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  1. Re: Best scent to wear when fighting an MMA thug

  2. Re: 2017: Your Year In Review - What did you wear and how often?

    My top 10 was
    1 AdG Essenza (26)
    2 Bleu de Chanel (24)
    3 AdG Profumo (23)
    4 Un Jardin sur le Nil (21)
    5 AdG (19)
    6 YSL La Nuit de l'Homme (18)
    7 Perry Ellis Red (17)
    =9 Azzaro Pour Homme / CH...
  3. Re: Why does he say to wear these only in the night time?

    Jeremy's target demographic (men in their late teens and 20s) will probably associate "night time" with going out partying or going on dates with different girls, they probably have a limited range...
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    Re: Thoughts on Le Male

    It seems to tick the boxes that are required to be an industry leader:
    - powerful projection
    - sweet
    - distinct bottle
    - high saturation marketing
    - price point affordable
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    Re: Old Spice in 2017--thoughts?

    I always like to give Old Spice a bit of a wearing at this time of the year, in the cold air it seems to be just right. Also whenever I go back to my parents house I find I have multiple bottles of...
  6. Re: Which David Beckham Frags are worth getting?

    Beckham Instinct and Instinct Intense are both in my collection and good solid cheapies for wearing around the house / at weekends when I don't want to use up more expensive ones.

    Whilst these...
  7. Re: David Beckham Instinct Intense - A very good cheapo?

    Old thread, but I thought I'd add this to a previous topic about the scent rather than start a new one...

    Digging through my wardrobe looking for something late last night I found a fragrance box...
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    Re: Old Spice in 2017--thoughts?

    I agree with the posters that say the newer formulations are still good.

    There are some good articles about Old Spice on the frompyrgos blog:
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    Re: No-one has love for Curve?

    I often read that Curve is a super bargain fragrance, a cheap masterpiece.

    For me it's a bit so-so. I do wear it from time to time but I have yet to be wowed by it.
  10. Re: Strong, heavy, long lasting, sweet fragrance for good price

    Lanvin L'Homme Sport
  11. Re: Opinion: "mist and walk through" is the bane of all fragrance

    I think the bane of all fragrance is the culture of looking online for 'pantydropper scent' hints from various forums like bodybuilding, alpha male pick up, gaming and so on, then buying the One...
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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Using trains and the Tube in London, or walking down the streets in busy times I've noticed a lot of familiar scents.

    In recent months the ones I have smelt repeatedly are Terre D'Hermes, Bleu de...
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    Re: Content in sprayer samples disappears

    This does happen with plastic sprayers.

    I find that if there's still 3ml or so in, the evaporation is very slow. But if you are down to the last 1ml it seems to vanish quickly, so you need to use...
  14. Poll: Re: The best Calvin Klein Men's fragrance is...

    Have to agree with this one. Whilst it didn't wow me at first, I get positive comments from this so others obviously rate it highly.
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    Re: Creed Original Vetiver

    I might have to resample this.

    I sampled it once and remember thinking it was ok, but seemed a bit of a lightweight version of MC.
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    In the film "Everybody Wants Some" about a 1980s college baseball team, when the guys are getting ready for a disco night they are sharing a bottle of Aramis. One guy won't use it as he says it...
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    Re: Fresh Office cologne

    Another vote for Mugler Cologne, if you want to look at the more expensive ones of similar genre, Original Vetiver and Neroli Portofino. But personally I find MC top drawer for its price point. The...
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    Re: Have you ever been cologne shamed?

    This is golden advice and it was a lesson I learned a while back. When I was first really getting in to fragrances, I made a big thing about it, I talked about them quite a lot, I posted a couple of...
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    Re: YSL la nuit - overhyped

    When people say La Nuit is overhyped, where is the "hype", other than Jeremy Fragrance?

    Every other internet-based source of research about La Nuit will give you general hate about the...
  20. Re: Most "INTERESTING" fragrance for a date?

