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  1. Re: designer fragrance that smells like red wine?

    The first time I smelled CK One Shock for Him I thought it smelled pretty similar to boiled wine with cinnamon.

    Also, as the guys said so far, London by Burberry strucks me as a sweet wine smell.
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    Re: What is your opinion on YSL M7 Fresh?

    It's one of the best modern citruses (designer) in my opinion , along with Terre d'Hermes , Cartier Declaration and Aqua Fahrenheit .

    Unfortunately for me it didn't quite work , as I can't stand...
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    Re: Fragrance for summer

    Easy choice from the one you've mentioned : Edition Blanche .

    In my opinion The One and La Nuit are better suited in sub 25 degrees C weather .
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    Re: Define QUALITY in a fragrance

    Yes , I agree with hedonist's comment too . As soon as you start smelling more and more good quality scents , you will be able to point out more and more shortcomings in the mediocre perfumes .
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    Re: Define QUALITY in a fragrance

    Well , for example , if we talk about lemon , then a high quality ingredient is one that replicates the real smell of lemon without upsetting your nose. A bad quality ingredient is one that kind of...
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    Re: Define QUALITY in a fragrance

    Ok , I personally consider a high quality fragrance one that is made of high quality ingredients . So when I say that "this is a good quality fragrance" I mean that it has good quality ingredients ....
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    Define QUALITY in a fragrance

    So , as the title says , how would you guys define quality in a fragrance ?

    What does a fragrance has to have in order to be considered of high quality ?

    Waiting for your responses then I'll...
  8. Re: Which should I get? Pure Havane or L'instant de Guerlain Extreme?

    I like Pure Havane a bit more + it's more versatile and youthful as others have said .
    LIDGE is a phenomenal scent but I think you need to be well dressed in order to pull it off . It has a refined...
  9. Re: What are your Hidden Gems? Scents you never hear about, but should!

    Quasar by J. del Pozo - this describes the scent perfectly : " I got impression from Quasar as a mixture of expensive shaving foam, good quality woody soap and classic aqua perfumes scents . Banana...
  10. Re: Easy, cheap Summer scent for high school student

    I'd say Bvlgari Aqva , Cool Water , Quasar J. del Pozo , Nautica Voyage are all worth trying .
    There are a lot of great summer frags for under 50$ but they may not suit your age that well .
  11. Re: Winter fragrances that do surprisingly well in the summer heat !?

    Opium PH is the only oriental I wear in the heat , lightly applied although .
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    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    I can't say that I love EN but I definitely like it and respect it . Many friends have complimented me on it right on the first day I wore it so that must be something .
  13. Re: Fragrances you like that noone's talking about...

    Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence Homme - great rose peppery scent , beats a lot of designer scents . What I like about it the most is that it has a light character but the longevity and sillage are...
  14. Re: Based on smell alone… what would be your 10/10 fragrance?

    I'll say Burberry London and Dior Fahrenheit (until it gets leathery).
  15. Thread: Soapy Citrus

    by Alain27

    Re: Soapy Citrus

    Prada Infusion d'Homme
    Cartier Declaration Cologne .
  16. Re: Have you ever disliked a fragrance and then realised it's the one you're already wearing?

    Quite the opposite happened to me many times . Someone was smelling so nice and I was just trying to find out who and what is he wearing . Turned out it was me.
    Some scents change a lot in time or...
  17. Re: What is the ultimate most macho alpha male scent ever created?

    +1 to Kouros .
    Also Cartier Santos deserves a mention .
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    Re: allure edition blanche or green irish tweed

    I haven't smelled GIT but with all the hype going around it can't be bad .
    I dislike Edition Blanche , it does nothing for me , very boring fragrance .
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    Re: favorite ginger scent...

    Cartier Declaration Cologne
    Burberry Brit
  20. Re: Azzaro Chrome or Versace Pour Homme for this summer

    I prefer Azzaro Chrome as it is more masculine .
    Also the lasting power and projection of Azzaro are better than VPH's .
  21. Re: Iinexpensive Tobacco & Suede leather Recommendation

    John Varvatos Vintage - although I don't smell the tobacco in it , people say it's there . I can definitely smell the suede .
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    Re: Issey Miyake Summer 12'

    Don't forget to tell us , I'm thinking of buying one too .
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, February 28, 2013

    Burberry London - such a wonderful scent on a cold day like this one .
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    Re: Running out of ideas for summer citrus Help !

    Aqua Fahrenheit is a pretty distinct take on citrus .
  25. Re: Overrated and Underrated Designer Scents on BN

    Overrated : Chanel AHS , Bleu , Platinum Egoiste , YSL L'Homme .

