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    Re: December 21, 2012 Fragrance For.......

    Profumum's Fumidus. Best occasion ever. Also in light of the end of the World, the price tag won't be bothering me even a bit.
  2. Re: I'm going to Wrigley Field tomorrow for the Cubs game, what fragrance should I wear to the game?

    Amouage Gold. Layer it with beer.
  3. Re: Loved New Haarlem, anything else similar to it?

    So, my next sample order will include:

    Frapin 1270
    L'Artisan Navigateur
    Hermès Ambre Narguile

    I do have travel set of Back to Black, it's a nice scent. Also, what are your thoughts...
  4. Re: Loved New Haarlem, anything else similar to it?

    ADD? Are you sure you understand the term?

    May be i didn't word it right. I don't exactly expect to find a copy of New Haarlem. For that i can easily buy a second bottle. What i am trying to find...
  5. Re: Loved New Haarlem, anything else similar to it?

    What does everyone think about PG's Coze? How gourmand is it?
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de CHANEL

    I owned Coromandel for awhile. Love the fragrance but overestimated my ability to wear it.
  7. Re: Loved New Haarlem, anything else similar to it?

    Thanks! I see that luckyscent lists Endymion as a EdC, how long does it last on skin?
  8. Loved New Haarlem, anything else similar to it?

    It turns out i simply adore New Haarlem. Since i got it a month ago i've embarked on a quest to find fragrances similar to it. Or may be not exactly similar but equally impressive from a gourmand...
  9. Re: The Most Unobtrusive and Light Scent on Hot Days

    Ambre Sultan. But why not!

    Seriously though - L'Eau par Kenzo fits the bill.
  10. Re: Rive Gauche ph and barbershop fragrances: when can I use them?

    Wear it to a barbershop. Even if you don't need a haircut. Yeah, pay them barbers a visit! Boggle their fragile minds.
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    Re: Help with my next niche purchase

    Thanks! I'll definately try Gris Clair. What about Lutens' non-export offerings? The Perfumed Court's shopping cart shows that i'd have to spend over $80 to sample them all. And even though i have a...
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    Help with my next niche purchase

    First post here and let me tell you. After spending 2 weeks on the board - my wallet is hurting.
    Here's what i've accomplished so far. Well, let me preface this with following - for years my...
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