    I agree, I think anything planned as a "statement" on a date is always going to go wrong. Some guys think things like "I will do something that makes me stand out from all the others" but it just...
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    Re: Finally caved and bought 1 Million

    I completely agree. I have respect for the scent, and I have worked my way through a sample, on cold days at home I found it ok, just its a bit sweet for me so I got bored of it quickly. I won't buy...
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    Re: Holy Moly - CH Men Carolina Herrera

    After reading a lot about this fragrance I got a sample last year and really liked it, I then bought a full bottle online from Harrods which had the picture of the older formulation with the ribbon...
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    Re: How does Dior Homme behaves on dates?

    Don't put too much expectation / pressure on a fragrance.

    It should be one part of your overall image, along with dressing well and being relaxed and cool. If you have expectations around a...
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    Re: One Million

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the much-maligned (on here) One Million manages to go through reformulations that preserve its legendary projection power and longevity.....
  25. Re: I didn't know that i struck Gold...ysl la nuit de l'homme 2010 batch

    Whats the projection like?
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    Re: Reformulated YSL - La Nuit

    I have a 2015 batch (62M403) and I enjoy it.

    The projection is not that much, but enough for me as I get self conscious when I am wearing projection monsters, I am more bothered about longevity...
  27. Re: YSL L'Homme What Are Your Opinions Of It?

    It is a nice scent and wearable for a lot of safe situations like the office. The only reason it doesn't get much more love is because it fades away too soon. It's one along with D&G The One that I...
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    Re: any point in reading reviews?

    I think a lot of reviews are influenced by the ones immediately before them.

    Once the dreaded "reformulation" word is mentioned for the first time on a review, then you know that probably 60-70%...
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    Re: -Your Most Worn Of 2016-

    For comparison I just checked my 2015 top 10, which was very different:
    25 Aventus
    22 Mugler Cologne
    18 Azzaro Pour Homme
    15 Rive Gauche Pour Homme
    14 Old Spice
    13 Terre D'Hermes; Davidoff Cool...
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    Re: -Your Most Worn Of 2016-

    Checking my SOTD yields surprising results for the year:

    23 Lanvin L'Homme Sport
    21 Acqua di Gio Profumo
    20 Acqua di Gio; YSL La Nuit de L'Homme
    19 Azzaro Pour Homme; Perry Ellis Red
    14 Caron...
  31. Re: Do More Negative Over Positive Cologne Reviews Influence You When It Comes To A Potential Purcha

    If I'm researching a fragrance I find that forum threads discussing it are generally more informative than the reviews under the fragrance profile.

    Also I think you can get a lot from what casual...
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    Re: Caron Pour un Homme or The Third Man?

    Wow opinion on these is so divided.

    I find Caron Pour Un Homme to be a superb scent and really good in a suit. It just has a refined classical edge to it and makes me feel relaxed and in control.
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    Re: Keep Dior Sauvage or not

    What do you think about those ones you have that you mention above? Do you like them all? Do you want something in similar style to those?

    AdG Profumo is a good variation on AdG and not too...
  34. Re: Name 2 contenders to beat the KING - Aventus

    Brut nowadays is like one of those ageing boxers that comes around for one more payday and ends up being stopped by a journeyman/nonentity because he's a pale shadow of his former self.

  35. Re: Green Irish Tweed vs. Cool Water (Similar?, Is GIT worth the price?, Cool Water inferior?)

    Earlier reformulations of Cool Water make it stack up well as a good alternative to GIT. Although I never bought the "they smell the same" thing, they are different but I could see a case for CW...
  36. Re: Dior Homme Intense - reformulation questions

    3 reformulations in 4 years sounds a lot.

    I wonder how Dior make money on this, as presumably each time they reformulate they are investing research costs in redesigning the formula.
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    Re: AdG vs PE360 Red

    I find them quite different although can see a slight resemblance.

    AdG is more subtle, PE360 Red has more going on. I prefer AdG on a hot day down the beach or for the office.
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    Re: Shelf lífe. Real or myth ?

