageless and timeless)

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    Re: "Full wearing"


    I define it as what I put on in the morning and wear through the day, enough sprays (1-8 depending on the juice) to get the full envelopment and enough time to experience the full development.
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    Re: Water only hair care

    About 3 months ago I shaved my head, and the first time I slapped a glob of shampoo on it, it just didn't seem neccessary, and I had heard about shampooless washing, so I thought I'd try it. After...
  43. Re: Sharing a secret: the best under-the-radar fragrance prize goes to...

    I picked this up off of ebay a while back, blind buy based of of those few good reviews (it was very cheap). Seemingly good quality for the $: the bottle is very nice, and the scent is pleasant,...
  44. Thread: Creed Value

    by BenDayDot

    Re: Creed Value

    Maybe try the Chanel Allure line (Sport may be your style, i like the original and Edition Blanche as well). If you like aquatics, but want something a little less common, of good quality and...
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    Re: Minty male/unisex fragrances?

    Check out Essence de Cerruti - not a really well known fragrance, but very inexpensive (without smelling like it). Masculine mint.
  46. Thread: Citrus WOES

    by BenDayDot

    Re: Citrus WOES

    +1 on Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - not a dense vetiver at all, a very clean and versatile scent, light and fresh-seeming without being even slightly aquatic. Long-lasting on my skin, too.
  47. Re: Do you guys find yourselves guessing the scents in the room?

    Recently, I noticed a colleague was wearing something very familiar to me, and after some brain-wracking I realized it was Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. I had sampled this as I like the...
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    Re: Dirty, animalic Fresh?

    I like Declaration, but I prefer Declaration Essence--it's got a little more going on, and strikes me as fresher than the original. I dig Eau d'Hermes too, though it's pretty funky. It would be ideal...
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    Re: A scent that reminds of your youth?

    Green Irish Tweed - the similarity to Cool Water evokes high school to me, a time when I quite enjoyed a bottle of CW my dad gave me. Glad I discovered GIT, which to my nose seems slightly less...
  50. Re: Recommend me a light, understated, natural and unique men's fragrance!

    From above list, i'd +1 Bvlgari PH (VERY understated, clean, mellow) and Mugler Cologne (not quite "natural," but light and good longevity without being cloying or overpowering).

    I love Santal...
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    Re: Good fragrance with orange notes?

    Orange Sanguine is really good, about as close to the smell of a fresh peeled orange as I've found. Hermes Eau de Orange Vertes is nice but pretty fleeting longevity-wise, as others have noted.

  52. Re: Embarking on a fragrance odyssey, and discoveries on the way...

    Saintpaulia, I think epiphany is the precise word for it. And I think the internet and this forum definitely accelerated it for me...

    My father has always worn and semi-collected cologne, so it...
  53. Embarking on a fragrance odyssey, and discoveries on the way...

    After lurking for a month or so, reading tons of reviews and threads here, and sampling dozens of fragrances, I figured I should join and contribute to the discussion, if only to learn more. I had no...
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    Re: Similar to Kenzo Woody / Homme Boisée ?

    I really enjoy Kenzo Boiseé a lot too. I'd +1 the suggestion of Terre d'Hermes and Voyage d'Hermes. They're a little different but feel like similarly versatile wood frangrances to me, if maybe a...
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