    Underratted : D&G The One , Opium PH EDT .
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    Re: Terre D'Hermes high school signature scent

    I just wore this yesterday . Asked two of my friends what they think about it , they said it's a good fragrance and liked it .

    I think the EDT is good for everyone as it's more transparent and...
  27. Re: Which two of these four would you choose? Le Male, L'eau D'issey, Burberry London, or YSL L'homm

    London > L'eau d'Issey > Le Male > L'Homme

    On my skin I find L'Homme to be synthetic and generic , although it smells pretty nice from the paper.
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    Re: Le Male, La Nuit, or London?

    London has the best smell hands down . I just wore it today , wonderful scent . I personally am ok with it's longevity , I get 5-6h which is enough for me .

    About La Nuit , I still have to try...
  29. Re: What are you top 3 picks for greatest macho stinkers?

    Santos (also in my top 10)
    Fahrenheit - not much of a stinker but quite macho .
  30. Re: Mont Blanc Individuel: Because Smelling Bad is Easy

    I find it pretty nice , with it's sweet-clean vibe . It's not a ground-breaker , but it's not that bad , actually I wore this one quite a lot this winter . It performs very well as an office scent ....
  31. Re: How old were you when you started to get interest in fragrances?

    I was like 8 or 9 I think when my mother became an Avon sales representative , I was smelling all the stuff people bought from her.
    Now I'm 20 .
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    Re: Was Le Male reformulated in the past year?

    Some fellows were complaining about longevity and projection on their new bottle , saying they only get like 6 hours now .
  33. Re: 2 cheapies::: 1 choice... CK Shock for Men or L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake

    They got nothing in common in my nose's opinion so I can't really compare them .
    But gun to my head , I'd go with Issey . Not saying that Shock is bad , it definitely is a good affordable scent .
  34. Re: Terre d' Hermes by Hermes VS L'eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake

    Both are good , have good longevity and sillage , both work great in high temperatures and are versatile .
    Now TdH is a bit on the mature side , while Issey is more for a young heart.
    Overall I...
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    Re: Regreted giving away

    Pure Havane . I was having a cold at that time and couldn't smell the full potential of the fragrance . I just thought it was an average sweet frag . 2 months ago I got a sample , how wrong was I...
  36. Re: What was the first fragrance you bought after joing basenotes?

    sorry , double post
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    Re: high longevity is not ideal

    Longevity is one factor when choosing a fragrance for a certain situation .
    Say I want to go and meet some friends then I want to go clubbing .
    Meeting friends will last about 1-3h , I choose...
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    Re: Your Most Worn Fragrances of 2012?

    Hot weather : Kouros , Capucci PH.
    Cold weather : Fahrenheit , Opium PH , Rochas Man .
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    Re: cK One Shock for Him smells like...

    Wine in the first 15 minutes . I remember it being similar with La Nuit in the middle notes .
    I don't smell any resemblance between this and Pure Havane .
    Altogether it's a good scent and comes...
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    Re: La Nuit De L'homme or angel men!

    A*Men . But don't use more than 2-3 sprays when at school .
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    Re: Angel men/dior homme intense

    I am more than sure that if they discontinue A*Men all of sudden , it's price would pop off the roof .
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    Re: Angel men/dior homme intense

    Both are great date scents , A*Men is better for a first date to make a strong impression and DHI for the dates to follow .
    The Mugler is more masculine , long-lasting and the more complex of the...
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    Re: Highly reviewed fragrances that you dislike?

    Platinum Egoiste - definetely gets a negative from me , it's just so metallic , sharp , synthetic .
    Allure Flankers - I don't dislike or hate them but it's just that I don't feel anything when I...
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    Re: Poorly reviewed fragrance that you like?

    Definitely Fahrenheit 32 - it's just soo delicious , so pure and innocent yet so sexy and provocative. I'd rate it at 8/10.
    Reformulated D&G PH - Although it may not be as good as the first...
  45. Re: What fragrance MUST I smell to make my small collection better?

    These three are essentials when talking about a modern man's collection : Egoiste , Fahrenheit , Terre d'Hermes .
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    Gucci Guilty , fake or real ?

    Hello . I sold a bottle of Gucci Guilty to a guy and now he complains about it being fake . I tested it on my hand and it smells just the way it should imho .
    If any of you have a bottle , could...
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    Gucci Guilty , fake or not ?