    Thanks for this bigsly.

    Seems to corroborate the Turin/Sanchez book, that it can last for years relatively unchanged, as long as its properly stored, and changes tend to be felt in the top notes...
  39. Re: Fragrances that change every time you wear them

    I notice this with a few scents - I think it's less to do with the scent and more to do with the combination of how much I've used, where I've used it, how long since I last wore it and maybe the...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme latest formula

    This is probably the problem - you are judging it to a much higher standard.

    Personally I enjoy the recent Azzaro Pour Homme formulation. My only critical comment is for some reason I find it a...
  41. Re: Fragrances people in your area wear a lot

    I experience the same. On the morning Tube or train the most common I find is TdH, and also a fair bit of Bleu de Chanel. There's also a new one I've smelt around which I think might be Dior Sauvage....
  42. Re: Does Lanvin L'Homme Sport smell weird to anyone else?

    Interesting thread: I've been there and back with Lanvin L'Homme Sport and can relate to most of the posts on here, positive and negative.

    I agree with silentrich on this being a definite one or...
  43. Re: New member from the UK looking for men's fragrance recommendations

    The advice we have all been given when we started, and all ignored. :happy:
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    Re: When Did You Stop Your Collection?

    Interesting answers here.

    I have slowed down significantly. I think I really just wanted to know what various scents smelt like so I was buying full bottles and wearing them just to be part of...
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    ebay item: "brand new and unboxed"

    Has anybody had experience buying "new and unboxed" items. It seems weird to me, why someone would get rid of the box but not use the item. Also raises a red flag about how it has been stored,...
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    Re: old spice aftershave

    I made a post a while ago about the different Old Spices: plastic vs glass bottle and original:
  47. Re: Thoughts on current Caron Pour Un Homme?

    CPuH is always a safe bet for an occasion where I want to feel sophisticated, or sometimes just to feel relaxed and calm. When I've not worn it for a while I'll sometimes use it if I've got back late...
  48. Re: Will Brexit increase the cost of British Perfume houses & hence the price for us consumers ??

    Here's how I see Brexit.

    First, the UK has always had a different perspective on the EU than most other European countries. We had a long history of liberal democracy and hadn't been subject to...
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    Re: Tabac talk

    Tabac does divide opinion but I like it.

    Mainly for the shaving soap, which gives a fantastic lather. It's the easiest soap with which to work up a nice lather with a brush that I have and always...
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    Re: this is a rich person's hobby

    You can get lots of good fragrances without spending much.
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    Poll: Re: At work, I...

    My usual work rules are either 2 sprays or 3 sprays depending on the scent. Sometimes I take an atomiser and do one more to the neck as I'm leaving for the train or if I'm going for drinks after...
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    Re: Encre Noire by Lalique..........WOW!

    Encre Noir is an interesting scent and well priced but it has the drawback that some people find it repellent.

    I think its a more risky fragrance than Kouros. If you do two sprays or even one...
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    Re: Guerlain Homme reformulated?

    I thought Guerlain Homme was discontinued?
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    Re: How popular is Habit Rouge?

    I have never smelt it on another person.
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    Re: I love the hype!

    The problem with hyped fragrances is that if you are a fragrance enthusiast you probably follow the motto of "believe your nose not hype". There's then a dilemma if you wear a hyped fragrance, even...
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    Re: YSL L'Homme and La Nuit?

    Yes I own and enjoy both and recommend you try them.

    I see you have D&G The One on your list. How you feel about that may be a good guide for how you would feel about L'Homme. Both of them have...
  57. Re: Can YSL La Nuit de L'Homme be pulled off during the day?