    Hello . I sold a bottle of Gucci Guilty to a guy and now he complains about it being fake . I tested it on my hand and it smells just the way it should imho .
    If any of you have a bottle , could...
  48. Re: Dior Homme Intense vs Chanel Egoiste vs Midnight in Paris

    Chanel Egoiste , followed by DHI . I haven't tested MiP , but I heard it's similar to Bvlgari Black which is not really my cup of tea .

    For you I think DHI would be more appropriate if you're in...
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    Re: What are the Best Celebrity Scents?

    Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction
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    Re: Rochas Man question

    IMO Rochas Man is similar to Play Intense but I don't get the connection with A*Men or Le male , other than that all of them are sweet scents.
    The guys pretty much described Rochas , I agree with...
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    Re: Matching fragrances to your look

    Well ,that is a MUST for me. I am matching fragrances with my looks because I match looks with every activity I do .
    So when I do business I dress smart and wear something sophisticated , when I...
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    Re: How Spicy is Opium PH?

    @Nexus6 : Do you have any idea when it was reformulated ? I have two bottles of Opium EDT , one is from 2004 and the other one from 2010 . I can detect a tiny bit of a difference between them , the...
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    Re: How Spicy is Opium PH?

    On a scale from 1-10 it's a 3.5 . I'm talking about the EDT .
  54. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    I like it but it's flanker , Le Male Terrible , is even better.
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste for a 19 year old?

    I'm 20 and I wear Egoiste , although I know it doesn't really suits me . But I can't help it , I just love the scent .
    And Dreamer is definitely a great scent , I wore the hell out of it 2-3 years...
  56. Re: Cartier Declaration Cologne. Why no talk of this?

    I dislike the original , but really like this. Planning on buying a bottle for the next summer.
    And as far as I can remember , I had no problems with longevity .
  57. Re: Your most used or most recently discovered fragrance in 2012

    Most used in 2012 is probably Kouros.
    Most recently discovered : L'Occitane Eau des Baux , good frag , very natural smelling , great quality .
  58. Re: What is according to you the best men's Guerlain fragrance?

    I have only tried LIDG , LIDGE , Vetiver and Homme Intense .
    It's a tie between LIDGE and Vetiver ( current formulation ) .
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    Re: The one fragrance you regret parting with.

    Mugler's Pure Havane.
    Bad , bad move back then , don't know what was I thinking.
    Now , after getting a sample , I want it back so bad.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Mugler's Pure Havane.
    Bad , bad...
  60. Re: Owner of L'Instant Extreme, should i get DHI ?

    Get DHI. It's everything you ask for : less mature , more easy to wear . Plus it's one of the greatest romantic scents I know of.
  61. Re: Winter modern fragrance that covers sillage, longevity, projection for men in their twenties.

    Pure Havane. Had this on today , great stuff , honeyed cherries with a touch of tobacco . Longevity was 6-8 hours , with good projection in the first 4 hours.
    Other great ones : YSL La Nuit ,...
  62. Re: Dark scents? When a scent is dark, what's it like?

    When I hear "dark" , I picture Fahrenheit Absolute or even normal Fahrenheit to a certain extent. Chanel Antaeus also seems pretty dark to me .
  63. Re: How many of you (non-beginners) keep a small wardrobe?

    I'm trying to keep it down to 5-10 bottles that I really love. I could never be w/o Egoiste , Fahrenheit or TdH , so these 3 will always be in my collection . As for the other ones , I always rotate...
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    Re: L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme vs Chrome Azzaro

    If I'd have to choose between these two I'd get L'eau , it's the better scent overall , although Chrome is a lot cheaper.
  65. Thread: M7 Help

    by Alain27

    Re: M7 Help

    I have the second formulation ( clear glass ) and it's definitely not soft at all . The original dark glass is even harsher . So using this analogy , I think you have a fake . Go back and complain .
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    Re: Fahrenheit - loved or hated from Young Girls?

    I'm 20 and wearing Fahrenheit. Received a couple of compliments on it from either young girls or boys so I don't see why you wouldn't but as the user above said , this is one of the scents that I...
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    Re: Body Kouros = The Dreamer???

    They're quite different I'd say . I like The Dreamer better .
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    Poll: Re: YSL Kouros or Body Kouros

    I like and had both. They are compliment getters , that's for sure . When wearing Kouros I get more compliments from men while girls seem to like BK better .
    Also I'd say Kouros is a bit louder than...
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    Re: What fragrances smell like incense?

    Fahrenheit Absolute
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    Re: Kouros for a guy in his 20s?