    Yes I have been wearing it for work recently. I do one spray to the chest and one to the front of the neck in the morning, and I have an atomiser in my bag so just as I'm leaving the office I hit my...
  58. Re: Guerlain Homme vs Guerlain Homme Intense

    Guerlain Homme is a terrific scent and although it's discontinued is still often available cheaply and quite widely. It's discontinuation also doesn't seem to have caused too much upset amongst...
  59. Re: No more blind-buying or "quick-spritz" buying

    Blind buying is like a metaphor for life. You're taking on risk.

    Same as if you drive fast, drink too much, smoke, do drugs, do adventure sports, buy risky stocks, gamble at the bookies. The...
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    Re: Opinions on La Nuit De L'Homme?

    I think La Nuit is a divisive scent for similar reasons to Aventus. It has a cultish following outside the fragrance community, it is associated with guys in their early 20s who like going out and...
  61. Fragrances for the days of snow and ice

    What fragrances do you wear when it's the coldest part of the year?

    I find the biggest problem is "where to apply" as I'm usually a chest sprayer but when I have multiple layers it traps the scent...
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    Poll: Re: The one edp vs. la nuit edt vs. CH men

    ha I agree. Anybody who is a seriously cool fragrance aficonado will need to distance themselves from these scents and say they all smell like bugspray/overhyped rubbish etc.

    I'm not that cool so...
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    Poll: Re: perfume battle

    DHI is a better fragrance but in the summer go with AdG.
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    Re: Blind buying really that taboo?

    Everybody does it.

    When someone on basenotes says "do not blind buy" what they really mean is "it is sensible advice to advise others not to blind buy, I however trust my judgement and am willing...
  65. Re: Is there discrimination against men and offensive fragrances?

    I think you have to look at these cases on the balance of probabilities.

    There are always outliers in society, who are unusually prone to "taking offence" and wanting to complain about stuff. It's...
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    Re: Dior Homme to buy or not to buy

    Don't think I've seen Dior Homme there.

    For samples you can probably pick Dior Homme up from or or

    I think DH is a good scent but would...
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    Re: are we all doing it wrong?

    These are interesting points and I've thought long and hard about what my motivation for fragrance really is.

    I like clothes and shoes and am interested in style, but I am more interested in...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Cologne

    Blind buying involves risk. Some fragrances are riskier than others. Mugler Cologne is lower risk than many fragrances in that it's not too divisive a scent, it's not like blind buying Habit Rouge or...
  69. Re: Is there a time to move on from designers?

    Once you start down this path of thinking you're in danger of snobbery. You can't bracket all designer scents as inferior to niche scents, there is so much variation across all fragrances in price...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    Vintage Rooney is worth the hype.
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    Re: Habit Rouge - should I go for it?

    Seems its too late for my advice but.....IMO Habit Rouge is not a safe blind buy. I can see its a well made scent but I don't find it a particularly pleasant scent. Famous but not for everybody.
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    I have a confession that I suspect applies to many other users on this forum:

    - I advise others that the golden rule is never blind buy without testing yourself
    - I fairly often blind buy myself,...
  73. Re: Evolution vs Perfume... Are we smelling better or worst with our perfumes?

    Interesting topic.

    I think its particularly relevant to anti-perspirants more than perfumes. A few years ago I switched away from anti-perspirants to natural crystal deodorants, unscented and...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    There are a few different Bruts around today. Most commonly available is the tall plastic bottle with splash on - nice Brut scent for a top up but not very long lasting. In glass bottles they do an...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    This isn't really a "confession" as I don't feel any shame, but including it here as others would see it as a 'guilty secret'.

    I wear Brut regularly, it was the scent that got me in to fragrance,...
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    Re: My Top 10 Sillage Monsters

    well if you're going to start a thread....makes sense to see if there's already a similar one in the archives...
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    Re: DHI - Reformulated?

    I agree - I'd love to see some hard evidence on costs to see how profitable reformulation actually is and over what time scale it pays back. I would assume that there is a huge mark up in perfumes...
  78. Re: What's your favorite subtle fragrance?

    I think it comes down to subjective definitions of "subtle". Some people's benchmark is vintage powerhouses and they probably regard anything with arm's length projection as subtle.