    I'm 20 and I wear it with no problem whatsoever and interestingly this is my most complimented scent. Just be easy with the trigger , 2-3 sprays at max .
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    Re: Vintage Monsieur Balmain

    Thank you !
    Does your old bottle looks like this ?

    What about longevity and sillage ?
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    Vintage Monsieur Balmain

    Just found a great deal on this one and was wondering if this is as good as the new one or is it better. Couldn't find many infos on this one but I can see it has 6 positive reviews.How does it smell...
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    Re: Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas

    I throw it on when I'm in a hurry and just want something to smell fresh. Had this on today ... nice , refreshing scent.
    I experienced the same thing you mentioned , 2 hours going strong then I get...
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    Re: Gillette Classic Shaving Foam Smell

    Ok , old thread of mine . Found what I was looking for : Infusion D'Homme by Prada smells exactly the same only that the Gillette Foam it's a bit more spicey.
  75. Re: Buying a new cologne: Double Black, Bulgari, Armani Code, or Farenheit

    Out of your list I would easily get Fahrenheit .
  76. Re: Fragrances you've received negative comments on..

    Givenchy Gentleman , 1 hour upon 2 sprays to the chest , " You smell like dirt or sand. "
  77. Re: What is a fragrance that you could wear 7 days in a row?

    Fahrenheit or TdH .
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    Re: versace dreamer (i have a question)

    Buy it ! You can wear it w/o any problem at your age. I wore this when I was 17.
    The opening followed by the drydown are the best parts.
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    Re: The perfect all weather scent for Men.

    Fahrenheit . 3-4 sprays in cold weather , 2 sprays in hot weather .
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    Poll: Re: Nothing beats Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male...

    Off the top of my head I can tell you Burberry London smells a lot better .
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    Re: Live Jazz vs Bvlgari Extreme vs Others .

    Tried Extreme again and meh , not really what I was looking for . I discovered and tried Prada Infusion D'Homme which is a darn good one if you want a clean , soapy scent , might consider buying it ....
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    Re: Live Jazz vs Bvlgari Extreme vs Others .

    Thanks guys .
    I will try the Live Jazz and the Cartiers today + a few others .
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    Live Jazz vs Bvlgari Extreme vs Others .

    Ok , here we go again , another thread about summer scents .

    I need to buy one scent for the upcoming hot weather ( 25 C degrees to 35 C ) . I don't want a sporty fragrance , I'm looking more for...
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    Re: Gillette Classic Shaving Foam Smell

    Thanks , but I'm looking for a mainstream scent , not expensive or hard to find. Any other suggestions ?
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    Gillette Classic Shaving Foam Smell

    I'm looking for a scent that smells like the Gillette Classic Shaving Foam , the one for sensitive skin . It's a black and green can , just like this one over here .
    Is there any scent that is...
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    Re: Blind bought Kouros ! And I love it .

    1.) I asked a friend if she can smell something on me , after 8 hours , and her answer was "no" . Now I'm kind of dissapointed about the longevity and sillage of Kouros . I'll try using some...
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    Blind bought Kouros ! And I love it .

    As the title says I blind bought Kouros after reading reviews here on Basenotes . First time when I tried it I wasn't impressed of it , actually I was quite disappointed , the smell was offending me...
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    Honey + Milk non-niche scents ?

    Hello guys ! I was asking if anyone knows some scents that smells like honey + milk . I have some bodycare , handcare and haircare products that smell like that and I'm mad about them . Vanilla...
  89. Re: Guerlain Vetiver for a teen . What do you think ?

    Thank you guys for all your advises & sugestions . Now I know that I definitely have to sample GV and I will , for sure. I'll also have a sample of Kouros and Body Kouros . When I'll buy one of them...
  90. Re: Guerlain Vetiver for a teen . What do you think ?

    Thank you guys very much ! I'll sample this and all the other frags that you recommended. I also love YSL M7 & Bvlgari Aqva , even if most of my friends thinks I am pretty crazy to like the first...
  91. Guerlain Vetiver for a teen . What do you think ?

    Hi guys ! First of all I have to say that my english is not perfect and I'm sorry if you do not understand what I'm saying , I'll do my best in writing this.
    Ok , so , I want a new fragrance and I...
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    Re: 212 MEN vs. Chrome vs. Bvlgari Aqva

    Thanks guys ! I'll take Chrome , and I'll test Echo too.
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    212 MEN vs. Chrome vs. Bvlgari Aqva

    Hi guys ! I'm new here . I decided to ask you about these 3 colognes : 212 MEN , Azzaro Chrome and Bvlgari Aqva. All what I know about them is that they are Fresh Colognes. It needs to be...
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