    Also there's a...
  79. Re: Who is your favourite current youtube reviewer.

    Jeremy Fragrance and dracdoc
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    Re: Scentless deodorant

    I use Pitrok or Salt of the Earth crystal deodorants. They last ages, don't irritate my skin and work fine.
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    Re: Acqua di gio not as popular anymore ?

    Never really been that noticeable in the UK in the way One Million, Le Male and A* Men are although it is widely available.

    It's a good scent though so doesn't bother me if others also like it.
  82. Re: What are you going to wear for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    Went today and wore Mugler Cologne for the space-age clean and hopefully not too offensive to others near me in the cinema, theme.
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    Re: Vintage Davidoff Cool Water

    Vintage Cool Water is terrific. I can totally understand why Luca Turin gave it 5 stars. I'd love this to still be available, I don't care if it was overused the scent is fantastic.

    You can still...
  84. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    I agree, there are lots of market failures all over the place and often the only party that can tackle them is government but that usually means hitting some vested interest who will campaign against...
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    Re: Aventus Wearers Age

    My guess at the Aventus demographic in the UK is probably 22 to 35.

    It's too expensive for most students to afford but it's popular among the young professionals.

    I think older users who are in...
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    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.

    On a slight tangent, do Creed not reformulate their fragrances?

    There are other companies like YSL, etc who get criticised for reformulations but with Creed, apart from issues with 'batch...
  87. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    Yes because there's a market failure. The price charged will be based on the private cost to the producer to produce something (the cost of raw materials, labour cost, machinery running costs etc)...
  88. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    Exactly. If you have one arm sprayed with tester X, and one with tester Y and you want to ask if its OK to put some of tester Z in an atomiser for use later then that is absolutely fine if it's...
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    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.

    How much would Brut cost in the US? On primaparfum it's €32.95 for 88ml which works out as about $30.

    If its cheaper in the US could we be discreet...
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    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.


    Now another part of free trade: do you believe that the US government should unilaterally remove import tariffs on goods being exported to the USA, so that American consumers can...
  91. Replies

    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.

    See this is the principle of the single market in the EU.....and that causes masses of protests and problems.
    What do you say if someone in Mexico wants to get a job, and he can get a job in Mexico...
  92. Replies

    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.

    What is your definition of 'fair pricing'? A price that you will be willing to pay or the price that Americans will be willing to pay?

    If Creed finds that no Americans are willing to buy their...
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    Re: Creed - A Bunch of Scumbags.

    This is interesting from a UK perspective.

    The UK is similar to the US in terms of Creed prices. We don't benefit from the cheaper ones that were on sale in France.

    However we are in the EU and...
  94. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    That's not immoral that's a free market. If I don't regard something as being worth £200 to me then I'm not going to buy it. It's a different moral leap to say I'm going to help myself to it.
  95. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    Some people are cheap and have a sense of entitlement and they are very keen to justify things they know deep down are wrong.

    I bet these guys who are filling their atomisers don't ask the store...
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    Re: dior homme vs dior homme intense

    DHI is sweeter and on me has stronger projection and certainly longevity.

    I am more wary about DHI for the office whereas DH would be a safe bet.

    However when its really cold outside, something...
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    Re: to spray on skin or clothing?

    Don't spray directly on clothing but if you spray in areas where you have clothes over eg on your chest under a shirt then over time your clothes do hold some of the scent which is good.
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    Re: Total stock

    If we have a nuclear war, I'm stocked up to smell good in the first 10 years of the Mad Max era.
  99. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    This pretty much sums it up.

    It's one thing having a justification that you're willing to type on an internet forum but would you be willing to use that in store if a sales assistant asked what...
  100. Re: Is it considered stealing to spritz juice from a department store tester into an atomizer?

    I agree with this.

    My Dad always taught me a good lesson about having a 'cheap mindset'. Once you start to think about pulling little scams to try and save money it makes you a cheap person and...
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